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Virtual out-of-body experience

A group of neuroscientists have induced out-of-body experiences for the first time, using virtual reality and an experimental set-up.


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Owlscrying on 29 December, 2007, 16:45
odd combination to see science trying to replicate paranormal
Comment icon #2 Posted by wolfieboy on 29 December, 2007, 16:56
interesting study. I think we have all had this study for ourselves. take a glass of soda place it in a dark glass then fill another with tea mix the glasses up until you dont know which is which. pick up glass and close eyes drink from glass and tell yourself it is soda or tea you will taste the desired flavor. whether it be soda or tea for the first few moments do it till you get the flavor wrong. it is surprising how long the taste will be present before your other senses can sort it out. this is not really what i would call obe but maybe to some it is a virtual taste test ... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Truffles on 28 January, 2008, 1:11
I wonder when *wii* will come out with this for everybody to try?

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