Monday, May 30, 2016
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Ed Mitchell on a UFO cover-up

Former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell talks about his views on a possible UFO cover-up.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #240 Posted by conspiracy buff on 14 April, 2013, 17:22
Glad to see the fan club grows Very shrewd how you did that!! Seriously, congrats I think I have made my point in this topic; whether you believe in a UF0 cover up and all of that, there is a lot of highly circumstantial evidence to support this theory. The more one looks into the official status-quo about alien life and the facts surrounding known incidents that cannot be explained away, the more you see there is more to the story than the official version given to the public. If you disagree, fine. It's hard to ignore the obvious but some people would rather do that than to ... [More]
Comment icon #241 Posted by JimOberg on 14 April, 2013, 17:43
To assume that, you must assume that Mitchell, who denies it, is lying. So he's telling the truth about lying? Another explanation is that your going-in assumption is unjustified. Cooper claims to have been a witness on two occasions. But what about all the other witnesses who were present on both occasions who unanimously dispute Cooper's narrative? Are they sub-human liars, or has Cooper embellished and exaggerated his tale over the years to please his audiences? Nah, jet pilots would NEVER do that, you assume?
Comment icon #242 Posted by JimOberg on 14 April, 2013, 17:45
That's your excuse, I guess, for deliberately ignoring ALL the investigations into Cooper's stories. ALL that evidence -- you want to not see it, to not know about it, to close your eyes and mind to it. Isn't that a classic example of belief-based imagination-driven fantasy?
Comment icon #243 Posted by JimOberg on 14 April, 2013, 17:48
i've only been looking into these stories about forty years, somehow I hacven't gotten to the point where Mitchell and/or cooper claim NASA is covering up UFO information. Please provide me the links to their words where they make this suggestion. Otherwise, please consider the possibility that YOU are imagining things, maybe to make yourself feel smarter, or whatever, I don't know. But you have made a claim of fact here that I think you have not a shred of proof for. Please show me where my assessment is wrong.
Comment icon #244 Posted by JimOberg on 14 April, 2013, 17:50
Please, do try to quote evidence, and try to reason. We can differ over interpretation, and levels of credibility, but we should be able to agree on what is documented fact. And you have made assertions that I see no evidence for, regarding Mitchell and Cooper accusations of NASA coverups. Can you address this question, or admit you misspoke?
Comment icon #245 Posted by badeskov on 14 April, 2013, 20:45
Care to expand on that? So if I dip my my toes in the water here at the beach, I am also better qualified to express myself on the topic of life in the sea than, say, somebody working with it on a daily basis? Why do you think so? Were any of them astro-biologists? Pray tell how they were more qualified. Or physics, perhaps? No they didn't. But feel free to substantiate that rather grandiose claim. And you know this how? Really? The military covers up a lot of things, but please do expand on where they are covering something up in relation to ET. In dispute? I think that is a g... [More]
Comment icon #246 Posted by psyche101 on 14 April, 2013, 23:38
Please do, that is not only the point of a discussion forum, but courtesy. There used to be a rule specific to this part of the forum that said links are to be provided for supporting viewpoints, but I am not sure of that is still in force, or if it still applies. Is that what you call losing a debate? At least you do not color letters to illustrate profanity and smatter smileys throughout your posting. That is something I suppose. Nonsense, you are making claims that are not only unsupported, but make no sense. What of my viewpoint? Is it to be simply dismissed because you are passionat... [More]
Comment icon #247 Posted by psyche101 on 15 April, 2013, 0:48
I appreciate that you use the word "MY" here, as that is indeed much of this conflict. This is what you think these men said, based upon media interpretations, and by no fault of your own, or so I shall give the benefit of the doubt until shown otherwise, have an erroneous impression of the actual situation. My only wonder is why you refuse to entertain the very fact that this conversation had more than one direction. This is what happened to Ed Mitchell to influence his view of life in space, and to be frank, I honestly think I have experienced the very same with a good Dobsonia... [More]
Comment icon #248 Posted by psyche101 on 15 April, 2013, 0:57
Fan Club, LOL, how about the presented facts that refute your rather wild claim? Do you honestly think that has nothing to do with this situation? I believe in ET too, I just think the stories about ET being here are pretty silly for the larger part, and completely unsupported as a whole. If the last 40-50 years have imparted a wealth of knowledge, can you explain why this forum exists, and why you cannot produce actual proof, just hearsay? I do not think you are a crazy conspiracy theorist, they make even less sense, I think you are very uninformed, and refuse to let your preferred conclusi... [More]

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