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Richard Dawkins on coincidences

Richard Dawkins conducts an experiment demonstrating the triviality of coincidence.


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Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #2 Posted by Codehook on 11 February, 2012, 4:10
There's nothing to debate here, and your statement exudes ignorance. He was simply demonstrating the 'given an almost infinite number of opportunities, the almost infinitely improbable becomes nearly certain' idea, which is accepted scientific fact. There is no way that it cannot be, it is factual probability. In simple terms, because there are so many coincidences that could happen, the probability of one of them happening is almost certain. As I said, there is nothing to debate or disagree with here, he is simply trying to explain what is, already, a fact.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Habitat on 11 February, 2012, 4:27
OK, so what's the deal, we all just agree with Dawko and everything will be just fine, Codehook ?
Comment icon #4 Posted by VietRulerZ on 11 February, 2012, 22:49
probability of a coin in flipping is 50% but this is amazing
Comment icon #5 Posted by and then on 12 February, 2012, 3:31
Dickie Dawk is just earning a living by pandering to the militants who don't accept the possibility of God and think anyone who does is a dim bulb. In his defense he seems sincere in what he believes and if he's doing any harm then he can discuss that with his Creator some day...just like the rest of us
Comment icon #6 Posted by Toadie on 12 February, 2012, 5:15
Dickie Dawk is just earning a living by pandering to the militants who don't accept the possibility of God and think anyone who does is a dim bulb. In his defense he seems sincere in what he believes and if he's doing any harm then he can discuss that with his Creator some day...just like the rest of us - sorry unsure how to quote So he is no different to the bible bashing people who look upon people that don't believe in God and think they need saving. Oh the bible people seem so sincere with what they believe and everyone will be judged and the only harm they are doing is to th... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Codehook on 12 February, 2012, 23:56
Well when it's a fact, yes...of course I agree with facts. He believes there is no God, and that may or may not be true, but what he's saying in this video is a simple fact. He is using that fact as evidence to back up the idea that supernatural occurrences do not exist. Whether you believe in the supernatural is neither here nor there when it comes to accepting what he is saying in the video. You don't have to agree with his standpoint on faith to accept this video for being completely, 100% correct. It is just as correct as saying that the chances of flipping a coin and it la... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Habitat on 13 February, 2012, 0:33
I didn't say I necessarily disagree with some of Dawkin's ideas, I just think he is trying to dress up speculation (e.g., there is no God, etc) as science, which is pretty well a disservice to everyone, except possibly Dawkins and his finances.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Codehook on 14 February, 2012, 3:24
I actually agree with you here. I think that maybe he's a little too dismissive and disrespectful towards religion. I'm not religious myself, but I personally think that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. Having said that, I at least admire that he tries to educate people on some basic ideas like in this video...just maybe not the way in which he does it.
Comment icon #10 Posted by and then on 22 February, 2012, 4:04
I think you are exactly correct Toadie. Dawkins is preaching his message of God is a myth. Christians share the message that God is real. If Christians are harming themselves by being "closed minded" then where is the harm to others? The Christians I know are eager to share the good news(Gospel) to anyone who wants to hear it. I'll admit that some, especially new Christians, get a little overzealous and can be annoying. But most realize that our work is to plant a seed of faith. God is responsible for making it grow. If the idea that individuals will be judged by our Cr... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by aquatus1 on 22 February, 2012, 6:26
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