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Flipping pages with telekinesis

In this video an individual demonstrates his alleged ability to move the pages using his mind.


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Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #61 Posted by aquatus1 on 12 September, 2011, 4:21
Entry level junior magician stuff.
Comment icon #62 Posted by 13thDarkOne on 12 September, 2011, 4:48
So 3 years ago I stumbled across telekinesis.... So I got intrested after reading a few stories, thus I went to give it a try. I did the psywheel. I setted it up and made sure windows and everything where close, checked if my breath could influence it the way my head was tilted. I blew pretty hard way harder than breathing, and it didn't. So I sat there for like 5 mins and then suddenly it turned like 1cm. Lol. I think I halucinated it or something because I was starring at it the whole time... But who knows?
Comment icon #63 Posted by Spid3rCyd3 on 2 October, 2011, 5:23
Some of the Nina Kulagina stuff is pretty interesting. Might be a giant hoax in itself though. Even if it is, she's a fairly decent magician, and I can't really think of any female magicians off hand.
Comment icon #64 Posted by BiffWellington on 2 October, 2011, 8:48
I eat rice!!!
Comment icon #65 Posted by Hybrid89 on 2 October, 2011, 12:23
Ive gone with 'Not Sure' on this. Simply because anything can be achieved if you really put your mind to it. I think dismissing telekinesis instantly is a mistake. As for the youtube vids, well there are a lot of people out there who would fake it just to be a total plonk.
Comment icon #66 Posted by Mike G on 4 October, 2011, 17:14
I'd be lying if I claimed to be anything close to well versed in the Noetic sciences, but it seems that science gave telekinesis a fair chance to prove itself during the 60's and 70's. Sizable university funds and lab space on some very noteworthy campuses was allocated towards trying to uncover some evidence of telekinesis. All of that has largely been abandoned these days, since no hard evidence was found that there was anything there to study. In my opinion, if all of those university resources and educated minds could not create a repeatable event, I somewhat doubt that the ave... [More]
Comment icon #67 Posted by Hybrid89 on 5 October, 2011, 10:35
Indeed, a fair point. Still though, I have a gut feeling there's at least one person out there that can do it.
Comment icon #68 Posted by scar7 on 10 October, 2011, 3:58
I can move things with my mind and i always demostrate it to my family. I take a cup and put it infront of me... Then i say watch this. Then i pick it up with my hand. See i can move things with my mind.
Comment icon #69 Posted by PsiSeeker on 10 October, 2011, 10:23
The guy who made this video admitted to it being a fake. I believe it's possible however I do not believe anyone has successfully carried it out yet. It would require a leap in evolution resulting in an organism far more sophisticated than humans in my opinion. And like someone said, if someone could do it it would be extremely easy to prove and would spread through the news like wild fire. If someone has successfully carried it out you would definitely know about it by now.
Comment icon #70 Posted by Rlyeh on 10 October, 2011, 11:48
All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand

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