Friday, May 27, 2016
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New DARPA robot breaks run speed record

DARPA's Cheetah robot - already the fastest legged robot ever - just broke its own land speed record.


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Paul the drawing robot
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Comment icon #5 Posted by Coffey on 28 December, 2012, 15:15
Scientists said about 5 or 6 years ago that if we carry on with robots and ai advancements with war we could be looking at a Terminator scenario. Exactly. Sooner we establish world peace and make a united space program that we cna put all these resources into the better.
Comment icon #6 Posted by praetorian-legio XIII on 28 December, 2012, 16:00
Not sure why but that "machine" gives me the creeps.
Comment icon #7 Posted by seeder on 28 December, 2012, 16:41
just stick a human ish head on in place of the helmet and were almost getting seriously disturbed now when these heads and a skin are stretched over ASIMO.... and bear in mind there are tonnes of projects to get the human face bit working better, just a matter of time... they already build the sexbot.. yes a realistic female robot for... perverts Im thinking of getting one actually! Google it!
Comment icon #8 Posted by seeder on 28 December, 2012, 16:43
I think the point is whoever developes the technology fastet wont send its men in, therefore a less tech army will be destroyed, and few if any humans hurt
Comment icon #9 Posted by EllJay on 28 December, 2012, 17:14
The thread-title made me think of the bodeful opening narration of “At the end of the Ice Age, the machine came. It came from outside. It came from space. It came with one purpose: to change man into mutant.”
Comment icon #10 Posted by Hilander on 28 December, 2012, 18:52
If our soldiers are robots where is the need for peace.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Capt Amerika on 28 December, 2012, 19:12
Robots will fight each other just long enough to realize that they could rule the world by working together against us. What kind of idiotic species keeps tempting fate by producing products that can easily lead to their own extinction? We do!!!!! We're that special kind of stupid.
Comment icon #12 Posted by seeder on 29 December, 2012, 23:55
DARPA's 'Cheetah" Breaks Speed Records Imagine this bad boy when its got artificial skin and head
Comment icon #13 Posted by seeder on 30 December, 2012, 2:23
Advanced Humanoid Roboy to be ‘Born’ in Nine Months oh no its getting crepier " Meet Roboy, “one of the most advanced humanoid robots,” say researchers at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich. Their 15 project partners and over 40 engineers and scientists are constructing Roboy as a tendon-driven robot modeled on human beings (robots usually have their motors in their joints, giving them that “robot” break-dance look), so it will move almost as elegantly as a human. Roboy will be a “service robot,” meaning it wi... [More]

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