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Human evolution aided by dogs

We have an extraordinary relationship with dogs - closer than with any other animal on the planet.


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Lilly on 4 May, 2013, 16:54
We are who we are today due to dogs. When my son was very little I told him about the special bond humans have with dogs. His response said it all, "I know, 'cause DOG is GOD spelled backwards!".
Comment icon #2 Posted by Artaxerxes on 4 May, 2013, 16:59
Puppies love to eat human excrement. They love it. I suspicion that wolf puppies aren't much different. Young wolves probably stayed close to human camps so they could "clean up" after humans defecated. It was a "win-win" situation for humans. The wolves ate their excrement and the wolves got all those extra vitamins and minerals in the excrement.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Sakari on 4 May, 2013, 17:07
Comment icon #4 Posted by Sakari on 4 May, 2013, 17:14
No, they did and do not. They fend for themselves, they stay away from people as much as possible. They are pack animals, and devoted to their packs ( families ). They hunt together, and eat together. They are very timid, and wary of humans. They do not want to be seen by that filth.They are extremelly intelligent ( and not dumb enough to eat human poop ) Dogs will eat poop ( Coprophagia ), but Wolves avoid humans. Unless starving or sick. Coprophagia
Comment icon #5 Posted by Mnemonix on 5 May, 2013, 15:00
So dogs are indirectly responsible for the destruction of this planet? Bad dog! Kidding...
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