Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Aux Sable Cemetery paranormal evidence

Alleged paranormal evidence caught on video camera at Aux Sable Cemetery, Minooka, Illlinois.


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Alex the intelligent parrot
Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #22 Posted by Camarel on 1 August, 2012, 15:52
Agreed i hate it when something is circled or pointed to in the pic because i know without it i wouldn't have seen anything.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Archimedes on 1 August, 2012, 19:50
[emphasis mine] There's a TED talk where audio pareidola is being discussed, and the speaker plays the famous bit from Stairway to Heaven backward for the audience and they can't hear anything but backwards music and singing. Then he plays it again with the supposed backmasked lyrics displayed on screen and all of a sudden everyone can hear it. If you need to point arrows at it, describe it in detail, draw the shape in a photo, tell us the words we're hearing, etc. then, to me, that's a good indication that it's not really there. Especially of note is when someone takes ta... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by underageparanormal on 1 August, 2012, 20:24
Haha, you guys are one tough crowd
Comment icon #25 Posted by Junior Chubb on 1 August, 2012, 22:50
We've been around the block a few times...
Comment icon #26 Posted by orangepeaceful79 on 2 August, 2012, 2:15
thanks for not taking it personally. A lot of people storm off or engage in ridiculous back-in-a-corner counterattack strategies. There are just some of us here that have really high standards for evidence. I am someone who would genuinely like to believe in things like this. To date though, I haven't been convinced because to me other explanations always seem more likely. Keep doing what you are doing though, keep refining your method based on scientific data-collection principles and IF you find something that truly cannot be explained, you will have done fine work indeed. I for one, w... [More]
Comment icon #27 Posted by underageparanormal on 2 August, 2012, 6:00
Yeah I understand completely. I asked for opinions, and I got opinions. There's no sense in taking it personally. I'm an art major, I deal with criticism all the time. It's just part of what I do I'll try to take what I read here into account next time I'm out investigating and go into it with more of an open mind.
Comment icon #28 Posted by david_36 on 2 August, 2012, 6:28
Yes dont give up with your search, Your asking one of the most interesting questions, Is there life after death. Ive searched myself but always come up empty handed and that probably explains my negative posts on the subject sometimes, It dosent mean i dont want to believe, I do very much so that's why i keep reading these threads hoping for one day to turned into a believer.
Comment icon #29 Posted by notoverrated on 2 August, 2012, 14:09
so... does anyone know anything about demons ......?
Comment icon #30 Posted by orangepeaceful79 on 2 August, 2012, 16:04
There are a couple threads in the ghosts section that discuss and debate demons in excruciating detail ad nauseum.....use the search function and you will find all your heart could ever wish for.

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