Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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The pattern behind self-deception

Skeptics Society founder Michael Shermer discusses the human tendency to believe strange things.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #13 Posted by Render on 22 January, 2012, 10:04
I don't fully agree, because many ppl believe in God, for example. Without actually discovering/ seeing God. The assumptions of false negatives turns into a pattern. The pattern of self-deception. He's trying to link to our beliefsystem and i do find value in what he says. It's worth thinking about. There are also ppl who trully believe in friday the 13th, without anything bad happening to them. And BECAUSE nothing bad happens to them on friday the 13th they start believing that whatever they did or didn't to contributed to their safety on that day. This is a belief-system ba... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by eight bits on 22 January, 2012, 12:53
Leo That's a nice thought, but since I was unable to answer your question as asked, I didn't, and declined to guess what you would choose to ask instead. That's the second time you've dropped the D-word on me. To dismiss is to refrain from discussion without making a finding. I have done neither. I haven't mentioned his personality in connection with his hypothesis except in reply to something you brought up, your "Shermer is not making a value judgement based on his hypothesis." I write American English, Leo. Among the meanings of to pretend here is "... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by Copasetic on 23 January, 2012, 7:01
Just wanted to comment quickly on this part, I didn't watch the video or read the whole topic--So take it for what it's worth. I don't have time to do it real just with a depthy post on the brain anyway---Happy says you? It seems to me Eb, you are making an assumption here that the basis for a belief arising over a short temporal span and a long one must arise from. I know you are quite schooled in learning, at least machine learning, so why then would you expect that "short term" beliefs cannot be coded, codified and reinforced by dopaminergic systems like any other in... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by cluey on 23 January, 2012, 7:40
It's natural human tendancies to believe strange things!!!!!!!'s the degree of "strange".........that is more the issue
Comment icon #17 Posted by Habitat on 23 January, 2012, 7:52
I know, I know.
Comment icon #18 Posted by libstaK on 23 January, 2012, 9:03
Are you saying you understood[s] Sheldon's[/s] er, Copasetic's dissertation there Habitat? Do tell.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Habitat on 23 January, 2012, 9:07
I hope someone understands it. Even if he's the only one ! To me it was jargon on steroids.
Comment icon #20 Posted by eight bits on 23 January, 2012, 10:12
Copa I don't claim to be "schooled" in anything on the 'netz. I think I may have at one time or another mentioned here that I graduated from high school. Whatever I argue must stand or fall on its own merits. Which is just how things are in real-life engineering, or so I'm told. But fair enough, things like ROC and comprehensive modeling of belief are sometimes discussed under the rubric of "machine learning." However, as is typical of engineering, they rest on a foundation of mathematics, which includes models of learning which are platform independent. I d... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Damrod on 24 January, 2012, 18:21
In general, I like most of Shermer's works. He gets a bit more skeptical (cynical?) and ornery as he ages I guess. Here are a couple of very well written and insightful articles of his from several years ago...I like to post them in the middle of alternative history and paranormal discussions...just to keep people try anyway...check them out.

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