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The abduction of Travis Walton

For more than 36 years, the Travis Walton abduction story has been told countless times.


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Zirna on 21 July, 2012, 16:13
That's crazy, whether it was a very good hoax or not you'd think that people would leave them alone about it.
Comment icon #2 Posted by JGirl on 21 July, 2012, 16:16
originally i believed this guy. i read the book, saw the movie, watched several interviews with him and others that were involved. now i'm not so sure. there are too many contradictions etc. if only abductions were more predictable. sigh
Comment icon #3 Posted by The Mule on 21 July, 2012, 23:34
Great post Saru, thanks!! Hi JGirl!!
Comment icon #4 Posted by JGirl on 22 July, 2012, 3:28
hI - great to see ya!
Comment icon #5 Posted by CRIPTIC CHAMELEON on 22 July, 2012, 5:48
Gud Night ma gud night pa gud night johnboy. ps: sorry I just had to do it.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Bildr on 22 July, 2012, 15:14
Being in the subject, here's the complete movie ''Fire in the sky'' based of Travis Walton's story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq3_bY3nUJc
Comment icon #7 Posted by Mider on 10 October, 2012, 13:09
I am kind of in the same boat. I just could not understand how they could all pass a lie detector test..as a matter of fact.. Travis was the only one who did not at the time of the incident. There are many reasons/excuses he gives for this..however he did have a long history of interest in UFO's and flying saucers..that kind of damns him in my opinion. If those guys did not pass the polygraph i just dont see how I could believe his story.. ..not to mention he gives his account of what happened 'under hypnosis'. It is a scientific fact, that imaged can be put in someone unconsc... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by JGirl on 11 October, 2012, 17:06
i wanted to believe his story to the point that i almost started justifying the inconsistancies, if you know what i mean. as it stands now he's on the shelf with the other 'wait and see' stories.
Comment icon #9 Posted by wolfknight on 17 October, 2012, 13:03
What I find that is strange is that nothing of their stories have changed. If it is a lie it is a good lie. I saw something last week on the TV about this again. Their story hasn't changed.

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