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The Michigan Dogman

A look at the legend of a mysterious creature said to roam the wilds and woodlands of Michigan.


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Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #29 Posted by Coffey on 4 December, 2011, 14:49
Oh.... lol Sorry thought you where joking around. It's pretty much just another term for a werewolf type cryptid. Most specifically the one in that video "Michigan Dogman" which was proven fake. The Hyrax thing only comes from that guy who keeps changing his username so we think it's someone else. lol I've never heard about the Hyrax cryptid thing until that guy posted about it.
Comment icon #30 Posted by tailormaneinafog on 6 December, 2011, 10:13
lol. I'm glad I've added a new dimension to the mysteries.
Comment icon #31 Posted by tailormaneinafog on 7 December, 2011, 13:41
Note that the pointy nose of the is a distinct feature of the hyrax. Coincidence??
Comment icon #32 Posted by HMS Dreadnought on 7 December, 2011, 13:44
Comment icon #33 Posted by tailormaneinafog on 7 December, 2011, 13:51
Thanks! Lol!
Comment icon #34 Posted by Coffey on 15 December, 2011, 12:31
Hahaha, you have a point there actually.
Comment icon #35 Posted by Disembodied Voice on 10 January, 2012, 20:23
LMAO!! THAT is so creepy!!!
Comment icon #36 Posted by david_36 on 11 January, 2012, 10:29
A Dogman is basically a crane drivers assistant. You can get your license here if you need one. http://www.trainingwheels.net.au/index.php/Courses/Licence-to-Perform-Dogging
Comment icon #37 Posted by Timonthy on 11 January, 2012, 10:43
Yes, I was once a Dogman, although I wasn't qualified, I was however being supervised by a qualified Dogman. And I'm not sure, but there could be some video of me on the web. Some people think my nose is pointy, but not with much likeness to a Hyrax
Comment icon #38 Posted by Junior Chubb on 11 January, 2012, 11:04
Great pic, is it Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The tramp and his dog get mixed up or something like that. I love the last scene of that film.

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