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What is String Theory ?

Michio Kaku explains the basics of String Theory in this clip from his Floating University lecture.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #1 Posted by Taun on 19 September, 2012, 11:45
Considering your avatar I thought this might have something to with a cats inability to ignore a string.... Seriously though string theory has always interested me (although i truely understand almost nothing about it)
Comment icon #2 Posted by Simbi Laveau on 19 September, 2012, 11:49
I love Michio
Comment icon #3 Posted by lizzieboo on 19 September, 2012, 12:43
I don't, either. But I take heart from Richard Feynman's comment about quantum physics: "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." If someone that brilliant can admit that there are still many things that the greatest minds in the world don't understand, at least I know I'm in good company.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Unusual on 19 September, 2012, 21:15
Very interesting, and love watching his videos.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Lion6969 on 20 September, 2012, 0:33
String theory = Fantasy theory with zero empirical evidence equivalent to the spaghetti monster ;)
Comment icon #6 Posted by Professor Buzzkill on 20 September, 2012, 1:15
Higgs Boson (a.k.a God particle)? Proof of other dimensions
Comment icon #7 Posted by Idano on 25 September, 2012, 16:53
Yum Prof. Kaku verrry sexy

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