Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Giant baseball sized hailstones

A family in Woodward, Oklahoma recorded this footage of giant hail pelting their local area.


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Taun on 11 April, 2012, 12:49
That's not really all that unusual here... I have seen Grapefruit sized hail before - though that is pretty unusual... Auto body shops do a good business repairing hail damage here...
Comment icon #2 Posted by Erix on 11 April, 2012, 12:58
I've seen larger on youtube like Grapfruit size
Comment icon #3 Posted by Still Waters on 11 April, 2012, 13:18
Hail can come in many sizes, sometimes as large as a Major League baseball http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184295&st=0&p=3469515&hl=hail%20baseball%20size&fromsearch=1&#entry3469515
Comment icon #4 Posted by Simbi Laveau on 12 April, 2012, 4:17
*waves fist* I will find one ! :-D I just saw it on the news here this morning,and I have never seen hail that big
Comment icon #5 Posted by Wickian on 12 April, 2012, 8:36
I didn't a specific answer after a quick google search so I'll ask here, anyone know if houses are specifically built to withstand repeated baseball-sized hail impacts where such events happen like they're built to resist earthquakes here in California?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Simbi Laveau on 13 April, 2012, 2:00
I dont think so.They reported all kinds of roof and car damage after this. You would think areas prone to this,would have very sturdy garages too. Its too arbitrary to predict I think.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Lion6969 on 13 April, 2012, 2:27
Man that was some brave dude.....had some balls to walk in that. Lol
Comment icon #8 Posted by Taun on 13 April, 2012, 11:42
Generally, the wind causes much more damage than large hailstones... About 15 years ago we had sustained straight line winds of 100 MPH (160 kph) (NOT a tornado)... It tore bricks out of houses... If you watch closely, you'll see that they really aren't falling that fast - about the speed of a thrown ball... Normal roofing can withstand that for a period - and most hailstorms are (thankfully) brief... That being said - re-roofing is another profitable business here in Oklahoma...
Comment icon #9 Posted by Taun on 13 April, 2012, 11:47
While most newer houses do indeed have garages... the town of Woodward is a bit more rural - and many houses have no garage - sometimes a carport but that is often just sheet metal over a frame... edit: plus a lot of people who have garages - tend to use them for storage - and a car would not actually fit in there... My ex-wife was convinced that our garage was a place to store all the shoes and other junk she bought but never wore...
Comment icon #10 Posted by Bogeyman on 13 April, 2012, 12:32
Is that Hank Hill ????....I tell ya what

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