Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Weird chemical reaction

A strange tentacled mass erupts from mercury(II) thiocyanate decomposition in this experiment.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #25 Posted by the L on 19 December, 2012, 8:53
Last one still isnt fully understood by scientists. It is interesting chemical reaction.
Comment icon #26 Posted by ExpandMyMind on 19 December, 2012, 13:27
Best to keep the handbags at dawn material to PMs guys, no (Kenin and Sakari)? Regarding the OP: it looks like the have finally made it to earth.
Comment icon #27 Posted by ExpandMyMind on 19 December, 2012, 13:44
How does not knowing about that snake equate to us needing to get out more? The video you posted was one of the most boring videos I've ever seen. If anything, you should've said we need to stay in more.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Timonthy on 19 December, 2012, 13:53
That's awesome! I want to freak out my female housemates with this... Really Simbi? Many of us, including myself, would have seen that South Park episode. It still doesn't detract from the coolness of the chemical reaction.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Simbi Laveau on 19 December, 2012, 17:15
I find it shocking that a firework ,that is over 60 years old,when done with the toxic version ,is somehow news . So begs the question ,why post something so mundane. . I wasn't going for exciting with my vid,just how common place it is ,and how is it so ground breaking in its many many years after the fact factor . The fact you didn't seem to know about it,says a lot about how much you do not get out . Shall I post a video of someone making pudding ,with powder and milk ,as if its some NEW SORT OF MAGIC !?!?!! LOOK ,IT'S NOT LIQUID ANYMORE,WHY WHY WHY ,IT'S P... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by Simbi Laveau on 19 December, 2012, 17:20
O It's the toxic version of the experiment,which is outlawed. Some moron lighting it in a terrarium with living plants,is stupid . If that's the sort of thing that enthralls you all,well,whatever works for you . My tastes tend to be a bit more humane,and evolved. If this were posted in general off topic ,I'd get it,but as science .neh. And if any of you remembered its just firework snakes ,not one of you mentioned it .
Comment icon #31 Posted by pallidin on 19 December, 2012, 17:28
Comment icon #32 Posted by Sakari on 19 December, 2012, 17:30
It was mentioned on the second reply, quoted below Simbi, I grew up where fireworks are illegal.....Even when I went to where they were, I all ways spent the money and bought mortors. I have heard of the snakes, but they do not look how the video does. I almost thought it was fake, that is why I posted it. I was not sure, and I new people in the science section would. I learned something new
Comment icon #33 Posted by Ryu on 19 December, 2012, 22:00
No need to get all snarky, condescending and nasty Simbi. Many of us simply never seen a chemical reaction quite like that. Many of us seen those black snake things but the reaction in the video went beyond mere childs play. That doesn't make us stupid or ignorant.
Comment icon #34 Posted by judyrad on 23 December, 2012, 1:53
Wiki says "Mercury thiocyanate was formerly used in pyrotechnics causing an effect known as the Pharaoh's serpent or Pharaoh's snake. When the compound is in the presence of a strong enough heat source, a rapid exothermic reaction is started which produces a large mass of coiling serpent-like solid. An inconspicuous flame which is often blue but can also occur in yellow/orange accompanies the combustion. The resulting solid can range from dark graphite grey to light tan in color with the inside generally much darker than the outside.[2] This property was discovered soon after the ... [More]

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