Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The world in 1,000 years

If we could fast-forward 1,000 years in to the future, what would life be like on planet Earth ?


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Essan on 15 May, 2017, 14:45
We'd have a handful of special reserves or "parks" where the rich could pay and see a real, live, tree .......
Comment icon #2 Posted by Why not on 15 May, 2017, 15:06
The way the human race is going I don't think we will make another hundredyears let alone a thousand years. We seem to be getting more selfish and intolerant of each other every year.
Comment icon #3 Posted by WoIverine on 15 May, 2017, 15:34
Let's hope that much of the world will be habitable in non irradiated zones. By then, we'll probably negate fallout through some form of advanced tech though, so who knows.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Eldorado on 15 May, 2017, 15:51
We'll all be sitting complaining about the weather and cursing politicians.
Comment icon #5 Posted by WoIverine on 15 May, 2017, 15:59
Get off my lawn, you little kids!
Comment icon #6 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 15 May, 2017, 16:44
That seems like a good guess.
Comment icon #7 Posted by omni9 on 16 May, 2017, 4:22
In One Thousand Yrs , we will either be controlled , by religion , politics , technology , ( borg , startreck ) , powers that be , media , the combination of all , to varing degrees ,the " new world order " . Or we have the freedom of our intellect .

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