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Zombie files - a real life tale?

Doctors and scientists are stumped when a man wonders into a hospital that declared him dead in the past.


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Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #1 Posted by MysteryMike on 15 May, 2009, 12:35
So does this mean Zombies are going to kill everyone on earth. Because I have a sick feeling now that I heard this.
Comment icon #2 Posted by S.P.E.C.T.R.E. on 15 May, 2009, 15:24
What has happened to the video? I can't watch it!?
Comment icon #3 Posted by GreytMuse on 19 May, 2009, 13:43
I'd be more inclined to believe incompetency on the hospital's part than any sort of zombie-ism...
Comment icon #4 Posted by schizoidwoman on 19 May, 2009, 14:02
That sounds a lot more likely!
Comment icon #5 Posted by Wyvernkeeper on 19 May, 2009, 17:40
hmm... its strange but yeah, probably the hospitaland also, zombie(S)... surely a zombie outbreak requires more than one.... preferably a small horde, and somebody has to have a go at one with a chainsaw before it even counts as a minor outbreak.

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