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Who lives in the eleventh dimension ?

Scientists discuss what sort of life could be found in the eleventh dimension. With talk of world of lightning bolts, electricity, unstable atoms and more, this video from BBC show 'Parallel Universe' is full of mind-bending theories to set your imagination racing.


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Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #1 Posted by merrick on 14 November, 2010, 17:56
Comment icon #2 Posted by Cigarette Smoking Man on 14 November, 2010, 22:39
Comment icon #3 Posted by DarthGluttonous on 15 November, 2010, 1:03
The idea of multiple universes seems wasteful to me for some reason, nature always seemed more "thrifty" than that.
Comment icon #4 Posted by JGirl on 15 November, 2010, 21:54
i'm still waiting to find out about the fourth dimension
Comment icon #5 Posted by Framling on 21 November, 2010, 5:58
Agreed. The universe is pretty much wysiwyg. Those physicists need to lay off the herb imo.

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