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A druid priest explains Stonehenge

Kim Payne explains the history of one of the world's most enchanting and mysterious monuments.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #1 Posted by wolfknight on 1 May, 2013, 13:14
Very interesting to watch. I think StoneHenge means different things to different people. I did like his thoughts on how the stones got there.
Comment icon #2 Posted by shrooma on 10 May, 2013, 0:23
. ''every generation gets the stonehenge it deserves-and desires.'' -jacquetta hawkes-
Comment icon #3 Posted by Likely Guy on 10 May, 2013, 2:28
I think that you're right, which is also kind of depressing. Before I went there, in my mind's eye, I never would have thought that the site was trapped between two major highways. Also, the circular path that people have to traverse around the site (about 70 or 80 ft. away from the stones) each plodding along listening to their own 'automated hand held guide' was probably one of the least spiritual times that I've had. Imagine 150 people walking in a circle listening to what looks like cell phones. Then it was back through the tunnel under the highway, past the gift s... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Silver Surfer on 12 May, 2013, 12:03
Oh yea hes a real druid priest.....

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