Monday, August 26, 2019
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  Nigel Kerner

Who is really sponsoring transhumanism ?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 10-2-2011 | 2 comments
Envision a world in the not too distant future in which immortality has been achieved in the form of virtual databases containing all the information biological...

2012 - and man shall walk as machine ?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 2-6-2011 | 1 comment
‘Transhumanism’ is a term that has become a euphemism that has been assimilated into our vocabulary such that it shocks no longer. It would seem perfectly natur...

Four fingers, almond eyes and a guest appearance on Oprah
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 1-28-2011 | 3 comments
According to a just published extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society world governments should prepare a co-ordin...

Was the Star of Bethlehem a UFO ?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 12-30-2010 | 7 comments
The star of Bethlehem as Christian lore has it, guided three ‘wise’ men to a site in a Judean town where a new born child of significant eminence lay in a const...

Alien predators - would you put our eggs in their basket ?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 9-3-2010 | 16 comments
I have written two books postulating the idea that if the UFO phenomenon as we know it is a genuine one that is present in terms of our physical reality and fun...

Cyber-hugs and robot babies - a brave new world
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 6-21-2010 | 2 comments
Artificial! Synthetic! Virtual! These are the buzz words of the new millennium, buzz words that describe the brave new world it seems we cannot wait to reach. E...

Is our species decaying ?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 4-15-2010 | 40 comments
Yes it all goes against human vanity and we’ll all struggle against accepting it but it may well be the way things are going. On March 15th 2010 scientists anno...

Why do we let ETs play hide and seek with us?
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 3-16-2010 | 9 comments
More than 6,000 pages of reports describing people's experiences with unidentified flying objects between 1994 and 2000 have just been released under a three-ye...

Brighter than the sun
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 2-18-2010 | 11 comments
In 1988, three reputable laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Tucson carried out radiocarbon tests on the Shroud of Turin and declared it a brilliant, medieval fa...

Our fathers who art from spaceships
Columnist: Nigel Kerner | Posted on 2-10-2010 | 9 comments
Some years ago some South sea islanders found an old ‘Vitriola’ in an old crashed bomber. They accidentally succeeded in getting it to play and the disc on the ...

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 11
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