Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Forum Questions

Forum Questions

Login/Registration Problems
General Forum Questions
Member Profiles

Q. Do I need to register to be able to use the forum ?
No, however you will need to register in order to post replies, start new topics, vote in polls, upload images, use the private messenger and access the full range of other features that the forum has to offer. Once you register, you will also have full access to the features of our site gallery as well. Registration takes under a minute and requires only your e-mail address and your preferred choice of username and password.

Q. What is forum registration validation ?
Registration validation is a system that enables us to verify that you have genuinely registered and that someone is not trying to register using your e-mail address. When you register, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used upon registering. The e-mail will contain a link that you will need to click on in order to validate your account. The process is straight forward and won't take a moment. You can also choose to log in to your account without needing to validate however you will not be able to post on the forum or access any of the forum's advanced features.

Q. I haven't received the validation e-mail, what can I do ?
First, wait five to ten minutes to make sure the e-mail hasn't been sent. Check inside your e-mail 'filtered' folders, some e-mail providers can filter out forum registration validation e-mails as 'junk' messages. If there is no sign of it, log in to the forum and click "Resend validation e-mail". If you still don't receive it, it's possible that you have mistyped your e-mail address while registering. If this happens, log in to your account and click "My Controls". Click "Change email address" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Q. I receive an error when trying to log in, what can I do ?
If you have registered and you receive the error "Sorry, we could not find a member using those login details", then it is possible you are not using the correct username. When you register, you must enter either your login name or e-mail address. Remember that it is the "login" username and not the "display" username that you must use when logging in. The login system will not recognize your display name unless they are both the same.

Q. I've forgotten my password - help!
If you have forgotten your password, please use our password recovery feature - Click Here.

Q. I am not sure how to use the forum, is there a help guide ?
A section which details how to use each part of our forum is available - Click Here.

Q. Where can I read the forum rules ?
Click Here to view our full forum terms and conditions.

Q. Is the forum moderated ?
Yes, we have a team of moderators present on the board whose job it is to make sure that the discussion stays civil and that troublesome members are prevented from disrupting the forum. The moderators actively enforce the forum rules and may restrict forum access to those who persistently break them. Our aim is to provide a friendly and trouble free discussion environment for our visitors.

Q. Can I register more than one username ?
We ask that members register only one account. Multiple accounts belonging to the same person get confusing, especially if you post under them all. Don't be tempted to register another account if you've forgotten your password or login details, if you are completely unable to get logged in again please e-mail us and we can help you out.

Q. Can I change my display name ?
You can change your display name once in a six month period, so make sure you really want to change it before doing so. To change your display name go in to "My Controls" and select "Change Display Name" from the list.

Q. Can I delete or close my account ?
As a general rule we don't delete member accounts, however we can 'close' an account if requested. If your account is closed then you will no longer be able to post or contribute to the forum, your profile will be wiped of all information and any subscriptions to e-mail notifications of new topics/updates will be cancelled. If you simply no longer wish to participate on the forum then account closure is usually unnecessary as your account will be completely secure in your absence, however for those who would like the added peace of mind of having their account closed for this or other reasons then the option is available.

Q. Someone is breaking the rules, how do I report them ?
To bring a disruptive post or member to the attention of the moderators please click the 'Report' button which is located at the bottom left hand corner of every post on the forum. Please include a brief description of what the troublesome user is doing when submitting a report.

Q. I want to appeal a moderator's decision, how do I go about it ?
If a moderator has taken action that you strongly disagree with, please contact either an administrator or the moderator in question via the forum's private messenger. Please do not start a public debate on the matter as it will likely end up being removed. Remember though, all moderator actions are aimed at benefiting the forum as a whole and we appreciate it when members respect those decisions even if you happen to disagree with them. If a topic or post has been closed or deleted then there is always a very good reason for it.

Q. How do I become a moderator ?
If we are in need of new forum moderators and we believe that you are a good candidate for the job then we will get in touch with you - please do not send e-mails or messages to staff members asking them if you can be a moderator. Don't call us - we'll call you!

Q. What are the current 'post count' rank titles ?
Like most forums, we maintain a system of member 'rank', which changes your forum title depending on the number of posts that you've made. The posts required for each rank title are as follows :
  • 0 : Alien Embryo - 1 star
  • 125 : Ectoplasmic Residue - 1 star
  • 250 : Apparition - 2 stars
  • 375 : Extraterrestrial Entity - 3 stars
  • 500 : Remote Viewer - 4 stars
  • 625 : Astral Projection - 5 stars
  • 750 : Paranormal Investigator - 6 stars
  • 875 : Conspiracy Theorist - 7 stars
  • 1000 : Psychic spy - 8 stars
  • 2125 : Poltergeist - 1 blue star
  • 3250 : Government agent - 2 blue stars
  • 4375 : Alien abductor - 3 blue stars
  • 5500 : Majestic 12 Operative - 4 blue stars
  • 6625 : Telekinetic - 5 blue stars
  • 7750 : Non-corporeal being - 6 blue stars
  • 8875 : Omnipotent Entity - 7 blue stars
  • 10000 : Forum divinity - 8 blue stars
  • 10000+ : TBA
Q. How do I stop my username from appearing on the users online list ?
If you don't want anyone to see when you are on the forum, you can set yourself as 'anonymous'. To do this, on the login screen check the box next to "Log in as invisible".

Q. How do I edit my profile details ?
To amend your profile information, click on the 'My Controls' option in the top forum menu. All profile options and preferences can be accessed via the links down the left hand side of the 'Control Panel'.

Q. How do I add an 'avatar' image to my profile ?
To change your avatar, click the 'Edit Avatar Settings' option in the Control Panel left hand menu. To use an image that is located on your own computer, click the 'browse' button. An explorer window will pop up allowing you to select the image you'd like to use. Once your happy with the image you've chosen, click 'Update Avatar' in the Control Panel and your avatar will be updated in your profile. Please note that the image you wish to upload to use as your avatar can be no larger than 20k in file size, and no bigger than 115x115 in pixels. Also ensure that the image is either a GIF, JPG or JPEG.

Q. How do I add 'quote' text underneath my avatar ?
First, click on 'my controls' from the top menu and then select 'edit profile info' under the 'personal profile' subheading. To add text beneath your avatar, simply enter the text into the 'profile quote' box and click 'amend my profile'.

Q. I can't get an image to upload - help!
This is usually down to one of two things - either the image you are trying to upload is too large or it is the wrong file format. The best way to fix either of these problems is to use a paint application such as Jasc Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop to resize or convert the image as needed. Remember, a forum attachment image can be no larger than 250kb in size and avatars can be no larger than 115x115 in pixels width/height or 20k in size. The image must also be either a JPG, JPEG or GIF to work. If you don't know how to resize the image or don't have access to a program that can do that, your best option is to either ask a member of site staff for assistance, or simply select an avatar from the ones available on the forum.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what I put in my forum signature ?
Yes, there are restrictions on the size and content of forum signatures.

Q. Why are these restrictions necessary ?
A signature is intended as a short end piece for your posts, it will appear underneath every post you make on the forum and should be as minimal as possible. Large signatures or lengthy passages of text are unnecessary, distracting and take ages to load for users on dial-up.

Q. My signature has been removed, why ?
If your signature violates the below signature guidelines then it will be removed. These limits are here to make the forum as easy to browse as possible, massive signatures do nothing but hinder other users.

Q. What are the current signature size and content restrictions ?
The current maximum allowed size for a single image or combination of images is 500x150 pixels. The signature graphic should be no larger than 50k in size. To see how large your signature graphic is, right click on it and select 'Properties'. If your signature is within the 500x150 limit but is larger than 50k then you should convert it into a .jpg in order to reduce its file size. In any case as small a signature as possible is preferred.

In addition your signature will be removed if it:
  • is larger than the abovementioned size limits
  • contains several 'stacked' images which when combined exceed this limit
  • contains spam or links to commercial products or services
  • is overly distracting; i.e. bright, flashing GIFs etc.
  • contains too much text; usually over 500 characters
  • contains illegal, adult or other unsuitable content
Q. My signature is only slightly over the limit, can you let me off ?
There's no point having a limit if you have a signature that exceeds it. The limit applies to everyone.

Q. Can HTML code be used in signatures ?
For security reasons, HTML code cannot be used in signatures.

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