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    Ice Moon Temple
    By Deanna Jaxine Stinson
    Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.

    Ice Moon Tiger

    Ice Moon Tiger
    In a smoky fire
    Red eyes glowing
    From the blood
    Upon the pyre
    A sacrifice
    Made as we conspire
    Together in
    Volcanic weather
    Stripes of ashes
    Settle down
    Here from us
    Like diamonds
    As the moon melts away
    Rain is burning up
    The holy queen as
    Life spills from within her cup
    And there is no one
    But you
    Who could love again
    So soon
    With a frozen heart

    Ice Moon Temple

    There is nothing more to the sound of space than time, a measurement.Time can be formed from many things like alchemy with a meteor, bells chiming through a church or a dance made with rhythm and sweat. Time can be measured in stripes, like the minutes on a clock, sun dial or even a ceremony. In the final hour, tigers spirit stands with us as others worship our planet through each other.

    Below, I am going to explain to you the spiritual force behind the power of these exotic land and skies. There is so much history in outer space that has already started here. In the future, perhaps the sound of space will become deafening, destroying us all or to cause us to mutate, with an intention of energy and movement, the song it is singing and what we are returning.

    Maybe it is a gift to be blind but, there is a grace that comes with seeing in a way where only angels can relate to you from the celestial presentations of our location. Bring them closer to their gods so that time can excel us past the bad parts. We will not become extinct but, transform…like the universe… which we are at a deep molecular level.

    Tiger in Dreams

    The tiger is an uncommon spiritual force. As a metaphysical being, it represents our shadow side, which we naturally hide from the world (like the moon). It taunts us with extreme unknown dangerous and powerful chi. It is unpredictable and strong.

    When we dream, the tiger represents a source of rare power. It is something that controls our consciousness to such a deep level that it effects our whole sense of being. It could be anything from an addiction, a secret you are keeping or misunderstood perception on your reality.

    The tiger beckons us to work on our willpower with determination. It will take a lot to overcome such forces but, you are capable. With some help from your spiritual guide, you can reach a level of meditation and mental protection to shield you in the wild.


    Callisto was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei. It is made of mainly rock, ice and organic compounds. It is one of the greatest protectors in the universe. Upon it’s surface are some of the oldest craters within the universe.

    No evidence suggests that there was any earthquakes or volcanic activity. Apparently, there is an absence of geological occurrences beyond the impacts of the forces of cosmic selection. The surface changes and is made up of small, sparkly frost deposits at the tips of high spots, surrounded by a smooth blanket of dark material.

    Callisto is thought to have formed by slow accretion from the disk of the gas and dust that surrounded Jupiter after its formation. Callisto is named after one of Zeus's lovers in Greek mythology. Callisto is a nymph (or, according to some sources, the daughter of Lycaon) who was associated with the goddess of the hunt, Artemis.


    Dione is a moon that rotates with Saturn. It is the fifteenth largest moon in the solar system. About two thirds of Dione's mass is watery ice and the rest is a dense core of silicate rock. The moon is known to harbor a thick layer of ice shell with a global ocean underneath. A hemisphere contains a thick icy mountain range with cliffs.

    Dione’s surface displays the effects of tectonic activities. Many craters also line up. The marks forever echo the masterpiece of the sky.

    Dione the goddess, was an oracular Titaness primarily known from Book V of Homer's Iliad.One source describes her as the wife of Zeus. She is essentially the feminine of the genitive form, that is, Διός Diós (from earlier Διϝός Diwós) of him. Due to her being a daughter of Dione, Aphrodite is sometimes called Dionaea. She is not mentioned in Hesiod's treatment of the Titans, although the name does appear in the Theogony among his list of Oceanids, the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. According to Hesiod, Aphrodite was born from the foam created by the severed genitals of Uranus, when they were thrown into the sea by Cronus, after he castrated him.

    Icy moon

    Icy moons are a class of natural satellites with surfaces composed mainly of ice. An icy moon may harbor an ocean underneath the surface and possibly include a rocky core of silicate and metallic rocks. This means that there is a form of life here.

    A few of Jupiter’s moons have been found to have water or water ice in their atmosphere or on their surface. Europa is the most important source of water in the system. Europa is thought to have an iron core, a rocky mantle and a surface ocean of salty water.


    Europa is a large moon of the planet Jupiter. It is a little smaller than Earth's Moon.It is actually the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter and the sixth-closest to the planet. This makes it the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei and was named after Europa, the legendary mother of King Minos of Crete and lover of Zeus (the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Jupiter).

    Slightly smaller than Earth's Moon, Europa is primarily made of silicate rock and has a water-ice crust and an iron–nickel core. The atmosphere is composed mostly of oxygen. The surface is striated by cracks and streaks, whereas craters are relatively rare. In addition to Earth-bound telescope observations, Europa has been visited with space probe flybys.

    Europa is named after Europa, daughter of the king of Tyre, a Phoenician noblewoman in Greek mythology. Like all the Galilean satellites, Europa is named after a lover of Zeus, the Greek counterpart of Jupiter. Europa was courted by Zeus and became the queen of Crete. The naming theme was suggested by Simon Marius, who discovered the four satellites independently.


    The Saturn moon Enceladus harbors a big ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust. The water ocean on Enceladus is about 6 miles in depth.
    The ice above is about 30 miles thick. It is considered one of our solar system's most promising candidates in the search for extraterrestrial life. Huge icy jets several hundreds of miles high erupt from the moon and are likely associated with hydrothermal vents in the moon's core.

    Enceladus is one of the major inner satellites of Saturn along with Dione. It orbits Saturn every 32.9 hours. Plumes from Enceladus, which are similar in composition to comets has been shown to be the source of the material in Saturn's E ring. This E ring is the widest and outermost ring of Saturn (inside of the Phoebe ring). It is extremely wide. Mathematical models show that the E ring is unstable, with a lifespan between 10,000 and 1,000,000 years; therefore, particles composing it must be constantly replenished. Enceladus releases water vapors.

    Given the geological evidence, the regions are probably less than a few hundred million years old. Also, Enceladus has been recently active with "water volcanism" or other processes that refresh this surface. The new ice that dominates its surface gives Enceladus the most reflective surface of any body in the entire Solar System. Named through the heart of John Herschel. He chose the name because Saturn, known in Greek mythology as Cronus, was the leader of the Titans.


    Ganymede is the king moon of Jupiter and in the Solar System. It is considered the ninth largest object in the universe. It is the only moon known to have a magnetic power field. Ganymede is composed of equal amounts of silicate rock and watery ice. The magnetic field is created by convection within its liquid iron core.

    Ganymede's discovery is credited to Galileo Galilei, who was the first to observe it on January 7, 1610.The satellite's name was soon suggested by astronomer Simon Marius, after the mythological Ganymede, cupbearer of the Greek gods and Zeus's lover. Gaynymede, the legendary Ganymede…

    Ganymede was a Trojan prince in ancient Greek myth, also well known for his beauty. He was the son of the king Tros of Dardania, after whom Troy took its name and Callirrhoe. According to the stories, Zeus turned into an eagle and took Ganymede, bringing him to Mount Olympus to be a cupbearer to the gods.

    (snow formation)

    Penitentes are snow formations found at high altitudes. They take the form of elongated, thin blades of hardened snow or ice, closely spaced and pointing towards the sun. The name comes from the resemblance of a field of penitentes to a crowd of kneeling people doing penance. The formation evokes the tall, pointed habits and hoods worn by brothers of religious orders in the Processions of Penance during Spanish Holy Week. In essence the hats are tall, slender and white, with a pointed top.

    Penitentes were first described in scientific literature by Charles Darwin in 1839. On March 22, 1835, he had to squeeze his way through snowfields covered in penitentes near the Piuquenes Pass, on the way from Santiago de Chile to the Argentine city of Mendoza and he retold the local belief that they were formed by the strong winds of the Andes.

    Penitentes may be present on Europa, a satellite of Jupiter. According to recent study, NASA's New Horizons have discovered penitentes on Pluto in a region informally named Tartarus Dorsa.


    Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It comes in second with the race of the universe. Frequently described as planet-like, Titan is 50% larger than Earth's Moon and it is 80% more massive. Discovered in 1655 by the Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens who mentioned, so being in a state which is majorly made of water ice and rocky material.

    The weather is of wind and rain, which are brushes on the surface of Earth, shaping such atmosphere into dunes, rivers, lakes, seas and is dominated by seasonal weather patterns similar to those on Earth. Distinctly beautiful and royal, this object brings an amazing energy to the night.

    The name Titan and the names of all seven satellites of Saturn then known, came from John Herschel (son of William Herschel, discoverer of two other Saturnian moons, Mimas and Enceladus). He suggested the names of the mythological Titans, the brothers and sisters of Cronus, the Greek Saturn. In mythology, the Titans are a race of powerful deities, descendants of Gaia and Uranus, that ruled during the legendary Golden Age.

    Ice Moon Temple

    The tiger’s eyes pierce my soul, like a dagger in the air. What moves us forward is like a gravitational pull. Like we are also, pieces of the heavens dancing at the imperial rate of celestial force. The holy mountains rise to greet the majesty of the glowing gods and angels.

    We march on like soldiers of the galaxy, arming ourselves with the light and mana of above and below. The waters reflect the sky, which we drink in the morning. We live and breathe nature and city. Passion and precision grace us until there is honor. For we do what we must do, to survive into eternity.

    The more that we learn from each other than the better we become. Reach out and connect with others and free yourself from the darkness that resides as a beautiful sanctuary for the wounded angels of Earth. We can heal each other with words and visions. Just like the moons of the super universe...

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    Yesterday I borrowed a book called Moon Magic from Lori Reid which has really caught my attention and there's a particular chapter within the book that talks about how the Full Moon plays a particular role in crime so I'm going to share some interesting facts about the Full Moon:

    1. Attacks upon ppl and burglaries will show psychopathic behaviours during the Full Moon. 
    2. Motorists become irate and intolerant by going into dangerous overdrive during the Full Moon. 
    3. Records have shown that the Full Moon 
    4. Sports ppl and women incur more penalties during the Full Moon rather then any other time. They still occur the penalties at any other time but they just occur more often around the Full Moon. 
    5. Ppl who r heavy drinkers tend to walk home and be able to sleep it off during a First Cressnt, but going back to the Full Moon heavy drinkers will become too easily aggressive and dangerous during a Full Moon. 
  3. I had been in the hike to learn all I can about the paranormal and transformative spirituality my entire life. Soon into it I was helping other people along the way and getting the occasional help and insight myself. The really active years once I escaped the house to college were in the 70's and drugs were everywhere, then. Lots of dope and alcohol, and not yet any awareness, if at all, about the hazards. 

    An allergic reaction to it kept me away from pot. I am better than a drug dog when around it, one whiff and my sinuses close off. Needles freak me the heck out so I did not experiment with anything that needed one of those horrors. I was too hyper to tolerate speed or uppers. Ludes were more expensive where I went to college so on my budget not anything easy to abuse. It was basically a choice, pizza or a lemmon.... I survived on pizza.

    This was all fortunate for me, because it was not until much later and seeing a lot of examples in real life, that I began to really grasp the destruction that drugs can cause. In my freshman year I met a guy who was the most brilliant and effervescent fellow you can imagine. He was wanting to get to med school, had a mind I could only dream about having. Just brilliant and rapidly became the best friend I had ever had to that point in my life. He was cool, too, he smoked pot a lot, and my parents would have hated that (+1) and everyone liked him and wanted to be with him, of course. I was a bit boring in comparison (-1). Such is life. We were both working on campus that summer to earn tuition money, but once school started I didn't see him much. I was pursuing religion and history and he was in biology and chemistry sorts of things. The few times I ran into him, he seemed distracted or vague and I wrote it off to busy with school, as I was. It was not until one evening I was in the caf after dinner studying for some quiet and he came in and after a pause, came over to me to sit down and it kind of hurt me to see that pause, as if he didn't really want to see me at all.

    He looked bad for him. The slick guy all the girls adored was looking rough, he was restless, antsy, hair long and needing a good wash. Mine was long, too, but, I kept it clean, was kind of vain about it. This was not my friend of the summer just past. Even the way he talked was wrong. He slurred some words, had trouble expressing things with the clarity he'd had, and his once sparkling eyes looked haunted. We talked a while and finally our old trust rekindled and he admitted he didn't know what was wrong but he didn't feel the same anymore and was not going to pass second semester, would not be coming back next year.

    He tried to laugh a lot and talked as if as before, we were in tune and thought alike, but, what he said was not the guy I had known before. He hated school, he didn't care about anything but he did talk a lot about pot. Finally, I could take no more of it and told him he had changed, and he had to stop with the pot and get himself back together, he was acting as if he was fried.

    For a moment tears welled in his eyes, for a moment I saw the guy I had known in his gaze as our eyes met, and he whispered, "I am. It is all gone." Then the moment was gone and he was laughing it off and talking about a party coming up and soon was out the door for another joint. I never saw him again. I have also never forgotten him or stopped caring about the destruction something so harmless had done to a man destined to be one of our finest doctors someday. It cut me awfully deep and was perhaps a valuable lesson for a 19 year old to get shoved into his face undeniably. Especially as soon after this my personal searching for God led me to work on shamanism intensively about then and explore some of the things I had been doing at times in my growing years that were similar.

    What fried my dear friend was the common practice of "cutting" lower grade weed with pharmaceuticals. Angel dust/PCP was commonly used, other drugs. Heck, I have heard then of rat poison being used. If you were a hippie in my day, you probably heard similar going the rounds of gossip where you went to school. You had to be careful, real careful, not only of the dealers but also of the product. As his tolerance had built he had gone with the weed from dealers which still gave him a kick, and that had been "walked on" and "cut" and it fried all that brilliance away. May have been in one real bad high, or over a few, but, he was not coming back from that cooking of his brain. We all in that age group remember the ads of eggs in a frying pan and the words "This is your brain on drugs". It is true, when you hit the wrong thing, and too late then. It does not heal up 100% after a point of no return.

    The New Age and neo-Shamanism was and is an easy crutch for dopers to justify drug use and abuse as spiritual practices. They point to indigenous examples where some hallucinogens are used and justify getting high on pretty much anything as if it was the same thing and the things they saw when hallucinating or suffering flashbacks later as if these were visions, similar to the ones in the Bible. Many who have done this way too much see things all the time which serve no purpose at all and think of it as if it was their "gift" or power and nothing about it is useful for anything and most of it is actually psychosis as the damaged brain loses certain parameters and filters for interpreting reality. 

    Modern psychology can prescribe things that can mute some of the repercussions for a victim of this but there really is no way to repair and replace damage of this sort. The visions are nothing but symptoms, the bug eyed little people they see are cartoons of a wounded mind parroting random drivel from the brain, not deep insights into the State of Man. I am grieving with all my heart right now as I write, remembering my friend and many other wounded addicts I have dealt with since then. I am thankful for those who have gotten out of that free fall, but, not enough ever did escape the lure of oblivion or escape and laughter or crazy dreamed adventures for long. That stage does not last. It does not stay fun or optional and free willed.

    I have said it in other posts and I will say it again, as a competent shaman sitting here in the present, who can journey and do readings and speak with spirits and all the things half my friends adamantly do not believe in but still like me as a person (thank you for that), you do not need drugs to fly. In fact, they will limit you if your real dream this life was to see something and be able to know for yourself if it is true and Something More is out there.

    Listen to me, I have tears in my eyes as I am typing this from my heart to you. You need to be terribly sane and stable and whole to ever become a Master in anything out here, be it paranormal or hard core science.

    To ever be in a chat and simply shift without effort and see the person you are typing to as if they are right before you and see the troubles in their life as they ask you for advice and be able to answer them with truth, you need to be all there. You have to be these solid things to live the sort of crazy life that will give to you the experience to even grasp the things they struggle with. You need every filter and healthy cell of your brain to process the sometimes truly bizarre imagery of the Other Realms to get the data you need for a task handed to you by Spirit. You need all of your IQ to excel in physics to grasp that new insight which leads to a new discovery. You need all your comprehension skills to understand and excel in chemistry.

    Drugs are a lie as any sort of shortcut to any sort of enlightenment. Some of what one use can do is shift something and forever mess you up in how you perceive things. Call it a "tea" call it whatever you want, it is a lie. Do not accept it if a friend claims spirituality as his reason to use. Do not trust it as something just to "relax" to study better in a girlfriend. Do not accept it as anything but a lie. Walk away.

    Just as you would go to college or at least read serious books if a deeper knowing of astronomy was your passion, so also must you pursue Spirit and your own growth if your passion leans towards the esoteric. Both desires take time, and work, and effort and learning above all else how to discern between something real and something that is a pipe dream. Your college responds by providing learning opportunities and structure for those goals. Spirit does the same and will help you fulfill what really is your own purpose. If you do not do all the work, you will never be a doctor... or a shaman.

    Drugs go with neither dream. Pipe dreams are only that - smoke on the wind and then gone. At least a waste of time, at most a waste that lives on for life. 

    Do as you will, but, do not lie to yourself about indigenous alleged practices you actually know nothing about as being some sort of way to enlightenment. At best it is like buying your degree from a diploma mill. Say whatever you wish to claim but you do not have "it". You hold nothing.

    I write to serve.




    A Friend's Story, on how She learned that She is Never Alone

    The exercise of faith increases faith. The exercise of confidence causes confidence to grow. One who approaches My tabernacle in faith is giving evidence of a complete reliance on My merciful love. The Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is My Heart, open to receive those who will respond to My timeless invitation: “Come unto Me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, because I am meek and humble of heart, and you shall find rest to your souls. For My yoke is sweet, and My burden light.”1

     Benedictine Monk. In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Hear--
    The Journal of a Priest at Prayer (Kindle Locations 3966-3971).
    Angelico Press. Kindle Edition.


     I sometimes visit a blog that is titled ‘The Friendly Atheist’.  On one of my forays into his domain, I saw an advertisement for a T-Shirt, which had this quote:  “Will Convert for Evidence”.  It made me wonder, what evidence would actually convince anyone who was opposed to the belief in God, or the Infinite?  I would think that there would be none.  The scientific method does have its limitations.  Not everything can be proven by lab testing. 

    So unbelief, is probably like faith, in the sense that it is a choice that is made over and over again…..well until I guess some deeply felt personal experience will convince some.  However, that would not be evidence for anyone else. 

    To embrace faith need not be mindless conformity to a set world view.  Nor does it have to be based on ignorance, or fear of opposing views…..like the ideas presented by the ‘Friendly Atheist’.  I am comfortable living in a world where faith has to be developed in order to deepen one's relationship with God.  It is a choice, just as unbelief is a choice, both are made without ‘evidence’ according to the scientific method.

    To approach God with trust (A choice, and often a difficult one), does draw one into the depths of God’s loving relationship with us.  A letting go of the fear of being ‘taken in’ also has to be put in its proper place.  A lack of trust in others will make it impossible to develop deep friendships or even pleasant encounters with others. Everyone is untrustworthy and needs to be kept at a distance.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Trust of any kind can be scary since it makes the heart vulnerable to being seen and then rejected. 

    Personal experiences are important.  One day I was talking to a friend, who is a very loving woman, who has a deep, loving, relationship with God.  She is intelligent and not given over to fanciful speculations.  She is single, and alone in the world.  She has few family members and they are not that close.  She related to me an experience she had when she had to go to the Emergency Room.  She was there alone, everyone else had some family member with them, but she was alone, and it made her very sad, and a little scared.  She does have some serious health conditions and is well known in that particular Emergency Room.  She was released around 2 AM in the morning.  As she was checked out, she felt forlorn, since she had to go back to her apartment, where she lived without a roommate.  When she got out to the front entrance, she found a rainstorm, and she did not have an umbrella.  So she walked as fast as she could towards her car, in the heavy rainfall.  After she got in the car, she started praying, and complaining to the Lord, about lonely she was.   When she was starting up the car, she noticed something very odd.  Even though it was pouring down rain, and she walked through it, she found herself completely dry!  When she told me, I responded, “well I guess the Lord wanted to let you know that you were not alone”.  For her, it was strong evidence that my statement was right.

    In Catholic churches, we have the Eucharist, which is the actual presence of Christ Jesus under the sacramental appearance of Bread and Wine.  To approach this reality in trust, can cause a deep change in one’s heart, a loosening of the knots that can seem like a permanent part of one’s life.  To understand the reality of that love, can only come about by faith, and deep trust.  A death to fear and a simple looking to the Lord. 

    Sometimes, a guest at our retreat house, will approach me, and ask me about their experiences in front of our tabernacle.  Many are not Catholic, some are not Christian, and some are even somewhat agnostic in their ideas about God.  Yet they come and tell me what they have experienced.  Some experiences are rather astounding, then some are very simple, but direct in how the retreatant is affected.  So I tell them about the presence of Christ Jesus in the Eucharist.  Jesus is there for everyone, be they Catholic, Non-Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, New Ager, or those who struggle with faith, and yes, those who have none.  Those who come here are seekers, and Jesus promised that those who seek shall find.  Jesus is only concerned with the heart.  Some of these people become Catholic, others do not, but they are changed by their experience, and many become regular visitors here in our church, and on our grounds. 

    One woman related to me, how both she and her husband were atheists.  Her husband died, and for some reason that she did not understand, she started coming out to our grounds.  She did not go into the church, nor did she visit our retreat house, or talk to anyone.  She would come every night and simply sit down by our lake.   Then she told me, that one evening as she was sitting there, enjoying the peace, and quiet, the ducks, and geese, she suddenly found that she believed in God.  She did not ask for faith, it was not an emotional need, yet there it was, she was given the gift of faith, and she ran with it. She became a Catholic, though no one pressured her.  It was pure grace, for God sees all hearts.  We are all pursued by God’s love. –Br.MD




  5. Tales from the Mist

    Goddess of the Mist
    Latest Entry


    Through a rift in the atmosphere, found with a purpose

    still so enthralled, the angel crawls

    to the edge of the night

    and looks down

    Hell is as much a metaphor in heaven as it is on Earth:

    “Close enough,” he decides, as he surveys what he’s found


    Earthly delights are what he’s after

    smoking and drinking; music and laughter

    He thinks of himself as a rogue player, wandering adventurer

    heartbreaking slayer


    The ladies adore him, his rugged handsomeness

    irresistible charm

    his smooth caress

    With his wings folded tight, he can blend right in

    among the cacophony of celebration

    the nightlife and parties, the sin


    You see, he grows bored with heaven

    all its pureness, so tame

    He craves the soiled imperfections

    the struggle and the game

    Which is why he often finds himself in a lovely stranger’s bed

    enjoying earthly pleasures; letting his passions be fed


    Sometimes his wings are discovered - with shocked delight and glee!

    But until the morning light they are difficult to see

    Which is why before the dawn returns

    he must make his exit swift,

    his lover sleepily calling, “Gabe…..”

    as his wings give him lift




    ©Goddess of the Mist





  6. A Reflection on Mark 8: 27-38: “On the Road to Discipleship”

    I had a friend once who really wanted me to die. In fact, you might say he was trying to “kill” me. Now you might think that doesn’t sound like a very good friend, but it turns out that was exactly what I needed. In fact, he was a literal answer to a prayer. And no, it wasn’t because I had a death-wish!

    Now many of you have read about parts of my story on here before. It was the early 2,000’s and I had this powerful experience of God that made me become a believer. But the idea of become a true follower of Christ, a disciple of Christ, that was another matter altogether. I’ll be straight up. It was a struggle. I was used to my partying lifestyle, I was used to doing things my way, I was used to getting whatever I wanted. Remember, I’m an only child, so I was spoiled pretty rotten. In short, I was pretty self-absorbed. Now in the end, none of that brought about good results. I struggled with depression for years, and I felt like I was stuck in this lifestyle that I just couldn’t get out of. It was tough. I was literally reading my Bible, books of theology, and going to church by day and partying by night. 

    So I started reading this book by Saint Francis De Sales called “Introduction to the Devout Life.” It’s one of the most powerful books on spiritual formation and Christian discipleship ever written. Now in it, he talks about the importance of “spiritual friendship.” He says we can’t grow as Christians unless we have a spiritual friend that through a united love in Christ will “bind souls together, leading them to share devotions and spiritual interests, so as to have but one mind between them.” 

    I realized that was what I needed. And so I started praying for it. God, help me to find a spiritual friend. God answered that prayer. One night I was at church and this guy excitedly started calling my name. Surprised, I stopped to talk to him…and I was like…”uh, do I know you?” Turns out, I’d gone to high school with him. We had met in high school. I didn’t remember him but he remembered me. So we exchanged numbers and we started hanging out after that. It didn’t take long before we were inseparable. He quickly became more than a friend; he was a brother. It was through his help and his influence that I was finally able to leave my old life behind. 

    He brought me to his Bible study and I started making other Christian friends…people who accepted me as I was. People who knew my past, but knew Christ could free me from it. God gave me my “spiritual friend.”But he was always trying to kill me. There was one night I’ll never forget as long as I live. It was in the middle of the summer…this beautiful evening…we’d just gotten out of the Saturday evening church service. We’d been singing some awesome praise songs so my spirits were soaring. And I’d heard a wonderful sermon that made me feel really good. 

    In short, I was riding high. Then we were heading home in his red pickup truck, windows down, just enjoying the summer breeze…and he says…”what are you gonna do when you get home tonight?” I told him I was going to write. Most of you guys probably know by now that I’m a writer…I’ve been writing ever since I was in the 7th grade. Well, I was working on a sci-fi short story and I was anxious to get home and work on it. So I started telling him all about my story. But my friend…he was always pretty blunt.

    As I’m telling him about my work…he suddenly cuts me off and he says…”Well, you know, that sounds pretty good. But why do you write that crap? Why don’t you give your writing to Jesus? You have this talent and you should be using it for Him, man. You could be writing sermons. You could probably be another C.S. Lewis if you wanted to be. So why do you waste your time writing that garbage?” Oh man….it was seriously like somebody punched me in the gut. That’s my writing. Are you kidding me? He may as well have asked me to cut off my arm. I guess that’s what a real spiritual friend’s supposed to do, right? I didn’t know that at the time. 

    Hell, I was too egotistical. I just brushed it off and kept right on going with my sci-fi stories. My friend wanted me to die because he was driving me forward on the road to discipleship.

    And that thought brings us to our Gospel reflection for this blog entry. It reminds me of the season of Lent, where we’re wise to ponder not only the crosses in our sanctuaries, but the picture of Jesus on the road to Jerusalem as He calls His disciples to take up their own crosses and to walk with Him on the paths of love and service. May the God who is One in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit guide our understanding as we study His Word.

    I suspect that Peter was probably feeling a lot like me when I got out of the church that night so many years ago. Maybe there was an uplifting praise song in his head. Maybe there was a warm summer breeze that afternoon in Caesarea Philippi. And you know he was feeling good too because he’d just gotten an A+ on Jesus’ pop quiz about His identity. He was having that windows or top down, riding high experience on the highway too…the only thing missing was the red pickup truck. But then, like a true spiritual friend, Jesus gives him that all too familiar discipleship punch to the gut.

    He starts saying He’s going to have to “undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.” Now the thing is, this would have made no sense to Peter. You know, we can point to stories like this and laugh at him and say he wasn’t the sharpest sword in the arsenal…but that’s because we know the story. It isn’t fair. 

    The reality is he, just like virtually everybody else in first century Israel had a completely different understanding of what the Messiah was supposed to be. They were expecting a superhuman leader who would overthrow the Roman Empire, re-gather God’s chosen people from the four corners of the globe, and make Jerusalem the center of the world…establishing this perfect and unending reign of God. That’s what they were looking for.

        And everything they’d seen up to that point fit the bill to a tee. Here’s Jesus casting out demons, healing the sick, cleansing lepers, calming storms, walking on the water, feeding multitudes…and oh yeah…raising the dead. So in short, they wanted a God of power and might. 

    They wanted a God who’s going to put an end to suffering….not march right into it. And you know what? If we’re being honest with ourselves…we can relate to this. Those televangelists flying around on their private jets…they got all that money and wealth….because their bastardized version of the Gospel sells. God wants you to be healthy and wealthy all the time. Pay to come to my crusade and my touch of the spirit will heal you of whatever ails you. Say a few prayers and donate to my ministry and God will make all your wildest dreams come true. Believe it like you already have it and money’s just gonna come pouring in. 

    This stuff infuriates me. It doesn’t matter that it’s completely detached from reality…it sells because it plays off our ego. It sells because it tells us what we want to hear. On that road to discipleship, how many times do we pull up to the drive-thru and we say I’ll take a crown with no cross, thank you very much?

        Peter’s just like us. Is it any wonder he “rebukes” him? Now when it says that…I think it means Peter pulls him aside. He puts his arm around Him and he says, “Now Jesus of course I think you’re the Messiah. But you’ve got your facts wrong. You’ve got to stop saying stuff like this or you’re going to lose all your credibility. Start acting like the Messiah! Tell us about all the good things you’re going to do. Let’s not hear any more nonsense about suffering and dying!”  And so Jesus gives Peter the ultimate discipleship punch to the gut: “Get behind me Satan, for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.” Here, Satan, through the mouth of Peter…is telling Jesus to take the easy way out. 

        But Jesus doesn’t bite. Instead He throws down the gauntlet. He says look, you’re going to come to a fork in the road….you’re going to have to either set your GPS on the earthly things or the heavenly things. The road to discipleship is a one-way street, and it’s through the cross. 

         And yet, when I say that…I’ve got to be careful. I’ve got to tell you what it doesn’t mean first.

        Now in case you didn't know it already....I’m a sci-fi geek. So naturally I love my Star Wars…especially the originals. And one of my favorite characters, if not my favorite…has always been C-3PO. It’s because he cracks me up. His constant “we’re doomed!” cynicism is hysterical. But there’s one scene in the original movie that I think is profound. He’s walking through the desert with R2D2 and he says of being a droid, “We seem to be made to suffer…it’s our lot in life.” He’s just a machine…he’s not really worth anything. And if we’re not careful…we can adopt that attitude about ourselves. It’s a spiritually dangerous mistake. 

        See, it’s not the extreme opposite of the prosperity gospel. I’ll never forget this classroom debate in seminary and the topic was “Is it better spiritually to be poor?” and one of the students was talking about how she knew this Pastor that had bought an expensive motorcycle. She was talking about it….like it was the unpardonable sin. As if to be a true disciple we have to take a vow poverty and live like monks with our heads down…dead to the world…gloom and doom like our old buddy C-3PO. If you’re going to be a follower of Jesus, you better not want to have “fun” in life. 

        No, point blank…this text isn’t telling us to go out and become monks or nuns. That’s a spiritual gift. Some people are called to that. It’s not for everybody. Jesus isn’t saying we have to give up this or that. He isn’t saying you can’t go on vacation or buy a motorcycle. Furthermore, this text isn’t telling us that every time we suffer or something bad happens to us that we’re supposed to just adopt this defeatist attitude and say it’s our cross or it’s our lot in life. Can suffering be redemptive? Yes. Absolutely. I’ve experienced it in my own life too. But that doesn’t mean we should treat everything as a “cross.” Jesus isn’t saying “go out into the world and get beat up every day!” I have to set the record straight because the meaning of this passage has been butchered throughout the centuries and it’s been used to perpetuate abuse and manipulate others. 

    We’re not called to be victims. We’re not called to embrace abuse or suffering as some kind of twisted mark of virtue. We see Jesus freeing people from bondage of all kinds throughout all 4 Gospels so anything else is a false gospel. No, when he tells us to take up our cross, He’s telling us to do the opposite of what the world expects of us. Verse 33 can also be translated as “You are thinking not as God thinks, but as human beings do.”

        Worldly things. Peter was ready for prestige, power, and dominion. He was ready to claim King David’s throne. He was ready for ruling the nations.

        Worldly things. The Super Bowl was just a few weeks ago…I’m still excited about that Eagles win, but you know, a lot of people watch the Super Bowl for the ads. If you’re not a football fan…you still tune in for all the new commercials every year. 

    I’ve got to be honest I didn’t really care for the ones this past year…I didn’t think they were all that funny. But it’s amazing the power that these things have over our lives. 

        They spend so much time, energy, creativity and money on these ads….why? Well, it’s because they’re designed to make us feel inadequate so we need to go out and buy something new because it promises to make us feel better about ourselves. And I’ll tell you what…social media does this too. Somebody you know updates their status to say “In a relationship” and it makes you feel all the more lonely. Somebody else uploads pictures of their new car and it makes you wonder why your 10 year old car is always in the shop.  But here’s the thing: all of that stuff is a lie. And social media, well, so much of that is a fake snapshot of life. You see only what people want you to see. We see the supposedly perfect lives of others and it depresses us…when in reality…it’s all smoke and mirrors. 

        In our culture, we’re beat up and run down. We tell ourselves that we’ve got to be ambitious, decisive and energetic…and so we become totally self-absorbed. We end up spending all our days…worrying about ourselves and whether we measure up or not. One of my favorite Christian writers, the great Henri Nouwen summed up this dilemma perfectly when he said “Everything in me wants to move upward. Downward mobility with Jesus goes radically against my inclinations, against the advice of the world surrounding me, and against the culture of which I’m a part.” In other words, we project our own desires onto our relationship with God and we seek to make God in our image. 

    We want to tame Jesus…domesticate Him…make Him harmless and comfortable. We want Him to give us easy solutions to all our problems. We want Him to fill in all the blanks of the things we think we need in life. That is of course, if we have time for God at all. Even in my own life, I can easily think of how quickly my hours and my days just evaporate. And so before I know it, I’m making sure my alarm is set for the next day. All too often, I live my life as if I’ve been shot out of a canon. All too often I miss opportunities to be thinking about the Ultimate Concerns. I’m just too busy devoting my attention to trivial things. All too often I miss opportunities to take up my cross because I’m too focused on what’s already on my to-do list. 

    But to take up the cross means the opposite of what we expect and what we think we need.  What this passage means is that we’ve got to set aside our own interests in order to ascertain God’s interests. The Lutheran Pastor David Lose calls this the “inverted logic” of the Kingdom of God. The logic of the world tells us from an early age the only way to find security is through possessions or power. But the logic of the heavenly…of taking up our crosses….says that we’ll only find lasting fulfillment as we give of ourselves, put others first, and take up burdens on behalf of one another. 

    In short…we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves. What I mean by that is we have to enter into this paradox that admits…we don’t know ourselves. We don’t know what’s best for us. So we let go of who we are, we let go of what we’ve been…and we enter into what Paul Tillich calls “The New Being.” This isn’t about self-annihilation…it’s about receiving a new identity all together. We surrender what our consumer culture defines as “life” and we’re reborn into the abundant life God wants for us. Let’s trade the illusions and the smoke and mirrors for the real thing. See, when we make that exchange and we start down the true road to discipleship, we’ll see that life is the better life. We’ll see that our greatest joys…the times when we feel most alive….don’t come from things we’ve bought or earned….they come when we put our relationships first. They come when we’re doing acts of service. They come when we make sacrifices caring for others. 

    My sisters and brothers, everyone who is reading this blog today....I want you to remember that you are part of a royal priesthood…the priesthood of all believers. Take up your crosses and follow Jesus on the road to discipleship. It may be as simple as listening rather than speaking first. It may be as simple as shoveling snow for your neighbor. It may be baking some cookies and delivering it to someone who’s day it’ll brighten. It may be calling someone in the hospital. It may be just being present and sitting with someone who has dementia and isn’t even aware that you’re there. 

    This is what Jesus means when He says “Those who want to save their lives will lose it, and those who lose their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Gospel will save it.” Thank God, for those who help us die to ourselves. You know, I think we really do need a spiritual friend just like Saint Francis De Sales once said. Most of the time we choose our friends because of common interests and sometimes because they tell us what we want to hear. We like our friends to make us feel good.  But now we know that’s more of the worldly thinking that Jesus is talking about. We need a friend who holds us accountable. 

    We need a friend who points us in the right direction and sets our spirits on heavenly things. I’m blessed I had my spiritual friend Brian because he did all of that for me. Yes, I’m that selfish dude who’s used to getting his way. But more than a decade after we had that conversation on that warm summer evening, I finally listened to his advice. I took all my writing…years and years worth of short stories, novels, poems, plays…I put it all in a box and tucked it away in a closet. In tears I said out loud, “all I have, all I am, is yours God.” I offered up my writing to God.

     I said if it was His will, I’d never touch a keyboard or a pen again. And now…here I am…writing sermons every week…writing theological papers, essays, and articles…..using the talent God gave me for others…just as Brian said I should be doing. Every week, every time my fingers touch the keyboard…it’s an act of surrender…of going down the road to discipleship…and let me tell you….I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. May Almighty God help each one of us to be His true disciples, taking up their own crosses and walking with Him on the paths of love and service. Amen.

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    So yesterday, my three cousins and I were laying in bed watching movies. It was around 11:30pm or 12:00pm, and the door in my cousins room started shaking slightly. We were a little creeped out, but just assumed it was the fans in and outside of the room. It continued after a while, so we just opened the door and put some things in front of it. Today, it started again. My aunt claims it has never happened before, because I'm just visiting when it happened. We turned off any fans or air circulating through the house. No windows or doors were open. The door continued to shake, but much harder. When we would open it, no one was outside. Nothing. So we just cracked the door, due to heat, and the door once again shook. While it was open. Later, all of the doors started to shake slightly while closed. Not really sure what's going on here, any thoughts?

  8. Here's the affable and wise Irving Finkel, the British Museum's Curator of Cuneiform Clay Tablets from Mesopotamia, discussing that ancient culture's ghost lore, @ 6 min.:


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    So a couple weeks ago I said I was going to take a break from the internet.  Well I had some reasons for this that I just won’t get in too.  So anyway this will be my final post here at UM so I can put things in order.  Before anyone jumps the gun and thinks the absolute worst, no I’m not going to jail, and I am Not going to hurt myself.  I just have far too many things on my plate at the moment to be coming and posting here.  Thanks to all the people that I have become friends with here, I will not forget you.  So let me bid you all a fond farewell.

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    You breathe the air of your sweat, light and shallow.. the liquid air around you without breath to give you respite. The sun above does little more than remind you that your flesh can cook in the steam just like that nice batch of veggies you dressed with a cool cucumber dressing last night.

    Then you hit the shade while the hot wind does whip up-blowing the debris of seasonal blossoms gone to seed and dust from the streets... and it's a cool blessing. You are happy that the sweat pops up to be blown off.. and take a moment to drink deep of that iced beverage.. swat a sweat fly or two. Too hot for skeeters to be bugging, even their spawn is dying in the water tanks, much to the dismay of the birds that like to eat and drink while perched on the ledges.

    The high light of summer is already past us, and has been for a couple weeks. We are now on the hot steel slide into the dark.

  11. Russian World News RWN

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    Short post. My Photo. The Arseniev Museum in Vladivostok. Second floor. Hall of Archeology. On the left under the glass are the medieval bronze mirrors. The Jurchen Empire. The Primorye Territory of our Far Eastern region is very rich in these historical relics.



  12. Well, all the search parties have returned. It turns out that the first search party had already come back and just went straight to bed (apparently they emphasized the “Party” part of their title)… Stern notes were posted in the personnel folders of all involved…

    This year’s route has been selected and without further ado, here it is:

    The race will begin in the Grand Central Square, in the heart of the UM Complex… All racers will be sorted by their teams, in order of talent, winning records (and bribes of course)… Each team will be lined up in one of the many (mostly) straight (and mostly paved) streets that radiate out from the Grand Square (it’s not really square shaped – it’s just named that to confuse people)… When the starting bazooka is fired, the racers will all rush inward onto the (mostly circular-ish) traffic circle (known as a roundabout to some), and will speed around counter-clockwise for three full circuits… At this time the Grand All-High Inquisitor Mod will pull the lever that opens the “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” (which have been mostly covered with the cheapest grade of plywood we could find – so that it forms a 15 mile long 60 degree spiral down ramp…

    The “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” were the result of a Public Works Project by a group of Inquisitor Mods a few thousand years ago… The original plans were for this to be a rather short spiral staircase down 15 meters to a lavish train station, which was to be built to begin linking UM’s far flung areas together… However, the designers abbreviated 15 meters to 15 m which the construction crew mistook for 15 miles… After the construction crew had gotten started, it was discovered that no one had invented trains yet, so the Inquisitors scrapped the project but neglected to tell the furiously digging crews… When the bottom was reached it was discovered that they had dug down into a series of ancient lava tubes, Prehistoric mammoth-gopher tunnels and some of the original dungeon levels…

    Upon reaching the bottom of the “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” those racers that survive will be directed by rapidly strobing neon lights down the twisting tunnels and chambers, along the Ancient Grand Gallery with its view that overlooks 30 deeper levels (watch out – no safety rails!)  and finally along the Ancient Underground Sea (be cautious… there are “things” that live in there and they have tentacles!)…

    The racers will then find themselves emerging from the underground at the base of the World famous Icanseemyhousefromhere Mountain and across the lovely and scenic Misty Marsh of Miasmic Wonder… (The Race Committee would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thank you to the many “volunteers” (and their next of kins) who worked so hard (and for so little pay) to layout the plywood over the swampy ground to form the roadway for the racers to use…)

    After crossing the Misty Marsh, the racers will travel through the Eastern Artillery Impact Zone (B), where as they speed along they will have the pleasure of witnessing the production testing of the latest model of Rocket Assisted Pogo-sticks for Seniors – which should amuse the racers to no end…

    Once across the Impact Zone (which will most definitely be probably not receiving artillery hits at the time of the race – but you never know!) the racers will pull into the courses sole rest stop, where they can stretch their legs, get a cold frosty beverage (on sale from the Renegade Beer Balloon Fleet) and change their pants (as necessary), The Noggin’ Knockers Band will be providing musical entertainment (for a small fee they will move on and play somewhere else) and everyone is encouraged to polka for a bit before getting back on with the race…

    The next leg of the race is perhaps the most dangerous… It is across the heart of UM’s “Land of Lost Tax Accountants”… Racers are advised to make all speed through here as the Tax Accountants are likely to ensnare you into a lengthy and hideously boring Tax audit – so beware!

    After escaping the clutches of the Tax Accountants, it is directly into the Eastern Squiggle Reserve, where the racers will attempt to evade the rather lonely squiggles who are just looking for someone to pet them and take them home – racers are reminded that Squiggle Anti-Dote, chain-mail gauntlets and anti-itch cream are NOT on sale at the final rest stop – so bring your own!

    And the final leg of the race is into the Eastern Oubliette Zone of the Central Complex, where the teeming mobs of fans will be waiting excitedly for the racers to speed past as they pelt them with rotten fruit, water balloons and glitter bombs…

    So that’s the route for this year’s race… Study it, form your strategies and remember that June 3rd is the final day for Bribes to be placed (unless of course you bribe the officials to accept later bribes) – and may the best tricyclist (and best briber of course) win! (or at least survive)…

  13. 2018-05-31_204128.thumb.jpg.201be5287790aa5f3a1144f73fd4209d.jpg


    Dedicated to Sir Spike Milligan and Syd



  14. Spyro the Dragon is quite possibly one of the single most influential and important parts of my life. ^_^ That may sound strange given that Spyro is just a simple little polygonal 90's platformer videogame about a miniscule purple dragon who collects gems and breaths fire, but to me personally it has meant so much more...


    (Images Above - cover art from the original trilogy games released for the Sony Playstation console)

    I had a rough childhood dealing with abuse (that I won't go into detail here), and so my mind was already naturally an escapist. I've always been an avid daydreamer who would escape the problems of the real world mentally into my own little fantasy world in my head. I've done so as far back as I could remember. So when I first came in contact with the first Spyro the Dragon game when I was only five or six years old, I was instantly transported to a whole other magical world that I had the freedom to explore.

    It was the first video game I ever played, and it was introduced to me by my father (the source of my abuse) of all people. In it you could travel to other worlds, each with a life of it's own. Filled with magic and mystery, as well as interactive things in the environment. The game actively encouraged exploration. To look over every nook and cranny for hidden treasure. To travel (and escape) to all sorts of different, new, and exciting worlds. I played it every time I went over to my father's house for visits. It was my means of coping. You played as a little purple dragon who was the smallest of the bunch, and didn't have much in terms of abilities. But he had a lot of spunk, and wasn't afraid of anything. By playing as Spyro, I felt as though I could take on the world. Like no matter how big the challenges are, and no matter how small you are, those challenges could be overcome. It gave me great encouragement and inspiration. Spyro was my hero growing up.

    Spyro was actually even my first ever imaginary friend (Lol, clearly I didn't have many friends growing up). And in fact, one of my most precious possessions is Spyro stuffed animal my dad gave me. He spent hours and even days on ebay bidding for it until he finally got it just for me. It wasn't for a holiday or special event, he just did it out of the kindness of his heart because he knew how much Spyro meant to me. To this day, it's the only true gift my father ever gave to me. After getting it though, I exchanged my imaginary friend Spyro for the stuffed animal Spyro. I treated that thing like they do in those old Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It rarely ever left my side, and I treated that thing like a member of my own family.

    I may sound like a total mental case by saying all this, but Spyro truly has been the single most influential part of my childhood. And it affects me on up to this day into young adulthood.

    I've always loved videogames, and Spyro is undoubtedly what got me into gaming in the first place. But it was never about 'gaming' for me per say. It was all about the escapism. Call it, a 'fantasy simulator' if you will. It never needed to be complex or super dark or realistic or have brilliant game mechanics or whatnot. That's why I honestly fell out of the gaming craze around high school really. Partly because of what I just mentioned, but also partly because I honestly didn't have much money to keep up with all the new consoles and didn't feel like my money would be best spent on new games that I only half cared for. I just can't get into all these stat-heavy RPG's or FPS clones personally. I miss the old days where gaming was simple. I love old school 3-D collectathon platformers. That's why I'm so happy that 3-D platformers seem to finally be making a come back! And most importantly, so is Spyro! :D

    Yes, Spyro the Dragon is coming back, completely remastered (or should I say remade) from the ground up!

    Enter: The Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    For those who don't know, Spyro the Dragon has been suffering as a franchise in recent years :hmm: (most notably ever since the release of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly in 2002, which pretty much single-handedly killed the franchise from being so bad). The first 3 games that were released on the original Sony Playstation system in the late 1990's are regarded by fans to be the greatest in the series. However after the 3rd game, the development team behind the originals lost the rights to Spyro and thus the franchise spiraled downward pretty much in a verticle fashion from that point onward. The franchise has suffered through 2 different reboots (each one completely different from all the rest), with the second reboot being basically an entirely different game series that merely used the brand name 'Spyro' as a subtitle so as to bring in more original Spyro fans as a cheap marketing gimmick. <_< Needless to say, Spyro the Dragon has been pushed ever more onto the back burner for quite some time now...

    However, now thanks to the new Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the original 3 games are coming back with brand new amazing HD graphics and re-released as one single game 3-in-1. :o Just check out the side-by-side comparisons here:


    And for all new images released thus far:

    I never would've imagined in my wildest dreams that my childhood idol and mascot, the original 3 videogames that helped me cope with horrendous circumstances, and helped to define such an incredibly core aspect of who I am, would ever see such a triumphant return like this. This is not just another reboot of the franchise, or some brand new game entirely. It's a 100% complete remake of the originals, simply eith better graphics, better sound quality, better everything. It's like the videogame gods looked down and read my mind and magically turned what had always been a hopeless fantasy to me, never to even in the least bit see the light of day, and made it into a reality. I'm simply amazed. Words can't even begin to express how much this remake means to me.

    Spyro is more to me then just a game. And the Reignited trilogy is more than just a simple remake. They aren't just remastering a 20-year old videogame, they're remastering my childhood. You may find it silly and weird for me to still be so invested in what is essentially a kids game, but certain things like this stick with us for the rest of our lives. Spyro will always be the #1 most defining aspect of my early childhood, and I'm incredibly grateful to be able to now play the new Reignited Trilogy in all it's HD glory! :lol:

    Thanks for letting me share this tidbit of my soul with all of you.

    This is Aquila King, signing out. ;)

  15. The Adjustment Bureau

    I went to the Adjustment Bureau yeasterday to get me out of a fix I got myself into. I won't go into details, but they sent some of there operatives out to mnage things. The result was satisfactory.

    Then those who's Situation was adjusted sent in a complaint about my Situation as regards to them. So I had to modify my behavior to accomidate their complaint. This caused me some distresss, as I was forced to adjust my relationship with my girlfriend. An unforseen effect for sure.

    She considered my modified behavior as a cooling off of our little love affair. Of course, I couldn't tell her that the Adjustment Bureau was involved, she might have gone to them herself for re- re-ajustment of the Situation.

    So, I just had to live with the new statis quo for a while. I figured things would eventually get back to normal between us. But, as several weeks went by and her attitude toward me hadn't changed, I thought of another Adjustment.

    Thing is, this can go on forever. The real problem is, these Adjustment Bureau operatives become jaded in their work, bored, I suppose, so that they usually leave some loose ends lying around. These loose ends always seem to require a further Adjustment.

    No system is perfect. Social engineering is an art, not a science, after all, and these op's are just human, though they have strict rules to follow. Still, I sometimes wonder if these op's leave these loose ends on purpose so that further Adjustments are required.

    As for my girlfriend, in the end I just let it go. It was a little strange allowing nature to evolve as it will. After all, it's a fascenating game, the Adjustent Bureau manipulating relationships between us all. A sort of chess, I suppose. Who can manuver to advantage. Or, rather, have the authorities manuver for us. In this way we don't have to be expert chess players ourselves, the Bureau moves the pieces for us.

    In any case, at this moment I'm anticipating some new change to occur which presents me with a new opportunity to use the Bureau. No one leaves events to chance, after all, that would be foolish. It's just a tempory interval for me, waiting for the next Situation to evolve. When it does, the opportunity will present itself for my next move, to thwart whoever's Adjustment is imposed on me so I can make my own reciprical Adjustment. Requesting the Bureau to turn the new situation back to my own advantage.

    In this way we keep the Adjustment Bureau pretty busy, but that's what they're for, right? I really don't care how often I use them, as no one else cares, either. It's become a way of life for all of us.

    In fact, I've got to know some of these Bureau op's pretty well, as usualy they're the same ones who make most of my Adjustments. It's more efficient for the Bureau to use the same op's familiar with my situations, after all. I wouldn't say we've become friends, but we understand each other out of familiarity, and explinations are often inferred instead of having to go into tedious details.

    So presently I wait. A temporary respite. Of course, these moments of peace cause me a lot of anxiety, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

    What I mean is, who would want this eventless period to last, events happening naturally as they will? Waiting helpless for the unknown to happen? That would be a maladjustment to our modern society. Unthinkable. A life without purpose. The chaos of the natural flow.

    The will to survive is only successful when we seek to dominate and control others. The configuration of the present Situation to optimal result is the purpose of life itself. Only the Adjustment Bureau allows us the means to remain in control.

    My Situation now is, it seems my former girlfriend is having an affair with one of the Bureau op's the Bureau sent to normalize my prior Situation. I'm wondering if I can request the Bureau to Adjust the Bureau itself? An interesting and novel circumstance.

    This leads me to the question of the ultimate aim of the Bureau. Is the Bureau the real controlling factor of our society, keeping us busy with only the illusion of control? After all, it's the Bureau that decides the outcome of Situations.

    I don't know the answer to this, all I do know is I must submit a new Request soon before my present gets out of hand and I find myself at some new disadvantage.

    Tomorrow I will contact the Bureau and present my new Request. Since the Bureau itself is involved in my Situation, I'm not at all confident in the result.

    I fear the Adjustment will be for the advantage of the Bureau and not for my personal Situation. Perhpas in this my question of the ultimate purpose of the Bureau will be answered.












  16. I have just looked back through this blog. I am shocked to find that I started it mote than 11 years ago, My original intention was to blog my thoughts on... well any thing I had a thought about really.

    In those more than 11 years I have had several periods where I have not made an entry for years on end. In fact this will be only the 83rd entry. It seems that I have less than 8 thoughts a year.

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    Why is it when people divorce they use the kids to get what they want? It is like a game to see who can get the most out of it. Why? I'll tell you why. People can't grow up and see what they are doing to the kids. It's like the kids can't do one thing without hurting one of the parents. They are pulled and thrown around as if they are nothing but something to be owned. 

  18. Ieshia Sparks

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    Unknown scratch mark  happened while I was standing in the kitchen at my parents house talking to them and then I felt a burning sensation on my leg and look down and seen the scratch. 

  19. So it seems with almost 2 months passing that I still am unable to post status updates and that from my side some of my posts, though still in my stuff, does not want to properly appear. It is so nice to see that I can barely do anything anymore. I truly loved this site, but now it just seems to hinder things. This was such a great place to come and express things and updates things about my life, the very thing I had wanted this page to be, but apparently because I didn't want to make blog posts, made posts to long, and promoted a separate page of mine to be able to see the longer posts that kept being taken down, I am unable to do anything but type here. So really I may just do update posts every couple months as I have no other need for this site if I am not able to make status posts anymore or have this page be what I had intended for it to be so ya guess that is life. People don't like when you do stuff they don't want happening and have to be d**** about it all.

    ~Blessed Be, Damon~

  20. Now that I'm older, here is what I have discovered --

    I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.
    My wild oats have turned into prunes and All Bran.
    I finally got my head together, now my body is falling apart.
    It's funny, but I don't remember being absent minded.
    All reports are in ... Life is now officially unfair.
    If all is not lost, where is it????
    It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.
    Some days you are the dog. Some days you are the hydrant.
    I wish the buck stopped here, I could use a few.
    Kids in the back seat cause accidents.
    Accidents in the back seat cause . . . kids.
    It is hard to make a comeback when you have never been anywhere.
    The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom.
    If God had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.
    When I am finally holding all the cards, why does everyone decide to play chess?
    It is not hard to meet expenses . . . they are everywhere.
    The only differences between a rut and a grave are the depth and one has the ends kicked out.
    These days I spend a lot of time thinking about the here after.....
    I go somewhere to get something and then wonder what I am here after.......
    If I wake up in the morning and nothing hurts, it may be a good indication that I have died during the night.


    Deep within the psyche of all humans lives a desire for recognition of one’s existence and prowess.  In order to fulfill this desire within mankind, one finds the first step to position for recognition of who and what we are here in Time/Space or physicality.  That step is the act of leveraging all physical aspects for power and control in every event sequence that we perceive and participate with in life. Thus we begin our learning here in this physicality.  The first step is one of moving thought that manifests into an act designed for power over the other.  The Me (you) view all outside or external entities or material objects as the Other.  Put simply — there is Me (you) and there is the Other.  To the Me, all outside persons, things, whatever — are the Other.  The Me competes with the Other for power and control within the realm of Lawful-existence or what some call the Essence (Laws of Physics or Nature).

    The Essence is also considered the Universe.  It is where the Me and the Other reside in a quantum existence full of laws and forces that leverage us by its own making or being.  Some call this realm God.  No matter how you term this inexplicable being or state of existence, you are here taking part in a drama that no one person can explain.  You, the Me, really do not know if the Other really exists, but if it does not exist, do you exist?  Without the Other, would you have the data to communicate back to you in feedback, that you exist?

    The Void is the Ultimate unknowable, yet it may be non-existence.  You may never know the meaning of the Void as the Me.  The self-oriented being or person can not know the Void, for it is deep, dark and undetectable to most minds.  Selfish persons who desire recognition are really looking for reinforcement that they exist.  Selfishness causes non-learning and pushes us closer to the edge of the Void.  Without attention from the Other, we have no worldly data to feedback on the reality of our existence.  The only way we can ever learn our way in the universe is to become unselfish and reach out to the Other to learn from all of them.  To join the Other is to become unselfish.  This is what some call Love or Human Coherency.

    To Love the Other as we Love the Me is to gain knowledge on the Essence and the Void.  The more we share knowledge with the Other, the more we see of life.  An unselfish person soon learns that he is the combination of the Me and the Other.

    Leveraging for Power in life means that the Me will use Violence, Wealth, Religion, Knowledge, Beauty, or Love to gain control over the Other, or seek recognition from the Other.  There is really only one selfless means of communicating with the Other.  It is Love or shared coherency.  All other means are elements that invoke the ancient law of consequence.  The law of consequence is also known as the law of cause and effect… what goes around, comes around.  Because the law of consequence is leveraged into existence by selfish acts by the Me for his/her own gain (in effect saying that the Other does not exist therefore negating the Me’s own existence).

    Look into the eye of the Other and you will see the mirror of the self. No person exists beyond the data of his/her own senses.  Without the feedback of the other’s activities, there would be no data to see, hear, taste, smell, touch or examine with the brain or the sixth sense.  The seventh sense is intuition which few beings develop unless they are unselfish and understand the power of the law of consequences.  In your mind dances all the data of the Other.  Without the knowledge gained of the outside world, you would be nothing.  You are what you learn.  You are an accumulation of all your life experiences.  You are the Other replicated by leveraged experiences reinforced over and over again. Wisdom is gained when you learn to Love the Other and Life becomes a Passion for harmony and continued becoming through visualization in Mind.

    To move deeper we must visualize this reality as a matrix or arena of participating experiences.  Our Universe is like a record, tape, disc, or some other storage device for information.  Only it is much more.  It is a continuum that is open-ended.  It is everywhere and everything and it is in a state of durational change.  It is enfolded in a super holographic moiré matrix of multiple dimensions that act as one or many depending upon the informational flux.  It is like an atmosphere of mental assemblages of feedback loops that appear to be its construction only in that its emphasis localizes in beings who become.  This universe is hierarchical in design with lower level entities not totally knowing of higher-level beings, yet the reverse is not true.  They know us, or things could not have been built.

    Informational connections are like sense organs.  The more information and observation (feedback) the more complex the assemblage of localized forms. The more gestalt or whole the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being and more active is the work.  The Universe is metaphorical in that like-breeds-like in evolutional information constantly burgeoning. Carriers, or entities feed through themselves growing through various stages that appear as birth, life and death to the localized environment but to the higher stages it is only process of information toward ever-higher levels.

    Opening up new feedback loops amounts to adding new information, thus expanding the localization into new realms of understanding.  As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher levels where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is understood.  This language (meaning) is metaphorical and multifaceted, requiring a mind or lens (localized brain) of the same interface design. Growth and decay, which is like withdrawing from a stage of development, depends on the quality of information that mingles with other information to create tools for leveraging information. Therefore, we find ourselves in a Spiritual Dimensional Presence expressing as ALWAYS.

    Dimensional Presence is a condition where an entity mentally cognizes or thinks that he/she is present in existence or reality by discerning sensual stimuli (atmosphere, environs, information and things) that suggest he/she is alive due to the feedback of instantaneous information to the Carrier’s mentality or mind. All sensory data gives the feeling that they exist reinforced by the constant input of past history. Memory is key to the feeling of progressing into potential. One wonders if such a presence has built from a condition of previously suggested as Always. Such a condition of eternally existing as a mentality in many states of expression is who and what we are here in Time/Space. Dimensional Presence coalesces via some means of manifestation into a package of informational dynamics that moves into and through a materializing state supported by an organizational apparatus that directs echeloned dissipation of preplanned articulation. To be requires preparation system/s of established instigators and expressers that can methodically synthesize consistently through a framework of echeloned laws and actions off those means of

    We are in awe of being “vehicularly” created in order to experience physicality! To build our minds through physically doing and learning is worthy of the process of existence! The expanse of creation is directly proportional to the ability to comprehend space beyond time and build infrastructures in the mental reference plane. Our minds fly to new challenges around every corner and beyond every cloud! We ride the duality of holospirited light whereby our power ignites purposeful energy for magically traversing here!

    Mind pervades the known echelons of dimensional space/time hidden in the universal fabric of existence! Mind is in evidence everywhere as design shows its prowess through its very interface with reality! It’s logic and reason is evident even in its complex incongruity. Mind understands that chaos is unperceived unity when speed factors take actions beyond human understanding thereby joining the universal macro-sphere. Learning Chaos requires deep yet speedy concentration. Those of us who are highly advanced know chaos and use it to our advantage in the Universal Macro-sphere.

    The Universal Macro-sphere is a realm not discerned by the mundane and flippant. It is the deciphering of the secret messages of the entire scope of the info-scape or the universe and the dimensional Akashic Realms — where its conditions allow one to see beyond the self. The stratospheric relational held in the very landscape of the Earth holds the secret of the driving force of the unseen, moving mind. The reading of the striations and the very scratches of an aftermath from reality, show the history of device impact and movement here in time space. One must know the engineering required in this traversing experience.

    Examining the data held in the echelonic realms gives us the entire scope of mentality whereby the essence of being resides. So many forget via hastening their love of pleasure and adulation to cloud their intellect thereby not attaining their mission‘s duties. We should be totally amazed toward awe that we get to be here at all…

    Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.



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    Paranormal activity in my house is starting to become a thing of the norm around here. Im not sure what i want from this post, but i do want to share some of the things that have transpired since last winter, maybe hear an outside opinion. So the strange thing about all this, is that everything seems to only happen in one room of the house, the living room, but also, only seems to happen when there are a number of people around to witness. It is a rarity that anything happens when I'm alone. I guess I'll share one story, the one that seems the hardest to explain. My buddies and i were in my living room, facing the TV, with our backs toward the entrance of the room. We have hardwood floors so footsteps are more defined. But as we watch TV, we hear footsteps fast approaching behind us, but they made a slapping noise on the floor, as if somebody was barefoot. I turn, because, there are other people in my house. The noise wasnt even a concern initially. But i turn back and simultaneously get hit in the face by a light breeze, one you would feel as somebody quickly passes by you. The footsteps continued on past me into a wall. I turn to my friend next to me, who i know realize has tears rolling down his face asking "you just felt that too?" My buddies on the other side of the room, frozen in fear, not able to put words together of what we all just witnessed. I was never a believer of ghosts. It all seemed a little like quakery. But there is no denying now, that something is out there. Ive never felt comfortable in my own home since that night 

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    Recently I have received instructions from The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People of Mnomomopolous, advising me to safeguard my psychic powers. I must admit, my psychic powers have mysteriously been on the wane lately. The Adept Zondor told me of a conspiracy by unknown paranormal Cosmic entities are determined to suck up all the paranormal energy in the universe to increase their own metaphysical powers.

    Actually, I did have a premonition about this situation. It was a sort of déjà vu experience in reverse. I had the feeling that I hadn’t been somewhere before, but that I will be there in the future, and then I’ll recognize it. This has put me on edge lately, as you can imagine.
    I also had a synchronistic experience. I had my palm read. I usually don’t go in for palm reading as I consider this a too physical exponent of psychic abilities, but I was worried after all these unnerving telepathic experiences. The result of the Palmist was, I would soon be contacted by someone who was an exponent of necrology and an interpreter of ancient runes, and this person would introduce me to a Spiritual Master who would relate further specific information.

    The Palmist also told me I would soon meet a tall, dark stranger, and to watch out for women who buy their clothes at Walmart or wear too much makeup.

    At any rate, this Spiritual Master would reveal an ancient prophecy relating to the Oracle of Thesphus, whatever that is. You see, this is the problem I’ve been worried about: I don’t understand any of this stuff. Well, except for The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People of Mnomomopolous, who I’ve known since childhood. See, when I was about twelve years old He appeared unrepentantly in my mother’s garden during a thunderstorm. It seems he had had an emergency landing. Somehow his astral projector had become attuned to random lightening strikes. I think he fixed that problem later, but I’m not sure.

    Well, Zondor and I immediately hit it off. It was synergistic. Also, we both had a fascination for cryptozoology and the more frightening aspects of shadow people and black-eyed children, and we both admitted we look with trepidation under our beds at night before we go to sleep. Funnily enough, we also had read and enjoyed the obscure, Professor Melman’s “Encyclopedia of Psudo-Mythic Entities, Bio-Psychic-Anomalies and Precognition As It Applies To Telepathic Empathy and Remote Viewing”. A hefty tome, indeed, and unusual for two strangers to have read this rare and singular volume. I believe this is not mere coincidence, as Zondor explained it as an example of mutual and personal synchronicity.

    Well, as I was saying, The Adept Zondor related that these mysterious and secret entities are collecting psychic vibrations for their own personal use and power. This frightens me, I must admit. This is because, if it is a real conspiracy, we all know conspiracies are always evil in intent. I have never known a conspiracy to be benevolent in nature. So I live in fear. I mean, who wants their psychic abilities drained off by some strange and mysterious secret society, like the Mormons, Shriners and Freemasons, for instance?

    I’m just saying, we who have the psychic gift and are attuned to the metaphysical and paranormal should be on the alert. I must therefore advise astral travelers to beware of unforeseen detours that may be lurking unnoticed. There are malevolent forces about, perhaps emanating false vibrations as an evil web to catch unsuspecting voyagers on the astral plane.

    Out of body experiences may have to be curtailed for a while as well until this mystery is cleared up. We all want to get safely back into our bodies, right? Perhaps for a while we should just install mirrors on our bedroom ceilings.

    Clairvoyants may have already picked up some of these distortions in the Cosmic Consciousness. All information of these anomalies should be psychically reported to The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People on Mnomomopolous. This now is the Celestial Clearing House for such information, even if one considers these intimations only rumor, gossip between local palmists and fortune tellers, or even hearsay among alchemists and pseudo-scientists. One can not be too careful.

    Be ever on the alert.

  24. If I add two of the things I was shown, this is what I come up with.