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  1. "But, I want the right religion, Not A Rockstar. I want the true one."

    The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Back when I wrestled with this question, haunted by my Grand parents' Pentecostal Fundamentalism, there was a couple things I knew at that point. First and foremost, I really loved God and Jesus. That was not in question. Two, I doubted everything else, especially religions, and in the end, imagining myself answering to God face to face for the decisions I made in life, I did not want to have to say I believed this or did that because Mr X or Miss Y told me it was right. I wanted to have to say I searched, and I tried and I tested and did what I believed was right, and followed where I believed I sensed Your Love. 

    I would urge you to do the same if you have doubts about where you stand in your views about God or Goddess and the whole soul question. That is the real point of this whole little series about finding your own path. I hope I make you wonder a few things, find out a few things you believe and help you to see the point of having faith at all for some. On a lot of issues I have a generally Christian viewpoint, because that was where I began in this lifetime. I deviate from it due to a few things, but the one major point which applies here are a couple verses I feel are crucial.

    Let me digress with one of the parables in the Bible which has a deeper impact than most on me. In Matthew 25:14-30. I used the Weymouth New testament for this. One of the names given to it is the Parable of the Talents, (or Ten Coins). I will copy it below, and then bold what makes it so meaningful to me. It is not long, bear with me.

    "14"Why, it is like a man who, when going on his travels, called his bondservants and entrusted his property to their care. 15To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one—to each according to his individual capacity; and then started from home. 16Without delay the one who had received the five talents went and employed them in business, and gained five more. 17In the same way he who had the two gained two more. 18But the man who had received the one went and dug a hole and buried his master's money.

    19"After a long lapse of time the master of those servants returned, and had a reckoning with them. 20The one who had received the five talents came and brought five more, and said, "'Sir, it was five talents that you entrusted to me: see, I have gained five more.' 21"'You have done well, good and trustworthy servant,' replied his master; 'you have been trustworthy in the management of a little, I will put you in charge of much: share your master's joy.'

    22"The second, who had received the two talents, came and said, "'Sir, it was two talents you entrusted to me: see, I have gained two more.' 23"'Good and trustworthy servant, you have done well,' his master replied; 'you have been trustworthy in the management of a little, I will put you in charge of much: share your master's joy.'

    24"But, next, the man who had the one talent in his keeping came and said, "'Sir, I knew you to be a severe man, reaping where you had not sown and garnering what you had not winnowed. 25So being afraid I went and buried your talent in the ground: there you have what belongs to you.'

    26"'You wicked and slothful servant,' replied his master, 'did you know that I reap where I have not sown, and garner what I have not winnowed? 27Your duty then was to deposit my money in some bank, and so when I came I should have got back my property with interest. 28So take away the talent from him, and give it to the man who has the ten.'

    29 30But as for this worthless servant, put him out into the darkness outside: *there* will be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.'"

    This was always held up to me to teach me about how we have to do works, do things to earn our reward in Heaven and similar rhetoric. But, what always stuck out to me in it was that the first two trusted their Master and did what they could or knew to do, they did the best they could, reported in without fear and were rewarded. The third one believed that his Master was a severe taskmaster, a harsh and mean thing, deserving of fear, and in fear, he merely saved what he was given and gave it back intact and said that as his reason. The Master he got was exactly what he expected. He got harshness, he got severe and he got his talent taken back and thrown out as unworthy. 

    "I knew you to be severe." I do not know God to be severe. I know infinite, overwhelming love in Him. I have always struggled with this notion that if we do not clue into some obscure truths and do the right things or join the right religion or church or group we will be cast out into a lake of fire or outer darkness or something else terribly unpleasant. This from a Father I love deeply, seek with all I have and cherish what I do know of Him. We are too prone to humanize divinity, but here that isn't even a player. My human Dad would never ever treat me this way, so how much less would a Divine father be so hateful? I honestly, with all my heart and soul, believe that if you love your Creator the best you understand it to be, do as right as you know for that Power, seek to be the best life you can be given your life to live out (your talent) and return to Creator when you pass on in confidence that you are loved and Creator is to be trusted, you will find all that you know Him or Her to be. 

    To me, then, life is about learning and sorting out this issue of who do you know God/dess to be? For some, the answer is nothing at all. For others, it is Allah, or Buddha's Path, or one of many Pagan deities. I am confident that the One God out there will reach out to anyone who is really looking for Truth and will work with them using their own paradigms and understandings to show them the way Home. As for those who reject this whole notion as ridiculous and believe there is no God at all and may even believe we end at death and this is all there is, I have nothing to say. We have free will. That is our one certain right when it comes to this sort of thing. It is not for me to even try to change your mind. That is your position, and your right. I feel no calling to change anyone's mind out there. That is not my job. It is your job to decide that sort of thing for yourself.

    This aspect of the search is really significant for people. If you believe in an omnipotent deity who is to blame for everything that goes wrong in our world, you will see it very differently than I do. That will effect your own choices. The world as it is is ready and willing to convince you that God/dess is severe, because cancer, because baby died, because Trump, because bankruptcy. Like in the tale of Job, after he lost everything, his wife told him to curse God and die. She was bitter, she saw things only with her eyes and pain.

    If you think God/dess is about life and love, then it forces you to look at bad times and understand them from a different position. I blame most things on our own free will and greed and self indulgence. Just try to tell people that we need to change, we need to be better, we need to seek out and rise to our better values and if we struggle with this effort, we need to reach out to our spiritual side for help in changing, and you run into the arrogance that excuses all of our worst aspects and turns around and rants about how there can be no God because a real and good one would just come in and clean house. In other words, it is not our own fault and there is nothing we can do. Do you agree? Or does something inside you say, no, hell no, we are capable of better than this mess! I can do better, I can BE better, I can have a longer fuse on my temper, I can be kinder, I can overcome this issue in my life. I am better than this. 

    We are the only "animal" here who even considers this sort of thing, who has the capacity to wonder if there is a God somewhere, or if we live past death. To me, the capacity reveals the ability and the need, the option, the potential.  This is why I even bothered to search and seek and find what I could out here in life. This is why I am writing this at all.

  2. image.png.c99524ad990743cf624434a4228b5b3d.png

    What is the present moment?

    Live, then, in the present moment. Choose to be faithful to Me in the little things that I give you and ask of you from minute to minute, from hour to hour, and from day to day.3 It is foolish to pin your hopes and to spend your energy on an imaginary good, when the real good that I offer you is here and now.

    A Benedictine Monk. In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart--
    The Journal of a Priest at Prayer
     (Kindle Locations 3220-3223). Angelico Press. Kindle Edition.


    This morning I was walking out front of the Monastery in between Nocturnes, at Vigils, our 4AM office.  We have the first Nocturne. Then we have a meditation period of 30 minutes.  Since the church can be very hot, this is the best way for me to pray/meditate.   I was saying the Chaplet of Mercy, which is something said for those who are dying at that hour.  As I was thinking about the word ‘hour’, I began to pray for the dying in God’s ‘hour’, which is always present, both past, present, and future.  There is no future with God, it is all ‘Now’.  So in praying for the dying, it within God’s ‘hour’.  The eternal moment that we all live, move and have our being in.  In prayer, there is no separation from past, present, or future, it is all ‘now’.   I know it sounds crazy for those who do not believe, but as I grow older, this reality becomes ever more real.  The deep connection we have with all others.

    As I was walking between a large bush and a tree, a mockingbird starting singing, and another bird, of which I do not know the species, responded.  I stopped and just listened, in the otherwise completely silent morning.  The beauty of that moment came over me like a flood, something so simple, but yet so profoundly beautiful!  I am grateful, that for at least this morning, I was not trapped in the past, or worrying about the future.  I guess, perhaps, I was awake.  I do believe that prayer does wake us up, if we pray from the heart, being honest, and not afraid of the truth.  My soul wanted to dance, fly, and run around like crazy……I was so thankful for that little moment, so rich, and happy that I did not let it go by unnoticed. 

    Each day has its challenges that we experience moment by moment.  To wake up, to stop dreaming is to be aware of our ability to grow in freedom, and in our ability to choose not to react, but to interact with others, or with everyday situations. 

    To not wake up, is simply going through the day reacting, not much different than dreaming…or is in fact, a form of dreaming.  Caught up in the past, or worries about a future, we don’t even know we have.  Each day, thousands worry about the future and die, unexpectedly, that same day.  When caught up in inner drama, we miss what is before us.  When the inner drama is unconscious, we play it out with those around us.

    There are ways to be in the moment.  Seeking to live by the ‘Golden Rule’ for instance.  In facing a dilemma, that is, in reality, a crossroads, a place of decision, it is good to think along these lines:  “How would I want to be treated in this situation”.  It brings us out of a certain ‘self-centeredness’, which goes with being self-aware.  The illusion is that the world revolves around me.  Reality is reduced to a stage wherein I am the main character.  Yes, this is dreaming, big time, which can quickly/easily, devolve into a nightmare.  When people who are not aware, that they are reacting, each thinking they are right, and the others, impeding on their rights, it can lead to situations that become very chaotic and destructive……so yes, a hell, of sorts.  Brings to mind Sartre’s play ‘No Exit”.  It is a form of isolation, which is suffering, but so common, that many may not know that they are in fact in deep pain. 

    When allowing the unconscious to block self-awareness, with all of its memories of the past, where all the hurt and pain is hidden, it can run our lives with brute force.  The more we are unaware, the more of a victim we become of others, or, we can victimize because we can’t wake up.  In the end, we are our own worst enemy, trapped in cycles we may not understand, or even know that they are cycles that can be healed.  What is thought of as normal, may, in fact, be a prison that is self-constructed, the key is to wake up.—Br.MD




  3. The Haunting of a YouTube Star: Ally Hardesty
    By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
    Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.
    Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations
    Email: jazmaonline@gmail.com


    Paul's Videos of the Investigation:

    CLOSED  INVESTIGATION:  Date to be there:June 16, 2018, Saturday / Time to be there: 2pm.  Contact Person: Ally Hardesty / Address to be at: Chico, CA 95973. Activity: Haunted by a little girl ghost. Torments the occupant and frightens her. The occupant has a photo of the little girl ghost in her apartment. Since this is an apartment ONLY 2 other investigators can go. Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, are cleansing the apartment. Kathy Payne Foulk and Sally Johnston will be attending this investigation.

    Ally Hardesty is very popular on YouTube and you can see her channel here:

    Ally tells us about what is occurring in her apartment.  Electronic devices are acting up as if they have their own mind.  Various electronic devices turn on and off by themselves.  Ally's Alexis AI kicks in and starts talking about heaven and even spelling out the word heaven for no apparent reason.  Strange noises are heard at night.  A polaroid photo is taken, double exposure and in the photo is a picture of a little girl laughing.  The little girl cannot be identified.  Ally has been doing various YouTube videos where she is at haunted locations.  One of the haunted locations that she visited is the Byron Hotel, where they had a bonfire going.  During her time at the Byron Hotel, they came across a bloody stick, they witnessed an apparition and Ally's phone moved by itself.  Ally visited Hell's Gate in Antioch.  At this location, legend has it there is a portal to Hell and people that visit Hell's Gate have at times entities that will follow them home.  Could it possibly be that Ally going to various haunted locations, received an attachment?  Did an entity or entities follow her home?  Ally had a dream of a little girl that called herself Isabella.  Was that Isabella in the double exposure photograph?  At Ally's old apartment, she encountered an entity that had hair over its face.  You can learn more about the Byron Hotel, by going to this link:  www.atlasobscura.com/places/byron-hot-springs-hotel  //  The other haunted location that Ally visited was The Gates of Hell aka Hell's Gate in Antioch - you can learn about this place by going to this link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSdv1vr5QkA  //  Special Note:  I have visited the Gates of Hell and while walking on the trail behind the gate, I felt dizzy and at one point of time, I thought I would faint.  Very strange place.  As for the Byron Hotel, I drove past this place and actually was heading for a haunted home in Tracy.  One day I would love to investigate the Byron Hotel, a very creepy building.

    Before this investigation took place, the night before Deanna in the middle of her sleep yelled "Hey, hey, hey!"  When I woke Deanna up, she tells me that she distinctly saw 2 elephants that were tattooed on her body and the 2 elephants would not leave her thoughts.  She had no understanding on what the 2 elephants meant.   When we arrived to Ally's apartment, on her wall was a picture of 2 elephants, a mother elephant with her young elephant cub.  This is the image that was projected in Deanna's mind last night, they were seen as tattoos in Deanna's dream.  To see Deanna's dream journal go here:

    While investigating, Sally Johnston detected a portal in one part of the apartment.  I went to the portal area and felt a cold finger go across my neck and it gave me shivers down my spine.  Kathy Payne Foulk captured an Class A EVP during the time I was talking.  The EVP sounded like a teenage boy saying: "Okay, say something!"  It was very clear.  Deanna felt a strange sensation in one part of the bedroom and she spies an orb.  I spy another orb in the same area with my night vision goggles.  I conducted a quick and dirty EVP session and captured a man's voice saying "Michael".  Is the entity telling me his name is Michael or that there is a Michael entity in the apartment?  We captured another EVP of unintelligible whispering.   Deanna detected a old woman entity and this old woman entity could possibly be a past tenant.  Sally says that this apartment may have been around since the 1940s.  

    Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing and I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing.  The apartment felt lighter after the blessing.  During the blessing, Sally and Kathy felt a dark presence hiding in the living room closet.  I banished the entity from this closet.  Deanna left cleansing material for Ally, in case she were to have another paranormal issue.  We also gave Ally two HPI books, they were: Phantom Stories by Deanna Jaxine Stinson and HPI Case Files by Paul Dale Roberts.  

    "The Laughing Girl" as seen in double exposure photo.  "Michael" - EVP we captured where the entity says Michael.  "The Old Lady" - entity that Deanna kept seeing in the apartment - a protective spirit?  "The Cocky Teenage Boy" - EVP we captured of the entity saying: Okay, say something!  

    A big thank you to Ally, it was a delight investigating your apartment.  We captured a lot of evidence and I will truly say that your apartment is haunted.  With your strong positive energy and with our cleansing, you shouldn't have any more problems, but if you do, you know who to call.  

  4. Matthew 25:31-45 “Why is it that God Chose for Jesus to be Born into a Poor Family?”

        Grace and peace to all of my readers here on Unexplained Mysteries. This week I’ll be starting a new blog series which I previewed last week (with a blog on doubt), called “Hello God? We’ve Got Questions” that will be running for my next few posts. This past year, our United Methodist Communications started a very successful ad campaign that featured conversations with children. They were asked to share their thoughts about God and about the mission statement of our denomination…to open hearts, minds and doors. 

         The advertisements featured elementary-aged youngsters answering questions such as, "What does it mean to have an open heart?" The children's inspiring answers reveal what seems to be a special connection with God. I watched some of these videos myself…they’re powerful and inspiring. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can see them on rethinkchurch.org. I definitely recommend looking at them. But the people from United Methodist Communications made sure it was a two-way conversation. 

         These elementary school aged children….were also asked to share their deepest questions about God. 

         The result…the depth and the heartfelt sincerity of their questioning…was just astonishing. 

        It reminds me of St. Anselm’s motto of “Fides Quaerens Intellectum” or “faith seeking understanding.” What that means is we begin in faith and trust, but we think in questions…we search for a deeper understanding. See, the Christian faith isn’t and never should be about having all the answers…it’s about asking the right questions. No matter where you’re at in life, we should all be cultivating this faith that seeks understanding. 

         So in that spirit, over the next 5 weeks…inspired by some really hard questions…we’re going to let these children lead us on a journey of asking questions in the name of our faith. And as we travel together, let’s take some time to reflect on who we are, where we’ve been, and where God is calling us to go…both as people of faith.

         You know, the traditional lectionary reading for Epiphany every winter is from Matthew 2 and it shows a sharp contrast between the King Herod the Great and Jesus. Jesus was born in a stable but Herod lived in a palace. Jesus was a helpless infant but Herod possessed great power. Jesus would prove to be a man of great love and compassion, but Herod was cruel and violent. 

         So it’s no wonder that while the 3 Wise Men, strangers from another Kingdom want to go lay offerings at the feet of the Heavenly King….the worldly King was desperately trying to hold on to his power and eliminate any rivals. The shadow of these threats from worldly powers seem to hang over Jesus’ entire earthly ministry…so why did God choose for Jesus to be born into a poor family?

        And the question is just as relevant for us today. We know that income inequality and poverty in this country have reached frightening levels. 

         As part of an introduction to this particular sermon, the United Methodist Communications linked a series of episodes from the radio show On the Media called “Busted: America’s Poverty Myths.” Now I managed to get through it, but let me tell you…it wasn’t easy. It took me into a challenging world of presuppositions that we make about the poor…that many of us, myself included, sometimes take to be the truth. 

         For example, it confronts the issue of assigning blame for people’s poverty: they’re poor because they lack will-power…they’re poor because they have no work ethic….they’re poor because they have failed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. It also asks the question whether there really is equal opportunity for everyone in America. The show does an amazing job of breaking down a lot of our stereotypes about people living in poverty. 

         And it shows some of the real reasons why so many people can’t seem to climb out of poverty no matter how hard they try.

        So I’m sharing this with you today not only because I think it’s worth listening to, but also because it helps to point right at some of the issues that keep us from being able to act like Christ and to help our neighbors in need. 

         The language and labels we use to talk about people…whether its class, gender, race, education or income levels…they not only limit our compassion, but also our willingness to confront and respond to these questions as communities of faith. 

        But to be able to respond to these things as the sheep God calls us to be, we have to back up a little bit. 

    Our young person wanted to know why Jesus was born to a poor family, and see, when we look back at the Scriptures and throughout history we begin to realize…this is how God has always dealt with His people. 

        From the beginning, God was reluctant to give the Jewish people a king. We go back to First Samuel and the idea was that God would essentially rule over the people directly with the Prophet Samuel as His mouthpiece. But he was getting old and so they wanted to have a king just like all the other nations. 

         But God had a reason for not giving Israel a king up to that point. 

         It was because He didn’t want them to put all their trust in worldly rulers instead of God Himself. Samuel prays to God about what to do, and God tells him those words you never want to hear in a relationship…it’s not you, it’s me. 

         God said when they’re asking you for a king, they’re not rejecting you, they’re rejecting me. This is what my people have done all along…they bow down to worldly powers and they chase after other gods. 

         Having a king and trusting in worldly powers will only make them worse, but if that’s what they want, we’ll give it to them and I’ll teach them from it. 

        So most of you probably know what happens. Saul was just like so many who hold power, both in ancient times and in the present day. He starts off good, but ends up so corrupt that God asks Samuel to appoint a replacement. 

         Samuel already had his mind set on someone…but God tells him “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” God didn’t choose a king because of his looks, because of his wealth, or because of his power and influence. 

         God only cared about one thing….the heart. The scrawny and disheveled shepherd gets called in from the fields…and God chooses David to become the true king. God said that this lowly, nobody shepherd was “a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.'”

         Of all the people God could choose….of all the people God could identify Himself with…He identifies with the humble and lowly shepherd…the exact opposite of Saul…and every other King in those ancient days. In fact, some of the rulers of nearby countries probably thought it was a joke when they heard that a shepherd had become the King of Israel. But that’s how God works, see? David was a type of Christ. 

         In Isaiah chapter 66 God says He favors those who have a humble heart and contrite spirit. God has always identified Himself with the poor and the lowly. 

        In other words, then, what we have here in our Gospel lesson for the day…is quite literally a visual representation of that fact. But what that tells us…shouldn’t be a cause for fear…it should be a cause for rejoicing. 

         Our text today reminds us in the starkest terms possible one of the key messages that Jesus brought to the world: Those whom this world considers insignificant are very significant to God. 

        But let’s be real. That message is challenging for many of us. It cuts against the grain of everything our culture lifts up as being a successful life. It challenges the American Dream. It puts the brakes on our love with capitalism and what really equates to survival of the fittest. And to us as Christians…it asks another disturbing question….where do we find Jesus?

        A lot of us, we wear crosses or crucifixes as a symbol of our faith and of Christ’s presence. 

         Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and others…we tell you that Jesus is present in the sacrament of Holy Communion….even though we may differ somewhat as to how. Some will say Jesus is found in these leather bound books that we read from every Sunday. And of course, most of us will say that He is present with us as we worship and that He’s always in our hearts. But is that all?

        Yes, Jesus is found in the Eucharist…I believe it’s my duty as a minister of the Christian gospel to magnify the sacraments. Yes, Jesus is found in our Holy Bibles…that’s where we go when we seek understanding. 

        Yes, He’s present in our worship…when two or more gather in His name. He’s in our hearts and the power of His witness is in the symbols that we wear. But is that all?

        The child asked “why was Jesus born to a poor family?” It’s because God doesn’t see the world in the same terms as we do. Jesus came to reverse the order of the world. 

         He came to teach us that those whom the world considers insignificant are very significant to God. When the Israelites demanded a King he chose a scraggly, uneducated shepherd to be his king. 

        And then the unthinkable happens. God humbles Himself….God condescends…God stoops and comes down…to our level. In Christ, God became flesh….but He enters the world…not in a palace…but in a manger. Once again, Jesus reverses the order of the world. 

        So where is He?

        Saint Matthew tells us “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me. I was in prison and you visited me.” Jesus is living out on the streets. Jesus is in the soup kitchen lines. 

         Jesus is waiting at the Salvation Army to get a coat and some fresh clothes. Jesus is in the hospital. Jesus is in prison. Jesus is with the drug addicts. Jesus is in the refugee camp. As another Pastor once put it, wherever people are in need, wherever people suffer, wherever people do without their basic needs…Jesus is there. And He isn’t there just to comfort them, He’s suffering right there alongside them. That’s where we find Jesus.

        The wise men went out searching for Jesus and they found Him in the lowest, most unlikely of places. And this is true because Jesus embodied the very core of His message…that in God’s Kingdom…everyone is significant. Every. Single. Person. In God’s Kingdom, all are welcome at the table. In God’s Kingdom, Jesus is just as likely to be born to a poor, pregnant, unmarried teenage girl as he is to a wealthy business owner. In God’s Kingdom, there is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, woman or man….instead….all are one in Jesus. The lesson of the Epiphany is that God in Christ has turned the world upside down. 

         He judges…separating the sheep and the goats…not with the eyes of a King drunk with power…but with the eyes of a shepherd, clothed in rags and living among the least and the forgotten.

        And so, when Jesus judges, it’s not just going to be about our behavior…it’s going to be about our very….our orientation. Let me explain what I mean by that. 

         As I was preparing for this blog, I took the time to study some of the artwork depicting the Last Judgment. I looked at Michelangelo’s famous work from the renaissance and several paintings from the middle ages. A lot of those paintings were loosely based on this passage. But you know what? 

         I don’t think any of them really captured the true essence of Jesus’ words here. See, when I think of the sheep and the goats…the reality is a shepherd in those days would separate the sheep from the goats every night…and if you came out there and saw the animals….you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. You wouldn’t know the sheep from the goats. They each walked their own path, but in the dark they looked alike. 

        Now, I think that’s the point, see? The sheep and the goats…they’re essentially already separated…they're already walking their own paths….and Jesus is…essentially the after-school crossing guard. That’s why they were initially surprised about their judgment because they were already living one way or the other. The sheep and the goats….it’s all about orientation. We can either live for self and die to others or we can live for others and die to self. What Jesus is looking for is how we answer that one question of alignment.

        One of the great spiritual leaders of the 20th century, Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Amen and amen.  A lot of Western new age spiritual practice today is very much a bi-product of our materialistic culture…and it’s focused on you the consumer. I’m going to pick and choose what I believe. I’m going to find God (only) out in nature, in the sunsets. 

         It’s all about us, and what we get from our spirituality. If we don’t like it we try something new or we go somewhere else. 

         But speaking as a Christian and as a scholar of comparative religion who works in the field of interfaith dialogue….Gandhi was right…and what I can tell you is this: you can distinguish authentic spiritual practice from pop culture, consumer driven spirituality by one thing….authentic spirituality and religious experience turns you inward to turn you outward. In other words, we come to church to nourish and refresh our souls…so we can then get out there and do the work. 

         Our inward practice should equip us for the outward work of God’s Kingdom. Authentic spirituality is a both/and, not either/or.

        And this thinking leads me to one of our great Saints in the Christian tradition, Francis. I think everybody knows his name…and that he loved animals…but not everybody knows his story. He was actually a spoiled rich kid. He loved music, poetry, drinking and women. In other words….he was a medieval frat boy. But then one day when he was riding out of town to go to a party, he saw a leper by the side of the road. 

         Now lepers were feared and despised in his day too….but something compelled him to get off his horse and he goes over to the leper. He gives him all his money and then…to the astonishment of all the onlookers…he hugged the man and kissed him on the cheek. He would later say the moment of embracing that diseased man….was the first time he’d ever known peace. Francis got back on his horse and when he turned to look back at the leper…he was gone. Francis knew he had ministered to Jesus Himself…and from that day forward He was a changed man. He died to self to live for others. As you have done it for the least of these, you have done it for me.

        I really like the Christian writer Ann Lamott…she’s hysterically funny and at times she’s profound. In one of her books, she talks about her Presbyterian Church outside San Francisco.  This is the place where she became a Christian.  She says that “Ken” started coming to her church right after his partner died of AIDS.  Ken had the disease as well and Anne Lamott describes him as an emaciated scarecrow of a man, with a lopsided face that lit up when he smiled.  Ken told the congregation that when his long-time partner died, Jesus entered into the place in his heart that was broken, and Jesus had never left.  Over the year that Ken attended the church, he had won almost everyone over.  But there was a woman in the choir, Rinola – a lady who had always been taught that Ken’s way of life and that Ken himself was an abomination.  To her, Ken was someone to be avoided. Well, one day, during the hymns, the congregation got to its feet all except for Ken, who had become so sickly and frail he could no longer stand on his own. All of them started singing, His Eye Is On The Sparrow” and when they began to sing, “Why do I feel discouraged, why do the shadows fall,” Rinola began to cry.  She left the choir and walked over to Ken. Rinola lifted him out of the pew and held him like a little ragdoll.  The two of them sang together, cried together, … WERE children of God together.  Anne Lamott said she wasn’t sure if that was a full-fledged miracle or not, but as we look at our text this morning to answer that child’s question….I think we know the answer. She died to self to live for others. As you did it for the least of these, you have done it for me.

         As I bring this entry to a close, the fact that Jesus was born to a poor family teaches us one final lesson. Not only are we to view all of the people of the world as God’s beloved children….we also need to remember that we are beloved children of God. This passage isn’t scary. It’s good news. God cares about each man, woman and child, no matter who they are or where they come from. My sisters and brothers…take these things with you always….on days of joy and in times of trouble….you are significant to God. You matter to this world. Your failures and your shortcomings are forgiven by God. You are loved by God. Each one of you…you are important. You are important to this world, and your presence in this world matters. Your witness and your testimony matter. Your life matters. Like those wise men who travelled so far to bring gifts to the Savior of the world…so let us go on to change the world for the sake of the One who gave us the gift of His life for the world. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. 





  5. 73412914.thumb.jpg.e83825b7b600ecef51d6d93e9a584e7f.jpg



    When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
    pray that the road is long,
    full of adventure, full of knowledge.
    The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
    the angry Poseidon -- do not fear them:
    You will never find such as these on your path,
    if your thoughts remain lofty, if a fine
    emotion touches your spirit and your body.
    The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops,
    the fierce Poseidon you will never encounter,
    if you do not carry them within your soul,
    if your soul does not set them up before you.

    Pray that the road is long.
    That the summer mornings are many, when,
    with such pleasure, with such joy
    you will enter ports seen for the first time;
    stop at Phoenician markets,
    and purchase fine merchandise,
    mother-of-pearl and coral, amber, and ebony,
    and sensual perfumes of all kinds,
    as many sensual perfumes as you can;
    visit many Egyptian cities,
    to learn and learn from scholars.

    Always keep Ithaca on your mind.
    To arrive there is your ultimate goal.
    But do not hurry the voyage at all.
    It is better to let it last for many years;
    and to anchor at the island when you are old,
    rich with all you have gained on the way,
    not expecting that Ithaca will offer you riches.

    Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage.
    Without her you would have never set out on the road.
    She has nothing more to give you.

    And if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you.
    Wise as you have become, with so much experience,
    you must already have understood what these Ithacas mean.

                                                                 -Constantine Cavafy

  6. Tales from the Mist

    Goddess of the Mist
    Latest Entry



    She is cursed to always crave

    master to the slave

    bloodstone to the master

    cradle to the grave


    He guards his wicked treasure

    twilight to the dawn

    with a selfishness so absolute

    sharing with no one


    A drop or two won’t satiate




    It leaves her empty, unfulfilled

    left to wonder moonlit fields

    barren plains of a love gone wrong

    a mere shadow of feelings, once so strong

    desiring attention of a certain kind

    left to search but never find


    A price to pay – a guide to take her there

    to his warmth

    his wild lair


    The path is tangled, craggy and steep;

    the mountains are high and the rivers deep

    Frigid winds carry snow that blinds her eyes

    still, she senses reward, fortune, her prize


    It is with a relief so pure, so humble, so sweet

    when he is awakened from his sleep

    and then he gives her what she craves:

    Bloodstone to the master

    cradle to the grave


    You fill my cup…

    forever your slave




    poem © Goddess of the Mist 









  7. What are these mysterious flying bright beacons from time to time ? Incredibly advanced extraterrestrial life technologies, powered by powerful engines, camouflage devices, with the ability to change dramatically flying trajectory ? Maybe time to time somebody are doing "flash mob" with chinese lanterns in the sky ? You can choose from these two options, if you like... or make your own presumption. 

    Robert Taylor of Blairgowrie with drawing of UFO he confronted in 1979

    And what about the people which testifies seeing bright lights in the sky and have been invited to fly with extraterrials ? After all, it is unlikely that the chinese lantern will decide to kidnap any innocent pensioner who "unexpectedly" finds himself in the woods and will fly to another planet. However, such reports are spread around the world. People are being harvested, explored, introduced with advanced alien technology.

    Thousands of such events really mean something. It is impossible to explain all of these cases solely by the lack of attention of the abductees and the carefully drawn lies. Moreover, the details of the stories of people living in different parts of the world coincide, at times, completely unrelated (maybe). Nonetheless, more skeptical people may find it hard to accept the explanation that these stories were actually selected by the aliens to become familiar with the human strain. Is it really the Universe, of course, having achieved such incredible technological progress, such an interesting old woman from a glorious Russian village, or an ordinary grandfather from the USA farm ? For those who question the aliens, but believing that not all people - liars and deceivers - worthy of getting to know another explanation. These are the tricks of the human brain, which make you sincerely believe that you have been abducted by extraterrestrial life.

    People who believe that they have been examined by an alien are not necessarily mental patients. The psychological tests revealed that the kidnapped not often suffer from psychosis or have other serious psychiatric disorders. It may simply be people with an unusually high level of fantasy, and unusual beliefs and convictions. According to Susan Clancy, a Harvard scientist, a large proportion of the "abducted" tend to have schizotypal symptoms. People with this psychological qualities may seem to change a bit, but at the same time they can be highly educated and intelligent. They tend to think "magically", to believe in unusual and strange things. Most of the believers who were kidnapped, you are not afraid to believe in magic, psycho-kinase, astrology, gods and other supernatural/paranormal phenomena. 

    In her book "Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped", Susan Clancy writes that kidnapped people are pleased with their experience, band none of them will refuse to repeat them. Despite all the shock or suffering experienced, kidnapped people value their experience. "Their lives have improved. They felt less lonely, began to look optimistic about the future, feel better people. They chose to be "kidnapped" themselves - writes Clancy.

    One of the most common abduction scenarios that are repeated throughout the world, in different cultures, for different people: waking up from strange lights and sounds at night. The human body is paralyzed, tangled, unable to even call for help. You can feel strange effect, as if threw whole body went electricity. Possible levitation - the abductee m feel that the cluttered body rises above the bed. A huge alien head appears. These creatures are investigating with various instruments and so on. Experiences are horrible and definitely sounds like from Sci-Fi Horror movies/books. Nevertheless, the events themselves are believed to be mere hallucinations caused by sleep paralysis.

    Common grey alien, this species really do like abducting people since there are reported more then 82 different colours, shapes of extraterrials.

    Usually, when a sleeping person is paralyzed, his body is immovable. This is a security mechanism that makes us while sleeping, do not fall from the sleeping place (bed) or go out and get hurt. However, sometimes this protection mechanism can instruct and a person can wake his body in a state of paralysis. The brain is also not completely awake - they are still dreaming. An experienced person perceives the environment, feels his body, is staring, but can not move and still can see dreams. These dreams, or hallucinations, look incredibly bright and realistic. The whole body feels visible events. However, then aliens, ghosts or other mystical creatures are visible - all of this is just a fantasy fruit. If you have never been introduced to UFO stories, saw aliens pictures, movies, read books. It's almost zero possibility, that you gonna dream that one night. In dreams you can see figures which you already know. Humans face etc, that goes with sexual fantasies aswell. oh....almost fogort...blind people don not dream of images/colours, they dream smells or sounds.

    Sleep paralysis, according to skeptics, is often the cause of recollections of abduction. However, Susan Clancy claims that nobody opens a full set of memories and impressions about the kidnap after night. Most often, these memories are "tied up" from dreaming asleep or awakening stages. Sometimes you wake up feeling uncertain, strange, which you want to explain. Those with more elegant imagination can choose aliens as an explanation. And then the brain can begin to create false memories of the abduction. Therefore, in some cases, the kidnapped person can claim that the aliens have blocked their memory and, over time, it returns after a piece. The creative mind can tighten hallucinations to false facts . For example, a strange bruise on the body, thanks to brain fantasy, can be a "proof" of an alien implant. 

    The strange phenomenon of sleep paralysis is not something very unusual or bad in itself. It affects about 25 percent of the world's population. About 5 percent of them feel the complete set of sleep paralysis - images, sounds, touches, even smells (as i mentioned before with blind people). The human brain is incredibly powerful, and alone capable of creating such experiences. A person can be proud of such mindfulness. Nevertheless, these opportunities may well be misleading. When looking for the explanations of the experiences, people who are naive or too fanciful and creative can believe that they were actually kidnapped by aliens. Magical explanations for magical people are much more encouraging, seemingly more meaningful. Therefore, the "kidnapped" can enter into a belief in the hallucinations they experience. The UFOs "researchers", which publish various pseudo-science books, fantastic films and other stories about aliens, do not help to separate these realities from hallucinations. In many cases it's just a simple wishful thinking.

    Sleep paralysis explains far from all the supposed alien experiments with humans. The second main rational explanation is the phenomenon of false memories. This is called human recollections, which are strongly believed, but which have not occurred. Richard McNally's experiment, which investigated the abducted reactions to their own stories, revealed that false memories of the body could lead to similar symptoms as post-traumatic stress syndrome. Listening to their own recorded stories about the abduction, subjects pressure exerted, intensified their sweating.

    This experiment was conducted to find out the effects of false memories on the body, and not the "truth" about alien abductions. Therefore, the premise was that the memories of the investigators were false. Proved that the mistaken memories of the abducted are really wrong - almost impossible. However, there may be discrepancies between real facts and stories. It's hard for a human brain to create a story about what it did not experience. Therefore, if the kidnapped is very interested, for example, in aviation - his story may have plenty of right-looking details about spacecraft, airplanes, and so on. And here, in areas where it is not possible, there can be a heap of logical and actual mistakes that reveal the truth about false memories. The story about abduction has same importance as abductee's characteristic.

    Betty's drawing of the alien she believed she saw.

    The phenomenon of false memories itself has been tracked and investigated many times. The most common memories are about sexual abuse or catastrophes. For example, in 1998, was a shooting in USA school, many injured. Psychologists Robert Pynoos and Karim Nader interviewed 133 children and found out a striking thing: some of children who did not even were at school at that day, swore "surviving" a shootout. They sincerely believed that everything was happening to their eyes. They also demonstrated symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. It's as if you personally would have survived all those events.

    In this case, finding out the truth - false memories or not - was quite easy. What about the abductees ? Is it possible for a believer to prove that he is wrong in the absence of witnesses by abduction ? Could you question the memories that have become part of your life that you remember bright, clear, and associated with all the rest of your life ? Hardly.... Psychologist Richard McNally says that it's practically impossible for a believer, being kidnapped, to explain that this has not happened. Therefore, it's not even worth doing. However, it is important for people who are familiar with false memories to know about this phenomenon and be ready carefully evaluate other narratives.

    These two human phenomena of the brain: sleep paralysis and false memories can rationally explain virtually all the events associated with abductees. On the other hand, they can not deny that a man was not really kidnapped by an alien. The probability that he was not abducted is wildly large. A human being, hoping for his abduction will successfully ignore any rational explanations and probabilities.

  8. Well, all the search parties have returned. It turns out that the first search party had already come back and just went straight to bed (apparently they emphasized the “Party” part of their title)… Stern notes were posted in the personnel folders of all involved…

    This year’s route has been selected and without further ado, here it is:

    The race will begin in the Grand Central Square, in the heart of the UM Complex… All racers will be sorted by their teams, in order of talent, winning records (and bribes of course)… Each team will be lined up in one of the many (mostly) straight (and mostly paved) streets that radiate out from the Grand Square (it’s not really square shaped – it’s just named that to confuse people)… When the starting bazooka is fired, the racers will all rush inward onto the (mostly circular-ish) traffic circle (known as a roundabout to some), and will speed around counter-clockwise for three full circuits… At this time the Grand All-High Inquisitor Mod will pull the lever that opens the “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” (which have been mostly covered with the cheapest grade of plywood we could find – so that it forms a 15 mile long 60 degree spiral down ramp…

    The “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” were the result of a Public Works Project by a group of Inquisitor Mods a few thousand years ago… The original plans were for this to be a rather short spiral staircase down 15 meters to a lavish train station, which was to be built to begin linking UM’s far flung areas together… However, the designers abbreviated 15 meters to 15 m which the construction crew mistook for 15 miles… After the construction crew had gotten started, it was discovered that no one had invented trains yet, so the Inquisitors scrapped the project but neglected to tell the furiously digging crews… When the bottom was reached it was discovered that they had dug down into a series of ancient lava tubes, Prehistoric mammoth-gopher tunnels and some of the original dungeon levels…

    Upon reaching the bottom of the “Ancient Endless Spiral Stairs of Doom” those racers that survive will be directed by rapidly strobing neon lights down the twisting tunnels and chambers, along the Ancient Grand Gallery with its view that overlooks 30 deeper levels (watch out – no safety rails!)  and finally along the Ancient Underground Sea (be cautious… there are “things” that live in there and they have tentacles!)…

    The racers will then find themselves emerging from the underground at the base of the World famous Icanseemyhousefromhere Mountain and across the lovely and scenic Misty Marsh of Miasmic Wonder… (The Race Committee would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thank you to the many “volunteers” (and their next of kins) who worked so hard (and for so little pay) to layout the plywood over the swampy ground to form the roadway for the racers to use…)

    After crossing the Misty Marsh, the racers will travel through the Eastern Artillery Impact Zone (B), where as they speed along they will have the pleasure of witnessing the production testing of the latest model of Rocket Assisted Pogo-sticks for Seniors – which should amuse the racers to no end…

    Once across the Impact Zone (which will most definitely be probably not receiving artillery hits at the time of the race – but you never know!) the racers will pull into the courses sole rest stop, where they can stretch their legs, get a cold frosty beverage (on sale from the Renegade Beer Balloon Fleet) and change their pants (as necessary), The Noggin’ Knockers Band will be providing musical entertainment (for a small fee they will move on and play somewhere else) and everyone is encouraged to polka for a bit before getting back on with the race…

    The next leg of the race is perhaps the most dangerous… It is across the heart of UM’s “Land of Lost Tax Accountants”… Racers are advised to make all speed through here as the Tax Accountants are likely to ensnare you into a lengthy and hideously boring Tax audit – so beware!

    After escaping the clutches of the Tax Accountants, it is directly into the Eastern Squiggle Reserve, where the racers will attempt to evade the rather lonely squiggles who are just looking for someone to pet them and take them home – racers are reminded that Squiggle Anti-Dote, chain-mail gauntlets and anti-itch cream are NOT on sale at the final rest stop – so bring your own!

    And the final leg of the race is into the Eastern Oubliette Zone of the Central Complex, where the teeming mobs of fans will be waiting excitedly for the racers to speed past as they pelt them with rotten fruit, water balloons and glitter bombs…

    So that’s the route for this year’s race… Study it, form your strategies and remember that June 3rd is the final day for Bribes to be placed (unless of course you bribe the officials to accept later bribes) – and may the best tricyclist (and best briber of course) win! (or at least survive)…

  9. 2018-05-31_204128.thumb.jpg.201be5287790aa5f3a1144f73fd4209d.jpg


    Dedicated to Sir Spike Milligan and Syd



  10. Spyro the Dragon is quite possibly one of the single most influential and important parts of my life. ^_^ That may sound strange given that Spyro is just a simple little polygonal 90's platformer videogame about a miniscule purple dragon who collects gems and breaths fire, but to me personally it has meant so much more...


    (Images Above - cover art from the original trilogy games released for the Sony Playstation console)

    I had a rough childhood dealing with abuse (that I won't go into detail here), and so my mind was already naturally an escapist. I've always been an avid daydreamer who would escape the problems of the real world mentally into my own little fantasy world in my head. I've done so as far back as I could remember. So when I first came in contact with the first Spyro the Dragon game when I was only five or six years old, I was instantly transported to a whole other magical world that I had the freedom to explore.

    It was the first video game I ever played, and it was introduced to me by my father (the source of my abuse) of all people. In it you could travel to other worlds, each with a life of it's own. Filled with magic and mystery, as well as interactive things in the environment. The game actively encouraged exploration. To look over every nook and cranny for hidden treasure. To travel (and escape) to all sorts of different, new, and exciting worlds. I played it every time I went over to my father's house for visits. It was my means of coping. You played as a little purple dragon who was the smallest of the bunch, and didn't have much in terms of abilities. But he had a lot of spunk, and wasn't afraid of anything. By playing as Spyro, I felt as though I could take on the world. Like no matter how big the challenges are, and no matter how small you are, those challenges could be overcome. It gave me great encouragement and inspiration. Spyro was my hero growing up.

    Spyro was actually even my first ever imaginary friend (Lol, clearly I didn't have many friends growing up). And in fact, one of my most precious possessions is Spyro stuffed animal my dad gave me. He spent hours and even days on ebay bidding for it until he finally got it just for me. It wasn't for a holiday or special event, he just did it out of the kindness of his heart because he knew how much Spyro meant to me. To this day, it's the only true gift my father ever gave to me. After getting it though, I exchanged my imaginary friend Spyro for the stuffed animal Spyro. I treated that thing like they do in those old Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It rarely ever left my side, and I treated that thing like a member of my own family.

    I may sound like a total mental case by saying all this, but Spyro truly has been the single most influential part of my childhood. And it affects me on up to this day into young adulthood.

    I've always loved videogames, and Spyro is undoubtedly what got me into gaming in the first place. But it was never about 'gaming' for me per say. It was all about the escapism. Call it, a 'fantasy simulator' if you will. It never needed to be complex or super dark or realistic or have brilliant game mechanics or whatnot. That's why I honestly fell out of the gaming craze around high school really. Partly because of what I just mentioned, but also partly because I honestly didn't have much money to keep up with all the new consoles and didn't feel like my money would be best spent on new games that I only half cared for. I just can't get into all these stat-heavy RPG's or FPS clones personally. I miss the old days where gaming was simple. I love old school 3-D collectathon platformers. That's why I'm so happy that 3-D platformers seem to finally be making a come back! And most importantly, so is Spyro! :D

    Yes, Spyro the Dragon is coming back, completely remastered (or should I say remade) from the ground up!

    Enter: The Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    For those who don't know, Spyro the Dragon has been suffering as a franchise in recent years :hmm: (most notably ever since the release of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly in 2002, which pretty much single-handedly killed the franchise from being so bad). The first 3 games that were released on the original Sony Playstation system in the late 1990's are regarded by fans to be the greatest in the series. However after the 3rd game, the development team behind the originals lost the rights to Spyro and thus the franchise spiraled downward pretty much in a verticle fashion from that point onward. The franchise has suffered through 2 different reboots (each one completely different from all the rest), with the second reboot being basically an entirely different game series that merely used the brand name 'Spyro' as a subtitle so as to bring in more original Spyro fans as a cheap marketing gimmick. <_< Needless to say, Spyro the Dragon has been pushed ever more onto the back burner for quite some time now...

    However, now thanks to the new Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the original 3 games are coming back with brand new amazing HD graphics and re-released as one single game 3-in-1. :o Just check out the side-by-side comparisons here:


    And for all new images released thus far:

    I never would've imagined in my wildest dreams that my childhood idol and mascot, the original 3 videogames that helped me cope with horrendous circumstances, and helped to define such an incredibly core aspect of who I am, would ever see such a triumphant return like this. This is not just another reboot of the franchise, or some brand new game entirely. It's a 100% complete remake of the originals, simply eith better graphics, better sound quality, better everything. It's like the videogame gods looked down and read my mind and magically turned what had always been a hopeless fantasy to me, never to even in the least bit see the light of day, and made it into a reality. I'm simply amazed. Words can't even begin to express how much this remake means to me.

    Spyro is more to me then just a game. And the Reignited trilogy is more than just a simple remake. They aren't just remastering a 20-year old videogame, they're remastering my childhood. You may find it silly and weird for me to still be so invested in what is essentially a kids game, but certain things like this stick with us for the rest of our lives. Spyro will always be the #1 most defining aspect of my early childhood, and I'm incredibly grateful to be able to now play the new Reignited Trilogy in all it's HD glory! :lol:

    Thanks for letting me share this tidbit of my soul with all of you.

    This is Aquila King, signing out. ;)

  11. With the weekend of extra time and relaxing travel.. came the time to clean up yards, open up pools and work on gardens, mow the lawns and dig out the grills...

    Then came the day of the finishing bits, and weekend plans... the memories of red poppies being sold by vets and families... cemeteries seeing their freshing and flags.... or not.

    This morning dawned quiet, warm, and clear... even the usual morning cannons were still today. The birds have been in their twilight activity, despite the glorious sun of the day. Today the sun shone down to the depths of 6 feet as much as it could to warm old bones and bring memories to life in the dappled bowers shades of memory and sweet blossoms while the living quiets to observe. Today the sun shone well on the sons and daughters of fallen.

    By the sunset, this fierce day will yield to the exhaust fumes of folks driving home, already stuck in traffic and cussing.. or returning home to their AC after the holiday.. Others will be breaking down in dispair for the first time since that time when their loved one was.. gone. Or come home yet one more time with the house empty, and carrying on.. or from the reunion/parade that was more discussion of who's been lost to the grave this time around or newly finding out old friends and family are missing and why. Sleepy children being carried to bed, not knowing or caring what all the fuss or sorrow was about... yet.

  12. The Adjustment Bureau

    I went to the Adjustment Bureau yeasterday to get me out of a fix I got myself into. I won't go into details, but they sent some of there operatives out to mnage things. The result was satisfactory.

    Then those who's Situation was adjusted sent in a complaint about my Situation as regards to them. So I had to modify my behavior to accomidate their complaint. This caused me some distresss, as I was forced to adjust my relationship with my girlfriend. An unforseen effect for sure.

    She considered my modified behavior as a cooling off of our little love affair. Of course, I couldn't tell her that the Adjustment Bureau was involved, she might have gone to them herself for re- re-ajustment of the Situation.

    So, I just had to live with the new statis quo for a while. I figured things would eventually get back to normal between us. But, as several weeks went by and her attitude toward me hadn't changed, I thought of another Adjustment.

    Thing is, this can go on forever. The real problem is, these Adjustment Bureau operatives become jaded in their work, bored, I suppose, so that they usually leave some loose ends lying around. These loose ends always seem to require a further Adjustment.

    No system is perfect. Social engineering is an art, not a science, after all, and these op's are just human, though they have strict rules to follow. Still, I sometimes wonder if these op's leave these loose ends on purpose so that further Adjustments are required.

    As for my girlfriend, in the end I just let it go. It was a little strange allowing nature to evolve as it will. After all, it's a fascenating game, the Adjustent Bureau manipulating relationships between us all. A sort of chess, I suppose. Who can manuver to advantage. Or, rather, have the authorities manuver for us. In this way we don't have to be expert chess players ourselves, the Bureau moves the pieces for us.

    In any case, at this moment I'm anticipating some new change to occur which presents me with a new opportunity to use the Bureau. No one leaves events to chance, after all, that would be foolish. It's just a tempory interval for me, waiting for the next Situation to evolve. When it does, the opportunity will present itself for my next move, to thwart whoever's Adjustment is imposed on me so I can make my own reciprical Adjustment. Requesting the Bureau to turn the new situation back to my own advantage.

    In this way we keep the Adjustment Bureau pretty busy, but that's what they're for, right? I really don't care how often I use them, as no one else cares, either. It's become a way of life for all of us.

    In fact, I've got to know some of these Bureau op's pretty well, as usualy they're the same ones who make most of my Adjustments. It's more efficient for the Bureau to use the same op's familiar with my situations, after all. I wouldn't say we've become friends, but we understand each other out of familiarity, and explinations are often inferred instead of having to go into tedious details.

    So presently I wait. A temporary respite. Of course, these moments of peace cause me a lot of anxiety, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

    What I mean is, who would want this eventless period to last, events happening naturally as they will? Waiting helpless for the unknown to happen? That would be a maladjustment to our modern society. Unthinkable. A life without purpose. The chaos of the natural flow.

    The will to survive is only successful when we seek to dominate and control others. The configuration of the present Situation to optimal result is the purpose of life itself. Only the Adjustment Bureau allows us the means to remain in control.

    My Situation now is, it seems my former girlfriend is having an affair with one of the Bureau op's the Bureau sent to normalize my prior Situation. I'm wondering if I can request the Bureau to Adjust the Bureau itself? An interesting and novel circumstance.

    This leads me to the question of the ultimate aim of the Bureau. Is the Bureau the real controlling factor of our society, keeping us busy with only the illusion of control? After all, it's the Bureau that decides the outcome of Situations.

    I don't know the answer to this, all I do know is I must submit a new Request soon before my present gets out of hand and I find myself at some new disadvantage.

    Tomorrow I will contact the Bureau and present my new Request. Since the Bureau itself is involved in my Situation, I'm not at all confident in the result.

    I fear the Adjustment will be for the advantage of the Bureau and not for my personal Situation. Perhpas in this my question of the ultimate purpose of the Bureau will be answered.












  13. I have just looked back through this blog. I am shocked to find that I started it mote than 11 years ago, My original intention was to blog my thoughts on... well any thing I had a thought about really.

    In those more than 11 years I have had several periods where I have not made an entry for years on end. In fact this will be only the 83rd entry. It seems that I have less than 8 thoughts a year.

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    Why is it when people divorce they use the kids to get what they want? It is like a game to see who can get the most out of it. Why? I'll tell you why. People can't grow up and see what they are doing to the kids. It's like the kids can't do one thing without hurting one of the parents. They are pulled and thrown around as if they are nothing but something to be owned. 

  15. Ieshia Sparks

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    Unknown scratch mark  happened while I was standing in the kitchen at my parents house talking to them and then I felt a burning sensation on my leg and look down and seen the scratch. 

  16. So it seems with almost 2 months passing that I still am unable to post status updates and that from my side some of my posts, though still in my stuff, does not want to properly appear. It is so nice to see that I can barely do anything anymore. I truly loved this site, but now it just seems to hinder things. This was such a great place to come and express things and updates things about my life, the very thing I had wanted this page to be, but apparently because I didn't want to make blog posts, made posts to long, and promoted a separate page of mine to be able to see the longer posts that kept being taken down, I am unable to do anything but type here. So really I may just do update posts every couple months as I have no other need for this site if I am not able to make status posts anymore or have this page be what I had intended for it to be so ya guess that is life. People don't like when you do stuff they don't want happening and have to be d**** about it all.

    ~Blessed Be, Damon~

  17. Now that I'm older, here is what I have discovered --

    I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.
    My wild oats have turned into prunes and All Bran.
    I finally got my head together, now my body is falling apart.
    It's funny, but I don't remember being absent minded.
    All reports are in ... Life is now officially unfair.
    If all is not lost, where is it????
    It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.
    Some days you are the dog. Some days you are the hydrant.
    I wish the buck stopped here, I could use a few.
    Kids in the back seat cause accidents.
    Accidents in the back seat cause . . . kids.
    It is hard to make a comeback when you have never been anywhere.
    The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom.
    If God had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.
    When I am finally holding all the cards, why does everyone decide to play chess?
    It is not hard to meet expenses . . . they are everywhere.
    The only differences between a rut and a grave are the depth and one has the ends kicked out.
    These days I spend a lot of time thinking about the here after.....
    I go somewhere to get something and then wonder what I am here after.......
    If I wake up in the morning and nothing hurts, it may be a good indication that I have died during the night.


    Deep within the psyche of all humans lives a desire for recognition of one’s existence and prowess.  In order to fulfill this desire within mankind, one finds the first step to position for recognition of who and what we are here in Time/Space or physicality.  That step is the act of leveraging all physical aspects for power and control in every event sequence that we perceive and participate with in life. Thus we begin our learning here in this physicality.  The first step is one of moving thought that manifests into an act designed for power over the other.  The Me (you) view all outside or external entities or material objects as the Other.  Put simply — there is Me (you) and there is the Other.  To the Me, all outside persons, things, whatever — are the Other.  The Me competes with the Other for power and control within the realm of Lawful-existence or what some call the Essence (Laws of Physics or Nature).

    The Essence is also considered the Universe.  It is where the Me and the Other reside in a quantum existence full of laws and forces that leverage us by its own making or being.  Some call this realm God.  No matter how you term this inexplicable being or state of existence, you are here taking part in a drama that no one person can explain.  You, the Me, really do not know if the Other really exists, but if it does not exist, do you exist?  Without the Other, would you have the data to communicate back to you in feedback, that you exist?

    The Void is the Ultimate unknowable, yet it may be non-existence.  You may never know the meaning of the Void as the Me.  The self-oriented being or person can not know the Void, for it is deep, dark and undetectable to most minds.  Selfish persons who desire recognition are really looking for reinforcement that they exist.  Selfishness causes non-learning and pushes us closer to the edge of the Void.  Without attention from the Other, we have no worldly data to feedback on the reality of our existence.  The only way we can ever learn our way in the universe is to become unselfish and reach out to the Other to learn from all of them.  To join the Other is to become unselfish.  This is what some call Love or Human Coherency.

    To Love the Other as we Love the Me is to gain knowledge on the Essence and the Void.  The more we share knowledge with the Other, the more we see of life.  An unselfish person soon learns that he is the combination of the Me and the Other.

    Leveraging for Power in life means that the Me will use Violence, Wealth, Religion, Knowledge, Beauty, or Love to gain control over the Other, or seek recognition from the Other.  There is really only one selfless means of communicating with the Other.  It is Love or shared coherency.  All other means are elements that invoke the ancient law of consequence.  The law of consequence is also known as the law of cause and effect… what goes around, comes around.  Because the law of consequence is leveraged into existence by selfish acts by the Me for his/her own gain (in effect saying that the Other does not exist therefore negating the Me’s own existence).

    Look into the eye of the Other and you will see the mirror of the self. No person exists beyond the data of his/her own senses.  Without the feedback of the other’s activities, there would be no data to see, hear, taste, smell, touch or examine with the brain or the sixth sense.  The seventh sense is intuition which few beings develop unless they are unselfish and understand the power of the law of consequences.  In your mind dances all the data of the Other.  Without the knowledge gained of the outside world, you would be nothing.  You are what you learn.  You are an accumulation of all your life experiences.  You are the Other replicated by leveraged experiences reinforced over and over again. Wisdom is gained when you learn to Love the Other and Life becomes a Passion for harmony and continued becoming through visualization in Mind.

    To move deeper we must visualize this reality as a matrix or arena of participating experiences.  Our Universe is like a record, tape, disc, or some other storage device for information.  Only it is much more.  It is a continuum that is open-ended.  It is everywhere and everything and it is in a state of durational change.  It is enfolded in a super holographic moiré matrix of multiple dimensions that act as one or many depending upon the informational flux.  It is like an atmosphere of mental assemblages of feedback loops that appear to be its construction only in that its emphasis localizes in beings who become.  This universe is hierarchical in design with lower level entities not totally knowing of higher-level beings, yet the reverse is not true.  They know us, or things could not have been built.

    Informational connections are like sense organs.  The more information and observation (feedback) the more complex the assemblage of localized forms. The more gestalt or whole the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being and more active is the work.  The Universe is metaphorical in that like-breeds-like in evolutional information constantly burgeoning. Carriers, or entities feed through themselves growing through various stages that appear as birth, life and death to the localized environment but to the higher stages it is only process of information toward ever-higher levels.

    Opening up new feedback loops amounts to adding new information, thus expanding the localization into new realms of understanding.  As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher levels where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is understood.  This language (meaning) is metaphorical and multifaceted, requiring a mind or lens (localized brain) of the same interface design. Growth and decay, which is like withdrawing from a stage of development, depends on the quality of information that mingles with other information to create tools for leveraging information. Therefore, we find ourselves in a Spiritual Dimensional Presence expressing as ALWAYS.

    Dimensional Presence is a condition where an entity mentally cognizes or thinks that he/she is present in existence or reality by discerning sensual stimuli (atmosphere, environs, information and things) that suggest he/she is alive due to the feedback of instantaneous information to the Carrier’s mentality or mind. All sensory data gives the feeling that they exist reinforced by the constant input of past history. Memory is key to the feeling of progressing into potential. One wonders if such a presence has built from a condition of previously suggested as Always. Such a condition of eternally existing as a mentality in many states of expression is who and what we are here in Time/Space. Dimensional Presence coalesces via some means of manifestation into a package of informational dynamics that moves into and through a materializing state supported by an organizational apparatus that directs echeloned dissipation of preplanned articulation. To be requires preparation system/s of established instigators and expressers that can methodically synthesize consistently through a framework of echeloned laws and actions off those means of

    We are in awe of being “vehicularly” created in order to experience physicality! To build our minds through physically doing and learning is worthy of the process of existence! The expanse of creation is directly proportional to the ability to comprehend space beyond time and build infrastructures in the mental reference plane. Our minds fly to new challenges around every corner and beyond every cloud! We ride the duality of holospirited light whereby our power ignites purposeful energy for magically traversing here!

    Mind pervades the known echelons of dimensional space/time hidden in the universal fabric of existence! Mind is in evidence everywhere as design shows its prowess through its very interface with reality! It’s logic and reason is evident even in its complex incongruity. Mind understands that chaos is unperceived unity when speed factors take actions beyond human understanding thereby joining the universal macro-sphere. Learning Chaos requires deep yet speedy concentration. Those of us who are highly advanced know chaos and use it to our advantage in the Universal Macro-sphere.

    The Universal Macro-sphere is a realm not discerned by the mundane and flippant. It is the deciphering of the secret messages of the entire scope of the info-scape or the universe and the dimensional Akashic Realms — where its conditions allow one to see beyond the self. The stratospheric relational held in the very landscape of the Earth holds the secret of the driving force of the unseen, moving mind. The reading of the striations and the very scratches of an aftermath from reality, show the history of device impact and movement here in time space. One must know the engineering required in this traversing experience.

    Examining the data held in the echelonic realms gives us the entire scope of mentality whereby the essence of being resides. So many forget via hastening their love of pleasure and adulation to cloud their intellect thereby not attaining their mission‘s duties. We should be totally amazed toward awe that we get to be here at all…

    Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.



  19. Jimmy

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    Paranormal activity in my house is starting to become a thing of the norm around here. Im not sure what i want from this post, but i do want to share some of the things that have transpired since last winter, maybe hear an outside opinion. So the strange thing about all this, is that everything seems to only happen in one room of the house, the living room, but also, only seems to happen when there are a number of people around to witness. It is a rarity that anything happens when I'm alone. I guess I'll share one story, the one that seems the hardest to explain. My buddies and i were in my living room, facing the TV, with our backs toward the entrance of the room. We have hardwood floors so footsteps are more defined. But as we watch TV, we hear footsteps fast approaching behind us, but they made a slapping noise on the floor, as if somebody was barefoot. I turn, because, there are other people in my house. The noise wasnt even a concern initially. But i turn back and simultaneously get hit in the face by a light breeze, one you would feel as somebody quickly passes by you. The footsteps continued on past me into a wall. I turn to my friend next to me, who i know realize has tears rolling down his face asking "you just felt that too?" My buddies on the other side of the room, frozen in fear, not able to put words together of what we all just witnessed. I was never a believer of ghosts. It all seemed a little like quakery. But there is no denying now, that something is out there. Ive never felt comfortable in my own home since that night 

  20. StarMountainKid
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    Recently I have received instructions from The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People of Mnomomopolous, advising me to safeguard my psychic powers. I must admit, my psychic powers have mysteriously been on the wane lately. The Adept Zondor told me of a conspiracy by unknown paranormal Cosmic entities are determined to suck up all the paranormal energy in the universe to increase their own metaphysical powers.

    Actually, I did have a premonition about this situation. It was a sort of déjà vu experience in reverse. I had the feeling that I hadn’t been somewhere before, but that I will be there in the future, and then I’ll recognize it. This has put me on edge lately, as you can imagine.
    I also had a synchronistic experience. I had my palm read. I usually don’t go in for palm reading as I consider this a too physical exponent of psychic abilities, but I was worried after all these unnerving telepathic experiences. The result of the Palmist was, I would soon be contacted by someone who was an exponent of necrology and an interpreter of ancient runes, and this person would introduce me to a Spiritual Master who would relate further specific information.

    The Palmist also told me I would soon meet a tall, dark stranger, and to watch out for women who buy their clothes at Walmart or wear too much makeup.

    At any rate, this Spiritual Master would reveal an ancient prophecy relating to the Oracle of Thesphus, whatever that is. You see, this is the problem I’ve been worried about: I don’t understand any of this stuff. Well, except for The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People of Mnomomopolous, who I’ve known since childhood. See, when I was about twelve years old He appeared unrepentantly in my mother’s garden during a thunderstorm. It seems he had had an emergency landing. Somehow his astral projector had become attuned to random lightening strikes. I think he fixed that problem later, but I’m not sure.

    Well, Zondor and I immediately hit it off. It was synergistic. Also, we both had a fascination for cryptozoology and the more frightening aspects of shadow people and black-eyed children, and we both admitted we look with trepidation under our beds at night before we go to sleep. Funnily enough, we also had read and enjoyed the obscure, Professor Melman’s “Encyclopedia of Psudo-Mythic Entities, Bio-Psychic-Anomalies and Precognition As It Applies To Telepathic Empathy and Remote Viewing”. A hefty tome, indeed, and unusual for two strangers to have read this rare and singular volume. I believe this is not mere coincidence, as Zondor explained it as an example of mutual and personal synchronicity.

    Well, as I was saying, The Adept Zondor related that these mysterious and secret entities are collecting psychic vibrations for their own personal use and power. This frightens me, I must admit. This is because, if it is a real conspiracy, we all know conspiracies are always evil in intent. I have never known a conspiracy to be benevolent in nature. So I live in fear. I mean, who wants their psychic abilities drained off by some strange and mysterious secret society, like the Mormons, Shriners and Freemasons, for instance?

    I’m just saying, we who have the psychic gift and are attuned to the metaphysical and paranormal should be on the alert. I must therefore advise astral travelers to beware of unforeseen detours that may be lurking unnoticed. There are malevolent forces about, perhaps emanating false vibrations as an evil web to catch unsuspecting voyagers on the astral plane.

    Out of body experiences may have to be curtailed for a while as well until this mystery is cleared up. We all want to get safely back into our bodies, right? Perhaps for a while we should just install mirrors on our bedroom ceilings.

    Clairvoyants may have already picked up some of these distortions in the Cosmic Consciousness. All information of these anomalies should be psychically reported to The Adept Zondor, King of the Dwarf People on Mnomomopolous. This now is the Celestial Clearing House for such information, even if one considers these intimations only rumor, gossip between local palmists and fortune tellers, or even hearsay among alchemists and pseudo-scientists. One can not be too careful.

    Be ever on the alert.

  21. If I add two of the things I was shown, this is what I come up with.


  22. Stumbling through life with Hank

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    What if polititions weren't elected. What if they were conscripted. Kinda like when those famous words were uttered; "Ask not what your country country can do for you, rather what you can do for your country". What if every one had to serve a term in office. Names could be drawn from a computer that match people's skills to a particular posting. All done randomly with the only caveat being you have to be qualified to do the job. That way the cream would be skimmed from the top instead of the bottom of the bucket.

         Lets face facts. Most people in politics today are in it for them themselves. It's easy for them to get elected because no one in their right mind would want the job. Pick the best from your population and you get the best representation. A good non political example is the Switzerland and Israel. In order to own a firearm you must first serve in your countries military. Make great sense.

    Applying this to politics may be the only hope we have of having a peaceful, prosperous, non partisan government.

                                                                           What if.  

    As usual, feel free to criticize or add suggestions. All are welcome.





  23. So I use a music streaming site, I won’t name it but it’s been around a while and yes it is a legal streaming site.

    I enjoy a very wide variety of music that includes classical (Bach, Motzart, Beetoven etc), 80’s butt rock (don’t ask), 60’s and 70’s rock, Blues, chinese opera, dubstep, industrial, goth, etc. Now the problem is on every channel but one they have recommendations based on the artists I have choosen fairley well. They might be songs that I don’t necessarily like but based on the artists it makes sense.

    Their is only one channel that it seems they can’t get right in order to save lives.  That is my goth channel. I have artists in their like Bahaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, London After Midnight, Eva O, Gitane Demone, to name a few. Some of the most common “recommendations” are Christian Folk music, Country, and a couple other giant record scratches in the sky.  It boggles my mind that with a couple dozen artists to choose from as far as recommendations go, they pick those genres.

    maybe I should just go play Indian Leg Wrestling with a Yeti. That would be less stressful.

  24. CuriousChaos

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    Ability....or natural gift. Confusion goes along with chaos. So many questions, but not all have answers. Someone with insight, is usually the one who is disconnected... I know, I read, I see, I speak, I moved freely... Essence is upon me, any educators out there.


    Pagan CuriousChaos