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  1. I love mysteries... probably a little bit too much. I've been so curious of the unknown, that I've tried to :

    1). summon demons
    2). talk to the dead
    3). do magic spells

    the list goes on...  (maybe I have too much time on my hands)


    Anyway.. I was researching information on the ouija board and I've always been skeptical about it. I saw that the prices range from about $15-$30. I was watching videos of people disproving it and finally came to my senses. As a 21 year old man, I am VERY CHEAP. I hate to spend money. And if there's anything I hate more than SPENDING money is WASTING money. I came to my senses and now I'm laughing at myself for even thinking about buying a cardboard game, only to end up talking to this cardboard and having it not reply.. Then I'll be sitting there looking stupid and angry about wasting my money on a kid's game.

  2.   Some of you know that I volunteer for a sort of advocacy group, mostly focusing on lower income and illegal workers, both legal and illegal.  For over a year now, it has mostly been about prostitution, homelessness, unemployment, the usual thing one thinks about when one thinks about these things.

      But things have changed.  And the change is scary.  I am scared.  I am seeing it happen, right in front of me, real-time.

      Two weeks ago, I received a call that a woman I know who has been working as a housemaid in the U.S. for 14 years had been arrested by ICE and was going to be deported.  I had to go pick up her children at her home, because the children had been taught not to open the door for strangers, and that the people outside were police officers did absolutely nothing to reassure them.  The only reason they came out for me was because they knew me personally, and because I convinced the Child Welfare lady to send the cops away.

      Here's the thing:  The Child Welfare lady let me take the children.  She let me take them to someone else I knew who was an acquaintance of the arrested lady.  I'm not sure how many of you have ever worked with Child Welfare, but they don't do that sort of thing without knowing every little detail about it.  Most of them truly do care about the welfare of the children.  And, I suspect that is why the lady let me take care of them.  Because wherever she was meant to take them, she decided that the kids would be in a better place where I took them.

      What about their mother?  She was arrested at the police station.  She was there because she was filling out a witness report to a crime she saw happening to someone else.  I'm still working with the legal rep.  They want to deport her to Mexico.  She's from Venezuela.  She's currently in a cell with a woman who shot another woman over a boyfriend.  At least that woman has a different bar regarding what should be considered illegal behavior.

      Some people here like to argue politics as a hobby.  They like to think of these things theoretically.  They don't think they do, heck, they have even sometimes convinced themselves they really sincerely care about the topic, and that they are personally affected by it.  But here's the thing:  How are you being affected?  What have you seen?  What has affected you personally?

      Last week, I was talking to the pastor at a little church.  He needed advice on the tunnels he was digging out of his church to a nearby building.  He wanted to make sure his safe room was safe and hidden.  Why?  Because sometimes, homeless immigrants came into the church seeking shelter, or simply because they needed spiritual support, and since they did, ICE decided to wait by the watering hole, to catch and question them on the way out.

      Do you understand what is happening in this country, right now?  Churches are building escape tunnels.

      What for?  Is it just so they can avoid the front door and then carry on happily in that neighborhood?  No.  Once you are targeted, you need to get out of the country.  Not the neighborhood, not state, the country.  Because ICE doesn't give a damn about you or your family.  They will separate you and send you to Mexico, and if that rips you away from your kids, oh well, you will catch them later probably, or not.

      Canada is receiving refugees from America.  Refugees from America.  Let that sink in.  People are so scared of their families being torn apart by American law enforcement, that they are hiding in tunnels and traveling across the entire freaking country to escape to Canada.  They are literally crossing deserts and snow fields, at night, to escape.

      That is what America has become.  A country of hidden rooms and tunnels to protect refugees.  Of Child Welfare agents willing to look the other way, so that families have a chance of staying together.  Last week, American citizens were required to show their citizenship papers to get off a plane that had neither departed nor landed from a foreign country.  Muhammad Ali Jr, and his Grandmother were approached by LEO and questioned about their religion.  Do you think that having legal papers will save you?  The president signed an EO that detained legal visa and green card holders.  This is not about having the legal papers.  That's just the excuse.

      What is it going to take?  What is your cut-off?

      If the private prison corporations start building temporary camps for illegal immigrants, is that going to be okay?  Beats putting them in actual jails, right?  We don't want to be uncivilized about this.

      How about we use those camps for marijuana users as well?  Sure, the government is talking about going after marijuana users as well, but they aren't criminals, right?  They would be safer in camps, rather than prisons, right?

      Where is your line, people?  Where?

      Are you willing to carry and show your papers on demand, like the people on that plane did?  That happened.  It isn't theoretical.  It happened.

     Are you willing to be questioned about your religion?  It is happening.  Right now, as we speak, there are police officers questioning people on the suspicion of being Muslim.  Where is your line?

      There are secret safe houses for good people who are trying to keep their families together.  There are secret escape tunnels to keep those people away from law enforcement trying to send them away to a country they may or may not be a citizen of.  That's happening.

      It may not happen to you.  If you are white, it won't happen.  But maybe it'll happen to a friend of yours.  Maybe you don't even remember that they aren't white, just because you've know them for so long, and their race just isn't an issue with you.  How involved are you?  How much in danger are you?  Is it just politics, or is it actually a part of your life?

      When I went to talk to the housekeeper, ICE demanded to see proof of my citizenship.  I was born in California.  I have an Associates, a Bachelors, and a Masters degree.  I served as both enlisted, and as an officer, in the U.S. Navy.  I have fought in two wars for this country.  None of that mattered.  The only reason I was approached and questioned was because my skin is brown.  The only reason I was not detained was because my day job is with a federal analyst group, my boss outranks the ICE captain.

    This isn't politics for me.  This is my daily life.  I get stopped.  I get questioned.  I get detained.  People I know are having their families torn apart.  People I know are trying to escape the country.  And people, like the pastor at the church, and the lady from Child Welfare, they also know things are happening, and they are doing what they can to help.  They knew where the line was, and when that line was crossed, they took action.

    What's your line?  Have you even thought about it?

  3. Ufo Believer
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    So...hello everyone! I have been away...very away from this site for some reason. I can't actually remember why, but it was probably just on my own accord. How's everyone been doing these past 5+ years I've been away? The site looks nice and all, and from what I remember of it, it looks almost the same really.


    So, I've been doing ok. I've started college and I've been trying to get on with what I need to do and sometimes, life comes back around hard. I really used to love this place and for some reason, I left. But hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things and get back to making posts and all of that good stuff. Not sure what else to say, but I hope people do remember me from back then posting here, but if you don't, Hey! :) I hope to get re-acquainted with the site and post some stuff and whatnot. Hello to all those new members that I don't know and Hello to those of you who remember me from back then. 

  4. Serenity Moonlight: Therian Life

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     Hello, hello yes, I am back finally ( even though no one probably looks forward to me posting stuff on her ). But I am back and I have had some fun since I've been off this site, not saying that this site is fun to look at. I have had some troubling times too, especially with school, but I won't go into that. My therian life has been going well, except for the explaining. I have had to ekplain to my mom and cousin what a therian is, my mom gets it pretty well and is chill with me being a therian but I will have to explain more to her as time goes on. My cousin says it makes no sense which makes me pretty sad, and she believes in Greek gods and that they control the things that they empower, so me and my friend will have to explain more to her, mainly my friend because he has been a therian for 11 years. There is just an update on my life, and my therian life. Signing out ~Serenity Moonlight

  5. Debs

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    The saying goes...the higher trees get more wind. Well,.let me tell's not the wind that bothers is the items carried by the wind that is getting me under. 

    I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to most of the situations I come across, and I try to the best of my ability to be fair and just in my actions. Tonight I am sad, I was just sad. 

    People I have not wronged in any way is spreading vicious rumours. So bad that It could ruin my marriage.  The marriage I am not worried bout cause it's not true,(the rumours) and I am honest with my partner about the rumours,  but I am seriously doubting the integrity of human kind.

    I hate that feeling of absolute sadness that has filled my soul. My brain tells me to get angry and fight these allegations with fire, the joke of the matter? Rumours started when I got the promotion... And the dude that is part of the rumours is not the one that recommended me for the promotion.  Irony...

    So yeah...I fell into this :td: feeling and I can't shake it. I am suppose to feel:angry: and take this bull by the horns, yet all I feel is sad and disgusted with human kind.

  6. starringsuzanne

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  7. Unexplained symptoms

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    I want to write down an experience that may be paranormal. It mystifies me still and more information has eluded me. 

    So to start out, I had this odd dream where the earth by my house cracked open. Well several dreams would show the same crack getting bigger, so in the last dream it showed the crack several inches wide and several feet deep. Well in the last few dreams there is also this odd spider. It's orange and teal. The back is a pyramid with the under side of the spider having a stinger. This stinger is more of a spike.

    Okay whatever right. It's just a dream. So I end up moving to a different city. After a couple of years, I dream of this same exact spider. In the dream it stabs me through the hand. Then I kill it. No biggie, just a dream. So I wake up go through my week and start having these odd episodes. (Actually part of the reason I was gone for awhile) In my mind I was different phrases being repeated. My body would heat up and I would have this paralyzing feeling.  The more I fought it, the worse the symptoms would get. Afterwards I would have a severe headache and would feel a bit weak. For awhile it would happen once to twice a week. Soon I noticed that I couldn't remember certain things. Apparently I did this or that, or I would forget the subject we were just talking about.

    During one of these episodes, I had suddenly decided to imagine a cave of crystals and the symptoms immediately stopped. I felt my mind was safe in my little cave.

    After researching, all I can come up with is that it may have been some odd seizure. So what do you guys think?

  8. preacherman76
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    I've kinda become consciously aware of some things lately. These are things I'd normally keep to myself, but I get this strange vibe that there are some folks who might benefit from hearing about it. Have you ever tried to just observe yourself? What I mean is have you ever examined what you think about over a whole day? The things you spend time worrying about? Or being angry about? Being happy about? I think if you had, what you'd find is you spend the vast majority of your time chasing phantoms. At least that's what I've discovered about myself. We are either worrying about things we have no control over, or trying to put out the fires of our past.

    Rarely are our brains even present. When you really think about it, what kind of way is that to live? Why forsake the beauty in each individual moment for things that either no longer even exist, or there isn't anything we can do about it anyway? How much more could a person accomplish if they were in fully consciousness in every moment, instead of shooting or dodging little arrows from or towards things that might as well not even exist?

    If you are feeling me at all here. If there is anything I've said that strikes a cord with you. I'd like it if you could just do a little experiment. Close your eyes, heck even lay right down on the floor and imagine you are dead. You literally have 3 minutes left of conscious thought. after that it is over, you will be no more. Really try and sell it to yourself. Visualize it.

    What do you do with that 3 minutes? I don't claim to have any idea what it is you'd find important in those last 3 minutes. Maybe you'd spend your time trying to connect with God. Maybe you'd want to share with family. What ever it is you'd decide to think about, chances are you'd easily find the things that are truly important to you. More importantly you'd know the things that are not.  You'd find the things you should have had your full attention on this whole time.

    Congratulations you are now resurrected. Its a miracle. And now with a new sense of what's important. With the wisdom that often never occurs to us till we lay on our death bed.   Your second chance starts right now. Your path is now much more clear. But will you walk it?


    Thanks for reading folks

    God Bless



  9. The republicans fought Obama's agenda where it diverged from their principles. I fully expect the Dems to do the same and when it is done on real principles, I have no problem with it.  We are 340 million, very diverse human beings with different needs and wants.  The reason this country became so successful is that we have, before now, always managed to find common ground.  Even when the Republicans began the long fight against Obama, it was AFTER he humiliated his former opponent, McCain, by telling him publicly that the campaign was over and that HE won.  He never ONCE after that, attempted to reach across the aisle and make common cause with them on anything.  Even then, they gave him 7 of his critical cabinet picks without fighting because that was always the tradition.  That wasn't done out of respect for Obama, it was in respect for our country and its new president.  For the next two years at least, Trump has the power to make huge strides in changing policy.  I said it right after the election and inauguration, Trump will only remain president for four years if he keeps his promises as best he can and is relentless in making his case daily to his supporters.  If they ever turn against him in any substantial percentage, the Republican elite will shank him like Brutus.  Count on it.  McCain and Graham are already sharpening the blades.  Until that happens, though, Trump will beat every attempt to stop him OR even to cause him to change tack.  The hystaters on the Left will pull out all the stops.  He will be investigated by large numbers of individuals and any slightest bit of potential dirt will be magnified and shouted from the electronic rooftops and it will do ZERO good for their cause.  Trump is untouchable as long as he does his best to keep his promises.

    I said all that to say this.... this behavior is unprecedented in the era of modern communication.  UNPRECEDENTED.  I think Trump should, regardless how nasty the SC nominee is treated, reach out in a reasonable way and offer the senators who are up for re-election some positive legislation for the country that can help them at home in 2018.  If he does that early, he should be able to expect some help from them on his agenda.  If they refuse then he should not look back and he should push his agenda without apologies.  He is not Satan or Hitler, he is a guy who is phenomenally placed to make a real difference for Americans who believe in traditional values without HATING our fellow citizens who are not comfortable with them.  America is changing and it will be dramatically different within a few decades.  If the agendas of the Left and its extreme fringes attempt to force their ideology on the other half of the nation, if they refuse to work peacefully with the current government and especially if they become violent in their protestations, this great nation could easily fall into a new Civil war.  It won't be about enslaved racial groups or State's Rights.  It will be fought in every state, county and town.  It will split families.  It will be a bloody conflict between those who are willing to work and produce, versus those who simply demand from the public treasury.  One side will be armed and know very well how to use them.  The other will depend on law enforcement and the national military to enforce the whim of a rogue government they have managed to set in place.  The hystaters will fail miserably and many citizens all over the country will die.  In the aftermath, our nation will be severely weakened but this may be what is necessary to bring the Progs back into reality and back to a place where they are willing to help build and stop tearing down.  I pray we can avoid this but I see no way any longer. 

    I'd like some feedback if anyone can do and remain civil.  Thanks!

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  10. StarMountainKid
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    InterGalacticNews: Today the Zarvorians have barred the Galian Slime Eel species from entering their Sovereignty. President Slovigard stated, “We have enough slime on our planet already. Their religion rejects our God, The Divine Ogilvy, Who every civilized being knows is the only True God of the Universe. And besides, these creatures scare little children with their outlandish dress and appalling eating habits.”

    Odd this comes just as Trump’s immigration ban is ordered. There are some similarities between our President Trump and President Slovigard of Zarvoria it seems. More news of the Galaxy may follow.
  11. Shade

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    Okay so the weirdest thing happened to me today. I was painting a color wheel.


    I had to crop it so it can fit

    Anyways. a couple minutes after I was done I heard that wierd sound that everybody was freaking out about. The one that you hear coming from the sky and it sounds like trumpets or a giant metal table scooting across the floor.  It didn't go on for 20mins like the videos on YouTube it only was approximately 10+ seconds. This was around 8-10pm my phone was dead so I couldn't put it up immediately.

    (Just go search up a video on YouTube "wierd sounds coming from the sky" if you don't know)

    The only other person in the house was my brother and he was wearing headphones.

    I don't have anything near my house that could make that sound tho. No trains, no highways, no construction.




  12. eviltrump.png

    Manfreddy, all those things you say about Trump are true. He is going to cause the world markets to collapse, going to ban the internet, and going to imprison all foreigners including those not in America, basically the whole world will be in prison under his regime.


    Also let us not forget he wants to take away healthcare even from those who don't have any.


    Under Donald Trumpsfield there will be mass torture for prisoners of war. All those poor journalist under his War on Media will be stripped of their first amendment rights and kicked out of the White House press room during the middle of a nuclear winter.


    And to top it off after he depopulates the planet he will totally dismantle our defense industry and even our armed forces. There will be trillions of soldiers without jobs and quadrillion munition factories will have to lay off all their workers including those in Mexico.


    He is a charlatan who claimed he can bring back Jobs. But I am here to tell you Steve Jobs is dead and Trump cannot actually perform resurrections.


    I also know the reason why so few people were actually at the inauguration. Trump supporters, or Trumpheads as they are known, are actually inbred cannibals and had to eat each other because his transition team is so bad they did not even plan for having enough taco trucks to feed the masses.


    Donald Dump is a joke and instead of focusing on issues that matter like Kim Kardasian he would rather make threats against Kim Jong-un.


    Finally believe it or not your president (not mine) is a paid actor because as we all know reality shows are scripted. I even have proof. Just google The Apprentice. I think it was a pottery contest and every time someone finished using the kiln he would say, "You're fired."


    I also think all those pottery pieces were Made in Indonesia or Kenya along with his clothes line. And the hypocrite had the gall to say the same thing about Obama!

  13. third_eye
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    The index so far

    1) pocket of poems ~ 10 poems

    2) pocketful of poems ~ 10 poems

    3) a pool of poems ~ 10 poems

    4) an eye of poems ~ 10 poems

    5) a shadow of poems ~ 10 poems

    6) a petal of poems ~ 10 poems

    7) a painting of poems ( updated September 27 2015)


     ~ Shorts and Rags


  14. first off I got to say 2016 was a hell of a year and in my opinion horrible. It wasn't the politics or anything else it was just that so many people died this year. Especially people I admire such as David Bowie. I always listened to his songs on the radio when I was a child and I liked them growing up and knowing he died makes me feel sad. I liked him especially since he collaborated with Arcade Fire which was awesome how they played Wake up, which also is one of my favorite bands. I just hope 2017 doesn't have so many deaths this time.

  15. As long as I keep waking in the morning I'll keep moving right along.

    There's no sense in sitting sulking over what did not become.

    All the points where it would have been fun if someone had of seen it my way, but their not doing so having kept me from living out dreams. 

    They only serve to keep me miserable. 

    Tomorrow I'll see a new potential outcome that might come to fruition. 

    It'll be fun tending it, believing in it, and trying to make it reality. 

    Maybe it'll work out for me : maybe it won't. 

    Maybe the success and each subsequent one after will catapult me to the top of the world. 

    Maybe I'll just wind up needing words similar to these to help pick me back up and keep me moving forward. 

    Who knows?

    Ultimately, it's really not all up to me. 

    But, as long as I keep waking in the morning I'll keep moving right along.

  16. She never wants me. 


    She wants anyone. 

    She takes me when Prince Charming is with somebody else. 

    I'll always fail to be good enough for her though. 

    She was the object of my affection, fascination, obsession. 

    The right word for it depends on the phase in life. 

    No matter how it's described at the end of the day living happily ever after with her has been one of if not my biggest goals. 

    I've grown tired of fighting like cats and dogs. 

    With her. 

    With the world after she can't stand it, and subsequently needs me to tell it to change. 

    I get it she's too good for her life, and deserves better. 

    I'm done being in her way, and keeping her from having it.

    I wish her the best. 

    Will somebody wish me the strength necessary to not bend to her will when she tries to settle for putting up with me after the cover of the book on the fairy tale ends up looking funner than the story inside actually is; because the kingdoms green grass has to be maintenanced, and it just so happens to take work from all parties even the princess. 

    I've always been putty in her hands. 

    She's always taken full advantage of it. 

    They say if you love something let it go. 

    If it comes back it loves you too.

    What do they say about it coming back then wanting to leave again?


    It always comes back. 

    While gone it's looking for the same thing it wants from me. 

    Too much! 

    Is there a point where it's okay to say these doors are no longer open to it?

    How does one make themselves mean it?

  17. A blog, huh.

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    The Gravetard Crow

    Strange days have found us... He is here once again.. A man with no face wearing a very worn out mask... He has no name but he goes by The Graveyard Crow. The more you think about him, the closer he gets to you, ready to remove your eyeballs with his own fingers.

    His house is next to a cemetery where a lot of people reside in there, underneath the dirt... Some are alive and screaming and trying to get out but completely out of strength and with their bodies disfigured by the Graveyard Crow and his "playful" nature. He likes to remove eyeballs, cut the limbs and cut open the stomach. This man knows no boundaries he does as he pleases. Nobody has ever identified him. Don't forget to not think about him, the more you do... the closer he gets to you.

    Death is a mercy that you will not face if you're caught by the Graveyard Crow.

  18. Mystical

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  19. i have a tumblr

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    Maybe I could post some comics on here, doodles about me. They'd just be little sketches, stories about my life and things I think about. Maybe.

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    Misc.: Just talking to myself and a few entities in the states. Apx.: moment was,18:35 Thursday,October/13/2016


    ============================================= sig.

    Oh quaint apropos, truly a plethora of colloquial platitudes abound. --As of yet UNKNOWN!;D
    I don't approve of political jokes; I have seen too many of them get elected.—Jon Stewart
    There is nothing impossible to him who will try.—Alexander the Great circa/around or about /Apx.: 333 B.C.
    Keep the dangerous close.

  20. On September 22nd, 2016, I finally got my wisdom teeth removed.  I wish I had done this when I was younger, as when I was a teen, I didn't have high blood pressure or other issues.  In August my blood pressure at the oral surgeon's office was too high, so I had modify my diet, so it was in an acceptable range.  Early September it was acceptable, so I finally made an appointment.  I don't remember much that day. 

    I remember taking a medication to sedate me.  When my friend arrived, I felt very tired.  I remember going into the Dr. Office, getting into the chair and having the IV put in my right hand.  I then remember being told I could go home and then I remember eating a chocolate Wendy's frosty.   I felt okay.  I slept very well.  I called my brother twice and didn't remember.  

    I didn't have a lot of numbness in my face or lips and it went away very quickly.  I did have pain, some of it off and on that was bad.  

    It will be 3 weeks tomorrow.  For several days I had soups and liquids and probably did so longer than I had to but I'm older.  I haven't yet started eating chewy, crunchy food or hard candy. 

    I also haven't sip out of straw and will wait another week before doing so, again, probably longer than I had to.  

    I was concerned about dry socket which is a very painful  if you have the misfortune of getting it.  Thankfully, I didn't get it.  



  21. Zylotta

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    I used the PC game Spore to create a reasonable construction of a Zylottan, what do you think? I had to make some compromises, there's no webbed and clawed hand, so I had to make due with webbed.








  22. Premonition or anxiety?

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    Lately, I've been having a gut feeling that someone (a specific person) is going to pass away, in a very specific way.  I had a dream about it at first, only one.  I thought about it, then forgot about it, as I am not afraid of death for myself or others.  However, the gut feeling started coming up during the day about a week later while this person was away and it was my first thought when that person wasn't home or didn't make it home in time.  This passed last week.  Now, starting last night, it randomly came back like a huge wave crashing, but much more heightened than it had been in the past.  It is now a constant nagging feeling in my gut that this person is going to pass, and there is no way I can help.  I am wondering if this is a premonition that gets more and more intense as I get closer to the event or if it has just become a form of anxiety. 

  23. Crypto Social

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    I always wonder this. There are thousands of Bigfoot sightings going centuries into the past. More happen now, I'm sure, because of population increase and urban sprawl. But I ALWAYS wonder about the other half of the coin here: the hoaxer. 

    • Why do you do it? 
    • How much time are you willing to invest into the hoax?
    • How much money are you willing to pay for a suit? 

    It's ridiculous once you start rabbit-hole thinking about their motivations and desires for the hoax. Sometimes it turns out really bad: like the guy who got run over by a 15 year old girl on the highway while dressed as Sasquatch. Sometimes it just makes you laugh your ass off, like with this weird monkey dummy thing someone threw into a swamp. And sometimes it is clearly just for financial gain, like with Rick Dyer carting a fake Bigfoot in a freezer all over the country charging $5 a  pop for a viewing. 

    Is there really some kind of weird secret society out there? I really really want to jump into this topic more. I think I might put this into deep research.  You know, I look at what many people consider to be a compelling bigfoot video like the Patterson/Gimlin footage and I'm just shocked at the potential amount of time and effort that a small group of people are willing to dedicate to this bizarre hobby. 

    Do you hoax?