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  2. DigitalDreamer
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    I see these old blog entries riddled with depression and anger,And i don't even recognize that guy! 


    I've grown firm and hardened to the worlds attempts at kicking me while i'm down and hoping that i won't get up,Now i can see through the thunderstorms and can appreciate them.The cleansing they provide,the darkness ever so temporary until pierced by the sun rays of mushrooms and psychedelic awakening.



  3.   Chapter 13 Pic.jpg  

         Still surrounded by the pin-point lights, Cloney asks, “What are these strange lights, Zerak?

         “I don’t know. They’re all around us, but they don’t seem to be doing any harm. They’re like tiny stars.”

         “They are the portents of the Values,” Zarkor says, still in his trance. “They will guide us safely to the Depository. Within their enclosure we are hidden from the guards.”

         Our three heroes glide on. As they approached ever closer to the mysterious glow ahead, Cloney exclaims, “Look! Even this close it’s still just a wispy blaze of light! Where’s the Depository?”

        “I don’t know, Cloney,” Zerak replies. “I don’t understand.”

         Zarkor, withdrawing somewhat from his trance, says, “You two must wait here. You will be safe within the lights. I must go on alone.”

         Zerak turns to Zarkor in surprise. “Alone? Why, Zarkor? I thought we were in this together.”

         “Because this is the will of the Values,” Zarkor replies. “Only I am in telepathic contact with them, only I can be guided by them to accomplish the task at hand, to free the Values forever. Do not worry, I will return safely. Trust in the wisdom of the Values.”

         Zerak and Cloney are silent as Zarkor in his Safety Cube drifts slowly away toward the glowing brightness beyond. When Zarkor is finally out of sight in the great nothingness, Zerak turns to Cloney.

         “We’ll have to trust in the Values and in Zarkor, Cloney,” he says. “There’s nothing else we can do. It’s up to Zarkor now.”

         “I don’t like this,” Cloney says, peering into the darkness after Zarkor. “Zarkor all by himself is a danger to himself, and probably to us as well. I’m afraid he’ll get himself in mischief and we’ll have to rescue him!”

         Suddenly Zarkor’s Safety Cube can be seen returning to Zerak and Cloney. “He’s coming back!” Cloney exclaims. “He probably got scared and needs our help after all.”

         When Zarkor has reached his two friends, he turns his Safety Cube to face Zerak and Cloney.

    “I thought you were going to free the Values,” Zerak says. “What happened?”   

         Now completely out of his trance, Zarkor is angry. “This is impossible! They’re still arguing! First they want me to come to them alone, then they change their minds and tell me to wait until they’ve made a unanimous decision! I’m tired of all this drifting about listening to all their stupid clatter! These Values still can’t decide on any reasonable plan of escape. It’s useless.”

         “I though they knew what they were doing all along,” says Zerak.

         “They’re still debating among themselves,” Zarkor says in frustration. “It’s confusing, telepathically listening to their pointless discussions. They can’t make up their minds about anything! I’m going to confront these so-called Supervisors myself,” he says finally. “My superior intellect will be more than a match for their puny minds. After all, they’re all just accountants and stuff, right? Supervisors, indeed! From what the Values tell me, their all incompetent fools. They say it’s always been a mess in that Depository. One of them is always escaping then being recaptured. These so-called Supervisors keep loosing track of who’s there and who’s missing. That’s why thru need that Sentinel and all those stupid guards!

         “The Values are smart enough to escape sometimes,” Cloney offers timidly.

         “Yeah, but they don’t know where to go when they do! They just wander about aimlessly until some guard spots them and then they’re brought back. Stupid. That’s why I’m going to take matters into my own.”

         “But what about the Vulgarians?” Cloney asks fearfully.

         “I’ll deal with them, too,” Zarkor states definitely. “I’ve met Vulgarians before once, or who they said they were. This Vulgarian guy was all fierce talking at first, but I soon put him in his place. In the end he was apologizing to me for the mess they made of this Universe!”

         Zerak and Cloney stared at Zarkor in wonder. “You met a Vulgarian?” Zerak asked, bewildered.

         “Sure!” Zarkor says proudly, and even in his Safety Cube they could see him puff himself up. “It’s when I bought that classic ship from Cousin Billy’s Pawn Shop, remember? I met this guy, Mr. Brain in a diner, and we went to this Vulgarian Outpost and I gave that stupid Vulgarian a good talking too.”

         “You never mentioned that to me,” Zerak says.

         Zarkor looks a little pale. “Well, for some reason you didn’t want me to fly that ship. You said it was junk, that Cousin Billy cheated me. Well, it wasn’t and he didn’t. It was a classic space ship, real old world craftsmanship. I still have it, in fact, tucked away on the planet. Needs a little maintenance now, I’ll admit, but it’s spaceworthy. It’s a classic!”

         Zerak turned and looks at Cloney, then back to Zarkor. “Maybe we should wait until the Values finally make up their minds,” he says cautiously. “We don’t really know enough about all this to make any real decisions, do you think?”

         “Nonsense,” Zarkor snarls. “You two wait here, I’ll straighten all this out. My infallible intuition tells me all I have to do is use my superior intelligence on these inferior species, these so-called Supervisors. And if any Vulgarian interferes, I’ll deal with him, too.”

         With that, Zarkor quickly glides ay from Zerak and Cloney, not looking back.

         “Do you think we should follow him?” Cloney asks. “I just know he’s going to get himself into trouble, and probably us with him.”

         Zerak turns once again at the distant glow. “Perhaps,” he muses. “But there‘s more to Zarkor than you know, you being so young and all. I have some confidence he’ll succeed better than we may think.”

         Cloney looks at Zerak doubtfully. “Maybe, but I know Zarkor, too. I’m the one who had to save him on our Adventure on the Next Continent, remember? I just hope his Dumb Luck Implant is up and running. I have a feeling he’ll need it.”


         Zarkor, all alone now, continues his glide toward the glowing mist ahead. After a while he spots a solid structure within the brilliant filaments of light. “That must be where the stupid Supervisors are,” he says to himself. Altering his course, he heads for a large silver globe to the side of the bright filaments.

         Zarkor drifts around the globe until he spots what he considers an entranceway. Gliding up to it, he telekinetically knocks on the metal door. After a moment, a voice from inside yells out, “Who’s there?!”

         “It’s me, Zarkor,” Zarkor answers. “Let me in!”

         “Who?” The interior voice asks.

         “Zarkor!” Zarkor shouts impatiently. “Let me in or I’ll blow the door open!”

         There is confused shuffling heard from inside. “What do you want?” The voice says, then it adds, “Go away!”

         “You better let me in, whoever you are!” Zarkor shouts at the door. “You’re in big trouble! I’m on a mission from the Galactic Council, and if you don’t want to be arrested right away you better open up!”

         There is momentary silence from inside. Then Zarkor hears some confused conversations. “Well?” He shouts.

         More confused exchanges from the interior.  Finally a voice yells out, “The Supreme Council has no authority over us!”

         “Oh no? If you don’t want Council battle ships to arrive, open this stupid door!” Is Zarkor’s response.

         There is a squeaking sound as the outer door of the silver globe slowly begins to open. “That’s better,” Zarkor says as he drifts inside the airlock. The outer door closes and air hisses into the chamber. The inner door then swings wide and Zarkor is confronted by three Humanoid Supervisors.

         Looking at the three, Zarkor mutters, “I should have known, Humans.”























  4. blog-0544041001463671897.jpeg(( this little story or whatever you wanna call it is gonna have a lot of swearing in it so if you don't like people who swear or can't stand it as it is, you can stop reading now even though the words are bleeped out.)) ((there may be more than one part))

    Almost three years ago, I met you, and you met me. It felt like a sigh of relief, the world being thrown off my shoulders. You felt like a pain pill that took it all away. Everyday we would meet outside on the sidewalk and then go into the back field. You were such an amazing friend, though there were times where your mom was a b****, yet I ignored her, you were one of the only things that mattered to me.

    I remember your 14th birthday party, I still remember all your friends that I may never see again.

    I still remember how your friend showed me "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Time". She was the main person who got me into the fandom and kept watching theories and videos about the series. I remember how we made videos and made parody videos that were ******* hilarious and made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants.

    Then things started to change, your mom started to act more of a b****, and you started texting me less. What happened, where did you go, why were you ignoring me? I still don't know to this day. You invited me to a New Year's Eve party and I agreed to go, you never texted me after that. I texted you that I was ready to come over, you said you didn't see me as a friend because I ignored you? Really? You're the one who didn't text me that past week.

    After the New Year party, you came up to me like a little child and started crying and asking ((forcing)) me for forgiveness, so I gave in. Oh boy, was I an idiot.

    Part 2 coming tomorrow or Monday

  5. I do not remember having this episode but my partner told me when the alarm went off.

    She said I had awoken and my eyes were wide open, my body was vibrating and looking at the fan. She said i was making weird gasping noises. She said I turned the light on by my bedside and pointed at the fan. When she asked me what is wrong. I replied "the fan is falling on us".

    When she told me i am dreaming i looked at her annoyed and rolled over and went back to sleep but left the bedside lamp on.

  6. myABBAsheart
    Latest Entry

    Do you remember my tree? It was strong and steady. It was something I always could count on. It was not so much a secret as it was smack dab in the front yard of my home. However, it was mine and no one could understand or feel it's beauty as much as could. I had other issues that I discussed with this tree. It was a place I was able to let go of my worries, I felt great every time I put my thoughts at the foot of this tree.

    When I was in the fifth grade, I had a teacher that loved my brother, whom he taught a couple years earlier. He was happy to have me because he stated that my brother was smart and I probably was too. I knew I was slipping big time. My heart was just consumed with things. I felt disconnected. I knew we were barely hanging on and our home life was day by day. We also lived in a run down area and had what is known as a welfare hotel next door to us. I had ALOT of fears and insecurities. I was scared of everything. There was always some sort of direct or indirect crime that targeted the area. You really could not walk down the street without watching your back. However, with that there was something protecting our street and there was that sense of community to look out for each others children. We made the rounds in our street. There were the elderly, whom we made sure we visited promptly after school. They loved all of us, and they rewarded us kindly with candy to keep us coming back. We did, but it was not for the candy. One of the homes, were owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ryan. He would hand out Blow-pops to us. They had gum inside and were awesome. When he died, we all went to his funeral. The neighborhood kids placed Blow-pops in his jacket pocket. Mrs. Ryan hugged us and sobbed. They really did mean the world to us. We made sure to still keep visiting her.

    There was a sense of evil around us. Remembering what I felt, there seemed to be a battle between good and evil. We found comfort in each other as neighbors; a street that consisted of over twenty homes. We knew each and everyone that lived on our street. We knew when we something was not right and we were taught to keep alert. We were almost kidnapped, we were stalked, and we did at some point get the crap kicked out of us for having something that someone else wanted. Our house was vandalized on Halloween. I laugh at it now, I just remember not understanding why someone would be so cruel as to smash my pumpkins that I carved. I hated Halloween ever since. We knew what drugs were, we knew what stolen goods were as well. The game was to see how much we stolen items we could find around the block. Our houses were broken into, arson, and we could not play at the park across the way at the lake. It instantly became polluted with leftover drug needles and paraphernalia. I went to sleep every night to the sound of gang fights and watching the view from my bedroom window of the VFW having bonfires. It really became a place for motorcycle gangs to hang out and party. The FBI used my room to stakeout and investigate a murder. It just so happened that we were at my fathers when this occurred. Scary thing is, my brother and I went exploring back there one day, I thought I saw a body against our fence. Wild imagination....who knows!

    I loved being outside. We did not have television, or video games. We were sent outside until that street light came on. I enjoyed being outside and feeling free. I hated school. I felt lost and confused, my head hurt when I was there. I just wanted nothing more than to be with my mother. The more I was at school, the more I became lost. I loved art class, and my fifth grade teacher would play the piano for us throughout our day. Those things I loved. I felt alone at times and not really understood, in as much as not feeling worthy. My teacher seemed like he was good. He noticed my daydreaming. He noticed I was not interested. He tried in his own way. He nicknamed me "airplane". He laughed at me to get the other kids to laugh at me and pull me out of myself. I would just sit and smile. I hated every second of it.

    He was nothing like the teacher in my third grade, who loved me and understood me. She was my favorite teacher whom said I was different and made me feel special. She would separately pull me up to her desk during assignments and help me one-one. She listened and cared. One day she did not come back. She was sick. We had another teacher, whom I could not connect too because I would not allow myself to get close to anyone. I was hurt and felt abandoned. I would send notes and tell the substitute to pass messages to her. I for some reason cannot remember my teachers name. My brain works that way, I remember every detail of her manners and face. Not so much her name.. She was my favorite teacher though and she allowed me to finally look forward to school. She saw potential and saw me differently. She always hugged me and gave me kisses on my head. She took so much hurt away. However, she got sick a lot. We were told that one day she would be there when in fact she go too sick to come back. I look forward to hearing updates on her. I was so excited to hear her come back to school after Christmas holidays. I could not wait. She never came back. I remember the last thing she wore. was devastated. The updates stopped coming. I asked one day and we were only told she was very sick. We were told that she loved us so much. I remember thinking all kinds of things. The substitute pulled me up to her desk after class one day. Told me that my teacher had spoke a lot about me. The substitute (instantly blocked her name) told me that my teacher loved me and that if I needed anything to ask her. I was so hurt, and pushed her away. I was just a kid feeling and did not understand. It was a hard year and I just stopped trying. The substitute won us over in time. I told her at one point that I thought she was a great teacher, although deep down I knew she could not compare to my favorite teacher. What I did see, is her understanding our feelings and helping us all through this. and towards the end of the year, I opened up to her. She did hug me and told me how she appreciated me sharing with her. I knew my teacher would not be returning. I am not sure I knew that she died of cancer in the middle of the school year. I was not told the details until years later. Funny, I felt her prayers when she was sick. I felt her presence over our classroom. She was a great teacher and loved children. My fifth grade teacher was nothing like her. He antagonized me and made me feel like I was stupid .I will never forget the name of my fifth grade teacher, because I despised him.

    I would hide everyday under my tree and just let my heart flow again. I knew there was something in me that needed help. I pleaded to my tree to help the adults of this world understand what is going on the minds of children like me, especially those children who just can't. There was a child I had known through the years in elementary school. He was severely hyper and would just eat everything even if it was not food. No one knew what was wrong with him. I used to sit and just watch him. I would also talk to him time to time, and sometimes I could not because he was like a rubber bouncing ball that got loose from your grip. It was hard to contain him once he was in this mode. The thing was, he was typical at times. I knew about handicaps and mentally retarded individuals, I went to visit my new aunt in her facility. She had TB and became mentally handicapped from loss of oxygen as a child. I like going to her group home. Sometimes it was hard to bare though. I went to my tree and begged my tree to allow people one day to see how children learn differently, think differently, to see what was on the inside. I begged my tree to one day change this and allow us to see it. I was told to be patient. I wanted to see it in my lifetime. That I did want.

    The pain this teacher put me through was heartbreaking. It made me cry and not want to go to school. My teacher went from what seemed like trying to pull me out, to downright cruelty. He would make the other kids point and laugh, and make them isolate me. He was ignorant as a teacher. It never occurred to him, that I have been tested for a learning disability. I had a lot of headaches, and well to be honest, was not eating properly. I had allergies then, that I know now were the cause of my spaciness. I was also consumed with hurt and emotional distress when my dad would not show up, or act like an animal towards my mother or someone else. I felt very lost and alone in school. Not one time did my teacher care how I was.

    We had open house one night at school and I was excited because my father was going to come. He told me straight to my face, that I was liar because I did not have a father. He announced it that way to the class and told the class that I was acting like an airplane again because I told everyone my father was coming. He was antagonizing and asked how that could be, I don't have a father and my mother is not married. The whole class laughed at me again. I would just take it every time. I took it again, I knew what I had, he could not touch. What he did was tell me all my brain was good for was flying around in the air full of clouds. That is all he saw in me. I saw right through him after that. I would take it and smile and nod because I knew more than he did. He wanted to dress nice and act like a hot shot, so be it. He had beady eyes and looking back reminded me of an Italian Hitler. I smiled and nodded.

    What he did not know was my mother remarried during the summer to my stepfather. I asked my stepfather to go to open house, and he said he could not. He would if he could, however he had military duties that required him to be gone Thursday to Sunday. I was hurt, but I knew he would if he could. I trusted my stepfather completely. I begged him though and he just said he could not. I understood this. I so wanted my teacher's approval. To see that I mattered too. I could not understand why my teacher hated me. My stepfather assured me that was not the case. However, I knew my brother was smart and I hated being compared to him. I hated it because my brother was mean to me too. He loved this teacher and I hated this teacher. I was told that I was the problem. I just went to class and sucked it up....besides it was only for a few months until I was away from him. I always went to my tree, I knew it understood without words.

    Open house in Elementary school was my favorite time of the year. We had our science fair and art exhibits all at the same time. I loved it and looked forward to it. I was however, not looking forward to what my teacher would tell my mom about me. I just knew I was not keeping up and could not compare to the others. I really felt inferior and intimidated. I had no confidence left either. I felt shame and hurt. I went to my desk and watched all the parents, moms and dads, be present for this. I felt alone and happy for them. I knew I had my stepfather, I did not need to prove myself to this joker. I'll just make the best of the remainder of the year. My mom left me in the classroom and she told me she would be right back. She tried to understand this teacher at times and thought I was just a deep child who was imaginative. It hurt that she could not hear my pain, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, she was the happiest I had ever seen her in such a long time. Maybe she was right...... Who would believe me anyway?

    My mother came back in with my stepfather. I was puzzled and ran to hug him. He had surprised me. He had managed to take time to come and see my brother and I. He was still in his uniform, big black boots and all. I was so touched and excited. I shot such a look at my teacher and told him, "see I do have a father". My stepfather stopped long enough to see how I was doing in school and talk with the teacher. I was not made fun of after that, not to that extent. The teacher did try and stopped himself at times. He did not stop and I just smiled and nodded at him. I knew I had something higher. I told my tree again what had happened. Happiness flooded me. Hope flooded me. My heart swelled with love. If ever I am reminded of being in fifth grade, all this comes to mind. My stepfather was like a super-hero to me. He still is!

  7. I figured I would do a blog post and a forum post for a resource some might find useful. A former professor of mine, Alex Jassen, has a website in which he has provided texts for anyone to read. This is from his website...


    Texts and Resources for the Study of Ancient Judaism

    Welcome to my Website. Here, you will find information about me, my scholarship, teaching, and public outreach activities. This site is also designed to provide a portal for online resources for the study of ancient Judaism, specifically the Second Temple period and rabbinic Judaism.

    In the Online Text Library, I have gathered together editions and translations of biblical, Second Temple, and Rabbinic texts that are available online.

    The Site also contains more general resources for students and teachers of ancient Judaism, such as bibliographies and course syllabi. I have posted my own course syllabi and assignments. Please feel free to draw upon them. I also include information regarding upcoming scholarly events I am involved in planning.

    Thank you to all those individuals who are responsible for the content on the pages linked here. Please contact me if you know of additional sites that should be included or have any general suggestions for improving the site.

    Alex Jassen

    Here is the link directly to the library. I hope some people find this helpful and useful!


  8. XHauntedPoetX's Blog

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    I'm looking for anyone who wants to share their true experience of strange unexplained or paranormal happenings. I am hunting around looking for anyone who wants to share them so that I may use their experiences for my next book.

  9. Here Be Dragons

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    blog-0606498001456733292.jpg WHEN THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU

    Remember the first things you say are

    1. I have a heart condition and

    2. I'm allergic to capsicum spray.

    This should prevent them from tasering and capsicum spraying you. It doesn't hurt to have a pair of sunnies on just in case.

    3. Remember the po po have no training in how to handle mentally ill people and frequently shoot them so try not to freak them out. Speak as calmly and rationally as you can.

    4. Get up early. This means you are less likely to be caught off guard and that you are prepared.

    5. Never carry any books

    6. Never admit that you think someone is out to get you or they will bust you for paranoia and lock you for good

    7. Always go in conscious. If you can sign yourself in, you can sign yourself out

    Points four to seven come courtesy of one of my favorite films since childhood, Bliss.

    When the police rocked up I was in the middle of a magikal ritual and my face was painted blue Braveheart style. There were candles and sigils everywhere. There were also barricades, places to fall back to, weapons stashes, etc. My psycho ex had threatened to kill me and I was ready.

    The cops were FREAKED. I told them calmly where my medications were and asked if i could pact some clothes. One officer flinched as I walked past him.

    About 5 minutes later a psychiatrist and a psych nurse entered the scene. Sure enough they looked at my book collection and art. I was asked if a picture of a girl with flames for hair had a name.

    "Do you think you can dissect me with this blunt little tool?" I thought remembering Hannibal Lecter

  10. aumaujaya's Blog

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    To be living in the present is to be blessed. When you are not, then you are. In the world everything is up and down. Man proposes something, but God blesses with something else. To live the right life, we need to knock the door of meditation. Any one, who does meditation, will have to put everything right side up.

    First! Remember always the body as totally as possible. The Original self, who is in side of the body, go on observing you as a second person. When you are walking, sitting, eating, sleeping, talking or doing anything, then remember the center, which is neither walking, nor sitting, nor eating, and nor talking. Whatever is happening is happening on the surface. When you dig deep into yourself, you will come to the world of living. If you dive more deeply into yourself beyond all doing and living, you will realize wonderfully your unbelievable and miraculous being. Be aware of the non - doer in the doing and the non - mover in the moving. Then you will come to the encounter of original face of yours on the path of golden mean.

    Never commit not unto yourself to the vicious circle of birth and death; happiness and suffering. Then you will come to know yourself as total as universe. To be desired is, to be cursed unto oneself. When you do not try to know the future life or the past life, but put yourself in the effort to know the death, then you will know yourself by experiencing the mysteries of life, which are liberating and revealing to you. The true knowing happens when you flow with the life as a dead leaf in the wind.

    The complete scientific education of materialistic world produces the hollow men. It gives nothing to you. It rather takes everything from you. The objective knowledge will only guide and lead you towards the life of cause and effect; doubt and experiment; search and seek; effort and result; suffering and non - suffering. The world creates the dead emptiness man within. Because of that dead emptiness, the unknown tension and fear is living in modern man. To day, the man is not living. But in name of living, he is dying moment to moment, before one is really born in himself.

    One should always remember one thing that man cannot live by body and mind alone; he cannot live by philosophy and science alone; he cannot live by politics, business, and family alone; and he cannot live by money and woman alone. Nowadays man's life has become an entertainment and enjoyment with the money. Until you understand the life of the inner, the outer life will become hell to you. The outer is meaningless life without the inner richness. Only the outer richness or inner richness will not give the complete and perfect life to us.

    To day the life of man is empty and become dead. He is like hollow and there is no growth in his inner life. He is totally engaged to live the outer life. That is creating a great hell of china wall around him. Whatever life you live, it grows. The outer grows only when you live the outer. The inner grows when you live the inner. The inner gives eyes and light to the outer life. The outer gives the path and enlightens the inner life. The inner life enlightens the perfection of outer life. The inner and outer lives are nothing but the life of breath. When we live the inner and outer life totally, then only our life will attain the unattainable fulfillment of ultimate flowering of life. The outward is the way of growth for the life of money, mind, and body. The inward is the way of growth for the life of grace, heart, soul, and God.

    Life goes on flowing in present. It does not wait for anybody. That is why it is impossible to know the divine intellectually and scientifically. The mind lives in time. When it thinks, it takes time. To live, time is not needed to us. But to think, You need those little symbols that look like forwards or backwards “C”s to indicate “is a member of” or “is a super set of”“Yes, credit monitoring services creates deposits,”No, loans are ONE way to create deposits. time is compulsory. The intellectual one and the scientific one live in time, but the reality is that there is no time in existence. It appears as it is because of the mind and its doubt. But the existence lives in eternity. The existence lives not in time. Only the knowledgeable, ignorant, and blind people exist in time. That's why the intellectuals deny the presence of God and love. The intellectual and the scientific ones exist either in the past or in the present. But the existence exists in the eternal Here and Now. The reality is that there is neither past nor future nor present. The mind always lives in time and works only in the circle of the dead known. That's why try to live the life out of the mind or beyond the mind. Otherwise, you will always imprison yourself. Life is not your servant and you cannot order the life because life is you. It is before your eyes as clear as the sun and as open as the flower. That’s why life never waits for you. The mind lives always missing the life. It never knows the truth that the root causes for the tension of the mind is that it is missing the life itself. So, be aware of mind, the mind of sound, and the mind of silence.

    Just live the life as simple as flower here and now spontaneously. Be a witness unto yourself, keeping awareness on the gap of breath and emptiness. The in coming future birth of breath brings the life of light. The outgoing past death of breath takes the life of cold. Between the incoming and outgoing breath of life, there is a gap. The present life of breath gives the life of warmth. When we live the life of present, then we become the divine incarnation itself.

    Do not look at life, but see the death. When you come to know the life beyond death, then you will live the true life. You will become life itself. Life is not something to live. It is something to be remembered. Death is your real Master who guides and leads you towards the ultimate enlightenment. First, know the death. Then only you will know the life. Otherwise, it is not possible to live the being of God

    My dear! Just remember one miracle mantra that is “ WHO AM I “ .Go on chanting it 24 hours. Let it become your every core and atom of your being .Then you will be answered and blessed.

    Be a stranger unto yourself. Forget the known, remember the unknown, and be the unknowable. Then you will be at the eternal home.

  11. Taken on February 7, 2016 this recent NASA images appears to show an unfinished obelisk on Mars.

    The cut block is clearly visible as is the area that has been worked around it.

    The block is precise. Level on all sides with distinct edges, and clearly stands higher than the trench around it.

    It appears to have been crafted with techniques similar to those the ancient Egyptians used when making obelisks.

    The area is littered with anomalous objects.

    As we can see it’s clearly very similar to the unfinished ancient Egyptian obelisk of Aswan.

    This image may indicate that life on Mars has taken a similar path to that of life on Earth.
  12. Is there something in our house?

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    I remember taking a nap in the bedroom around 6pm after coming home from work. It was close to 9pm when i wake up to a hard rattling of the door knob. By this time the room was already pitch black and so was the hallway. Im thinking "geez, i dont remember locking the door" so i quickly get up and open it, thinking that maybe my wife mustve been trying to get in for God knows how long. As i get close to the doorknob I see that Its unlocked. I open it and walk through the dark hallway into the kitchen where my wife is using her labtop and i ask her "What do you need?" She says she doesnt know what im talking about and i tell her what i heard. We think that maybe inwas just dreaming. But im sure i had my eyes open when i still heard the hard rattling. By this point, in the weeks prior.. we had already heard hard kitchen noises when we were in the bedroom talking. Noises like a loud movement of a heavy dish pan that was on the stove, my 2 boys 9 & 7 had claimed hearing a little girl laughing. We never thought much of all this until now. we own 2 chiwawas and they sleep in the living room, there are times when they just start barking at something during late night hours, but theres nothing there when i go and check. About 3-4wks later our youngest son is in our bedroom watching tv. While we all are chillin in the living room. When he goes and tells us to pls stop playing around moving the doorknob because he is trying to watch a show. I cant believe it! I wasnt dreaming. "I knew i wasnt dreaming" from now on we live the door open a bit and the hallway light on. But yesterday. After wife dropped off the kids at school, she came back to bed and closed the door, then she wakes me up around 9am to what sounded like a low soft knock on our bedroom door. She Wakes me up. "They're knocking the door". Im thinking its the main door, probably somebody wanting to sell something.. So i tell her.. Let them, they'll leave in a bit. "No! They are knocking our bedroom door!" She looks at me and i look back at her not knowing what to do. I pause for a bit to see if theres another knock. She says she heard whispers of a girl and a mom.. "No, they're not here.. Lets go" before waking me up. so she thought it was my mom who sometimes comes in the house when we live the front doors unlocked. I get up.. Scared not knowing if im going to find an intruder. I check every room and check the doors. Both front and Exit doors are completly double locked. I dont know if we are losing our minds or what. From random violent barks at 3am to this.?

  13. blog-0132802001455479134.jpgI have wanted to visit some of the haunted places around Las Vegas, NV, so I thought I would list a few of the places I have found when searching. These locations are only in Las Vegas, but I will be posting locations all over Nevada soon. If you have any to add to this list let me know and I will add!

    Fox Ridge Park

    It is said a young spirit haunts this park and will frequent the swings. There are multiple rumors of how the spirit came to be. One is that a drunk driver took the child’s life and the other is that the child’s death was caused by running in front of an oncoming car by accident. If the child is bothered it’s been said he will turn into a demonic form.

    Aladdin Hotel

    In the 7th floor Panorama suite people have felt a presence. Door buzzers going off and whispering have also been heard on the floor. Items have been reported as appearing from nowhere also.

    The Sandhill and Charleston Tunnels

    There are many flood tunnels below Las Vegas to take care of the massive amounts of water that flow through the city during heavy rains. These flood tunnels are like underground cities, but that is a subject for another post. On Sandhill Rd. between Sahara and Charleston people have reported strange occurrences in the tunnels. Voices of a man and woman that were rumored to be killed in the area have been heard. Also, an old woman has been said to chase drivers down the dirt roads near these streets.


    In 1993, before the closing of Dunes Hotel and Casino, cold spots could be felt throughout the main tower and casino. During closed hours in the lounge on the top floor you could hear voices and see orbs when nobody was there. The hotel was destroyed and the Bellagio was built.

    Circus Circus

    Loud cries are heard in the poker rooms, bathrooms and a few rooms during the night. These cries seem to say help me. Rooms 123, 230, 576 and 203 are said to be the most haunted. Multiple wrongful deaths have been reported.


    The feeling of being followed and whispers in your ear have been reported while walking down the hallway on the 10th floor. No reports of who or what.


    Automatic sensor faucets in the bathrooms near Danny Gans’ theatre go on and off by themselves when late. Rumors have it that during construction a wall fell on construction workers during the building of the casino.

    Redd Foxx’s House

    The house has gone through multiple tenants because of light switches turning on and off by themselves and sliding glass doors opening and closing by themselves. The sliding glass door was even replaced by a normal door, but the opening and closing still happened. The property is now owned by a real estate company that keeps a picture of Redd Foxx on their sign to try and keep the spirit at bay.

  14. blog-0560971001455201162.jpgone morning +- 2 weeks back I woke up with this unexplained imprint on my ear wit a pounding headache ,there is no patterns on my pillow case that could have caused it, and now few days back it re-appeared whiles I was driving.Both times it took more then 2 hours to fade away.Any explanationblogentry-109751-0-54960300-1455200287_t for this
  15. Dire wolf otherkin Blog

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    blog-0230015001454698121.jpgHello I am Jadaline Wolfie, at the moment, I am a otherkin dire wolf. why otherkin? you ask. I am listed as otherkin cuz of my growth of a diamond on my head. How this happened hoe it's possible(ish), skulls can grow with crystals and other jewels attached from salt and or disorder. Often the animal and/or human don't live very long around two years to three years old. I don't know how old my dire wolf is but she's old she's not a puppy. This is a form of salt but rather not because the dimond isn't just any shape it's cut in a marquise shape the stretched from forehead to the tip of her noes and is a blue dimond deep blue from what I can tell. The picture up top is a cheesy edit of my therio type. I have a YouTube channel which I will link my 100 sub special will be up by tomorrow on a special topic(hints why it's called 100 sub special) on my therio but not just a normal fact video a more BIG topic. I also have a google plus which I will link to you. I also have a Wattpad which I published a few books only a few finished chapters tho. Plz follow for more posts and if you have any suggestions questions or just want to talk feel free.




  16. Nathan Hagan's Blog

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    Nathan Hagan
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    I've lived in my house for my whole life. It's not very modern at all, it's kinda old and there isn't much space for anything. For the 13 years I've been living here I have felt like there is and unwanted presence in and out of the house. I always feel like someone/thing is watching me and a few times I have even seen some apparitions resembling people but never been sure that they're actually there. At night I here noises of footsteps at ridiculous hours and assume that it's just the dog but it happens every single night, right outside my window and sometimes I feel i'm being watched through the blinds so I pretend to be asleep and hope for whatever's out there to go away.

  17. Nicki1969's Blog

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    I have a question for anybody that can help me identify this thing I have been seeing. There have been a good amount of times I have woken up in my living room to seeing a tall figure in my hallway staring back at me with a crooked smile that makes me feel very uneasy. All I can make out each time is this figures face, white, deep black eye sockets, and that damn crooked smile (kind of like the Cheshire cat from the video game of Alice in Wonderland to be more specific.) It always gives me that feeling that it is mocking me, that it is cause of many of the things that have been occurring in my household. Nothing but negativity keeps happening, from the constant fighting of my parents, to my brothers hostile attitude and horrible anger. Not to mention one day I had a party here, and my boyfriend started acting very strange, never has he done this before, but he was about to attack his best friend, like he was wanting to kill him. This friend was also the most religious one here if that has any importance to the situation. Another time is when I was bringing my boyfriend to my house again, he was in a great mood, happy as ever, but as soon as we got to my house that changed real quick. He had anger like I've never seen before (we've been together for about 2 years), he pulled out his knife, I asked him why he did that, he said because there is someone or something in my home that makes him feel uneasy and that he hates being here, however, he has always said he loves to be at my house because he feels safe and comfortable here. So this is why his behavior was baffling me. I feel like this has to be the doing of that figure I keep seeing. On another note, I'm not the only one who has seen it. My brother who also lives with me, he has seen this entity in a dream, but he said it didn't feel like a dream but more like out of body experience. I asked him to describe him to me, and the faces match up exactly, but he got a more better glimpse of the rest of him. He said he has long fingers (kind of like slender man's) almost like claws in a way. When it would run at him it was crouched, (sounds to me and the best way I can describe would be like the werewolf in Harry Potter would run on all fours.) Lastly that it was very tall. I don't know if anyone will believe what I am saying, but if you do can you please help me figure out what this is, I've been going through a demonology book to see if I can find it in there. However, if you know anything about it please comment. I feel like ever since I have been seeing this figure things have been falling apart, violence (whether it be comments, or actual actions), and an unsettling feeling when I'm here alone.

  18. Lucas North-justiceseeker's Blog

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    1. Angela Brosso/Melanie Bernas-Phoenix Arizona 1992/1993

    Yes a suspect was arrested last year however he had accomplices who stashed Brosso's bicycle.

    2. Diana Vicari-Tuscon Arizona 1992

    3. Allison Feldman-Scottsdale Arizona 2015

    4. John Mitchell Kinsora Jr-Phoenix Arizona 1982

    5. Susan Carroll Cassell-Glendale Arizona 1991

    6. Jackie and Cynthia Leslie-Mesa Arizona 1974

    7. Robert Trimborn- Glendale Arizona 1992

    8. Robert Frost- Phoenix Arizona 2007

    9. Melody Wolf- San Manuel Arizona 1989

    10. Luther Valentine Smith- Phoenix Arizona 1991

    11. Lorretta Lynn/ Frances O Donnell-Mesa Arizona 1988

    12. Aaron Taylor Phoenix Arizona 2007

    13. Antony Maplethorpe Phoenix Arizona 2007

    14. Michael Raper Phoenix Arizona 1989

    Plus probably a dozen others...

  19. TOP SECRET NASA Case File #0974-393


    UPDATE - For your ears only: the original translated mp3-2016 cassette recording in full: https://yitt.bandcam...tarlight-dreams

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    blog-0564039001452258496.pngI belive in angels!
  21. Beastly Decimal
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    Promise Land


    And they say you'll never see the promise land. That your brittle soul will halt, right there at the end, with the smell of grapes foretelling the taste of fresh squeezed wine and the air of limitness time about you, space enough to hold your praise for Hashem, your smile shining more happily than modern men dare chance. They say love will flower before you, but not within you; you'll see God's symbols, but you won't understand them; you'll see the garden of majesty, but you shall not enter. You will never dance in this Garden. Not because it's beyond you, outside of your potential, outside of your scope. No, you'll never taste the fruit of the Good Tree because you will never outstretch your hand. You will refuse yourself the promise land, and the worst bit is that you will not even realize what damning deed you've done.

    A fate awaiting many, a fate I thought was mine. Cursed all of time to behold the flower of my potential, the greatness implanted within me by He who beholds all and knows everything, to taste it's sweetness but deny myself, last minute - a ritual act of self-denial, self-relinquishment. "I relinquish my throne," I intoned non-verbally so many times; the rhymey story-book tale is becoming clear, and I would have sat here in my own stool, playing the fool as punishment for not being the King destiny has laid out for me, relishing in my self-abasement until the trumpets sang and I ran out of time. That was my plan, but the grotesque plot drew to an end, and for this I must thank the Mighty Lord, working through one of his chosen children to liberate my spirit from the monstrous parasites that fed upon it.

    For this deed, Solo my good sir, I commend you.

    God works, and we can but marvel at his inventions, marvel at the scope of the plot he's sculpting and feel gratitude for the role he's assigned us in the making of his masterpiece. Further praise must be paid for his generosity in letting us chosen few see a part of the view he sees, letting us paint the landscape with our own soulful ambitions, in accordance with his Law, by will of the Story He's crafting at every angle, by his leave. Nothing is without purpose, nothing acts autonomously without His leave. No red leaf falls without consent of the Master, no wounded prince stands tall without permission of the Master. No man speaks without his approval, no action is taken but that it filters through his plan first. The dream is ours, and he is the Dream Puppeteer. Or Conductor. Or landscaper?


    I smell the PromiseLand, I feel the promise land through the tips of my fingers, I feel it singing the nodes in my brain as they try to compute and dissect this new infusion of 'faith', belief in the strong and unseen and conviction that this force flows within me, guiding me to the Prophet I always knew I was meant to be. The Garden of Tranquility, so foreign from the Distractive Wasteland where I once fed myself and made myself at home. It looms before me, everything I never thought it was, possible as I never thought it'd be; right here, my mind recalls every half remembered dream and scribbled words that dawn only now, this instant, as prophecy given to me, Stranger Elias, King of all that speaks and feels and breathes within himself, champion of his other half, the Lord of Gemini.

    And I thought I'd never see the promise land. Well it's here, and I realize now in this moment that the promise land isn't the wine, it's not the warmth, it's not the smell - it's the innate God-given capacity to enjoy these pleasures, to righteously deserve these pleasures. The promise land is not a place to which you go; the promise land is a state of mind in which you //live// and //love//. The love felt is for everyone and everything. It's the love given by a man who has enough to spare; he isn't stingy with his affections, and so he finds his soul completed, forming connections with others stronger than ox blood, hauling the fate of the world (his world) behind him. Possessed of strength, willing to do whatever is required by life and Nature of the Great Grand Plot only He can see in its entirety. And the samples of the story He allows me to behold no longer scare me. I can walk without temptation or tentative step through these dawning revelations and take hold of the new world, more beautiful than could have been revealed or believed if I'd known it two years ago. I can walk into my own regal shoes and take possession of this view, take possession of my own burgeoning insight, and name what I have found the Promise Land.

    Is this what they call the Promise Land?

  22. shadow government?

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    ok now i am starting to freak here is one of the files

    there was also a file that had this on it i had to find a site that had a similar things\


    is it just me or is anyone else freaked out?

  23. Shadows

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    Remembering Me

    Living with RA and Fibromyalgia has been to say the least a very painful 30 year journey. It has rendered me all but hopeless and defeated most days but I do find some peace through my writing, poetry and music. Being delegated to life in a wheelchair was hard, but then I thought about our troops, about the children with MS or Cancer. I quickly realized how selfish I was being and decided that was NOT who I wanted to be. That wasn't who I was before the chair and it wasn't who I would allow myself to become. I was on the road to self destruction.

    I found people could be hurtful, rude and prejudice towards those with disabilities.

    This was appointed to me by a higher power and it was time I faced it, accepted the challenge in front of me.

    I asked myself if my being in pain and stuck in this chair could save even one child's life, or even one of our troops, would I go through it. The answer was a resounding yes.

    And just like that I remembered me.

    This chair, my pain, those are not me, they are part of me yes but only a small part. Compassion, friendship, forgiveness, those are part of me too. If my poetry or my writing can help even one person then I believe it is all worth it.

    Life is too short for self pity and selfishness. Thank God I found me again.

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    blog-0121016001448676450.pngI believe that werewolves are better then Vampires.
  25. GhostandEntity
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    blog-0010008001448327079.jpegIn this car, an old ford telstar, me and my brother were driving at night on a dark road, suddenly we both heard a 60s tune playing though the air vents or from the car radio, the sound of the music was clear and American it lasted for a few seconds only, as we were driving past an area were the army and air force are based it reminded me of a Hollywood army movie sound track, we both looked at each other and in suprise we had both heard it together. I think cars can also be Haunted. I think that if you are haunted by music, it was maybe someone who listened to that surtain song alive or in an afterlife senario that stood out some how, by the way the car radio was turned off and we were in silence and Im sure it wasn't the engine but the fact we were in a military area and no, we were not trespassing.