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  1. TooFarGone
    Latest Entry

    Yeah, I forgot about this. So, here's a recap of the past few months.

    I graduated, accepted into Memorial University of Newfoundland to do a Political Science degree, woot. So, I move in 6 days, and I'm jacked.

    Here's a few grad pics and otherwise:

    Walking down with my date


    My shoes...yeah, I have class.


    I steal flowers from friends


    My partner in crime. We get into much mayhem together.


    We went to Salmon Fest. I got drunk.


    This was some hilarious drunk guy who randomly started to get emotional during Blue Rodeo set. He said to a paramedic "I have a broken heart, can you fix it?"


    This is the singer from Finger Eleven. He was polluted, and wandering through the crowd during Blue Rodeos set.


  2. Bits and Pieces

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  3. ames2787
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    Hey there everyone,

    I know I haven't posted on here in a looooooong time, but I just thought I'd say hey again - I do occasionally pop into the chat rooms every now and then to peek around to see whats happening.

    I'm about to start on Monday my 3rd year of Uni, scary times, feels like just yesterday that I was posting on here about how I was about to leave in a few weeks! Argh!

    I'm still as interested as ever in Mysteries, in fact recently I went to the Tower of London and what should I buy but a book about Mysteries!

    I'm actually a published writer now, but not in the mysteries field, strangely enough in the world of personal finance! So whilst that's not quite as exciting as mysteries, for me personally it was very exciting as it even ended up on Sky News! Woop!

    Anyway - I hope everyone's having a great life and still the same as always, and if not the same - better!

    Much love and hugs

    Amy *** ^_^

  4. sheila12's Blog

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    In case you noticed I've not been writing for a long time.I took the fcat and I'm going to wyoming tomorrow in the afternoon the route has been changed. after flying of course I'll be back on sunday.Hopefully I'll get to have lots of fun.Anyway on Disney channel Tthe suite life just came out.

  5. colorless
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    ....Is fun yet ridiculously boring.

    That is all.

    P.S. I hate my roommate.

  6. my blog.

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    Tomorrow I have to dress up like Sir Robert Walpole for AP Euro. >.<

    I tried to make a wig out of cotton balls, except it didn't really work. I washed my hair twice and I'm still combing out super glue. disgust.gif

    w00t w00t, tomorrow might be a snow day! It's already snowed 12 inches and they're expecting more overnight. Please please please let it be a snow day. happy.gif

    Eh. This week's been pretty boring. I suppose pretending to be Robert Walpole will be fun. Not only do I get to be a man for a day, I also will have a British accent. I'm going to be one dead sexy 18th century prime minister.

    I don't feel like posting on the boards. I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired.


  7. I've definitely been doing a lot of coming and going lately, and I'm mostly referencing my mood.

    It's been a while since I really had the energy to get online and scope out how some of my favourite places are doing, let alone write.

    A couple months ago, everything went to ****. I lost my job, although granted that was kind of on purpose. Then I lost my home, and then I became a burden on all my loved ones, and as of late life has been a struggle just to bother getting up in the mornings.

    Needless to say, my writing has done it's fair share of suffering since.

    All because I wanted to try and reach out towards a different life, a different way of making myself happy, did I lose everything. That's a pretty depressing realization. But, I only lost because I was so afraid of succeeding, I think. Intentional self-sabotage?

    You can read on at my official blog, 'The Crumpled Page', here: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/

    Happily, although I haven't written in the blog for over a month of self-pitying, my latest two posts that I wrote last night have gained the blog the most hits yet. Somehow the stumbleupon community got a hold of them and BANG, 100 stumbles in a couple hours. Bless you stumbleupon.

    Interesting to note: It's always my entries about hardships, difficulties and challenges that get the most views, every time.

    An entry on facing Hard Truths: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/hard-truths/

    And a short note on how Amanda Palmer keeps giving me hope: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/et-tu-amanda/

    Cheers guys. See you on the forums again soon.

  8. I'm going to say something about this stuff. I know where the false flag meme started because it started with me and a dream I had a few years back which I posted on a forum. Then someone took it to GLP and from there it morphed and morphed and became that terrible harassment with the Sandy Hook massacre. 

    It's disgusting on a couple of points here. 

    First, the sheer volume of material that gets stolen from less popular posters by trolls and shills is astounding. Heck! I've seen stuff ripped off from these forums and used in T.V. shows, movies, and books. Lots of people's intellectual property gets swiped on forums and monetized by others. Not cool and a big reason I've clammed up over the years. Worse is when the material falls into the hands of trolls and gets used to torment victims of mass casualty events. That is just the lowest of the low.

    Just because someone posts something on an obscure forum somewhere doesn't give permission to everyone that reads it to repost it at bigger forums, steal the material for their own purposes, etc. It's stealing and stealing is not as clever as you all think. That goes for the likes of Alex Jones, etc. 

    Secondly, real people die in these incidents and it gets turned into a game by crazy people on forums. It's sickening! 

    To prove what I'm saying, I dug out my original post based on my original dream.

    This dream was originally posted Sat Sep 29, 2012, under LunaBaby, at oroborus and clubhouse11: 
    Post subject: Dream of False Flag
    PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:48 am 
    I just remembered what I dreamed about last night. It was very disturbing too. 
    I'm not really a 9-11 theorist or sure about any of that. I think it was allowed to happen and there are reasons I think the government was involved somewhat, at least in a propaganda sort of way. 

    Last night though I had a weird dream that the government, not necessarily ours but some government somewhere, was in the process of undertaking a false flag terrorist attack against their own people. 

    In this dream, I was shown plans, diagrams, and logistics that were being implemented right now for that attack. It was made clear this is imminent and happening right now as an excuse to begin a long sought after war. This war that is about to start is intended to be huge and cost millions of lives from a faked attack by some government somewhere against its own people and country. 

    I was also shown how government agents of whatever government that is are going on the internet to frame the culprits they want to take the blame for this in webpages, postings, and e-mails. 

    No, I can't say what government or where this is, I don't know. Sorry. If I remember something more, I'll post it. Dreams are just so hard to recall sometimes.


    To be clear that dream didn't involve mass shootings or going after second amendment rights. It was about a bombing in Eastern Europe.

    Just my .02 on this sort of thing.

  9. Dear blog,

    It’s been a while since I last updated you, (about 6 months.., but who’s counting..!) :ph34r: and as always, much has happened since then, but I’ll fill you in from the last 2 weeks..

    The last 2 weeks have felt a little strange as they mark several anniversaries for me; It’s now been a year since I graduated uni! I still haven’t got out of the student mind-set of doing certain things, like buying local take-aways for dinner most nights… or heading out when we get the chance for a big night out during the week and putting the liver and morning alarm to the test!

    This week also marks my one year anniversary of living in the States. It’s amazing how quickly the time’s flown, and how easy it's been to adjust to the American lifestyle! :P I’ve had a great time so far and have been lucky to fall into the group of friends and housemates I have. We’re doing something new each week it seems…

    Tomorrow we might be heading over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox if we manage to get tickets. We were there last Friday to watch Dave Matthews band play when we got our tickets upgraded to VIP. B) All was going well in the VIP party afterwards, until a certain incident with Howie Day and one of our friends, but that’s another story..!!

    The past 2 weeks also marks the first anniversary of the London bombings. Thinking back now, I didn’t fully realize how crazy this week last year was and how different things could have turned out. I feel lucky to be where I am at the moment, and am really looking forward to heading back home in August for a few weeks of holiday. (I’ve decided to take my whole annual vacation of a massive 2 weeks at once) To be honest though, anywhere that feels cooler than New England right now sounds like where I want to be..!!

    ok blog, until next time...

  10. Lochness_hunter's Blog

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  11. dancin'hamster's Blog

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  12. Star of the Sea's Blog

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    Star of the Sea
    Latest Entry
    blog-0675402001403205076.jpgThank you Lord for answering my prayers :innocent:
  13. I'm sorry,

    I can't lie.

    How I wasted my life looking through jaded eyes.

    Is it anywhere near funny,

    How we learned, realized, mistook the truth.

    Our thoughts focused on having it all.

    When we had nothing.

    I'm unimpressed.

    We walk along the path,

    Our feet meeting the ground in a friendly embrace.

    Shorter, shorter, the embraces become.

    Quicker pace.

    Take a breather.

    Embrace longer.

    Slow down,

    Sit down,

    Take a breather.

    We violate violently,

    Praying to lose this pretending.

    Put your thoughts somewhere else,

    It's easier, sleazier, how we just run away.

    Should we just give up?

    She sits alone in the room,

    Carved out by lights.

    Glares, stares, it's not fair.

    What they'd give,

    To understand.

    He waits in a different world.

    Alone and unwanted.

    So little air, he can hardly bear this unwitting flare, flair.

    What'd he give,

    To have someone else's world.

    Our world's failing and flailing,

    Like a fish out of water.

    We're scared and hiding,

    Waiting and biding our time.

    It's easier this way.

    We're bared and colliding,

    Wasting and gliding along.

    We're needier this way.

    Happiness is not a fish you can catch,

    Wretched thoughts,

    Bounce around.

    Over here!


    Sometimes things don't think,

    And our mind's don't make sense.

    And we switch the words for effect.

    We look for Hope and it's adjoining friends.

    We're scared.

    We wait, we want, we weren't.

    I put my heart on the line,

    Rejection, regret, response at every corner.

    But my faults are my own,

    And I don't regret.

    Because I know we're worth more than this.

    Moods change,

    Feelings change,

    Thoughts swing,

    But memories always sing.

    Happiness may not be a fish you can catch,

    But they sell it at Wal-mart.

    It's right next to the real friends.

    You may not have noticed it.


    Not those friends,

    Just fool's gold.

    See there,

    At the very top.

    A little hidden from sight.

    Buy it,

    Have it,

    For dinner,

    A snack,

    A smile.

    Like a full stomach,

    The warmth overflows.

    Get a friend while you're at the top shelf.

    It's easier than trying to climb back up.

    Happiness is not a fish you can catch.

    But in our case,

    Who needs fish?

  14. Janiel
    Latest Entry

    Hi, ladies and gentlemen. This is what a fossilized blog looks like. *points*

    Please -- talk, take pictures and whatever else you may find necessary at your leisure.

    What, expecting a punchline? *cackles*

  15. Are you intelligent? Do you have natural talent? Do you ooze charm?

    If you do; do you get sick of people telling you that and mentioning that you have the ability to be rich and famous if only you did this or that?

    I do at times; and I bet you do too..

    What if you have all those abilities and all you want to do is have a good time; enjoy the one you love, and drink until everything is warm and fuzzy?

    Why is the burden constantly upon us to drive forward and produce, whether we care or not?

    Nobody on dry land expects a moron to be anything but a moron; and yet even the most idiotic person has a profound thought now and again..

    This is greeted as a pleasant surprise..

    And yet when a slightly intelligent hedonist succeeds a bit; all you ever hear is, "You should be doing better"..

    Maybe so; but the days of our years are 3 score and 10; which is limiting as Hell..

    If I betray all that I am and all that makes me happy to earn a few extra dollars what am I really worth?

    Anyway; cheers all of you like me..Here's to voluntary mediocrity!!

  16. Guest
    Latest Entry

    Being 18 isnt actually that different? anyone else think being 18 seems different, minus the legal drinking which is of course brilliant grin2.giftongue.gifdevil.gif JOKES!!!! wink2.gif

  17. Falco and I visited the only mountain side zoo in the United States. They actually let you hand-feed the giraffes.


    Falco feeding some giraffes.


    Girty feeding some giraffes


    My new friend


    Giraffe Jr.

  18. Depending on your veiws this blog may or may not be as morbid as you believe.

    Anyways, to clear things up at the very beginning, I am not religious. More of a preservationist, and a darwinist. I don't think the idea of a higher power is out of the question, just that it seems to be improbable. I'm not here to discuss that.

    Moving on, I recently went to see a movie, where one of the major plot devices was based on scientific experiments performed by Russian scientist Vladmir Demikhov. If you've seen the movie you should know which i'm talking about, please, if you comment don't mention the movie, as I don't want anyone who hasn't seen and plans to to have it ruined for them.

    Anyways, on to the experiments. I watched the videos on Youtube. which you can see

    and here (beware these links are graphic, and not recommended for youth. You may need a youtube account to watch one or either). Personally I think what he did was amazing. The prospects of living severed heads, and graffting heads onto another body is amazing. I don't have anything against dogs, or anything (I have two myself), and neither do I condone these experiments by untrained professionals.

    Anyways. Scientifically these experiements paved the way for so many medical applications now-a-days; including heart transplants, brain transplants, and even that recent face transplant. Those kinds of operations would not have been possible without these previous experiments.

    Now, if you look at some of the comments on the attached Youtube videos there are dozens saying things like "This is cruel and unneccesary", "They should burn in hell because they tried to play the part of God", and "They didn't need to do these kinda things, people should live out their natural lives".

    Sure you say those kinds of things now, but think if you were one of the 910,000 Americans that die from heart disease every year. You could just y'know. die. Or you could get a heart transplant. Oh whoooooops. There are none available, because the research was too immoral to perform on a dog, so especially not a human! And really who is to say that they are playing the part of God, when there isn't even proof of God to begin with.

    Another common comment was "How can this even be useful when dogs and humans are so different?", this can easily be answered, as Demikhov's research inspired and lead Dr. Robert White (an American, so you can't say these kinds of experiments arn't performed around here), to perform head transplants on monkeys, which we all know are close analogs to the human body. As a supplement, there is now a ban on the testing of Great Apes (Ironically Britain, and the United States do not follow this policy).

    On a side note, another horrible experiment that brought justice to the eniter world, and has saved many lives was founded during. Buh buh buh. World War II, by none other than the Nazi Party. During the holocaust, hundreds of concentration camp inmates were dunked into freezing ice water, too see how the body reacts, many test subjects died, but in the process we now know how the body reacts to, and how to stop hypothermia. Which we probably wouldn't be able to learn in any other way.


  19. We're back today from a 5 day break to Florence, Italy. What a fantastic time we had. Such a beautiful place to visit.

    My photos are on my bebo site: WeeSnowbaby !

    So, who missed me?

  20. Being Right Is Awesome!

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    There is no 9/11 conspiracy.

    Shut up about it.

  21. Just Encounters

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    Alright, this is a blog for people to post their encounters with the paranormal and so on, and I wanted to share the story of the first time I encountered something of the sort

    I think I was eleven, I was sitting on my bed and staring at the ceiling; I had just woken up from a nightmare. We had just moved into my current home, and I still had stuff all over my room and unpacked boxes in the closet. My room is the only room upstairs, and I really hate it. Anyways, I was just sitting there, and I suddenly felt like someone felt like someone was watching me, it was kinda creepy. So I just ignored it at first, telling myself I was just creeped out by being upstairs alone, and closed my eyes. It still didn't go away though, so I sat up and opened my eyes.

    There was a man at the end of my bed; he had shaggy black hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. He was staring at me with some kinda look, as if he was trying to keep me away from something, or tell me something. I just stared at him for a while, trying to say something. But then he smiled, and he was gone. I screamed really loud and shrill, like those people in the movies do when the murderer finds their hiding place, and jumped up and ran downstairs. Mom's door was closed, as was my sisters, so I just went and sat outside my Mom's door. I was shocked that I hadn't woken anyone up when I screamed (my family are really heavy sleepers if you can't tell) but I was still scared out of my mind. The next morning I told my mom about the green eyed man, and she just said I was lying; "Ghosts don't exist, that's just stories to scare people" she said actually. I kept pestering her about it though, and eventually she just told me to go finish unpacking.

    I know I wasn't dreaming; that was way too real. So who was he? I have no clue, I've only seen him in dreams since then, and every time he has the same look of concentration on his face. I actually have grown used to his occurrences in my unconscious thoughts. I decided almost a year later, when I started writing books, to base one of my characters off of him. His name is Richard.

    I haven't seen him since I started writing books.


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  23. Xenojjin
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    People may or may not have noticed, but I don't post nearly as often as I used to. I've decided to give out my reasons here.

    To make a long story short, I have always been interested in the paranormal. Ever since I was 7 and felt that first psionic "spark" which I didn't even understand at the time a lot of my freetime in life has been dedicated to the amazing mysteries that plague this world.

    After countless hours, I feel I have seen almost all I can from outside sources. The internet, the library, other people, others experiences. "As above, so below". My interest in the paranormal isn't any less different, I just feel like my journey is now an internal one. Heh....it was probably always an internal one now that I mention it.

    Regardless, I still intend to post on these forums for as long as they exist. Either to pass on what I have learned to others, or to read that occasional special thread that stands out amoungs the rest as something that just might truly be one of the things we have been looking for. My posts could come in short bursts over a few days or long intervals where I don't make a single post for a whole 3 months. But I'll still be here as long as I can.

    For the first time, I have changed my Avi/signature away from the Hellsing theme to reflect my new stance here.

  24. kobolds' Blog

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    Ok , I decide to create blog of all stuff that I dream or maybe vision of tomorrow

    there's a bridge or rather a path way made from stone , it seem to be at very high place . I try to cross it , I come out from window . at this bridge small tree is planted , I so scare to cross so I try to grap hold the tree to cross this bridge . even though I very afraid , some how I need to cross it few times .

  25. I know I haven't posted here in a while, but I just had to share this with you guys. I just finished my second year of med school. On May 6, my class took a shelf exam (which is given by the national board of medical examiners) for pharmacology. A week or two after this, we were informed that the exam (which should have been worth 30% of our grade) would not be counted because someone in the class had e-mailed out some ill-gotten info about questions that would be on the test a couple of days before it was given.

    Today I found out who sent out this e-mail, and that she and the fifteen or so people she sent it to were being reviewed by our board of conduct. They could face punishment ranging from slaps on the wrist to expulsion. Since the national board has gotten involved, they could demand some drastic action to be taken.

    Where do I fit into this? Well, I actually had an encounter with this girl a couple days before the exam when she asked me if I wanted her to send me the e-mail. I had no idea what was in it, but had heard other people talk about how helpful it was. Any other time I would have said yes. Even if I hadn't planned on using it, it'd still be good to have another source at my disposal - right? But for whatever reason, divine, instinct, or otherwise, I just felt I should say no. And damn if I'm not over-joyed now that I did! Instead of studying for my Boards right now, I could be wondering if I'd even be allowed to take the Boards! Here's a lollipop to my guardian angel! -o innocent.gif