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Princess Serenity

Toby the Gray Tabby

Several weeks back I got notified by one of Linda's (stepmom) co-workers about a cat named Toby the Gray Tabby. Dad and Linda went off on vacation then when they came back we adopted/rescued him. At first he was scared and went into hiding. After a few days he felt comfortable enough to come out and interact with us. Toby is 3-4 years old and very affectionate and has a bond with me. He's already had the snip and sometimes he's a complete spazz. He likes to run around without even being triggered into doing it. 


Princess Serenity

Stupid cat


We put Riley down today. She was the last living cat of her mother's litter. Ri was 17 years old and I will miss her dearly. I'll miss her jumping on my bed scaring the crap outta me and coming up to bother me to let her out/feed her. I'll miss her meows and picking her up to give kisses and hugs.

Princess Serenity

My "Recent" make up!

Here's the picture that I promised:


Left to right: Maybelline, Kiko, Etos, Studded Kiss, Wet n' Wild, Bert's Bees, M.A.C., Clinque, Urban Decay, CoverGirl, and Revlon.

Princess Serenity

I hate tumblr

I'm so sick and tired of young people on tumblr. They're now comparing The Pledge of Alliance to Nazism. I'm mostly German and this has gotten under my skin. Why are they even in this country?! If this don't like it then why don't they move?! I'm so freaking done!

Princess Serenity



Cry me a river! I can't believe that "triggered" your anxiety and made you want another "pill." Are you freaking kidding me? Maybe you shouldn't be online considering "accidents" happen that might "trigger" your anxiety! It was an honest mistake and you air it to everybody? God. I should just unfollow and block you.

I understand everyone's anxiety is different. But maybe you should thinks through with your anxiety.

Princess Serenity


"Korrasami can't happen!

Tahnorra can't happen!

But Amorra Can!"

Tell me how a teen and a forty year old can be together?! PLEASE? Besides to be honest it sounds really gross. Keep dreaming, Grace.

Princess Serenity

My braces

So today I got up and went to get my braces in! I had some trouble because of my gag reflex. After she did something inside my mouth I was able to wash the stuff out of my mouth. For the next 48 hours(?) I can only eat 'soft foods' which isn't a big deal. I can feel the braces in my mouth and against my lips. =/ So here's a picture of my braces.


Princess Serenity

Online help!

Okay. I was scrolling through my tumblr and saw an entry from someone who needed help. This person is in college and owes the school $2000+ dollars. Uh, college isn't free! You should be aware of that. (Or whatever.) But still. As far I know, this could be a huge scam! So, no I'm not helping "you." Because I know NOTHING about you. What do you except? So go find some odd jobs to pay the $2000+. Money don't grow on trees!

By the way, I've seen two different "online help" on another discussion board. And my red flag went up, I wasn't going to help. But those could also been scams. It might be legitmate but I don't know that. There's scams everywhere and I don't any "online help" crap. NONE WHAT SO EVER.

So nice try scammers.

Princess Serenity

My Christmas Gifts

My Christmas gifts!

From Dad's House

Pearl earrings (they're real and from Key Jewelers)

Brown boots (with a 4" heel)

Weird Oklahoma

Chapstick (two of them)

Nail filers (two of them)



From Mom's House

Purple sweater

Black and white boots (they can be slippers and boots at the same time)

Earrings w/ necklace (the necklace has a little thing shaped like the Effil Tower)

Card (signed by my Granddad)

Chinese Gift Exchange

Picture frame w/ $25

Princess Serenity

Brief meeting with Wormy

Dad found this snake in the woods. It’s harmless, felt smooth, small, and just cute! I kinda named him “Wormy.” XD When his tongue wasn’t sticking out, I kinda stuck my tongue out at him to get his tongue out again. He kinda hissed at me. I don’t know. He opened his mouth some. I was holding Wormy lightly.


Princess Serenity

Remodeled bedroom

Okay. I remodeled my room a little. I moved some pictures; dolls (took out the new one and placed her in front of my neck holder. I placed Holly where Sally used to sit, the pictures that used to be on my tv now sit in front of her), and stuffed animals. Now it looks like there’s more light in the room. I think Sally being so tall, I guess she hogged the light. XP I love my dolls and I only have 5 right now. :P So here’s pictures on what I’ve changed in my room.


My guitar that my brother gave me. That was sitting next to my tv but I decided to move it.


That fake rose was sitting on my TV with those pictures. An old classmate gave me that fake rose. Why. I don’t know.


Sally and Margaret on my tv. Sally is the white dressed one and Sally is the other one. Sally was the first one I ever got. :3


Two of my dolls. This is where Margaret and Holly used to sit. That’s my necklace holder.


My nightstand. That’s Holly with two pictures. The left is my dad at Ground Zero and the right is me with my first nephew when he was a baby.

Princess Serenity

My little road trip with dad!

After lunch we went on a little road trip in my car. We crossed Route 3 went down the hill and continued on straight. There was a legend about a church at the end of the road. I always wanted to see this "church." On the way down, we saw this nature covered building early on. We saw this abandoned house behind a chainlink fence and I got two shots of it. There was a few houses and on this little hill, there was a faded up, torn up American flag. I thought it was freaky. The road continued for a ways, and a road veered off to the right of us. (I decided to see what is down there next time.) We finally made it to the "church" and legend says that a guy in a truck/van (my says it was a truck and my sisters says it was a van, which I heard) crushed killed some kids in the back. And they are supposedly haunt this church. If it wasn't for the debris in the way, I would have continued. So we turned around after I took some shots.

We passed everything and decided to go right. Dad says that he hasn't been back on that road since HS. I commented sacrasmly: "Look how much it changed!" He laughed. We continued straight and saw there was another road that veered off. The road shortly ended and we turned around and went on that little road. It ended up in a private property and a nature preserve with no trespassing signs. We turned around again, and headed towards Piney Orchind. I went left under this bridge and there was some homes. Again, we turned around and continued on towards Piney Orchind. Then continued on home ending our little road trip. :3



(The debris that kept us from continuing on. But honestly, that road just kept going. And Dad told me that if you followed that road there would was an old wooden bridge (that was destroyed) and you would end up behind Bowie Race Track.)

Princess Serenity

Bad luck?

Not only was I trying to solve my "Youtube" problem. Today something else decided to throw this my way. I had gotten up from the computer for lunch. I ate two slices of pizza from last night, my computer got to sleep. It was nothing unusual. It just went to sleep when I'm away. And I came back and I move my mouse to wake it back up. And it comes back scratchy. I try to undo it but I can't because it's a bit blurry. I turn the computer off and on a few times. Nothing. It continues to be scratchy. I wait a while and walk away from the computer completely. Then I return to turn on the computer thinking this was temporarily. Sadly it isn't. I called dad earlier telling him this and got a call back a little later. My brother-in-law Ed arrives, I tell him about it and says it might be my video card. Also he tells me that Youtube for some reason doesn't work here. Could be the wires and the site doesn't even work on my sis's laptop or his. Ugh.

Princess Serenity

List of Jobs

I decided to share a list that I call "Dad is never allowed to do list."

1): Miner

2): Ice Road Trucker

3): Tree Cutter

I know I have more but those are the top three.

Princess Serenity

Family matters

Adam [last name withheld] was born April 12, 2011!

Adam is the newest cousin and grandson of the family. His parents are my Uncle Danny and Aunt Marlene.

Princess Serenity

Dear Letter

Dear LJ Peeps,

I stopped. Didn't I? Now you're watching over me, hm? Go ahead. I don't mind. I've learned to ignore your mean girlness. It truly doesn't bother me. That's the one thing I've learned from people like you. Ignore it. Because I know that I'm allowed to do anything when it comes to my imagination. Dad said: "Your imagination is as big as this planet." Yes, my dad actually said that. Because it is. You may not believe it. But it's true. Call me a fail. Call me whatever you want. Sticks and stones may break my bones but name calling won't. And no, I won't die in a ditch. I'm allowed to be TB OCs whether you like it or not. So watch my D or one of my other characters. I don't care nor mind. Because I'm allowed to do anything I want when it comes to my imagination. I may not be as perfect as you but I still a human being. I never give up. I always do my best no matter what!

Also I may not be working or have a driving liscence. But I make the most of my life and I still earn my own money working part time. :P Better than depending on my parents for it.

Princess Serenity

You tell me

I'm going to do something different with my blog titled "You Tell Me." I'll try and post pictures/clips/animation with werid stuff. You decide to tell me if its shopped or not. ^^ This is just for fun! So don't break out into anything. Okay?


Princess Serenity

Our time in the snow

Dad and I finally got our time in the snow. Dad and I had a snowball fight (first of many) then I went to make a snowman. Dad gathered some snow a few feet away from me. He used that piece as our snowman's neck. Then he had gotten more snow as its head. Took two pieces of sticks, I got one piece of stick and used it as its nose. Dad left to get some rocks as its eyes. After that we walked towards my swing which he pushed me some. A little later we were standing at the new grill and I had pushed some snow off a table he than tricked me looking for ice crystals. He pushed a bunch of snow into my face! I got him back for it by throwing a snowball at him. That started another snowball fight. After that we walked up the drive way kicking snow then we turned back. Kicking more snow on the way down the driveway.


Princess Serenity

One sided?!

This. Another original character. I don't know the situation but yet I'm alienated? WHY? I don't get it. Because I haven't truly done anything that approves to the group? Whatever. I don't need the others. Hypocrites. [Glares and sighs] Whatever. They can be onesided all they want!

Princess Serenity

Apparently I'm evil

"I have tried to be constructive and helpful, and you have deleted it before, so I don't know how much result this will have, but I feel like I should speak up and say something.

The recent changes of Caterina or Ashley or whatever her name is now are still being depicted without developed basis for them, and mirror a recently developed AU from another mun I've seen around. This is unfair both to that mun and to the muns rping with you without at least some idea of what you're about to unleash on them with such a violent departure from canon and the very nature of the character. I don't know if the self-insert problems have been resolved yet in this iteration, but bear those in mind as well, please.

I would strongly advise familiarizing yourself with the source material, which you have demonstrated yourself not to be by lacking basic canon knowledge about the existence of some characters before now, before trying to develop a cohesive AU."

I can never win. Never. I try to make others happen. I try OC/AU of myself. I got a little critizism but they should realize that it's AU. My character shouldn't have to follow what Canon!Usagi went through. But NO! I'm not allowed. So who cares what I should want for my character. I give me character a revamp. Make her alternate universe where she was left by herself AT THE MOON KINGDOM. Yes, I understand there's another. BUT. My AU is completely different. If I try to explain this. I will get told not to do so and not allowed to do whatever I want with my character. So why should I even left it exist? I should just delete my account and make 'em all happy. Should write her profile so everyone can SEE. I don't care if I get booted from the canon/series. I'll comment to others comments other than the canon. So we don't bump into another. (I know how this might feel with my Sophia Esposito account from AU!Trinity Blood but she's original from another RPG.)


Princess Serenity

More crit post

Don't care and she's allowed to have whatever knowledge she's allowed, Steph. Glad I was able to ban you from posting on my journal. Leave me alone and let me do whatever I want. But no. I can't. Can I? Just for that and I have the perfect idea. Hugs and kisses, Steph.

I'm just annoyed how people tell me do "roleplay." LET ME ROLEPLAY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I'm not your puppet.

Why can't I just roleplay like I want to? Is it that hard? Geez.


Princess Serenity

More crit stuff

I got another crit stuff for another character of mine. (You know my other post? Well that was for her "future self" but the recent one was for her teenage self.) Anyway, it just seemed like a rant from my viewpoint. Why must she go through all that stuff that Usagi went through? She is my character and supposed to be alternative reality. How hard is it for you to understand that? She's not suppose to follow everything that Usagi went through. She's not weak. Yes, you're right about the background stuff but she's still mine. Ashley isn't the recarnation of Princess Serenity. Her name was Ashley during the Silver Millennium. Ashley's mother died of birth complaintions and her father left her. She was raised by her parents friends and than Mark became friends with her in the third grade. I'm trying to be realistic. Guess that's bad. And no she won't love Mamoru (or whoever I decide the man) and I will develop her story the way I like it. Is that okay? She does give out gifts because her school has some unfortunate souls who can't afford stuff like her. Her parents friends still care for her and lives across the hall from them. I will figure a way on the crystal. Again, sticking to realistic stuff and still my character. Rei and the others haven't shown up. Her parent problem might seem like Rei's but Rei's father is a politican. Much different than Ashley's father who left her at the doorstep of his friends. So please. Ashley's life won't follow Usagi's life. She still stay "Eternal Sailor Moon."

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