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Tommy's Blog

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Collection of random musings...

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A few anniversaries...

Dear blog,

It’s been a while since I last updated you, (about 6 months.., but who’s counting..!) :ph34r: and as always, much has happened since then, but I’ll fill you in from the last 2 weeks..

The last 2 weeks have felt a little strange as they mark several anniversaries for me; It’s now been a year since I graduated uni! I still haven’t got out of the student mind-set of doing certain things, like buying local take-aways for dinner most nights… or heading out when we get the chance for a big night out during the week and putting the liver and morning alarm to the test!

This week also marks my one year anniversary of living in the States. It’s amazing how quickly the time’s flown, and how easy it's been to adjust to the American lifestyle! :P I’ve had a great time so far and have been lucky to fall into the group of friends and housemates I have. We’re doing something new each week it seems…

Tomorrow we might be heading over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox if we manage to get tickets. We were there last Friday to watch Dave Matthews band play when we got our tickets upgraded to VIP. B) All was going well in the VIP party afterwards, until a certain incident with Howie Day and one of our friends, but that’s another story..!!

The past 2 weeks also marks the first anniversary of the London bombings. Thinking back now, I didn’t fully realize how crazy this week last year was and how different things could have turned out. I feel lucky to be where I am at the moment, and am really looking forward to heading back home in August for a few weeks of holiday. (I’ve decided to take my whole annual vacation of a massive 2 weeks at once) To be honest though, anywhere that feels cooler than New England right now sounds like where I want to be..!!

ok blog, until next time...


Tipping in the US

Dear Blog,

I’ve not been in the US too long, but I think it’s time to address this issue of tipping in the States. What is this malarkey all about??

Only last Saturday I was a victim of this tipping culture. The bar-guy thought I wouldn’t notice that he had short-changed me $10… <_< When I went over to ‘remind’ him about his blatant blunder I’m still expected to leave this meaningless gesture of goodwill. Why am I tipping him for doing (or not doing) his job?! I used to naively believe that we were tipping if the service was good, but it seems we’re expected to tip even if the service is terrible. :unsure:

Now; I work in an office, as such we have clients I ‘serve’. Should I therefore be getting tipped from them for doing my job? I don’t think so! :P I have an hourly wage I’m fixed to. It is in fact probably illegal to accept monetary ‘gifts’ from my clients, so why doesn’t this extend to other areas of commerce??

Here you have to tip the terrible bar-man for opening your bottle of beer and short-changing you (I would happily do it myself if he would just hand it over) You have to tip the taxi driver for charging you rip-off prices to get you from A to B. The barber the cutting your hair how You want it, even the pizza boy for dropping off your pizza?! Something about this all seems very wrong to me.

Now my cousin gets paid a ridiculously low wage working at the bar she works at. On this, tipping bar-people a buck or two might seem the right thing to do, but why do I need to tip the barber who is charging $20/cut; or the taxi driver who never charges less than $15/ride? These jobs are also a lot quicker to finish than serving drinks for an hour. :hmm:

It seems to me like an unfair system whereby people are being rewarded above their wage level to simply do their job. I think there are 2 ways of sorting this out; either, raise/introduce the minimum wage of the bar-staff, so they don’t have to rely on tips, and so tipping becomes less of a forceful gesture for customers (satisfied or not); or, bring in something equivalent to ‘negative tipping’, whereby they are being judged solely by their service. So if for eg Katie is a rubbish bar-girl, then not only should I not tip her, I should get the price lowered down a possible 20% because of it. (i realise neither is ever going to happen)

I’m tired of looking at the price of something and knowing it’s not that price I’m going to be paying at all. I think it’s a dishonest and deceiving system that takes advantage of people’s ‘goodwill’ and generosity. If indeed we’re expected to tip every time you order a beer, why not just add that into the price and leave the ‘gesture’ side of it out?

Ok blog, that’s my little rant over. Just had to get that out of the system...


Tommy's Trip

Dear Blog,

I know its been a while since I last updated u, but a lot has happened since last time. My internship in Boston finished on Friday, and the office have offered me a full time job!! w00t.gif I told them at the start I wanted to do a trip around the States, so my boss said take as long as I want on it, and the job will be waiting when I’m ready…so the last few weeks I’ve been trying to plan this cross country trip..

I’m starting out tomorrow night, where my cousin and I are driving down to DC till Monday. Then I’m flying out to San Diego, and working my way north to San Fran and up to Seattle. On my way back to Boston I’m going to try and stop at Chicago too, but these plans are subject to change depending on how much money I have left!

I hope to be back in Boston in early October to find a new place to live, and then hopefully fly home to London for a few weeks, and then back to start my new job! I’m going to take my laptop with me, but doubt I’ll be around much for the next month or so.

So take care UM, and I’ll be back soon, wavey.gif

Tommy cool.gif


Student no more!

This is the end of life as I know it.

Well as of yesterday my student status is no longer legit. tongue.gif I am now nothing but a product from 16 years of the education system, and I’m soon being released into the ‘real’ world.

Taxes, mortgages and real jobs….no more missing lectures, student deals, going out on the lash 4 nights a week and stumbling into the café for the recovery fryup; it’s a lot to take in all of a sudden! dontgetit.gif

I hope people are wrong about Uni being the best years of your life, because that doesn’t make the future look too appealing tongue.gif but to be honest I’ve had a great time in Liverpool, and feel ready to move on and do something (hopefully constructive) with my life. original.gif

Some of my friends say they know what they want to be doing in a few years from now; I can’t begin to think what I want to do or where I’ll be at Christmas, let alone a few years from now! The next step for me is to go to the States for a summer internship for 2 months in Boston, from July. I’m really looking forward to doing and learning something different!

So I thought I’d write this entry as a positive look toward my uncertain future. Should anyone truly know what they want to do or where they want to be when leaving uni? I’m just trying to take it as it comes.

Now back to the student union for our final campus bar crawl, and then off into a world of uncertainty. I'm looking forward to it. thumbsup.gif


*the exam storm has passed*

Dear blog,

alas it seems the only time I get in the mood for submitting something is when I’m recovering; however just as sure as night follows day, and JD follows aftershock, student’s will go on the lash after exams.

I received my student loan with open arms a few weeks ago, but have only been able to abuse it as of last night, with a bar crawl around Liverpool for a modest £20. This was kept at a reasonably low level in part due to the great ethos of our student union, who provide tempting incentives to turn up at your exams by offering 2 pints for the price of one when you hand in your question paper afterwards. notworthy.gif

I just better make sure there’s some of that loan left when the results come back. tongue.gif All in all though, I think my exams weren’t all that bad. The modules I was expecting to be my hardest, Modelling Monetary Economics, was exactly the same as the past paper as the lecturer left halfway through the course. disgust.gif

Talking of exams, you have to admire those quirky questions the lecturers throw in to liven up the papers. In my Labour Econ paper I had to explain how to use search theory to find a girlfriend. As much as I’m sure you’d all love reading my amazing answers, I think I’ll leave that one for now. grin2.gif There were others but I made the tough decision to turn in my question paper for a beer.

So with my first semester exams now out the way, I can now return to the status-quo student lifestyle. w00t.gif

I love uni. cool.gif


A new beginning (with 2*aspirin)

The pain was whirling around his head like a smooth pint of Guinness.

At first he was bemused, and asking all the usual questions... Where am I? and who’s this sleeping next to me!? Of course the answers were all too quickly coming together; another big booze-up, another sleepover, another splitting headache the next morning!

The first hangover of the year was reining its almighty wrath down upon him. And then his real problems started kicking in. How was he to get home from the wrong side of London in his quasi-state of soberness ? Luckily he didn’t have to burden his brain with too much thought, as the same dilemma was also facing his two partners in crime… sleepy.gif

Hope everyone enjoyed (and has recovered from) New Years cool.gif

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