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About this blog

Anima mea..

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Calling all Wannabees!

This portion of my Blog is going to be for recruiting potential members of The Skeptical Dark Lords of Uppity Annoyance. Since some of our older members are vacationing from active duty it may be time to introduce some new blood to board. (Yes, I mean that literally devil.gif ).

Any interested parties can register here and we'll discuss why you should be a member and why you are both Uppity and Annoying.. tongue.gif


Ask Falco!

I'd like to set aside this portion of my blog as a service to UM. Here you can ask Falco anything about everything. I guarantee you'll get an answer; as my knowledge is as limitless as my tendency to self-promote..

So go ahead and ask.

I'm not as smarmy as Dear Abby at least.. tongue.gif


I should..

I should use this entry to say something deep and profound.

I should use this entry to complain.

I should use this entry to inspire thought or action.

I should use this entry to insult someone.

Why not, it's what people expect me to do more or less. But maybe instead I should use this entry to open up a little and let people know the real me.

..I can't..

It seems I'm trapped in my own mind today. I've become my online persona. Cold and aloof. An intelligent force rather than a person..

Well, that's Irony for you. I can make the English language turn any trick I want it to, for any purpose I desire and yet I can't express myself..

..such is life, I guess..



Much like that, bald, strangely disturbing voiced singer Phil Collins I can feel it coming in the air...A skeptical rennaissance is about to happen right here on UM. I feel the energy and tension; like a cross between the air before a storm and a coiled spring..

I think we've reached a point here where utter ridiculousness and fanatacism have reached critical mass. For too long it's gone unchecked except by the few people who still have energy to argue. But that's about to change. If you've read around lately you'll see what I mean. Blind belief is starting to collapse in on itself; much like every house with no foundation is bound to do. Keep watching folks. This is going to be something wondrous to behold..

Let the Logic Crusade begin!



I'm not feeling too well lately and understandibly I felt like taking a nap earlier. But that got me thinking; about my old grandfather mostly..The tiny 5' 5" guy who charged up the beach at Normandy without blinking and then came home and built his own house from the ground up between walking 10 miles to work every day and raising a family..

It never would have occured to him to lay down just because he felt a little sick. He had things to do, and he was tough enough to never let anything lay him low. And he's not alone. It seems like every member of the older generation is similar. There were things to do, and they got them done..

So where did we lose it? When did we become so lazy and apathetic and weak? Despite all my hours at the gym and trying to eat right, and working hard; it seems I'm not half the man my grandfather was. And I'm not alone. Very few of us have any tolerance for suffering anymore. We've become a Nation of whiners and avoiders..

Maybe I can't bring back "The Good Old Days", but I can try to make an improvement a little bit at a time, I guess..

So screw the nap! tongue.gif



Venting room! Falco likes!!

Well, let's start off with a subject that used to be near and dear to my heart. The Debates Board..

I don't participate really in it anymore, although I still judge. You see, it's lost something since the first season. Oh don't get me wrong; having 2 organizers and a panel of judges keeps it running pretty smooth now. And the time limits that are actually enforced are nice..but..It's all become too convenient for Debators. In season one you had to join the debate team. So you had to commit right up front. Then your subject and opponent were picked at random, as well as what side you were arguing. That may seem a little hard; and it was. You might find yourself arguing against someone you didn't know, on a subject you knew nothing about, on a side you'd never support. Hard and sometimes unpleasant? Yes...But it was in these very situations you became a true master of argument. It took Debate from simple point and counterpoint and turned into something that was approaching art. You adapted or got rolled over..It's all too easy to argue something you have a personal interest in; especially if you can pick your side. But the old way; well; if you pulled of a win, you felt like you'd really done something special. Now if you win, you're just taking your due for arguing well on your chosen subject..It feels a little cheap. You no longer have to be a master of wordcraft, just an arguer..

Well, that's all for now..Thanks for anyone who took the time to read this..