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Hi quick pop in

Hi, took/taking UM break felt one was needed.  We’re well here, Luca Rose is now 3months/12 weeks old, showing her own personality, getting big, so beautiful, cuddly, smiley and giggly.  Currently teething (since 10 weeks) which is not fun, but helping ease the pain.  The past 3 months flew by.    Her daddy and I have not set a wedding date. in fact we’ve decided not to have an actual wedding and instead we will have courthouse/registeristy office ceremony and nice


As first time parents, we understand the excitement of a baby on the way and when baby does arrive.  However we do ask that people respect that we will give any news when there is news and we are ready to give it.  Our baby is NOT going to have face photos online.  We are the parents, we will have our own way of raising baby.  We appreciate advice and help, however please understand if we don’t take your advice or help it’s nothing personal it’s we are doing things our way. 

Caramel slice

My mom used to make this caramel slice when my siblings and I were growing up, it's still a family favourite now. I double it when I make it, but have written the single batch recipe.   It's in metric but I've checked how to convert it so will be both:   1 395gm/ 13.93OZ can Sweetened condense milk (name brand seems to work better then store brand but that could just be here). 2 tablespoons golden syrup. 130/ 4.58OZ Butter 180gms plain biscuits/4OZ plain c

Luca-Rosemom 19

Luca-Rosemom 19


Fur, scale and feather kid/pets names

How the fur, scale and feather kids aka pets got their names:    Ruby came named but mom did middle name Ruby and that's Jean. She's named after a lovely friend of moms who passed years before I got Ruby.    Little Keg aka Cassie: came from Animal welfare league with no name. She started off as Rosie then Chelsea (my niece who's now 16) renamed her Cassie after her Cabbage patch doll she had at the time. Then she got fat in grandmas care and became Little Keg.    Co

Luca-Rosemom 19

Luca-Rosemom 19


How our fur/scale kids aka pets came here

Since I was suggested a few times to write this thought I'd finally take the time and do it. I haven't included the turtle or fish. Also Michaels turtle Squirtle is not included only because he doesn't live here. I'll be talking about the ones who are still here but a little about the 3 dogs we had for years and the puppy (only had for 3 days) we had that passed since they're tied into it. It's long and I've tried to paragraph it so each one is about each fur/scale.   Ruby, Kelpie Blue

Luca-Rosemom 19

Luca-Rosemom 19

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