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Cantu said he has to look into whether the tears were a hoax, but, he said, “even if it were (a hoax), we are not sure how it would be done, physically. Because it is hardened bronze. We’ve examined the interior, and there’s nothing on the interior.”



Gen Z is most open to faith, says new survey

British adults between the ages of 25-34 are most likely to report that they go to church regularly (11 per cent), compared with 10 per cent of those aged over 65. 

The survey found only 10 per cent of the public agreed with the statement that 'religion is a negative influence on society' and 44 per cent agreed that they have had a positive experience of Christians and Christianity.

Half of British adults (51 per cent) disagree that Christians are a negative force in society.

Continue  https://www.christiantoday.com/article/gen-z-is-most-open-to-faith-says-new-survey/129974.htm

More than six hundred miraculous healings have been reported in Medjugorje since the first apparitions. It is about documented healings for which after the scientific theological investigation there has been no cause other than the supernatural and the miraculous. In addition to these healings, there are thousands of testimonies that are healed both spirit and body, and which are not recorded. One of the particularly touching testimonies of Medjugorje is that of American Arthur Boyle from Hingham near Boston who came to Medjugorje near death.


Continue:  https://mysticpost.com/2017/09/600-documented-miraculous-healings-at-medjugorje-and-the-astonishing-case-of-arthur-boyle/


The Mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Eyes

The Mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Eyes

The eyes of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe are one of the great enigmas of science, according to a Peruvian engineer José Tonsmann, who has extensively studied this “mystery.”

This graduate of Cornell University has spent more than 20 years examining the image of the Virgin printed on the coarse and fibrous tilma worn by Saint Juan Diego, who received the apparitions that would decisively change the history of the continent.

Continue: https://mysticpost.com/2017/12/mystery-lady-g


“Optimistic Nihilism” and Whistling Past God’s Graveyard

The colorful six-minute animation from the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt recently raked in millions of views with a brief history of...well, everything. The narrator offers a naturalistic view of the entire universe, but carries it to nihilistic conclusions.

You’ve heard the story before: In its infancy, humanity believed in God, purpose, and the centrality of human life to cope with the scariness of earth. As we got “older,” science showed us how backward these ideas were.

The condescension toward believers and the assumed conflict between faith and reason is not surprising. What is surprising is Kurzgesagt’s conclusion about what this all means in the end. In short, we come face to face with an inconceivably enormous universe that is from nothing, for nothing, and amounts to nothing, culminating finally in its own heat death.


continue https://strangenotions.com/optimistic-nihilism-and-whistling-past-gods-graveyard/


Weird Things Happen (A trip to Medjugorje )

I was an Anglican curate when I saw the sun spin. It happened like this. One of the teenagers in the parish had been to Medjugorje and suddenly got keen on the Blessed Virgin Mary. He joined a Medjugorje prayer group and twisted my arm to go with them on a visit to the Bosnian town where the Virgin Mary was supposed to have been appearing to some local youngsters. I resisted, pleading poverty. Then someone in the pilgrimage group wiped out my excuse by offering to pay my airfare.

Continue: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/standingonmyhead/weird-things-happen


An Atheist Historian on Jesus


An Atheist Historian Examines the Evidence for Jesus


There are many posts presented on this site about Jesus, who he was, or even if he even existed, then, of course, the whole mythic veiw about Jesus.  This is written from the standpoint of an atheist scholar.  Long but worth the read for those interested in this kind of topic. 





October 25 Medjugorje Monthly Message

“Dear ch

”Leave selfishness and live the messages which I am giving you. Without them, you cannot change your life.”

  calling you: pray for peace. Leave selfishness and live the messages which I am giving you. Without them, you cannot change your life. By lContinue:   http://www.mysticpost.com/2016/10/october-25-medjugorje-monthly-message-leave-selfishness-and-live-the-messages-which-i-am-giving-you-without-them-you-cannot-change-your-life/


Miracle of Falling Stars on Apparition Hill

I remember the time that she asked us to dedicate three hours to Jesus and we said: “Isn’t that a bit much?” She smiled and said: “When one of your best friends pay you a visit you don’t look at how much time you spend together.” So that’s how Our Lady invited us to make it so our best friend was Jesus. Mary’s invitation to prayer was gradual. The first prayers we said with her were the seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s, plus one Apostles Creed. Then, bit by bit, she asked for the Rosary, then the complete Rosary, and then she asked us to complete our prayer with Holy Mass. Our Lady does not force us to pray; she invites us to change our lives through prayer. I

Continue: http://www.mysticpost.com/2016/10/medjugorje-visionary-and-the-the-miracle-of-falling-stars-on-apparition-hill/


October 2, 2O16 Medjugorje Message

October 2, 2O16 Medjugorje Message

Seek hope with faith, because faith is the life of the soul. Anew I am calling you: pray, pray to live faith in humility, in spiritual peace, and illuminated by the light. My children, do not strive to comprehend everything immediately, because I also did not comprehend everything immediately; but I loved, and I believed in the divine words which my Son spoke – He who was the first light and the beginning of redemption




Our Lady Cures Child from cancer stage 4

Our Lady at Medjugorje Cures Child from Stage 4 Cancer.. “I wish I could tell you of all the miracles we experienced like the white lilies blooming in the snow” …Lois, a Medjugorje pilgrim

Continue:  http://www.mysticpost.com/2016/09/our-lady-at-medjugorje-the-queen-of-peace-cures-child-from-stage-4-cancer-i-wish-i-could-tell-you-of-all-the-miracles-we-experienced-like-the-white-lilies-blooming-in-the-snow-lois-a-medjugorje-pilgri/


Connected Medjugorje to Fatima… John Paul 2

He started to read some chapters and he underlined that the messages of Medjugorje are in close relationship with those of Fatima. “Look, Medjugorje is a continuation, an extension of Fatima. Our Lady is appearing in communist countries primarily because of problems that originate in Russia”, said the Pope, who already took this as a mission of his pontificate. This is why I immediately understood the connection.

Continue: http://www.mysticpost.com/2016/09/when-a-great-saint-connected-medjugorje-to-fatima/


Downed Pilot’s Survival Story at Medjugore


Downed Pilot’s  Survival Story at Medjugore

That afternoon I turned to Our Lady in prayer. Immediately I felt her presence. It became more and more clear and palpable right up to the moment that I saw her. It is hard to describe in words. The vision came through the strength of my feelings, and that feeling was indescribably warm, full of bliss and peace. Someone existed that prayed and kept watch over my return home. That vision was the most important thing that happened to me in Bosnia. It gave me the courage to hold out in the most difficult moments.”




A Soul Saved With the Help of Mirjana’s Book

A Soul Saved With the Help of Mirjana’s Book

About a month ago Mirjana’s new book arrived at our house. I started reading it right away then  one day I left the book out on a coffee table. My wife got home early from work and picked up the book. It’s worth noting, despite my interest in Medjugorje, my wife  knew very little of about the details. To her, Medjugorje had something to with the Virgin Mary and “the pretty lady with the blond hair.” When the book arrived my wife said, “Oh, that’s the lady in  the videos.”




“When you see the outbreak of religious wars,

“When you see the outbreak of religious wars, then, know that I am on the way. Jesus to Visionary During Kibeho Apparitions in Rwanda

In 2003, the Church formally recognized a series of Marian apparitions that occurred between 1981 and 1983 in the town of Kibeho in the Diocese of Gikongoro in the southwest of Rwanda.

The Kibeho apparitions are well known for prophesying the genocide that occurred in that country in the spring of 1991.

The Virgin Mary know as “The Mother of the Word” said in 1981  “if the world does not retun back to God there would be a river of blood.”  Sadly the prophecy came true and over 1,000,000 people were killed in three months – this horrible tragedy represents the greatest loss of life in the history of the world over such a short period of time.

Continue: http://www.mysticpost.com/2016/09/when-you-see-the-outbreak-of-religious-wars-then-know-that-i-am-on-the-way-jesus-to-visionary-during-kibeho-apparitions-in-rwanda/