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Visit to Medjugorje Cures Woman of “brain disease that never vanishes

Elena Artioli’s type of brain disease never vanishes or decreases in size. But hers did after she went to Medjugorje. Her Italian specialist knows of no other cases in the world when this has happened. To Elena herself, her spiritual renewal is the greatest miracle and gift that she received.

Continue: http://www.mysticpost.com/visit-to-medjugorje-cures-woman-of-brain-disease-that-never-vanishes/


(RNS) Since atheist blogger Martin Hughes left Christianity, he hasn’t missed believing in God or in hell.

But he does miss heaven.

“I wish that there was one to go to, and that’s the truth,” Hughes wrote in a blog post, adding that his view is probably not “atheistically correct.” In Hughes’ version of heaven, he would “understand everything.” There would be “deep, rich happiness that feels like Mom’s sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving.”

Continue  http://religionnews.com/2016/07/15/why-do-many-nones-believe-in-life-after-death/


The so called sexual revolution

The so called sexual revolution

The sexual revolution was a joke.  I suppose it was great for the guys, but the girls who bought into it were looked down upon and merely used.  I can understand people having sex outside of marriage, it is such a powerful instinct, but it seldom delivers what it promises.  From my own experience, any relationship I had with women was truncated when sexual activity entered into it. The illusion of union is so great doing the sexual act that it overshadows the slower process of just getting to know one another.  Once sex enters the picture it becomes more often than not (there are exceptions of course) the only thing that matters, and in the end the women involved suffers more than the men.  The experience of sexual union is only based on reality when the couples involved are in a committed relationship based on mutual respect and love.


Continue:  http://www.thechristianreview.com/the-so-called-60s-revolution-a-trappist-looks-back/


The mystery of Consciousness Eben Alexander


More modern scientific thinking – that is sweeping the field – is that the brain is a reducing valve, or filter, that reduces consciousness (that is primary in existence) down to a trickle – our very limited human awareness (that is liberated to a much higher level when freed up from the shackles of the physical brain, as happens in near-death experiences, actual death experiences, shared death experiences, through deep meditation, centering prayer, the gift of desperation, etc).

Continue: http://www.ebenalexander.com/post-debate-reflections-the-sound-of-one-hand-clapping-by-eben/



From: This blade of grass is God...

I would say that many young people leave the church and move on

You can only indoctrinate the children you can indoctrinate. For some reason, there are those of us who are simply immune.

You are not immune, you are man of your time that is all. Many people do not take to the faith of their parents. One reason is that unlike other areas of life that people spend time learning about, faith is often seen as unimportant. So there is no depth of understanding, no matter what the faith is. Even in atheist homes the children grow up and reject what their parents tried to instill in them. However over time, many do return to the faith of their youth because they become more mature. Like I said, so called free thinkers think alike, read the same books, an they say they are forging their own path, that is a modern myth. The so called path is well traveled with its own brand of expression just like everyone else. Simplistic stereotypes only work within any one group who agree with each other.



Source: This blade of grass is God...


Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis

When Therese Daoud arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital with a huge cancerous tumor, doctors said her only chance of survival would be to amputate the leg. What happened during the following months has left the medical staff and the nation speechless.

“If someone had told me the story of what happened to Therese, I would have said they are crazy and sent them to a mental hospital,” said Professor Yaakov Bickels, head of the Orthopedic- Oncology Department at the hospital. “But I was there. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Continue: http://www.israeltod...spx?hp=readmore


From: Prisoners ask good question

Thankyou Mark, I have read much over the years about serial killers, crimes and the psychology behind some crimes. I am interested in your answers because I have found over the years, every angle has to be looked at when trying to grasp an understanding on particular crimes and the person behind them.

it is not always as cut and dry ( you mention the pushed too far bit) and although I believe the most heinous criminal should be looked away from society forever, there has to be an understanding of what makes a person do these crimes....I say there has to be an understanding, because I fear under the "wrong" circumstances, many people are capable of committing a crime.

Noting that many of the worse serial criminals in history have had head traumas, is a frightening thought that this could happen to the "normal" man if he ever had a head trauma. We know it can change a mans personality.

I am not religious, guess you have gathered that by now, but I am interested when reading about how certain criminals can "reason" with a man of god and = how a man of god can reason with them, when there was a time when the criminals "reasoning" went so wrong, not only affecting their lives which fell way out of what is acceptable in society, but which changed the lives of their victims, their victims families and created much debate, hatred and fear within society.

Thank you Mark, all noted. :tu:

There is a lot we don't understand, hopefully in the future we will learn more. People who are a danger to society need to be locked up, but they need to be treated humanely. One reason is that some (perhaps many) in prison are innocent of the crimes they were convicted for. For instance a man was just released for a murder he was wrongly convicted for in 1975. The same goes for death row. How many are actually innocent of their crimes of murder? Most no doubt are guilty, but DNA testing has freed a number of them who had been on death row for many years.

I believe that we can be influenced by God's grace, which leads to healing and more life, or by others forces (Christians name them devils, demons and Satan) over our lives as well. I know people who have been attacked by unknown forces that were malevolent. True many don't believe in such things, and others go way overboard in giving such forces too much power etc.

The battle is in the human heart, it is for our very inner lives for our souls. I know this is not a popular concept, but our lives do have meaning and because of the Resurrection of Jesus, I believe that we are called to follow him. We can't earn love from human beings, it is a gift, the same goes from God, revealed in Jesus, it is freely given, we can't earn it, all we can do is open up our hearts. Even then, it is often a slow journey for we live in a world that is filled with suffering, darkness as well as light and love. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are indeed pilgrims on a journey, so our lives do have meaning and our actions do as well.

I believe that NDE's are important. They are not new, but today their are millions who have been brought back from death, and religion, or belief or lack of does not dictate who has them. In these experiences there is a life review where all actions done for or against others are felt completely. It would seem that even though we live in a world that understands the concept of justice, but something that is very rarely achieved, is in reality something that happens at death. Atheist who have NDE's for the most part change their perspective on life.

So human consciousness is a deep mystery, something we can learn about, but may never really understand. Can a conscious mind really study itself? So serial killers are they influenced by outside forces, I believe they can be. By others from their past as well as spiritual forces. I think the experience of the Catholic Church in such areas is something too easily swept aside by modern mind sets. Also in every culture the demonic is experienced, in the New Testament it is dealt with as well.

I don't expect you to agree with much of this my friend......kind of a mild, peaceful rant LOL.



Source: Prisoners ask good question


So the pope calls for punishment of pedophiles ..I think the church has a serious problem within itself.. I question why nothing ever changes with it.

In March, Cardinal George Pell, under fire for his handling of sexual abuse of children by priests in Australia decades ago, gave four days of evidence to an Australian government commission, which again put the Church's problem with abuse on the world stage.

This is a universal problem in all areas. Yes in the church, in the teaching profession, the boy scouts, and as well as in families. This sexual perversion is up 400% from 30 years ago, or perhaps it is just being brought to the public eye. In my family there is abuse by family friends, it seems to be universal.

So yes it is horrible when a priest or minister, or teacher or parent or trusted friend abuses, then often the one abused does the same. It is not a catholic problem, it is a human problem.

Here is an article on this issue.


It is also a problem in fundamentalist churches


Here are some stats


The problem is so vast it would seem that to punish is not possible. Not sure how to deal with this. Hopefully if more people come forward and the shame can be lifted it will help. I am glad that the Church is paying for its lack of care for its people, it will only help to weed out those who have this propensity. Our society can only be changed by the bottom up, people have to change, though I doubt it will happen.

The so called sexual revolution is a bust. When sexuality is reduced to entertainment and pleasure only, there are a lot of repercussions that are passed on to the next generation. It is like all of our passions, they can lead to a great deal of suffering. Be it with food, sex, power and greed.

And people deny that we are 'sinners'. To be a sinner means we can make choices to change, to deny that reality, then people don't think they have a choice at all.



Source: Pope Francis called for "severe punishment"


The Best Room

This is written by one of our retreatants, a good blog:

Adults need quiet solitude too. In a world full of raucous noise, endless distraction, mindless entertainment, infinite information, angry bickering, and depressing news, we sometimes need quiet solitude just to hang on to our sanity and make it from one day to the next. However, the maddening pace of our lives and loud demands of our culture can make it very challenging to find that place of quiet solitude for ourselves.

Click to continue reading. The Best Room



On the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish in Legnica

Sisters and Brothers in Our Lord Jesus Christ!

As The Bishop of Legnica I hereby announce to the public and inform about an event that took place in the parish of St. Jack in Legnica which has the signs of the Eucharistic miracle. On 25th December, 2013 during the distribution of the Holy Communion, a consecrated Host fell to the floor and then was picked up and placed in a water-filled container (vasculum). Soon after, stains of the red colour appeared. The former Bishop of Legnica, Stefan Cichy, set up a commission to observe the phenomenon. In February 2014, a tiny red fragment of the Host was seperated and put on a corporal. The Commission ordered to take samples in order to conduct the thourough tests by the relevant research institutes.

Continue: http://jceworld.blog...-in-poland.html


From: Jesus shows us the Father

If there ever was a Judas. The earliest Christian writings make no mention Christ's betrayal by one of the Twelve. He makes his first appearance in The Gospel of Mark, written after the first Jewish Revolt. His name and story of betrayal are seen by some scholars as an attempt by early Christians to differentiate themselves from the Jews and the origin of modern antisemitism.

I think both Judas and Peter, the betrayal and denial happened. It is what happens when humans form groups of any kind, so with Jesus why should it be any different. Human weakness, selfishness and evil are a given I believe, as well as our desire to grow and change. There is a dynamic involved than can be understood by anyone. I don't think Judas is hated, or if people who read the story are shocked, it could have been any of us if the situation was right.

In the 50's on of the monks here wanted to say a mass for Judas, so he went to the abbot and got permission. Not that it was needed, we are asked to pray for all and not to judge anyone. Not all statements in the New Testament are influenced by the Holy Spirit, they were men who were writing about the early Church's experiences and naturally the feelings towards Judas would be intense. Even when John's Gospel was written around 90 CE, it was still less than 60 years after the death of Jesus, so there were people still alive from the time of Christ.

There are many books and theories that try to explain away Jesus, or the experiences of the early church. If one does not believe in the reality of the revelation of Jesus, it is understandable that people will try to find ways to deal with it if the topic is important to them.

I do agree that the attitude of the Church in its history did great harm in how attitudes towards the Jews developed. There is a great deal of failure in the history of the Church, which does not in anyway negate the truth or reality of the Risen Lord,



Source: Jesus shows us the Father


The mysteries of (the image of) Guadalupe

The mysteries of (the image of) Guadalupe

Incredible it is how many times the Blessed Mother's image as presented at Guadalupe has been perceived on objects and buildings in recent times: windows, trees, even a highway overpass. In the legitimate cases, when it isn't an imaginative reach, what is she trying to tell us? Why is it so prevalent now? Is it simply the influx of Mexicans? Or is there more to it? It's things like that we will be delving into during our journey as well as in the book (appreciate your prayers). If we can swing it we also would like to investigate some current apparitions, sometime soon, in South America.

Continue: http://www.spiritdai...ilgrimstory.htm


5 Feminist Pioneers Who Were Against Abortion

Credited by many as the founder of the woman’s rights movement, and herself the mother of 7 children, Elizabeth Stanton was clear that she considered abortion to be a form of infanticide, and therefore rejected it totally. She also blamed men for abortion, saying that it was a symptom of the oppression of women (rather than a sign of their empowerment!).

Continue: http://www.churchpop...neers-abortion/


If you live my word

If you live His word

I believe that there is something to the apparitions at Medjugorje, and the Blessed Mother is being used by God to try to reach us and bring us all into a deep loving relationship with Jesus. Many non-Catholics go there, as well as others from other religions. Muslims and Hindus and those who are more agnostic, yet each find that they come closer to God, many coming to Jesus. I think this message is truly beautiful, one of the best I believe that have come out of Medjugorje. Many scoff at this kind of thing, yet it has been going on for a long time, over 30 years; the message always Christ centered, yet open to people of all faiths. Let us pray with all people of good will and see Christ in all.

Our Lady appeared to Mirjana Soldo today, August 2nd, 2015, and delivered the following message:

(Printed with permission)

"Dear children, I, as a mother who loves her children, see how difficult the time in which you live is. I see your suffering, but you need to know that you are not alone. My Son is with you. He is everywhere. He is invisible, but you can see Him if you live Him. He is the light which illuminates your soul and gives you peace. He is the Church which you need to love and to always pray and fight for - but not only with words, instead with acts of love. My children, bring it about for everyone to come to know my Son, bring it about that He may be loved, because the truth is in my Son born of God - the Son of God. Do not waste time deliberating too much; you will distance yourselves from the truth. With a simple heart accept His word and live it. If you live His word, you will pray. If you live His word, you will love with a merciful love; you will love each other. The more that you will love, the farther away you will be from death. For those who will live the word of my Son and who will love, death will be life. Thank you."


From: Words

this man has a great sense of humor, he reminds me of the comic series "The far side". This is good I hope you enjoy it if you read.



I seem to have written this way back in 2012. Because of the state my brain is in presently, I present it here in place of something new.


At work that day, when the boss accused me wrongly of doing something I had not done, I couldn’t say anything. I just nodded in agreement and walked away. My allotment of words had almost run out, and the few I had left I was saving for any emergency that might crop up at home.

You see, that morning I had discovered the wife had spent some of the household money on some little extravagance for herself, and I had thoughtlessly admonished her, using too many sentences in scorn. That was why I had to keep quiet all day at work and say nothing in my defense.

As the day had worn on and my temper heightened at the unjust treatment I had received, I considered telling the boss off anyway. But that would have used all my words, and my Counter would probably have gone into the red. That would mean I would have to pay double the price for the debit words I would have used, and at my wage grade I could hardly have afforded that. So I kept silent.

When I returned home the wife had few words left herself, gossip that she is, so no argument ensued. The evening passed and the next day and the next quietly, and finally it was a Free-From-Work Period.

That morning I had thought of borrowing from the Dialog Office, but later I thought better of it. It was no use going into speech debt, as Allotment Day was only three days away. Then I would tell the wife what I thought of her and her lavish spending, alright.

I had read once that there had been free speech sometime in our past history. It was difficult for me to imagine that state of affairs. How awkward it must have been in those times. How could one organize one’s thoughts succinctly and concisely if one were free to speak endlessly on any subject that came to mind? Conversation must have been utter chaos.

How lucky we now are to have Counters to abridge and therefore efficiently organize our spoken opinions. I admit the system has its drawbacks, but its benefits surely outweigh them. In fact, not being able to reprimand my boss’s poor judgment was an example of the advantage of our vocal restrictions laws. Soon I would be up for a minor promotion, which my boss would have to approve, so my forced silence at his scolding was in the end a good thing.

With promotion would come a larger Allotment, most of which I could surely use in reprimanding the wife in no uncertain terms for her too-liberal spending habits. Just now she comes into the room and purposely gives me a spiteful look. I ignore her and smile to myself in anticipation of that sweet future moment of retaliation, and for now keep my mouth shut.

Source: Words


Heaven is a state of oneness with God, heaven is everywhere, so is hell. People in hell are incapable of relationships, they are alone, they have made themselves their true center, which is a lie, since only God is the true center. If Hitler is in heaven that state of being of being one with God, then he is one with all. In order to do that all that he did to others has to be experienced by him. All the pain etc., has to be gone through, it is the only way. For in that, which is mercy, we learn that what we do to others is in reality done to ourselves, to Christ, to God. God's judgement is the simple truth, the way things are, both the soul and God agree with the judgement. It is impossible for a person to be in hell who does not belong.



Source: What if Hitler had made it to heaven?


From: Just Another Khazi Story

Another good story by StarMountainKid....worth the read

Well, here’s another story mostly about nothing. Nothing happens in this story. If you read the story and then the Postscript, you’ll know what I’m trying to get at in my poor fashon.

Just Another Khazi Story

The street was dirty, of course, and the wind was picking up dust and flinging it in our faces. The usual dregs lay about, mostly oblivious of us as we strolled by. Khazi was carelessly whistling some old forgotten tune, hands in pockets as usual. The way you walk with your hands in your pockets I think is nice in its gate. Maybe that’s one reason I like Khazi so much. Khazi has style, just doesn’t care, does whatever comes to mind and is a free soul.

I guess everyone’s free now, though. There’s not much to do, anyway, except stand in lines sometimes. Other than that, we’re all on our own.

We’re the Lost Brigade of the Survivors, Khazi says. We’re not much to look at, we all have bad manners and are pretty shabby inside and out, but we’re still here. That's more than can be said about most of the previous population. The civilians, another of Zhazi’s terms, were the first to disappear from this modern life. They couldn’t take it, I guess. Too much of a change for them. Too much stuck in the old routine to adapt. It’s just us and the big shots. We don’t associate with the big shots. They’re all comfortable over in the Enclave, guards on patrol.

Sometimes Khazi and me walk by and throw stones at the barricades and fortifications. The guards just ignore us, as they’re usually leaning against various obstructions, looking bored. We’re no threat, we’re just riffraff. Riffraff Raferty is another name Khazi calls himself sometimes. He’s pretty funny, usually.

This day we strolled over to the park. It’s not much of a park anymore, though. At night it can be slightly dangerous. It’s just that sometimes someone gets frustrated or something and picks a fight at random. It never amounts to much, except when knives are drawn. Then it can be messy. Everyone’s used to messy, so it really doesn’t matter very much to anybody. A lot of stuff is just ignored. Why bother?

Mostly the park at night is just sleeping bodies. Khazi and me don’t sleep in the park. We stay together in a grimy room in a half-demolished building we like. We like it because of its unusual architecture. It used to be some kind of a high-class musician’s rehearsal building we figure. There’s old smashed pianos and stuff scattered around in various rooms.

Khazi says he would have been a great musician if things hadn't changed. Kahazi says a lot of things.

I think I’d have been in a carnival. In the freak show probably, so I could scare and disgust civilians. I can be pretty repugnant. I think this characteristic of mine is one reason why Khazi hangs around with me. I’m honest. I mean, grubby and rundown as we are anyway, why not be what we appear to be?

The girls around aren’t much to look at, either. They all pretty much gave up on that a long time ago. Now everybody’s sort of the same, except for the few who look pretty anyway. These usually end up in the Enclave. Khazi says it’s nice there, been picked up by some big shot’s procurer. Khazi tells me about it sometimes. I believe it because Khazi is one of the pretty ones, too, in a way. At least in wearing shabbiness with some style.

We’re the new generation, or the most recent. Abandoned, mostly. It’s hard enough to keep yourself alive without little ones to take care of. We don’t blame them; parents are worn out by the time we can get around by ourselves, so we're just left on our own to survive as best we can.

Khazi and me have been pals for a while now. Sometimes I suspect we stick together just for convenience. I mean until something better comes along. After all, either death or a more advantageous situation are the only two choices any of us have to look forward to. But down deep I really think Khazi is just as scared as me, and staying together is the only real security for both of us.

I guess I’ve been lucky. If you don’t have a steadfast ally to watch your back, bad things can happen. Loners don’t last too long. Thugs on patrol and all that.

Well, we spent our day like every other day, not much to tell about it. I’m sitting in our dingy little room right now tonight writing this down. Khazi will come over to me in a little while, sit next to me and read what I’ve written. It’s always the same comment: “You keep writing about nothing.”

Well, nothing is all we have now, so I think all these nothings of our lives should be important to us. That's why I write them down; even though I know no one will ever read them.

Sitting together now, I turn my head close to Khazi’s, breathe Khazi’s breath, and smile.


I think my little stories don’t say very much. I mean, they just like describe what happens on some random day. I like that because that’s how almost every day happens, and hardly anybody writes about just another day kind of stuff.

Usually in stories some big event is going on, something special. I like these little stories of mine in which nothing special ever happens. I like them because within these nothing-special moments, something special is actually happening, we just don’t notice them.

I think every little moment is special to us, more special than the big events. We’re usually just pawns in big events, but in all our quiet, usual moments it’s all about us, and we have time to look around and notice what’s going on. Notice the little details that make up most of our lives.

Noticing these little details we notice ourselves. Usually, we’re not even aware of ourselves. Not noticing ourselves, we accumulate a lot of lost moments. Blank spaces in our time. Our lives are full of blank spaces, unremembered. Unremembered time as if we weren’t really there, as if we weren’t even alive in these moments.

This is why Khazi’s friend writes everything down. All the non-events of his days. He considers these essential to his life, because he knows they are all he really has. If you read the first Khazi story, you’ll see they don’t have a lot of time left, so every moment is special, even though nothing special happens in these moments.

Also, Khazi’s friend is in love. Love makes every moment special. If we’re not in love with every single moment of our lives we’re not really alive, I think. We’re not really there. So Khazi’s friend notices and writes it all down. He’s in love and therefore in love with every moment. He doesn’t want anything forgotten, even though he knows no one else will ever read the love that he has written about.

It’s only important that he knows that love of every moment, and that he remembers them. That’s all he has, and I think that’s all we have.

Source: Just Another Khazi Story


From: Khazi and Me

The author of this piece is very talented. It takes real talent to write a good short story.....I want to share this.

I'm putting this old story here, though it may somehow be unethical to move stories around here. I may even have posted it here sometime before, I don't remember. My memory is fading like that. Anyway, I like the story.

Khazi and Me

Kahzi and me developed empathy soon after all hell broke loose. The baseline seemed to be stabilized while the punks were still ravaging the city. Nothing could stop them, of course, so we kept our distance. Wandering around, we moved cautiously on the outskirts of the ruined industrial district until we came to what passed for farmland. Nothing remained intact anywhere, though. Even empty land seemed to have been worn out and scraped clean, except it wasn’t clean; it was contaminated by the toxins.

The air smelled chemical even away from the city. We tried to breathe as little as we could, but you have to breathe, right? So when we reached the hillsides and climbed a little the smell lessened and we felt better. Felt better in a relative way, of course. When we reached the top of the hill we looked back and all was still fire and smoke. We guessed the punks were still at it.

We were sort of punks ourselves, but not extreme. We just liked to trash. That’s different than demolish and obliterate. That was for the hardcore, the skinheads and fanatics. The crazies. We weren’t crazy, not yet anyway. It was keen, though, watching the lunatics having their way with everything . Destruction rattled something deep inside me. It was an off. Nothing to compare it to. A shriek.

So we decided to spend the night on that hill. When it got dark we watched the stars through the drifting haze. It was beautiful in its way. After a while we did what we do, and then there was a big explosion down in the city. We supposed all this was going on all over the planet, but we couldn’t be sure. There was no way to know, but we supposed anyway.

In the morning we decided to go back to the city and have a go'round. Everything looked crushed and bleak. There wasn’t much left of anything anywhere. All the jiggers would be asleep by now, we figured, so it would only be semi-dangerous. We could handle semi-danger. We were semi-dangerous ourselves. We’d proved that a few times.

The city was just debris when we got there, but it was a jive to see it all like this. There were some civilians roaming, too, but they stepped back out of our way and kept their distance. They all had this dazed look on their faces, like they couldn’t believe it. What did they expect? I felt kinda sorry for them, but it didn’t make much difference, as we were all going to end up the same in the end.

Hiking down something that used to be a street, we heard a rumble somewhere off in the distance. Probably the last building falling over. You’d think it would be a big job toppling buildings, but everything was rotted pretty much by then, so it was easier than you might expect. Most stuff just fell apart and crashed by theirselves. You had to be careful in the beginning not to be crushed by stuff just crumpling and smashing down. We had some close calls, ourselves. Empathy had saved us more than once.

Anyway, we found a busted water pipe and drank some, but we knew doing that would shorten our span of years, as Kahzi said it. We laughed at this. Our span was short enough anyway, so what did it matter?

After that, we just sat under some concrete slab that jutted out into nothing and looked at each other. We were pretty dozy, but we smiled anyway and put our arms around each other. The sky was turning grey with clouds, the sun was gone, and everything around us looked grey and grimy, including ourselves. I was feeling a little sick. We made a deal it would be best to go out together. We didn’t want one of us to go on alone. Alone would be too much to bear.

It was kinda peaceful sitting there in all that grey rubble, though. It was pretty quiet. The punks and smashers were probably sitting around themselves, admiring their work. They had finished what someone else had started, so they felt blameless. It’s a nice feeling when your work is all done.

As the day went on, sitting there in the dust and grime, we began to feel a part of it. Part of all the ruin, I mean. We were ruined, too, so what was the difference? Kahzi started to cough some and slouch, and my bones were beginning to feel dislocated from each other. That was a sign for me. We didn’t say too much to each other after that. Later I tried to make some kind of joke or another, but my voice turned into sandpaper before I could get it all out. Kahzi wouldn’t have laughed, anyway. It was about the end for him, too.

I wrote all this down for some reason here. I know it’ll just blow away in a filthy wind to join all the other ruins we all made of everything, but I wrote it anyway. At the end I wanted my last look to be at something nice, like it was, but I can’t see too good now, and besides there’s nothing nice to look at anymore.

It’s not so bad though, really. Maybe somewhere there’s kids like us smiling or something, still in a nice place where it’s pretty. I like to think so. They’re maybe in some way-off jungle where it’s all green and the sun is shining bright in a blue sky, and they’re still happy. I guess I’m happy, too, in a way, cuz it’s finally over. There’s nothing left to grieve for anyway.

The only thing I’ll really miss is how much I love Kahzi.

Source: Khazi and Me


Learning About The Quran ... From A Catholic Archbishop

For years, Fitzgerald has been urging his fellow Christians to acquaint themselves with Islam and its holy book, the Quran. It has been a challenging mission at a time when many non-Muslims associate Islam with violence and when many Muslims think the West has declared war on their faith.