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Wonder at God

Our encounter with God is one that both wounds us and leaves us in wonder at Him, so Scripture suggests.

How can this be? To be wounded and to wonder seem to have nothing to do with each other. Being wounded is something personal, something we hide from others. We bind and bandage up our wounds. When we are injured we stay home from school or work and abstain from all but necessary errands. Healing wounds of any kind is a private affair.

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Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel Hardcover – September 8, 2014

From popular culture to the halls of academia, Christianity is under attack. The Old Testament's accounts of history are often dismissed as myths, while the gospels are frequently derided as a fairy tale. But the critics' arguments are far weaker than they first appear.




I am not sure if this overstated or not. However there is something very wrong today with the way things 'seem' to be going. Not enough time to think for most people.....too busy, too noisy, too tired....often it is our inward spirit that loses out. We lose our personal vision, our faith become watered down and often useless. How we perceive things is dictated by our times. If we don't think for ourselves, then our culture will for us. The polls will tell us what is right, even as things fall apart around us.



I do get tired of the whole God debate, or is religion good for you conversation, or should be religion be passed on to their children. Yet I do get drawn into it once in awhile. Below is one 'conversation' on the topic. Atheism has always intrigued me so I guess that is why from time to time I get 'caught' by the whole round of the same old thing being said over and over again.

This man "StarMountainKid" is a very talented writer and I like sparring with him a bit.

Science backs up the existence of God?? I think children should understand the difference between imagined stuff and reality. I personally don't believe in indoctrinating children in any particular religion. I think that limits their freedom of imagination. In my opinion, that is imagination-abuse.

I'm very glad my parients did not force-feed me some particular religious belief.

Science for me points to the reality of an underlying intelligence.....so yes, it does for me strengthen my faith in God. Science itself can make no claims on God; it is outside of its field; that is for theology and philosophy to deal with. Religion does not limit imagination; there is no proof of it, unless you can find some sort of study that is not biased on the matter.....which is probably impossible. Parents have an obligation to teach their children the truth as they see it. Unless you want the government to take charge....that won't work; I would not want any government telling me what to teach my children about the meaning of life. It has been tried and has ended badly. Science does not deal with life and its meaning, unless it is to tell children that they are “just lumbering giants, whose only purpose is to pass on their DNA”…now that would limit imagination for me. Like I said, this whole modern myth about science and religion being at war is not true….except for those on the fringe on both sides. If you believe it, then on a subjective level it is true…..

There are doctors, lawyers, scientists, teacher, nurses and policemen who where raised in religious environments who seem to be ok, I see no impediment in their imagination or in how they deal with people. Logic can be used to back up faith, or to work against it. Logic is a tool, it is not truth. It gives us away to think and express ourselves that others can understand.

In the end we are controlled by our perspectives, they will dictate what we consider logical and reasonable. You have a perspective that is different than mine, so I expect you to have a different ‘slant’ on life, meaning, God and yes the whole question “is religion good for children” etc.

My problem is with both believers and those who do not, who seem to have a compulsion to want control others or shame them into changing their minds. Faith can be reasonable and based on logic, so can atheism. People of faith are not afraid of life without God, they simply ‘know’ that God exist, the same way that an atheist knows that God does not, both are non-rational statements, both can use logic and reasonable thought to back them up. We live in a world where doubt is part and parcel of our lives, in the end we choose, and we choose from a non-rational place, we call it personal experience. Those believers and atheist who insist on being insulting, only make fools of themselves I believe. I am glad they fight each other and leave the rest of us alone.

In the end, no matter how children are raised, most go their own way, however the deep values are often kept. So atheist parents may have children who become devout believers, and devout believers have children who become atheist….it is life in our modern world. Beliefs are shared and not force fed in any case. Hard shell atheist or believers only chase their children away from what they are trying to force on them.

Source: Believing Impossible Stuff Is Dangerous.


NEW YORK—The field of psychology was brought to an immediate halt this week as disillusioned and weary practitioners of the discipline reportedly concluded that the mind could never possibly hope to study itself.

Abandoning more than a century of clinical research, theoretical developments, and observational studies, psychologists worldwide announced that their entire professional lives had been utterly worthless, as the human brain could never comprehend its own workings, let alone understand its own understanding.

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