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Loving The Dead

Despite differences in any society or culture, you could find in many of their folklore common imaginary about the supernatural. Since the earliest human civilization, there have been stories about people returning from the grave needing to feed upon humans to substance themselves. Legends of these creatures are told across the global including Japan with its folklore holding some morbid myths such as the Hone-onna.
In Japan’s lore, yokai are malevolent supernatural entities often created by the returning spirit of a human or animal to been wronged in life seeking revenge. However, even undying love may give rise to an undead creatures. When a woman dies still desiring to stay with their family or lover, her spirit manifest into a hone-onna. This yokai will appear as a young, beautiful woman disguising her true form of a rotten walking corpse or skeleton.
In legends, the hone-onna is a ghost which returns wanting to continue the love of those she had in life. She would arise from the grave at night and return to the home of her family or lover. The yokai’s suddenly appearance would shock those grieving her passing, yet be joyous of the woman’s return unaware of her true nature. Myths mention, even hone-onna may not even be aware herself of what she transforming into.
In lore, unsuspecting husbands or lovers would often fall victim to this yokai. The hone-onna visited the male at night to engage in intimacy where she feed’s off their life force then leaving in the morning. This course of action usually resulted in the man’s death. Only those strong in will or of could see pass the disguise and maybe able to intervene. Often in stories, man who been warned of the hone-onna still continued to embrace the ghost, even at the cost of their lives.
Hone-onna, in several myths, continue to exist long after killing their lovers. Either a wish to continue living or be embraced by someone, these yokai carry on appearing at night seducing young men and substance them by extracting their life force. In some forms of Japanese media, the hone-onna been the setting for tragic love stories.

The Hands See Everything

In Japanese folklore, some yokai were once human, an animal or even a household. After being wronged in some way they manifested into a malevolent force seeking out revenge such as the Tenome. As legend goes, a blind old man was attacked by thugs while travelling down a road. The robbers viciously beaten the elder and left him to die alone. In agony, the old man cried out a curse wishing to had eyes to see their faces before succumbing to his injuries. After such resent-filled death, his spirit refused to rest and transformed into a Tenome.

Legends described this yokai as a ghost resembling an old man with no eyes as they were now coming out from the palms of his hands. Tenome wanders around open fields, graveyards and country roads at night seeking out those who killed him. The yokai would stick out his hands in front of his face to see, yet not knowing the faces of his attackers along with a blinded rage, anyone unfortunately enough to cross his path became a target.

In Japanese folklore, comforting Tenome meant certain death. The yokai was faster and stronger than a human and could track its victims by scent if they evaded his sight. Stories mention Tenome preyed upon people where he sucked all the blood and bones out the person leaving behind the skin. Most legends may mention how to fight off yokai, however there are few options to defeating this spirit other than warding, sealing or exorcising it.


Thaty is not Batman

ow to Survive An Encounter with an Winged Humanoid
What if one late night, while walking home you hear a strange sound in the distance. You recognize the noise as flapping wing, yet the situation is puzzling because you are unable to find where it is coming from. While scanning the area, you locate the sound coming from above you and approaching. Under the light of a street lamp lands a massive create with sizable flapping bat wings. What seems out of a nightmare, stands an entity with a humanoid body along with animal parts. The creature turns its attention to you and begins to roar, what do you do?
If I recalled ,the mentioned scenario proposed by my friend Par after watching one of those paranormal TV shows involving a couples meet with the New Jersey Devil. This would then spark a discussion about what course of action to take if we found ourselves in such a confrontation. Even though the situation was hypothetical, researching cryptozoology would show humans having brushed with creatures categorized as winged humanoids throughout history
Winged humanoids are any entity with the body of a human, such as arms and legs, mixed with animal characteristics that can fly by using either bat or feather wings. These creatures been seen in the skies across the global since ancient times like angles and harpies. Some of the more known cryptids include the New Jersey Devil, Mothman along with the Owlman. Sightings of these avian creatures were not only been reported but also accounts given where they assaulted people. A noted case was in 1909, when the Jersey Devil attacked a trolley car in Haddon Heights, NJ. All of this was part of the discussion Pat and I had on how to react if one day we came face to face with one of these winged humanoids.
During our brainstorming session, we worked under the assumption the cryptid in the scenario was just an organism and not dealing with anything supernatural or extraterrestrial. In examining eye-witness reports, we concluded these creatures could fly, are strong and very agile making such encounter dangerous to be in. What does one do when being stared down by the New Jersey Devil? Here is what Pat and I suggest.
As mentioned in similar past articles, any confrontation with the paranormal will result in the human brain going into meltdown as it struggles to understand why you are encountering something that should not exist. This will result in you being frozen in fear or fleeing in panic. If all possible, stay calm and collective as you need to assess the situation before reacting.
1.) Always question if what you are seeing is real? Is there anything artificial about the creature? You would not be the first to fall victim to a prank or be on a movie scene. Also consider if there is anything you had consumed creating a hallucination. Anything about the wings which look fake? Observe the surrounding environment.
2.) Once you concluded the avian humanoid is real do not move or make any noise which may provoke a response by the cryptid, just observe. Maybe with a little luck, the creature is only taking a break before flying off.
3.) If the cryptid starts to act aggressively immediately seek out any cover or shelter. Get into heavy dense forest, inside a building, under a structure or anything large enough that could be an obstacle. You are at a disadvantage being out in the open with a flying cryptid. In taking cover forces the creature to the ground giving you a greater chance against it.
4.) Some may believe fighting any winged humanoid would be the same as fighting a human. This is a false assumption as may of these creatures as described to have animal traits such as claws, talons, beaks and fangs along with reported enhanced strength you do not want to be in arm’s length. Keep your distance. Use the environment for barrier or obstacles.
5.) Assess your surroundings for any improvised weapons . Rocks, sticks, garbage, coins, dirt or any object you throw at the creature. Target the face and the wings while creaming or yelling. This may discourage the cryptid to withdraw.
6.) If equipped with a cell phone and if possible call for help. Maybe the sirens of emergency vehicles will scare off the creature or at least have someone armed on their way. Informed them some unknown assailant is attacking you without going further into detail. Any mention you being chased by the Mothman would lead only to recommendation of seeking out professional help instead.
7.) Upon being cornered by the creature, you will need to fight it as now your life is on the line. If possible, arm yourself with anything that could be used as an improvised weapon such as keys, cell phone or pen. Target the eyes or any other vital part of the body and hopefully this will convince the cryptid to retreat. Seek immediate medial attention and upon reporting this incident will fall upon you to say unknown animal or what would come to say winged humanoid.
Now this is maybe a hypothetical scenario, however if you are ever visiting the New Jersey state and encounter the Devil you now got an idea on what to do.

Tears and Bubbles

Pennsylvania had many reported paranormal phenomena from ghosts to UFO sightings occurring for decades. The state is even home to several famous cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Goatman along with a few visitation by the New Jersey Devil. One of the lesser known and probably the most pitiful of creatures believe to inhabit the northern-western woods of Pennsylvanian is the Squonk.

The Squonk is a legendary animal believed to live within the Hemlock forests in the north-western part of the state. They are described timid and ugly in appearance as the creature's skin is sagging while covered with moles and warts. Legends claim the Squonk is constantly weeping because its ashamed of its body and will often try to avoid being seen. This creature is said to have a unique ability to escape capture from hunters by dissolving completely into a pool of tears and bubbles when cornered.

One well-known story about a captured Squonk told in Pennsylvania involves a man named J.T Wentling. Sometime in the early 1900s, the creature's skin was valuable and Mr Wentling when out hunting for one. One night with a full moon, he tracked the animal down by following the glistening trail made from its tears. Upon sighting the Squonk, Mr Wentling coaxed it into a bag by imitating the creature's weeping under a hemlock tree. While carried his prize home, he suddenly noticed that the bag was lighter, and on opening it, found nothing inside but tears and bubbles. This maybe the source of their scientific name, Lacrimacorpus dissolvens, from the Latin words for “dissolving body”

The legend of the Squonk has been spoken in Pennsylvania since the early 19th century with the first written account made in book by William T. Cox called Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts (1910). Lumberjacks and hunters were mainly the source of early sightings of the creature. Several cryptozoologist theorize the Squonk maybe resulted from encounters with malformed wild boars within the time period as there are no new accounts of the creature reported.







Attack of the 20ft hawk

What if one late afternoon, you are out for a walk when you spot an unusual, large shadow in motion along the ground. In surveying the surroundings, you are unable to find its source until something overhead catches your attention. Circling above appears to be a massive winged creature resembling a hawk or even a bat. As you observe this animal hovering around, it suddenly turns directions and swoops down at you. What do you do?

Back in 1998 while watching the 7th Voyage of Sinbad there was a scene where the heroes were fighting off a monstrous two head bird which prompt my friend Pat to ask me what we would do if such a situation. Often such movies or even TV shows would begin a discussion on how to react when facing certain paranormal phenomena. In this case, the hypothetical scenario is surviving an encounter with a colossal predator capable of carrying off a human being.

Currently, one the biggest carnivorous bird in the world is the California Condor with a wingspan of 10 feet. Does a large predator even exist? In many parts of the world, there are many legends told of such creatures flying within the skies. From Middle-Eastern folklore, comes the myth of the Roc depicting a gigantic hawk that carries away elephants to feed upon. In Western Zambia is the myth of a pterosaur-like creature called the Kongamato said to prey about local natives. In this scenario, the bird of prey being encountered is an enormous hawk.

What Pat and I had established this creature would follow through with the same attack pattern as another predatory bird. It would swoop down using it talons to knock down the prey or pick it to thrush around or even drop from a height. Once upon the ground, the predator would attempt to pin or subdue the target with its talons and proceed to finish off the target by piercing valuable parts on the body such as the neck with its beak. On that note, unless armed with a ranged weapon like a gun or crossbow, you want to avoid any direct confrontation and only concentrate on evasion and escape. Here is a suggest course of action Pat and I deceived.

Now as I mentioned in earlier articles, when encountering anything you been told doesn’t exist in this world, the human brain will go into a meltdown attempting to make sense of the situation. This will result in you either being frozen in fear, going into shock or instantly panicking. By any means, you need to avoid entering into such a state and if all possible stay calm to evaluate the circumstance.

1.) Ask yourself, if what you are observing is real? Is there anything artificial about the creature attacking you? You would not be the first person to the victim of a prank or walked into a movie set.

2.) If the predatory bird is real, you need to immediately seek cover and get out of the creature’s view. Being out in the open puts you at a disadvantage as this large bird can quickly be upon you or carry you off. Observer your surroundings and find any place that can shelter you. Buildings, storm drains, vehicles, caves, thick tree canopy or any overhead structures which could hide you.

4.) Once you found somewhere to take cover, start running in a zig zag pattern towards that place as this would make you harder to target by the bird. However, if the creatures is already swooping down at you, do not run away or go immediately left or right as it could still adjust its approach. You need to remain stationary and hope to find an opening along with some good timing to dodge out the creatures away.

5.) Upon reaching the shelter, survey the area of anything which could be improvise as a weapon such as rocks, glass, sticks, even dirt and observe the creature. More then likely, the bird of prey will land and try to reach you with its beak and talons. If possible keep distance and/or evade attacks. Anything you were able to find in the immediate area throw at the bird’s head targeting the eyes. Hopefully this will discourage the creature to give up and seek our easier prey. At this point, if you are able to contact anyone by cell phone remember to mention you are being assaulted and need of aid without making any reference to the creature. Saying you are being attacked by a 20 ft hawk would likely get no help from anyone.

Now in this hypothetical scenario, if armed with a ranged weapon such as a rifle go ahead in protecting yourself by any means and maybe in the end hosting the largest BBQ in neighbourhood.


Hello There Bigfoot

What if one day you were wondering through the woods sometime late in the afternoon. Maybe you are out camping, hunting deer during season or taking a hike. You stop for a few moments to survey nature’s beauty, when suddenly you develop an uneasy feeling of being watched. You realize there is unnerving silence within the forest along with the lacking presence of any animal. The sounds of snapping twigs draws your attention to turn around and standing before you is a giant, hairy humanoid. Welcome to Bigfoot country. You are face to face with the legendary Sasquatch, what do you do?

Last week, I received a request on what one should do if such a scenario ever occurred. In the past, I posted articles on Abnormal Realm with suggested instructions to follow upon encountering certain cryptids. As I mentioned in them, such topics were in many discussion I had with my friend Pat years ago. I recall one summer where the possibility of brushing with Bigfoot came up while making plans for a camping trip. At the time, I was unaware the place we would be going to had several sightings of the creature back in the 1960s and 1970s. Upon Pat sharing this information with me, sparked the talk on actions to take if a confrontation happened.

The discussed scenario is hypothetical, but anyone researching about the cryptid would discover every year there are hundreds of sightings across North America along with several rare incidents where humans were within arms reach of Sasquatch. On the fluke of such an incident, Pat and I examined on the possible outcomes. One circumstance we recognized was the chance of running into an aggressive Bigfoot which I will save for a future article. The situation we focused on was unexpectedly crossing paths with the creature. In past research Pat and I had conducted, we believe Sasquatch is a highly intelligence and intentionally avoids contact with humans. This means the creature steers clear of anything involving with people and tries to keep a healthy distance away from those it detects with heighten senses.

There were several cases we read where people described Bigfoot expressing a confused or shocked look when directly meeting up with humans. Possible anyone coming face to face with Sasquatch could had caught the cryptid off guard as it didn’t expect to meet any humans. On the question on what to do when confronting Bigfoot, just know the creature is not hunting or stalking you, more likely the event occurred by chance which you maybe able to walk away from by following these suggestion.

Now, I may mention this again in future articles as remaining calm and maintaining focus needs to be empathized. The human brain will go into a melt down when facing anything that should not exist such as an encounter with Bigfoot. The situation can quickly become dangerous if you enter a state of fear or panic. You must be alert and aware of the surroundings before reacting. Just keep this in mind, if the Sasquatch is not hostile there be an opportunity to get away from it. In the near future, I will follow-up this post with an article on what to do when facing an aggressive Bigfoot. As long as the cryptid is not baring its teeth, screaming, shouting, howling, stomping its feet, waving its arms, beating the ground, breaking trees and branches, or throwing rocks ,then the creature does not perceive you as a threat and you have a chance.

1.) As mention in past articles, you must asset the situation. Ask yourself is the creature real? You could have walked on a movies set or be the victim of a prank. Hoaxes have happened in the past before where people encountered someone dressed in a gorilla suit. There are ways to determine if the Bigfoot you are confronting is real or fake. Is there a vile smell in the air? In some cases, people describe a putrid odour to follow Sasquatch. Is there any features you can see in determining the cryptid’s gender? Most hoaxes do not bother to make their costume anatomically correct. Did you mistaken the creature for another animal such as a bear on its hind legs?

2.) Now, if convinced the Sasquatch is real here is some more information to keep in mind. You can not out run, out swim, out climb or fight off a Bigfoot. According to some cryptozoologist, Bigfoot is a territorial creature which sees you as the intruder. Your means of escape is not to provoke the cryptid and start acting submissively by lowering your head while avoiding eye contact. Remain motionless, try not to make any noises or facial expressions and wait till either the creature withdraws or an opportunity opens up for you to leave. At this point, your aim is to see Bigfoot’s reactions without agitating it.

3.) Allow a few seconds to pass and see if Bigfoot withdraws first. If it does, wait till the creature is out of sight and slowly retreat from the area. Any screams, snapping of branches or any other noise you hear quicken your pace in exiting the scene.

4.) If Sasquatch does not withdraw, this behaviour is its way of asserting dominance and indicating for you to leave. Still have your head lowered, slowly withdraw away from Bigfoot without showing it your back. Once you at of the creature’s view, make your way out of the area as quickly as possible.

5.) If Bigfoot starts approaching but shows no hostility as you withdraw, pull out coins, shiny objects, anything with bright colours or even food and drop it in front of you as you walk away. Hopefully this will distract the cryptid giving you time to gain some distance.

6.) If the creature is upon you without showing no signs of aggressive,  you need to stop moving and crouch down to the ground. You have to endure of few moments of being examined by the creature. Here take no action, maybe even attempt to play dead as in some reported cases, eventually Sasquatch gets bored and walks away. Once out of sight, quickly leave the area.

7) Just to note. If you hear Bigfoot talking such as it saying “Hi” or something else in English, do not respond back or attempt to engage in any conversion. This may provoke the creature or encourage it to stay around longer which you do not want to happen A few cryptozoologist, theorized Bigfoot speaking is nothing more than the creature mimicking humans.

8.) Now, after such an experience the choice will be upon you whether or not to share it with others.

Hope this article maybe of some use to anyone finding themselves in hypothetical scenario where they encounter a non-existing creature which sightings of it continues to this day.


How To Escape From Lake Monsters

What if one day you decided to take some leisure time out on a lake or river in a small craft. Maybe to do some fishing, kayaking or lazily drift around drinking some cool beverages. As you are enjoying the moment, a strange splashing could be heard off the side of the boat. When you investigate the noise, a reptile-like head emerges out of the water and slowly elevates revealing the long neck attached to it. The creature now towers over you, glaring down as you now facing an animal that came out of some dinosaur movie. What do you do?

In my last posting “What Would You Do If A Small Cryptid Attacked You?”, a request was made on what to do in the above scenario. This was an actual past conversation, Pat and ,I had on the possibility one of us were to ever go into the field of cryptozoology. Most of the reported cryptids in the world are creatures believed to inhabit bodies of waters sighted since ancient times to present day. In Scotland, there is the Loch Ness monster, Ogopogo in British Columbia, Canada and Mokele-mbembe of the Congo River, just to name a few known lake monsters.

In our discussions, we concluded to study any cryptid residing in a lake or river, one would need to investigate on the water from a boat. We identified this situation as a potential danger on encountering any hostile creature. This incident maybe hypothetical, but in the research we conducted there are cases where people were allegedly attacked by something from the water. As an example, on May, 1965 in Fate Magazine was an article written by Edward Brian McCleary where he tells a story on how he and four friends got attacked by some prehistoric beast while out on a scuba dive. Mccleary claims he barely survived the encounter, however his friends were not so fortunate. Now back it our opening scene where you are out on a boat and face to face with what appears to be a dinosaur, what would you do? In such a circumstance, Pat and had the following in mind

As mentioned in a past article, there is a danger that instantly occurs within the first few seconds of such an encounter. Throughout life, you been told certain creatures do not exist within this world and when you are confronting with what should not be real, the human brain will go into a melt down struggling to understand the event. This is a dangerous state to be in as people will hesitate to react, be frozen in fear, or go into a panic. Despite the difficulty. try to stay calm as you have to avoid entering into that condition or quickly break away from it. You need to focus on evaluating the situation and what you observed would be used in deciding the course of action to follow through with in responding.

1.) Observe the creature’s appearance and what is in the area? Does it or anything around it look artificial? You would not be the first person to stumble upon a movie set, a theme park or be the target of a prank or stunt. Confirm if what you are seeing is real.

2.) If you are convinced the creature is real, make certain your legs and arms are not hanging off the side of the boat. Remain quiet and motionless, while observe the cryptid’s actions. Do not pull out a cellphone to take pictures or record video as this may provoke the animal. Hopefully with some luck, it was only curious in seeing what you were and will withdraw back into the water and swim away. Allow some time to pass, then immediately head to shore as being out in the water puts you at an major disadvantage if the creature returns.

3.) Now, if the cryptid still remains stationary or swimming around submerged, then you need withdraw from the scene. Do not turn your back to the creature and keep it within view without making eye contact. Either float with the current or paddle away. Once distance gained, head for the shoreline. As we continue from here, remember your priority now is to reach land for safety.

4.) Start taking inventory of what you have in the boat. Note what make sounds such as horn, air horn, motor, whistle. Is there anything you be used as impressive weapon, paddle, oars, net, fishing rod or flare gun. What do you have which may aid you in escaping this encounter.

5.) If the creature follows you, take something small that floats or any food and toss is into the water. Maybe this will distract the animal long enough to gain some distance. However, if the creature continues to purse, then the next course of action will depend on your comfort level to its proximate.

6.) The cryptid shows no hostility and is not threatening, quickly continue to the shoreline. Once upon land, put some length between you and the water. However, if the creature is showing aggression make as much noise as you can by shouting or yelling, hitting the water with the oar or paddle, use the horn, blow the whistle or turn on the motor. This action may result in two outcomes where the sounds will either frighten the cryptid off or provoke it into attacking.

7.) In the likely event the creature is going to attack while surfaced, if there is a flare gun shot at the face, flood or flashlight shine it into the eyes, arm yourself with an oar, paddle, net, fishing rod or anything with reach to attack the head or neck with. If the animal is submerged, use thrusting motions with an oar, paddle, net, fishing rod or anything with reach into the water to hit the creature. Hopefully these actions will discourage the cryptid to leave. If all possible, still attempt to get to the shoreline.

8.) After your assaults, the creature still remains nearby while submerged, be aware its’ next move could be to get you out of the boat into the water. It may attempt to tip the vessel over or tear it apart. If you find yourself thrown in the water, try to swim to the shoreline. Locate the creature and keep it sight without showing your back to it. Like most aquatic predator, the crytpid’s underwater attacks will be bites to watch out for. If the creature latches on you, attack the eyes either by gouging at them with your hands or using an impressive weapons such as keys or a pen. This maybe force the creature to let go and back off.

9.) If you are able to get away from the creature and to land, immediately put distance between you and the water. Most water-dwelling creatures will not go far on to shore as the terrain makes them vulnerable. However, if the cryptids continues to chase you, look for thick brush to escape into. If the area is open field, look for any obstacles to put between you and the creature. If necessary, look for rocks to throw or anything that could be used a club to attack the head. Aim for the eyes and noise.

10.) With hope, you have fought off the creature and it retreated back into the water. Do return to your boat, instead seek aid in getting medical attention if required. Any information shared about your experience, discretion is advised. You may pick to keep the incident to yourself or if your decision is to go public, be warned your life will never be the same as there will be those looking to debunk, prove or hear your story. This is your choice.

At this point, everything discussed has been a hypothetical scenario. However, if you are finishing out on Lake Champlain and Champy happens to appear, hopefully this article could be of some aid in your encounter.


Why is the Sky Bleeding

For centuries, there have been reports of strange events where the sky is perceived to spit out blood. Today, this abnormal occurrence is known as “Blood rain” or “Red rain”where the rain showers, from the sky, have a peculiar red colour. In the ancient past, this phenomenon was considered to be a bad omen where some apocalyptic events were to come.

This event is present in ancient literature like The Illiad, the Polchronicon and the poems of Hesiod. This rain generally covers very small pieces of land. It can last for many days or a short period of time. Till the 17th century, people believed the red colour of the rain was due to the fact that the water which fell from the sky was actually blood. When this phenomenon happens it has the capacity to coat cars, furniture and houses along with stain clothes. After the rain dries, it leaves a thin layer of dirt, which maybe red in colour.

The recent developments in technology enabled the scientists to properly study this phenomenon. Theories to the cause vary greatly. One suggestion is the rain is caused by the aerial spores of Trentepohlia annulate, a microalgae. The spores of this algae are release into the air where they accumulate then are caught in precipitation and disposed to a large area in Another theory is the sand particles of the desert are picked up by the violent winds and they combine with the moisture which is present in the clouds. These particles cause the rain to turn red resulting in the abnormal event. Some also say that these rains could be caused caused by the dust of meteors and extraterrestrial life.

There have been many incidents reported in the past involving blood rain The most modern known case is said to be the one that took place in Kerala, a southern state of India in 2001. It began on 25 July and ended on 23 September 2001. The rain is said to have deposited nearly 110,000 lbs of red particles in the state.. Blood rain also fell in Monaragala, Polonnaruwa and Sevanagala of Sri Lanka on November 14th and November 15th 2012. A recent of red rain took place in the province of Zamora in Spain during the autumn months of 2014.


The Tunguska Event

Although more is known about the Tunguska Event today than was known when it occurred in 1908, scientists and other experts remain at odds when it comes to details. While those approaching the situation with a more logical approach debate whether this explosion originated from a meteor touchdown or the dispersion of a comet, others differ in opinions regarding whether the event was triggered by Agdy (sometimes spelled Ogdy) or UFOs.

On June 30th of 1908, a major explosion occurred in Russia in the area northwest of Lake Baikal. For those unfamiliar with Russia, it appears to be somewhere in the center of the country. This area was sparsely populated by the Evenki and a few Russian settlers. Witnesses from miles away first noticed something strange when a blue-white cylinder of light began descending from the sky. When it touched down, it was accompanied by heatwaves and artillery-like noises. Some witnesses likened the noises to thunder, others to gunfire, and still more to a “thumping” sound. Regardless, the blast was strong enough to knock people off of their feet who were stationed twenty-five miles from ground zero.

The first actual investigation of the site didn’t take place until 1927, six years after a Russian mineralogist by the name of Leonid Kulik petitioned for the expedition. Kulik wanted to visit the site in order to excavate meteoric iron from the alleged meteor. However, when they were near the site, Kulik’s Evenki guides refused to go any further. They feared something called “Valleymen,” who have never really been fully explained, but who are thought to be beasts of some sort that mean travelers harm. In any case, Kulik and his team returned to a nearby village and secured new guides.

When they arrived at the crash site, they were surprised to find that there was no crater. It is this fact that leads many experts to believe that it was a comet, as a comet would disintegrate upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. They also found that the scorching patterns of the ground, when taking aerial photos, was in the shape of a butterfly. This led many on the paranormal side to believe that this was an alien visitation or crash landing (covered up by officials).

The Evenki natives were certain that it was the coming of Ogdy, a god whom they worshipped, or the Agdy, which is the Evenki name for thunder. Agdy is also referred to as the giant iron birds of lore that cause the thunder noises with the flapping of their wings. The Evenki believed that some shamans were so close to Agdy in the underworld that the Agdy would do their bidding. It was for this reason that the Evenki at first did not want to answer Kulik’s questions about the Tunguska Event; they believed that a shaman had sent a curse on them.


The Numinous Storm


My name is Peter J Blattch and I have been involved in journalism for some thirty years or more. One of the first lessons I learnt as an investigative journalist is, being there on the front lines as a story unfolds in order to get an accurate account of the events. Ever since then I have travelled extensively throughout the world and have been at the forefront of civil unrests, marched with protesters against totalitarian regimes and, most recently, went undercover to expose governmental and corporate corruption; an assignment which unexpectedly segued me into chronicling drug trafficking and the seedy underbelly of the sex trade. These assignments were instrumental in the furthering of my career.

But fortunes change, and the capricious Fates who had woven the tapestry of my life now had other things in mind for me. In the course of my work I had made many powerful enemies, men who would stop at nothing to silence me. They almost succeeded. It would take months before I recuperated sufficiently from the gunshot wounds I had sustained during the drive-by shooting that left me fighting for my life. Though many suspected the hit was sanctioned by one of the Mexican drug cartels I had exposed earlier in the year, the subsequent investigation into them led nowhere. It did, however, have a serious knock-on effect to my career; insofar as no-one would hire me for fear of being caught up in further reprisals. I had in effect become persona non-grata. My days as a feature writer and undercover investigative reporter had, to all intents and purposes, come to an end and I found myself covering fringe stories normally doled out to rookie reporters. But what the hell! At least they paid the bills.

I was not embittered by the events that overtook me. I went into this business knowing full well the dangers involved. Nor was I resentful towards those colleagues who had given me a wide berth – most of whom had families to consider. I was already contemplating early retirement at around this period. Now, I reasoned, was as good a time as any to bow out gracefully. But a string of events was about to unfold that would rekindle my journalistic instincts, and my retirement plans were put on an indefinite hold.


Chapter One: The Package

About six weeks ago, I received a package through the post that anyone else would have ignored or thrown out with the garbage. Getting ‘snail mail’ is rare, and when I do it’s usually from the fringe elements of society who claim to have dated Bigfoot, seen alien bases on the Moon, and the like. A UK nursing home listed on the return address caught my attention. On opening the package, I discovered a hand-written letter and a voluminous journal; attached to which was a first-class, round-trip ticket to Britain and two thousand US dollars in cash. This was uncommon to say the least. Intrigued, I began reading the attached letter.

In the latter part of my waning career I had met and interviewed more than my share of crazies, weirdoes, and conspiracy theorists, but what I read in the letter and journal went beyond the pale. If this was a hoax it was a very expensive one on behalf of the perpetrator. Was it the ramblings of an unsound mind? Possibly. What the letter and journal divulged was inconceivable to say the least, but my journalistic instinct and curiosity got the better of me and so I determined to look further into it to see how far this particular rabbit hole went.

They were written by one Lucian Dragomir. The introductory letter was merely a precis of what I would find in his journal, in which he recounted the history of his battle against malevolent forces whose activities went largely undetected and unopposed. He has entrusted me to share this knowledge with the world and has assured me that were I to accept his offer irrefutable evidence awaited me in the UK to remove any doubts I had regarding the veracity of his tale.

According to what he had written, Lucian was born into a large family of humble origins on a small farm in Romania shortly after the hostilities of the Great War had come to an end. Life was challenging for the poverty-stricken Dragomir family during the post-war years, but they confronted each test with an unwavering fealty borne of a close-knit family. Despite their impoverishment, he grew up to be a happy child. With the passing of the seasons, however, he had his first confrontation with death. A harsh and prolonged winter held the country in an icy grip. Enfeebled by a long illness, his mother finally succumbed to her infirmity and passed away. Her passing was to have a profound effect on the carefree Lucian whom, in his naivety, had believed she would always be there for him. As the years passed the harsh realities of life struck yet again with the untimely death of his childhood sweetheart, Ileana Ardelean.

Romania is home to many myths and legends concerning all manners of assorted horrors that are said to hide in the shadows. Almost from the time they could walk Lucian and Ileana had been versed in their country’s traditions and folklore, and as children heeded the warnings never to go into the forest unaccompanied by an adult. But things took an unexpected turn on reaching adolescence when their long-term friendship changed course and they became lovers. Following a brief courtship, they were betrothed to one another and the date for their wedding was set well in advance of the expected happy event.

For Ileana and Lucian that date seemed an eternity away and, as is the case in many love affairs, they were feeling an overpowering and ever-present need to consummate their relationship. That opportunity was to present itself at an annual folk dance festival being held in the village that year. Motivated by powerful hormonal changes, Lucian snuck from the celebrations into the forest and waited for Ileana. It was an ill-fated assignation from the outset and one which would alter the course of Lucian’s life forever. For Ileana, they would be the last horrifying moments of her life.

Here, in Lucian’s own words, is an extract taken from his journal of that fateful night.

Resting beneath the beech tree where we had carved our names, I closed my eyes and listened to the sprightly tones of the fiddle and backing accompaniment rising up from the village. Time seemed to slow as I waited patiently beneath a full moon for Ileana to appear at our designated rendezvous spot in the forest. She was late, and I began to wonder if she had been waylaid by someone at the festival and was waiting for an opportune moment to slip away unnoticed.

There are many different scents in the forest; most of which I was accustomed to on a daily basis. That night, however, I smelt a strong musty odour drifting on the night breeze. I knew instantly what it was. Born with an eidetic memory, I recalled with crystal clarity an incident that had taken place when I was no more than five years old. The event involved the shooting of a wolf that had attacked and killed one of my father’s sheep. Having shot the animal, he dragged its carcass back to the farm to show to family and friends. Its pelt bore the same pungent smell; like that of a wet dog. Shortly thereafter a hunting party was quickly set up by neighbouring farmers who had suffered similar attacks on their livestock. Over the next four days the entire wolf pack was hunted down and killed.

Though I knew wolf attacks on humans were rare, I wasn’t about to take the risk of Ileana accidentally coming upon them. Fearing for her safety, I hurriedly began retracing my steps to the village in the hope of meeting her along the way. I hadn’t gotten far when I heard a commotion in the undergrowth and a familiar voice scream my name.

Plunging wildly through the underbrush, I entered a small clearing and came across her. The look on her face was one of unbridled terror. Seizing me by the arms she screamed for me to run. Before I could respond I heard a deep-throated growl coming from the treeline. Just beyond the clearing I could make out a dark, ill-defined silhouette and a pair of bright yellow eyes that made my skin crawl. Momentarily paralyzed with fear, I watched as it rose up on its hind legs. Only when it stepped out into the open did I fully comprehend why Ileana was so terrified – I was gazing into the bestial eyes of a werewolf.

Instinctively, I looked around for a weapon. Less than ten yards from where I stood lay a fallen branch. Releasing my grip on Ileana, I made a frantic dash for it. With phenomenal speed the creature bounded across the clearing, hurtling headlong into Ileana and dragging her deeper into the forest. Caring little for my own safety, and with club in hand, I pursued the beast.

To my dying day, I will never forget the scene I came across on reaching the bridal path: slumped against a felled tree lay Ileana’s body, her life’s blood oozing from multiple savage wounds. Of the beast, there was no sign. Cradling her in my arms I tried desperately to staunch the flow of blood, but her injuries were far too many. For one brief moment, she regained consciousness, her hand reaching to my cheek and stroking it feebly. She smiled and mouthed an ‘I love you’ before succumbing to her wounds. With bitter tears, I held her one last time to my breast.

Then I caught the odour of the foul beast again. It was skulking nearby, watching, waiting in the darkness. Off to my left I heard a menacing throaty growl. An adrenalin fuelled rage began swelling in my breast. Laying Ileana gently to the ground, I stood and turned to face the hirsute abomination.

It crouched low and snarled, exposing its blood-soaked teeth. Caring little whether I lived or died, I raised the makeshift club and waited. Those few brief seconds before its attack felt like an eternity to me. The eyes which had regarded me unwaveringly suddenly narrowed. The moment was at hand. Screaming like a banshee, I rushed forward determined to give a good account of myself. What next happened came so suddenly that my brain was barely able to register it.

A shot rang out and the creature crashed to the ground. Spinning on my heels in the direction it had come from I saw a figure emerge from behind a tree. This was my first encounter with Francisc Servruasa – and it wasn’t to be my last. Without uttering a word, he strode forward with a woodman’s axe in hand and severed the creature’s head from its body in one powerful blow. Stuffing it into a hessian sack hanging from his waistband, he walked over to Ileana and knelt by her side. Finding no signs of life, he rose to his feet and crossed himself.

During the Great War I was witness to many acts of bravery’, he said, turning to me and wiping the gore from his axe, ‘but rarely have I seen such courage from one so young. This girl obviously meant a great deal to you; enough for you to put yourself in harm’s way.’

Holding back the tears that threatened to engulf me, I spoke briefly of our love and betrothal.

‘You showed great courage boy. If we had more like you among our ranks, we could rid the world of these godforsaken monsters’, he said.

At the time his words were of little consolation to me. I wished that I too had died that night; as did Ileana’s parents who, in their grief, blamed me for her untimely death. Had they not heard the gunshot that drew them into the forest and seen with their own eyes the decapitated corpse revert to its human form, I would have undoubtedly found myself at the end of a rope before sunrise.


If you like to read the rest of the story go to Abnormal Realm by clicking on this link.   The Numinous Story



Fishing Season Now Open

As mentioned in past articles, growing up in northern Ontario, I heard many native legends and lore. These stories are part of an oral tradition pasted down the generation to teach the way of life, explain how nature works and history of a people. Some of these legends, also server as a warning to the dangers lurking in the forest or swimming in the water. One such myth I came across was the story about the giant sturgeon of Lake Superior.

The sturgeon is an ancient, species of fish dwelling in the various fresh waters throughout North America These creatures can live up to several decades, be several hundred pounds and grow over 10 feet in length. First, time encountering a sturgeon would appear monstrous, sparking the imagination of gigantic versions within the water. In a time when people went out on Lake Superior and never returned, one could envision them being eaten by a mammoth sturgeon which may have given birth to the legend. The native folklore mentions Lake Superior to be inhabited by several of these colossal creatures.

They constantly patrol the shoreline searching for food including anything that enters the water. Hence, the myth warning others not to venture very far on the lake. The legend describes the sturgeon as enormous, capable of swallowing men in canoes whole. Other adaptations speak of the fish to be more massive able to consume an entire village. Each express the same warning of the threat within the depths of Lake Superior

Since the earliest settlement of European within the area, there has not been a reported sighting of any giant sturgeon. In the 300 years of shipping, other strange occurrences have been said to happen out on the lake. Stories detailed accounts about observing an abnormal outline of some unknown creature following alongside of vessels. Sailors describe hearing the thundering of splashing water by their boats, claiming the sound could only be made by a whale. A few accounts where people witness the suddenly emerging of large eyes through the surface of the water then vanishing as they sank back in. Even though Lake Superior maybe devoid of a giant sturgeons, it is not short of other legends and mysteries.


Creepypasta: Mr. Pepper Wants To Play

Not too long ago, I met up with my friend David for coffee to touch base as we have not seen each other for some time. Now I know he had interests in computers, movies, video games and anything dealing with the supernatural. I was not surprised to hear that he joined a paranormal group a few years back. David’s role in this investigation team was a researcher and the webmaster for their website. He shared stories with me about places they been, possible ghost encounters and individuals they met. He then got unto the comments people left on the website he had to read and respond to. Now there were some David had to dismiss as either crazy or a fabricated, but there was this one that was unsettling to him even to this day. It’s been over a year now since everyone in the paranormal group has gone their separate way and the website no long exists. He took a print screen shot of the webpage containing an article about a demon along with comments from visitors and handed me his smartphone to read this.


The Demon Surgat

In any world religion, there are tales of non-human entities to exist within world such as angels and demons. There is an branch of theology, especially in Christianity that studies demons called demonology. This area of study examines into the beliefs, identification, categorization, control and fighting of entities considered as non-human, spirits, elements or anything supernatural that is not a god. In Christianity, there are many demons, but one of the lesser-known is Surgat.

This demon was first mentioned in the Great Grimoire of Honorius. This book is believed to be written by Honorius III, a pope from the 11th century. Honorius was known to deliberately perform rituals to summon demons to combat and exorcised back to Hell in preparation for the day he encounters the Devil. Surgat was described to possess deceptive abilities, craves dark places and can open any lock allowing him to sneak up on humans to freight them. This demon often targeted children who are afraid of the dark for entertainment. There is a story if one was to lockup everything and hide under the bed covers , Surgat will find a way in to scare you to death.


Add Your Comments

Anonymous: A demon scaring children not surprised.

TJ: Is that for real or something you pulled from a movie. If it is, what’s the movie?

John: My name is John. I stumbled across your blog while researching information to an experience I had. I don’t understand what it is or why it’ss happening. I found my ordeal to be similar to this surgat demon off your website. I am hoping your group could help me in making sense or give some explanation of what I experienced and maybe even how to stop it. I know how this will sound insane as you don’t know me. I know with what I am about to say no one would believe me, but I am hoping you will at least hear me out first. I am one that never believed in the paranormal until last week with what happened. The situation carries a history that goes back when I was a kid. You see in 1983, my parents got a divorce and my mother got full custody. She worked nights, so with little money and no family in the city we lived in, there were times I would be by myself in the house we rented. In October, it was a usual Friday night where she made supper and left for work. I would watch TV and with no school on the weekend, I didn’t go bed until midnight. Sometime during the night, I think at 9 pm, maybe 10 pm, while watching the Muppet Show there was a knocking at the door. At first I thought maybe it was my mother as it was not the first time she forgot her keys. Before I would open door, I followed what she taught me on seeing through the peephole first. Being a little kid, mother placed a chair in the hallway for me to reach the peephole. When I looked through it, nobody was there. I went back to watching the show. After a few moments, there was another knocking at the door followed by the doorbell. I quickly looked through the front curtains to see if there was a car or something around, but there was nothing. I got onto the chair and peaked through the hole, there was no one. I remain there for a few seconds to see if anything happened, but nothing. I though maybe the next door neighbor’s kids were pulling a prank on me and just went back to the TV. A half hour later, there was another knocking and the doorbell rang, but I ignored it. Suddenly there was a sound as if something was slamming against the door. I ran down the hallway and got on the chair look through the peephole, but again seen no one outside. I put my ear to the door and waited if I could hear anybody. What I heard was sounds of something scratching at the door outside, like a cat would make wanting to get inside. The scratching stopped then my eyes caught the doorknob turning as if someone trying to open it. The doorknob stopped twisting . Where I was listening came a loud hammering on the door. I pulled back and heard this erie high-pitched voice from beyond the door, “Hello. Anyone home?” I was quiet. The voice said, “Johnny, want to play?” I froze in fear. I didn’t recognized the voice or wondered how it knew my name. I remained silent and prayed it would go away. It continue to speak, “Johnny. I know you are home alone. Let me in and we can play.” I didn’t know what to do. Call my mother, Call the police. That voice was unlike anything I heard in my life and every time it spoke made me more afraid. “My name is Mr. Pepper. I want to play. Please let me in Johnny.” I felt terror and was unable to think or move. The voice spoke again. “I know your mommy is not here Johnny. Your must be so alone. Let me in and I’ll be your friend.” After a few moments of silence passed, I began to calm down and hoped whoever or whatever was gone. Then, I heard the scratches again. The front door had two locks on it, a deadbolt and one on the doorknob. I watched the knob lock turned open and then deadbolt begin to twist. Quickly, I grabbed deadbolt. I felt something on the other side trying to turn it, but fought to keep it from opening. The voice returned “ I know you are home Johnny. Let me in and we can play.” Again I felt force on the deadbolt, but I refused to let go. I felt something slammed against the door as the voice yelled,” Your not being nice Johnny. Let me in.” Whatever was outside, began hammering on the door trying to break it down. I pushed myself against the door, still holding the deadbolt. The voice continued to yell for me to opening door as it pounded on it with me fighting to keep the deadbolt from turning. Suddenly the voice and slamming stopped along with the force on the lock. I don’t know how much time passed, but I continued to hold onto the deadbolt. Once again, I felt the deadbolt turning and fought to hold it. Then I heard my mother voice from the other side of the door swearing. I look through the peephole and seen it was her. I open the door, hugged her and began to cry. I told her everything that happened. The police were called, an investigation was done and neighbors questioned, yet nothing was found. My mother though either I was causing problems because of the divorce or was just crazy. In fact she had go to therapy . Over time I became convinced that night was something I made up and as an adult even forgot about those events until last week. You see, I have a 10 year old son and currently separated. I work, but I have a babysitter to watch him until I get home. Last Monday, I got home my son was asleep and the sitter left. I didn’t shopped the day before and there was no food in the house. I thought on getting something from the 24 hour coffee shop around the corner from me. This would only take a few minutes, my son was sleeping, just locked the door and I’ll be right back.. This decision I will regret for the rest of my life. When I returned home, all the lights were on. I got to the door and use the key, but felt the lock was jammed when I try to open it. I heard my son screaming from the other side shouting to go away. I yelled it was daddy and after he looked through the front window he opened the door. He was crying hysterically wondering where I was. I asked him what happened and he told me he was awaken by a knock at the door. Someone named Mr. Pepper wanted to come in and play with him. He said no and Mr Pepper tried to break in then stopped right before I came. In that second, I remembered those same events from 30 years ago. This is the honest truth. What happened last week to my son and me was real. I have not left him out of my site and have not worked since that night. I called the police and they have not done anything. I am desperate to kno what this is. Why it is happening again? Is there a way to stop it? Please help me!! I don’t know what to do!!! I will also email you and hope you respond back. Give me a number to call you at or even call me at 212-***-***. If long distance is an issue, call me collect. Please!

Anonymous: BS. Please I heard this before in a creepypasta


Jean: What kind of **** is this?


After reading this, David told me he tried to contact John and called the phone number. It would rang, then gone to voice mail where he left a message. He repeated this several times throughout the week and even placed a comment on the website for John, they were trying to contact him. There still has been no response from John.

Hope you enjoyed this creepypasta


Umbrellas Attack Owners

I have heard my share of some bizarre legends from haunted bathrooms to curse underwear. Earlier this week, a friend told me of this most odd myth about a spirit that I had to share with everyone. Comes to no surprise that the origin of this ghost comes from Japan. This country's folklore holds many tales on how humans, animal and even inanimate objects could turn into spirits or demons, otherwise known as yokai. The story I was told is this week's posting about an umbrella becoming the Kasa-obake.

The legend of the Kasa-obake has existed in Japanese folklore for centuries. It is part of group of yokai called Tsukumogami which are inanimate items that become sentient and self-aware. The myths stem from superstitious that tools, old furniture, jewelry or any other household object had spirits, could be possessed or become a demon. In some legends, these objects when neglected, tossed aside or forgotten would come alive and seek out revenge on their previous owners. Image those old gaming consoles you got rid of over a decade ago coming back to haunt you. There are a few stories told of items transforming into spirits after a period of time, a century for example.

The umbrella has been part of Japanese culture for some time and like any other item it's used and discarded. In the legend of the Kasa-obake, it comes to life as a vengeful yokai and would seek out to its former owner to haunt for being neglected. This spirit is depicted as an umbrella with one eye, jumping around on one leg with a long tongue. In some myths, the Kasa-obake is also described to have two legs, a humanoid body and even wearing sandals. There maybe some differences in the yokai appearance, but the same moral exists in all the legend to treat one's property with respect or risk its wrath.

The Kasa-obake appears in a number of literature over the centuries in Japan. The origin of this yokai is believed to be more made up for entertainment than those mention in folklore to be eyewitness accounts. Today this spirit is used to amuse people in the form of manga, anime, movies, haunted house and toys for children.


Beware of Beautiful Women at Night

In studying legends and folklore from around the world, one also learns about existing cultural traditions and taboos. As an example, in parts of Asia there is a custom called ohagura involving dyeing one's teeth black. This practice was mainly performed by women indicating their martial status, wealthy, and sexual maturity. The custom has existed in Japan for hundreds of years that may have given birth to the legend of Ohaguro-Bettari

In Japan, there are many folklore about creatures called yokai, which is a board term given to the ghosts, spirits and other supernatural monsters within the country. These spirits are the end results when humans, animal or even household items are involved in tragic events such as war, death, murder, suicide and any number or other violent act. The Ohaguro-Bettari is a female yokia believe to be the ghost of an unwed bride or an unattractive woman that died or committed suicide before finding a husband.

The Ohaguro-Bettari is described as a beautiful woman wearing a traditional bridal kimono hiding her face from view by either turning away or concealing it in her robe. She would appear in the evening or at night in some temple or shire on the edge of town often drawing the attention of young man. If anyone was to approach her, this yokia would reveal her white head with an enlarge open mouth of blackened teeth while lacking any other facial features. Once discovered, the Ohaguro-Bettari would let out a blood curdling scream instantly sending anyone lighting into a flight of fear and terror

In researching this yokia, her only intentions are to make her presence known to humans and scare them off. The Ohaguro-Bettari is known to be among the spirits that enjoy tormenting people for entertainment. There is no myth or legend of any death or injury to be attributed to this ghost when encountered, but sightings are always rare. If there is a moral about the Ohaguro-Bettari to be learned it would be careful meeting beautiful women at night that appear out of nowhere.


“Ohaguro Bettari”. Yokai.com. (Accessed November 14, 2015). http://yokai.com/


The Dangers in Dating a Pontianak

We are now in October which means Halloween is just around the corner. This month will have new releases of horror movies, marathons of monster films and a whole new season of The Walking Dead. While reading through a few blogs on hints of what to expect in the coming in the series, there was an interest side note posted about a survey conducted on how the world would end. A small percentage believed the end will be a zombie apocalypse. Now other than alien invasion, natural disaster, nuclear warfare pollution or disease, a portion of the population sees the dead rising from the grave to destroy humanity. Seems that the zombie pop culture may have blinded everyone to other possible threats such as the reverant, the Draugr or the Pontianak to conclude this series of the undead.

I have read many folklore about the undead, but this creature is a strange one which you will discover in continuing to read the article. In Indonesia and Malay, there is a legend that says when a woman dies in childbirth or while pregnant, she becomes a pontianak. This undead is a vengeful spirit that holds an extreme hatred for the living, especially men and hungers for human flesh. The folklore mentions for anyone travelling alone at night, on the road or in the forest, the pontianak will appear to them as a beautiful woman, with black hair and pale-skin, wearing a white dress to to lure them closer. When it's too late, she transfers into her true form of a monster with fangs and claws. Once reveal, the pontianak rips into the victim's stomach and devours the entrails to sustain her. In some myths, if her prey was male, the sex organs would be removed instead.

Now if you are wondering how can anyone be alerted to the presence of a pontianak, there are several ways. First, one being if you are visiting the south-east Asia islands and a beautiful woman appears out of no where should be a good indicator after reading up to this point. According to legend, this undead would also produce baby cries as another means to lure victims. The louder the crying, the further away she is while, yet if the sounds become softer be afraid. Another way mentioned to be aware of a pontianak is by a dog's behavior. When it howls she not close by, but if the animal is whining then she is right behind you.

As with many other undead, there are ways to fight against the pontianak if ever encountered. Now if you are into paranormal romance or corpse brides you will be interested in this part. In most legends, to fend off this undead by driving a long iron nail into the neck or head which will transform her into a peaceful, beautiful woman that could become a good wife to marry. This is what I meant earlier of being strange. A monster dedicated to devouring of human flesh could be one's soulmate if you're lucky enough to strike it with an nail before being torn to pieces. There is a catch to this situation as removing the nail will return the pontianak to slasher mode. When all else fails, decapitation with a iron blade to dispatch the creature like with another undead threats.


“The Ghost of a Woman Who Died While Pregnant”. Indo Magic. (Accessed September 30, 2005). http://www.indomagic.com


The Undead Viking

Since the release of The Walking Dead, there has been an explosion of media involving zombies. We are talking about books, movies, video games, comics and even reality shows. Oh yes, there are a few series produced on what could happen or what to do during a zombie apocalypse. On YouTube, there is a vast amount of videos on how to survive if such an event was to occur. Now that might all be helpful, but what if you aren't facing an arm of zombie, instead some other type of monsters. In the world, there are many legends of undead to exist and this week we look at the Draugr.

In Iceland, Denmark, Norway or just any place where the Vikings lived is an old Norse's myth of a powerful undead creature to be feared. When a person dies and refuses to cross over, through their own force of will returns as a Draugr. They are a walking corpse with intelligence that retains some memories and skills possessed in life. According to legend, this undead returns with purpose to either guard the riches possessed while alive or take revenge on the people who wronged them.

One may ask the question, how can anyone distinguish a Draugr from any other undead? In some Norse's folklore, the creature's body was described to be a dead body, swollen and blackened. In others, the Draugr are blue or pale in colour and massive or even bulky in size. In most tales, the most common traits are the monster is hideous to look upon and there is an unearthly stench that follows it. Now what truly makes the Drangr different from the zombie is the magical abilities it possesses.

In folklore, the Drangr has superhuman strength, the power to increase in size and able to turn into mist to exist the grave. There are tales that this creature is even more powerful as they can also control the weather, shape shift into animals or trolls, enter dreams and even cast curses. Just to make them even tougher, some were believed to be immune to any man-made weapon.

Now to encounter a Draugr alone at night meant certain death. This undead would slay it victims by tearing them apart with their own strength or if enlarged crush them. Afterwards, the creature would later devour the remains or drink the blood of the person. In a few stories, the Draugr was said to bring diseases to villages and could kill livestock or forest animals by driving them insane with their presence.

By this point, one must be wondering how could such a creature that possesses so many abilities and immune weapons could be stopped. In the Norse's mythology, only a hero of true courage and strength could defeat a Draugr. In some legends, the hero would need to wrestle the monster to its grave, cut off its head with a magical blade, burn the remains and scatter its ashes. Other than the wrestling match, this seems to be the reoccurring method to disposing of many undead threats.

Now the best way to fight against a Draugr is to ensure one doesn't rise from the grave. In some funeral rituals, any person believe to return would have their toes ties or needles inserted into the feet to prevent them from walking. Another method was placing a special inscribed ruined stone on the decease to bind them to the ground. In some cases, there was a belief that any door or window used to remove a person's remains through for burial would need to be sealed up or they could return. When everything else was in doubt, the body was dismembered at times.


Redfern, Nick. The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead. 2015: Visible Ink Press. USA


Night of Revenant

Ever since I was a teenager, I loved watching a good zombie flick, especially those old B-rated one. Over the years, I saw both the original and remakes of Night of the Living Dead, the George A. Romero's films and recently started following The Walking Dead. When the first PlayStation came out,

played almost every zombie game there was after the release of Resident Evil. Now most likely about everyone is familiar with the concept of vampires and zombies thanks to Hollywood and other forms of media. Would you believe there are other types of undead to exist in folklore throughout the world. In a three parts series, I would like to introduce other creatures know to rise from the grave by starting with the revenant.

Now most of Europe has it share of myths involving vampires, but there are legends of other types of undead to roam at night without a thirst of blood. During the Middle Ages, commonly among western countries like the U.K., there are stories about souls of the dead that are unable to move on and return to earth as a revenant. This undead is nothing more than a spirit inhabiting its remains and rises from the grave as a decaying corpse or skeleton. In many legends, the revenant is said to be wandering the graveyards at night or its home village terrorizing the living.

In researching the folklore, there are variations to why the revenant exists.. In France, there are legends if one was murdered, their souls could not rest and return as this monster to seek out revenge on those who wronged them in life. Britain's folklore holds a much darker lore where criminals or even terrible people, if not given proper burial would become revenant and wreak havoc across the countryside. They were known to attack the living, spread disease and torment villages. In are a few myths about revenants wanting to say goodbye or protect loves ones while in others to haunt the family.

Now, what I found interesting about the revenant is there are accounts of this creature written over 800 years ago by an English historian by the name of William of Newburgh. He alleged that rising of the dead was a common problem during his time and documented a number of cases in his work. William had warned to what conditions with could result in a revenant to be born and what measures to take in eliminating one. The common practice was during daylight dig up the grave of the person believe to be the revenant, dismember the body and then burn the remains. Apparently, this ritual is still performed in some parts of Europe where locals fear the dead of returning.


Bartlett, Robert. England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings 1075-1225. Oxford. 2000

“Revenant.” Myth Beast. (Accessed: September 12, 2015). http://www.mythicalcreatureslist.com


Attack of the 90ft Gashadokuro.

In the past, I had mentioned how fantasizing the Japaneses folklore is. Ghosts, monsters and demons are called yokia in the country's legends which in some cases humans, animal and even household items could become. Over the years, I have read stories about the kappa, oni, inugami, and many others. Only recently, I have come across a tale about a monstrous creature called the gashadokuro.

In most yokia folklore, the gashadokuro comes into the existence after some atrocity. In the legend, people who died from famine and starvation become restless spirit if not properly buried. These souls, unable to pass one, become ghost with an endless hunger. Over time, these souls become filled with anger and hatred for the living. Eventually the spirits will hold such a powerful resentment, they will return to their remains to animate their bones and gather together into one mass that forms into the large skeleton monster.

The gashadokuro, also known as odokuro, is refereed as the starving skeleton in this Japanese legend. The yokia is described as a skeleton to be 15 times taller than a person putting it about 90 feet in height. In the folklore, this creature is said to be wandering around in the countryside at night, seeking out lost, lonely traveller to prey upon. If one was to come across the gashadokuro, it would grab the person with its skeleton hand, begin crashing them and then bite off the head. Then, the creature would proceed to drink the victim dry of all blood from the body.

One could question how is it possible for a 90 foot skeleton to get the drop on someone? In the folklore, the gashadokuro possesses some abilities, such as to turning invisible and moving stealthy. The legend warns the presence of this yokia is indicated by a ringing in ear that intensifies when its is closer. The gashadokuro is said to be powerful and indestructible and the only defense is either warding it off, seal it or wait for that stored malice to burn out.

The tale of the gashadokuro has been told for centuries in Japan. The legends says not only these abominations could be formed by vengeful spirits, but could also be summoned into existence by magic. In researching, I found several tales of these yokia to be spotted in times of wars and famine in the country. Today it has become a monster in film, video games, comic books and other forms of entertainment.


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The Curse of Bodie

Exactly what is a curse? How does it work? What makes it supernatural? These, like many other questions, I had asked when I first came across the concept of a curse. Over the years, I had learned it could also be a hex or jinx where supernatural forces are invoked to inflict harm, misfortune or punishment on a person or people by spells, rituals, pact, spirit or divine being. Curses could even be placed on objects or places, but could they follow you home? The next installment in the series of curses, we'll be looking at the ghost town of Bodie.

Bodie is a ghost town in California located north of Mono Lake. Gold was discovered in the nearby hills by W.S Bodey resulting in hundreds descending onto the area looking to make their fortune. Soon, a boom town was erected and named Bodie due to a misspelling of a sign maker of Bodey. In 1877, a major gold deposit was found in a local mine and two years later the population increased to over 10,000 people. Bodie, like most boom towns during the gold rush, seen its share of lust, greed and violence. The area became infamous knew within the state for lawless, fights and murders.

Bobie decline into a ghost town was gradual as mines were closed and opening, the population dwindled to a few hundred by the 1920s. Only the advancements in gold mining technology had kept the town alive. By the 1940s, the remaining mine was closed and Bodie became abandoned. In 1962, the area was declared as a National Historic Landmark and the Government of California opening the town as a historical Park to be preserved in a state of arrested decay. Soon after that, a strange phenomenon started to occur.

Within incidents reported back in the late 1970s, park staff started receiving packages and letters. The letters were from people who had visited Bodie explaining they had taken a nail, glass jar, rocks or some other souvenir. They would continue to describe experiencing some bad luck or misfortune within their lives. The letter would end with an apology and the returned item hoping their luck will change. This would be known as the Bodie Curse.

Over the years, the letters continued to come and even increased. Accounts given from past visitors having accidents, bad luck, illness, financial troubles, personal crises and even close encounters with death believing the Bodie Curse had befall on them. Many returning the items they had taken and hoped the misfortunes would end. The park has no official standing on the curse, but during tours park staff do mention the curse and advise against any souvenirs. The letters received are on displayed at the Bodie museum.

Some believe that Bodie's violent history place a curse on the town, while others speculate the ghosts from the past are protective of their items. The park is known to have other paranormal phenomenon to occur. Those who slept over night in Bodie report hearing ghostly voice, moving shows and poltergeist activity. If you ever find yourself visiting the park, remember to heed the warning of the curse.


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The Haunted Pillar of Georgia

The Legend of Moll Dyer has become the most viewed article on Abnormal Realm to date. I would like to thank everyone for checking out the blog along with their comments and feedback. There was no surprise in receiving emails asking for more articles on similar stories. As requested, I will be doing a three part series on places, objects or people believed to be cursed. This week's article looks into the haunted pillar of Georgia.

In August, Georgia, on the curb of Fifth Street stands an old decaying stone pillar. It is all that remains of a market place that was destroyed back in 1878. The column has its own historical marker along with a known dark past. If you ask any local about the pillar, they would warn to best stay away from it. The structure is believed to hold a curse that if anyone was to touch it would result in misfortune, illness or even death.

The pillar was part of large structure known as the Upper and Lower Markets. This center was built in 1830 where residents of Augusta and near by areas would attend to sell or purchase products. The legends says sometime in the last 1800s, an old evangelist visited the city and began to preach at the Market. He hounded the citizen on the need need to turn away from sin along with demanding a church be built for his services. The locals became annoyed of the old man resulting in banning him from the Lower market while some even attempted to run him out of town. The preacher, enrage by such actions, touched the southwest column and declared it would be the only thing standing after a storm to hit the city. Legends also mentions he added a death curse to anyone who tried to move or touch the pillar.

On February 8th , 1878, a tornado hit Augusta and torn though the city for almost a mile. The Lower Market was demolished with only the southwest column standing. Many believed the old preacher's prediction to have been fulfilled and now feared the curse hanging over pillar. Over the years, there have been many stories told about the misfortunes to occur by those touching the structure. The first account mentioned was during the cleanup of the Lower Market when two workmen were struck by lightning while attempting to move the pillar. Another story told goes back to the 1940s about an out-of-towner dying in a car accident after finishing an unsuccessful run in moving the column with his truck and chain. There is even a tale of a bulldozer operator had died from a heart attack when trying to move the pillar that resulted in all future plans to relocate it to be abandoned.

Today, the column remains as a great tourist attraction drawing in thousands to Augusta every year. Most come to see the pillar for themselves while others to tempt fate by laying their hand on it. In researching the Internet on accounts by those claiming to touch the column some reported nothing happened, yet there are testimonies about having bad luck, illness, or other misfortunes. I have not come across any cases involving a death resulting from the curse pillar. However, there have been paranormal activity reported around the column such as phantom sounds, moving shadows and electrical devices failing. If you ever find yourself In Augusta, Georgia and thinking on trying your luck against the curse, remember you had been warned.


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Legend of Moll Dyer

A few days ago, when over to a friend's place to watch a few horror movies which including the Blair Witch Project. I remember the first time watching the film in theater and enjoying those few moments of suspense, but now it did nothing. I guess that what occurs with any movie you watch 15 years after its release. However, I did learn something new about the film that my friend had informed me about. The Blair Witch Project was inspired from an actual legend of a witch named Moll Dyer who lived in Maryland, USA, during the 17th century.

Before I continue, I want to note that tens of thousands of innocent people throughout the centuries were falsely accused, trailed and executed as witches. They were believed to possess supernatural abilities, cast spells and even curse people while making pacts with demons or the Devil. Today we now know differently. Most of the victims were ordinary women who owned businesses, mid-wives, had knowledge in herbal medicine, lived independent or didn't follow society norms at the time. They became targets of jealousy, fear, hatred, political or financial gains or when a scapegoat was needed. Moll Dyer was no different.

The legend has been part of Leonardtown in St. Mary's County, Maryland for 300 years. There are no historical records of Moll Dyer, yet all the town's residents know her story. According to legend, Moll Dyer migrated to Maryland alone with no one knowing her past or origins. She lived in a cottage just outside of town which was then Seymour town. Moll was a strange woman who lived alone and isolated herself from the daily events of community life. She was known to be a herbal healer that sold remedies to the local town folk. Many of residents were uneasy with her from the beginning and over time suspicion would have them calling her a witch.

As the legends goes, in 1697, Seymour town was hit with harsh winter. During the fall crops had failed and some of the livestock had mysteriously died. With food already scarce an epidemic hit the area resulting in many deaths from either starvation or sickness. With all that was occurring, Moll Dyer had remained unscathed. The locals soon blamed her for the misfortunes and hardship believing she was truly a witch that cursed the town. Then, one night a group of the townsfolk gathered together and decide to put an end to witch's terror. They set the cottage on fire, yet Moll had fled into the woods. Legends says that even though she escaped, she was alone in the forest in the middle of the coldest night of winter.

Several days later, Moll's body was found frozen kneeling with one hand on a rock with the other raised as if crying out for mercy or a curse. The legend continues that when her remains were removed, prints of a hand and knees were left on the boulder. Many believed that Moll Dyer had curse the town as the legends mentions harsh winters, poor crops, and disease continue to plague the area for several years. Over the past century and even today strange occurrences are reported to happen in Leonardtown. There are accounts of those claiming to have seen Moll Dyer's ghost roaming the forest along with stories of specter animals, shadowy figures, a glowing fog and abnormal weather patterns. The rock believed to have the Moll's prints lays in front of the Leonardtown courthouse where people reported to experience some ill affects.


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Don't Walk Your Dog Here

Prior to the internet, most of my knowledge about the paranormal came from books, articles, magazines and journals. I read everything I could about UFOs, aliens, demons, ghosts, monsters, legends and even abnormalities in animal behavior. There are cases about domestic pets that cross hundreds of miles to reunite with family, know when their own is coming home or alert to the presence of a supernatural entity. There was this one dark tale I read about involving dogs and a bridge in the U.K.

Near Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland, lays the Overtoun Bridge. The three arched structure was built in the 1890s over a deep valley to allow travel between two estate grounds. The bridge is not known for its architecture or its history, but for what some would claim to be a paranormal phenomenon occurring. In the last five decades, dogs have been leaping off the Overtoun Bridge to their deaths.

Since the 1960s, there are recording accounts of dogs leaping off the bridge and falling 50 feet into the waterfall below. What even becomes more weirder are those canines that survived the fall would attempt to jump off again if brought back to the area. There have been over 60 cases documented of these dog suicides while locals say the number is far greater than what is reported.

Studies had been conducted to determine the cause to why the animals are leap over the side of the bridge. Environment factors, breed and including the dog's lifestyle were tested, but revealed nothing conclusive. There is no scientific explanation to this day to why these incidences are happening. Theories speculated had ranged from dog depression to sounds wave confusing the animal. Scientists and animal experts believe the canines are chasing after local wild life by the bridge and jump over the side on impulsive without realizing of the drop.

There are a few that think there is more of a paranormal explanation to these events such as ghosts or a curse. This assumption resulted from the fact of the dogs jumping off the bridge from almost the same spot. Also, in 1994, a man threw his baby off the Overtoun Bridge believing the child to be a demon and later attempted suicide there as well. Whether supernatural to be at work or not there is no other location on the planet where this phenomenon is occurring. As the locals warn, keep your friend tight on the leash if you are the cross the bridge.


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Jacques Roulet The Werewolf.

In European history, documented cases exist of people convicted for committing murders as a werewolf. In their confessions, many described the source to the transformation as a belt, ointment, a potion or some other magical device when applied. Historical believed that such objects maybe have been either part of the delusion experienced in clinical lycanthropy or a hallucinogen altering reality. Even the testimony of witnessed transformations are seen as nothing more than fabrications, coached or hysteria. In the final installment of historical werewolves, we look into the account of Jacques Roulet if such creatures are supernatural or the delusions of the human mind?

In 1598, near Angers, France, two hunters came across the remains of a 15 year old boy that two wolves were feasting upon. When the men approached, the animals quickly retreated into the forest. The hunters gave chase and tracked the wolves through the woods where they stumbled upon a half-naked man shivering uncontrollably while hiding under some thicket. He was covered in blood with small pieces of flesh in hand. Immediately the hunters were suspicious of the man and brought him to the local authorities.

The man was identified to be a local beggar by the name of Jacque Roulet. In the investigation, the flesh in the man's hand was found to be human and after questioning admitted to killing the 15 year old boy. Jacques was arrested and put on trial where he confessed to being a werewolf. In a statement, years ago his parents gave him a salve to drink bestowing upon him the ability to transform into a wolf. Jacques claimed his brother and cousin also received this power. He continued that the three of them killed and eaten the bodies like the 15 year boy.

The local authorities investigated the parents found them in good standing along with the brother and cousin. Mr. Roulet was convicted of murder, werewolfism along with cannibalism and sentenced to death. Jacques appealed to the Parliament of Paris and confined to a mental institution for two years after being judged not to be sound of mind.

Jacques Roulet is among the many documented cases where convicted murderers were alleged to be werewolves. There are debates whether these accounts were the result of delusions of the mentally unstable, drug induced hallucinations, or even fabrications forced to confess under torture. Historians and researcher doubt of any supernatural connections into such accounts, yet in this modern era sightings of werewolves continue throughout the globe.


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Historical Werewolves: Jean Grenier

Modern historians researched into causes to explain the reports of werewolves throughout Europe over the centuries. Theories suggested have been hysteria, disease, mutation or medical condition. One argument that has been widely referred to is clinical lycanthropy where the person is affected with a delusion they could transform into a wolf or some other animal. The researchers believed the few cases where individuals were found guilt of murder, assault and cannibalism were suffering from this psychiatric syndrome. One account to always be mentioned when discussion clinical lycanthropy is Jean Grenier, which is the next installment in the series of historical werewolves.

In 1603, a rain of terror hit the small villages within the south-western parts of France. Children were mysteriously disappearing from farms and roads without a trace and in one account a babe was reported taken from his cradle. Some of the villagers believed wolves to have taken the children while others whispered of something more supernatural within the woods. What many had feared became reality when a young girl was attacked by a wolf.

One day, Marguerite Poirer, a 13 year old girl was attending to livestock within the fields. A large wolf unlike any she had seen before came charging out of the forest at her. The creature attacked Marguerite, but she was able to defend herself with an iron stuff she carried. Eventually the wolf retread back into the woods as the girl ran back home. Marguerite reported the assault to local authorities along with mentioning of a boy, aged 14, named Jean Grenier who in past conversions with her on the enjoyment of killing as a wolf.

While being questioned by authorities, Jean bragged about how he assaulted Marguerite and could have killed her. As the investigation continued, the boy made claims to killing local children and eating their flesh. Jean Grenier was immediately arrested and brought to trail where he admitted to being a werewolf. In his confession, the boy described meeting a man named Pierre du Tilhaire that would introduce him to the Lord of the Forest. The Lord bestowed Jean with a wolf's skin and ointment that would transfer him into a wolf. The youth roamed the forest for three years, killing off children and eating their flesh. Jean confessed to murdering dozens of children within the area.

In the trail, there were witnesses that given testimony to being attacked by a wolf along with threats made by the boy to devour them. The claims of witchcraft, the devil and werewolves during the proceeding were ignored by the judge. He accepted the testimony of two doctors that Jean Grenier was suffering from mental condition of lycanthropy than a supernatural one. In consideration of the boy's age, intellectual problems and history, the judge was lenient and sentenced the youth to life within a monastery at Bordeaux. Years later, accounts were reported Jean stilled believed he was a wolf and continued to act as one.

There are many documented accounts people killed to what many feared by werewolves. Historians believe cases involving serial killers, murders, and cannibals, such as Jean Grenier maybe been affected with clinical lycanthropy in determining why many claimed to be these supernatural creature. This theory may explain some cases yet doesn't account for the testimony of those to have witnessed the criminal's transformation.


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