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Simbi Laveau

RIP Brad

Unfortunately, I post this with a heavy heart.

The drummer and bassist of this band are a life long friends of mine.

Brad Barnett, the drummer, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today.

I knew him longer than anyone else, given he sat next to me all through grammar school, and we also went to high school together.

The entire NYC punk community is in mourning, and I post this here for him.

RIP old friend.

You were one of a kind.



Simbi Laveau

Nothing Is Sacred

So I went for Ganesh Chaturthi today .My ashram , which I have been going to for years.

When you go , you can have a puja done.Thats a blessing.

You give the priest things to have blessed,and things to offer hGanesha.

So the things to bless are in a bag .We all give bags for puja.

When the puja is over , they give us our bags back .

You take it home to put on your altar etc.

So I went for the full ceremony today , which lasts two hours.

After the ceremony ,the pujas are done .

So a few of us handed our bags in early .

They sat ifo the shrine for the two hours.

Then we had to get in line to get annointed after the ceremony , amd the bags were brought up to be redistributed . I was in line , and I saw people going to get their bags back. The priest was giving them back .

Something told me to go get it , but i said "nah ....it will be there when im done".

Five minutes go by, I look up , and all the bags are gone...

I was astound .If you give a bag, you get a bag .Which means someone went up and took a bag they didnt put in for puja .

Its a high holy holiday in hindu belief. Like Christmas literally , and everyone is supposidly so enlightened, and someone stole my puja bag .

I almost put my silver and emerald Ganesh ring (I got it in japan in 1999) in the bag ...

I was so upset . The priest got me another bag and put blessed flowers in it.....but I felt somehow gyped....


Simbi Laveau

Oowww ! Im all "crafty"


So I got a new couch ,that folds out into a day bed.

It's the most comfy thing I've slept on in ages . Problem is ,when its folded out ,if I sit forward to watch the tv ,my back is against the actual wall .

I prefer it folded open ,so...I thought ,bed pillow.

I looked at a bunch on line ,and some are high techy . Some are frigging ugly . Some seem too small .

In my wanderings ,I came across this :


and I find it adorable. So I'm going to make one .

I found material I like ,so I'm going to order it .

It's pricey ,but you only need a few yards really



I wants roses ,and purples . What can I say .

That's another reason I want to make it. Print ones of these are very dull.

Team names . Hello kitty ,boring prints .

I haven't sewn anything in a while ,and my machine is broken ,but sewing by hand is no problem for me ,just time consuming .I have time.

Simbi Laveau

RIP Arturo Vega

It is with a very heavy heart I write this.

I just got word Arturo Vega ,aka The Fifth Ramone ,just passed away .

I knew he was sick . I heard last night he was not good ,and now he's gone .

I have very fond memories of Artie from the old Ramones days .

His cases of Dom Perringion . His tee shirts . His tricked out apartment . His tales of Chihuahua Chihuahua ,and how he embraced his sexuality .

It was a part of him,so he discussed it as one discusses their love of cats or food .

Just casual .

I don't know how the Ramones legacy will fare with him gone ,as he kept a huge part of it alive .


Another sad day on the LES .

Simbi Laveau

mou ~

I'm so sick,and no one is singing Soft Kitty to me. I feel so dejected ...

Simbi Laveau

Ahhhh,just as conspiracy theorists and people who believe in ghosts and demons ,can have alleged mental disorders.

Apparently ,so can people who obsessively denounce it all.

From a friend .And may I say ,Touche ....


ODD : Obsessive Debunking Disorder

: By Thomas Sheridan

Are Hardcore Skeptics and Debunkers Actually Brain Deficient? Their Own Beloved ’Hard Science’ Might Well Suggest Many Are.

We have all encountered them. The men and women of ’reason’. The self-appointed guardians and vanguards of materialist dogma along with their absolute faith and belief in official government and corporate press releases. The debunker, the hardcore skeptic—how they love to compulsively ridicule and mock all they deem ’pseudoscience’ and ’conspiracy theory’—while also declaring anyone who thinks outside the box or questions the prevailing orthodoxy, a "moron" and a "****". Matters not how solid the evidence you present them with is, nor how flimsy their own state-sanctioned ’hard science’ which they smugly offer up as their rebuttal; they are driven by a messianic compulsion to root out unscientific ’idiots’ with all the zeal and fanaticism similar to that of a Dominican or Jesuit charging through southern France in the twelfth century seeking out ’heretics’ for the burning. Irony does not even come into their myopic worldview—unless of course a government, corporate or university press office states this. Then it becomes an undisputed fact. Thanks to the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christoper Hitchens, these Internet-bound warriors of rationality see ’Creationists’ and ’hidden Christians’ around every corner and seek to root them out and expose them as part and parcel of their own peculiar secular witch hunt mentality.

The reality is that apart from their own kind—other self-proclaimed non-’idiots’—most people find such arrogant and obnoxious debunkers and hardcore skeptics to be strangely angry and boorish, and often confrontational to the point of hysterical. So many of them seem to lack basic social and behavioural skills when ’debating’ with their ’kook’ of choice. Their absolutism can be staggering at times. Yet, despite all this, they have somehow come to consider themselves ’cool’ and even ’sexy’ within the last decade. This is simply a lack of critical thinking on their behalf; a distorted worldview where only they are right and everyone else is an idiot.

However, when you strip down their whole mandate into its constituent parts, one soon finds that most of these ’scientifically’ minded crusaders have no actual accredited scientific background, and the entire thrust of their endeavours remains nothing less than unconditional servitude and unquestioned devotion to authority figures and the status quo. They seek entrenched orthodoxy, not exploration and wonder. They see an open-minded individual as being akin to a brain being infected with a disease, or the mark of a witch. They act as if Creationists are a real danger to human survival, as if the US Bible Belt has extended beyond its absurd boundaries. Creationists are about as much danger to the advances made by scientists in the last two hundred years as Graneda was to Ronald Reagan back in the early 1980s.

It is only fair to point out that there are also healthy skeptics who genuinely do look at anomalies and unexplained phenomena within the natural and unseen cosmos with a cautious eye. They will at least indulge a novel or radical opinion and look at the evidence before taking a stance—often it is an arbitrary position—based on using the Scientific Method coupled with Carl Sagan’s "extraordinary evidence". They are generally polite and only moderately condescending at worst.

The debunker and the hardcore skeptics, on the other hand, will even attack these open-minded Materialists, similar to how a flying saucer cult will have very public witch hunts of so-so members who have not shown their unconditional devotion to the messages sent from the ’space brothers’. The irony is that many of the open-minded skeptics that they attack often have a scientific or engineering background, and these folks are being attacked by debunkers whose sum total of their own quest for reason and logic rarely extends beyond procuring a ’Mythbusters’ DVD box set or having a poster of Richard Dawkins on their wall. Any Reductionist fence-sitters will be treated with ridicule and contempt—even fascistic vitriol and vicious insults.

There is simply no grey areas within the concrete consciousness of the debunker or the hardcore skeptic; instead, only a kind of scientific idealism—and idealism, both secular or otherwise, is really just a nice way of saying ’fascism’.

So what gives? How come they behave the way they do? A complete lack of social intelligence? An inability to debate, share interesting banter and listen to what another person is saying which might be at odds with their own beliefs? Surprisingly, their own beloved science might well provide the answer to these questions. It may well be an over-stimulation of the left hemisphere of their brains leading to a kind of self-induced schizophrenia whereby the right hemisphere of their brain has been switched off. Hence, why they place no value on other forms of non-lateral intelligence: noetic wisdom and intuition.

rest of article here: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=25155

Simbi Laveau

See The Auschwitz for Rabbits

As I have mentioned before,I am working hard with a grassroots bunch of like minded people ,to shut down a house of horrors of a rescue.

We've created a Facebook page ,just documenting FACTS .

This person has been doing this,13 years now. The fact the place remains untouched ,is a crime . I estimate they've killed over 600 animals,with negligence ,neglect ,and outright cruelty ,while making a lot of money off of them.

I suspect the killed animal number if much much higher . I'm going by what I can find evidence of .

This includes small animals,rabbits ,and even cats .

If you join this page ,if you spam it for any reason ,I will be greatly disappointed .

Please be respectful . It's not my page .I just work with the people running it .

You can see why I have been so engrossed in this ,if you look and read .

If any of this touches or enraged anyone here,please pass this facebook on .

The more people that know,the more likely the possibility of closing this house of horrors .

When we are successful in this endeavor ,we may tackle other houses of horror .




Simbi Laveau

more of the same ....

So I've been working on this animal cruelty case ,bunnies ...with a group of like minded people now,for months.

We thought it had finally come to fruition ,but the SPCA has been lying to us . This activity has been going on now,for over a decade,with dozens of complaints,health dept violations ,reports blah blah blah blah blllaahhh ...from two states ,and still nothing is done.

It's exasperating !

The woman doing it,is seriously unstable ,calculating ,and even evil . She has killed 100s ,and I do mean 100s of animals . Cats ,other rodents included . Rabbits alone ,its near 500 ,maybe more .

So I've been upset about it all ,and losing sleep etc.

I cannot imagine having been involved in all of it ,as long as some others working on it.

Official response has been seriously pathetic ,which makes it all the more frustrating .

As I always say ,I HATE PEOPLE !

Simbi Laveau




Wether you're a believer or not ,here are some fun links to see how the year of the Snake will affect you . How to feng shui yourself for good luck .How to find your lucky element





Celebrations around the world .

Dragon dance underwater !




Serpents as pets !


Oh my ..


Simbi Laveau

Astrological Prespective 12-21-12

Hold on tight -- tomorrow has the potential to be one of the most

significant days of the year!

No, not because of the over-hyped end-of-

the-world Mayan prophecy, but because of something much more

reliable ... a Winter Solstice unlike many in the past. As always, the Sun's move into Capricorn marks the start of winter

Solstice. But this time it's happening amid a perfect storm of world-shaping Astrological aspects. This Capricorn energy, along with the Sun's long night off, will bring seriousness to larger issues we face in our society and life. Translation? This is the moment in time where we

will feel the shift in consciousness. Will you be ready?


OK,I set it in los Angeles ,so its more particular to the USA .

There's an interpretation ,as if its a person ,but no....not applicable .

There is heavy Capricorn ,Aries and Scorpio influence .

Some Gemini and Saggitarius in there .

Aries is new beginnings,and we must be number one.

Capricorn is ambition ,and scorpio is war like jealous tendencies .

Sagg in Venus and mercury,merc retrograde,makes for glib attitude .

Nnnnn,the Pluto and Uranus are a concern .

As a chart for the usa,its a new beginning of deceptions,governed by ambitions.

New wars ,more than one I would say.

Do we all die ?


If I did it from nyc ,the houses and rising sign would change,so its mutable ,but the planets,won't change .

Astronomy aspects


Another interesting link .More conspiracy rooted.


Simbi Laveau

Wow,so long ago now

I haven't listened to these bands in years. Ten years...at least since I knew them all ...close to it .

I know I hear Jimmy Tucketts voice on stuff like car commercials (sub.bionic singer).

He was quite a character . Both these bands got a raw deal from their record company.

Too bad...... .They all had talent .


Simbi Laveau


I am very distressed with the behavior of one of my cats.

It's one of my Egyptian maus from Egypt .

The maus from Egypt,have very different personalities ,than cats from home. Serious alpha stuff ,in both males and females.

This guy,is the last one I adopted ,and he's a good boy for the most part ,but he's gotten very aggressive with the other cats ,as of late.

He bullies the girls as a rule,except Psiren,as she's the alpha female Mau .

He has been trying to get at Cthulhu,and I'm afraid he will kill him . He's still so small,and Draven has long fangs ,and is very strong and heavy .

Mostly he picks on Hellon,and suddenly Kali.

Kali is my matriarch .She lived outside for her first 9 years,with a moron family,who didn't even spay her .

She fought dogs and raccoons ,for her life,from what I was told .

She only has one eye.

He's been bullying her,and having full on fights .She's getting hurt .

This is not good . I've never even had cat fights in here. With all my cats,all the years .

Bickering ,yeh .Fights with injuries ? Never. And I've had him over a year . No idea why all of a sudden .

I spoke to the EMRO USA liaison ,and she said it happens.

It happened to one of her girls she said.

Bloody fights .

I wouldn't get rid of him,but he's out of control . I had to put the Kevlar handlers gloves on,break it up ,and I put him in the bathroom to cool off.

I'm very unhappy about it all ,as he is a sweet cat ,for the most part .

Simbi Laveau

Blue Velvet Cupcakes,and Dream Princess Cake

So tonight I met my dear friend Lisa,for dinner. We haven't seen one another since before Sandy .

We went to a Vietnamese place on orchard st ,that got rave reviews,but was terrible. No idea who writes these reviews ,but its not anyone who's ever had really excellent Vietnamese food.

The wait staff were rude ,and obviously felt we weren't hip enough for their estabilishment .....Lisa is six feet tall in bare feet . Don't p*** her off . Seriously .

I cannot be bothered to make a stink about things . They will get a review from me on yelp though . Won't be flattering .

In any case,after bad unsatisfying food,we wanted kick ass dessert . We went to Chinatown ,as I needed herb supplies as well . It was 8:30 .Everything was closed .


Sandy again . Everyone is on generators ,so they're closing early . No one is out shopping either . Who knew .

I got a couple of steamed pork buns,at our fave place on Elizabeth st ,and we thought where to go .

She didn't feel like Chcolate by the Bald Man . I didn't want bubble tea.

Rice to Riches . Yeah ! Awesome rice pudding on Spring street.

Driving around ,and around . No parking .

We were about to just bail ,and I turn up Prince st,and we see this place,we've never seen before...

The Little Cupcake Bakery

Found parking right out front .

Oh yeah .Kismet .

We go in .Look at the goods. Oh my god.

Needless to say ,theres a line for a table.

Two ,then three tables finiished . No one moves. Quite rude actually.

They see a line of people waiting,and they just keep talking and talking and talking.

25 minutes now.

Three people come in behind us ,and we are next up for a table.

They tried to cut us . Lisa said,weve been waiting almost a half hour . We are next ,and they tried to grab a table way at the back ......

They just walked in ....RUDE .

So,in true Lisa style ,she says ,errr,excuse me ...we just said,we are next for a table ...

The guy stupidly gave her lip ....oh no....

Well,she ripped him a new one,and he tried to be clever,and well,with Lisa,that never ends well for the other person.

He was sooooooo soooooooooo butt hurt,they left .LET'S GO SOMEWHERE ELSE ! butthurt butthurt

Oh well.....


oh my GOD .

Peanut butter and jelly cake . Coconut and German chocolate and pumpkin spice .

Hummingbird and lemon and Brooklyn blackout cake.

All home made,and all butter ....

I got something called Dream Princess cake. Which is almond cake,with raspberry filling ,and butter cream

icing .

We had to try the blue velvet cupcakes .

It's awesome !

I got a bunch of cupcakes to go . How could I not .


Simbi Laveau

Rockaway Beach

I went out to Rockaway today,and ,I am left with such a feeling of sadness and despair,that I am overwhelmed.

I cannot even post it all now,as I am too drained .

I can say,seeing what is left of a place I spent many a day,playing on the beach ,or handball court ,reduced me to tears .

My friend is holding up ,but much of what is going on,is not making the news ,and I fear she will have some PTSD ,but we will address that later .

I will leave it with this ,and I am glad they didnt live to see this . I really am .

Simbi Laveau

Advice and Opinions Please

A friend of mine ,lives on the Sandy devastated Rockaway,N.Y.C.

She texted me for the first time since the storm,yesterday . I had gotten word she was ok . I had wanted to drive out there,but they won't let you .

So,she told me her basement windows literally blew in ,and water poured in all of them like something out of a movie . The water rose up to the first floor ,one foot deep.

All power etc was turned off. She said houses by the dozen ,around her,have burned down .

Her mailman lived near her. He went to turn off his power ,stepped into water in the basement ,and was electrocuted.

She said what they are showing on the news ,of rockaway,is not the worst of it. She said its being watered down in the media ,given its actually part of NYC ,and they don't want it to seem like part of the city is that decimated .

Or at least that's what she thinks.

Her sister lived very close to her,and her house suffered worse.

She lost her brand new boiler ,as well as most of what was in the basement .

With Thanksgiving coming ,I would like to do ...something ,but I'm at a loss as to what .

I have limited money ,so I cannot buy her anything right now ,but if the bridges open ,I want to bring her something .

Should I bring food ? Take her out to dinner ?

I don't know ......what to do .

She has access to a charging station for her phone ,so we will be in contact ,but she's told me not to come to the Island for my own safety . I'm thinking thanksgiving should be ok.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be good to bring her ?

I assume there will be thanksgiving dinners brought to them ,by various agencies. She also may be with her sisters family .

I could bring it for all of them.

Suggestions ?

Simbi Laveau

Im a bit slow on the uptake

Duh ....

I had a realization tonight,that I cannot believe never occurred to me before.

I have stated here,many times ,I've had so many odd paranormal occurances in my home,et al,that they don't even phase me .

Not long after my mom died,they picked up ,and then stopped . I noticed it was when I had adopted more cats,but what I failed to connect,is that it stopped after I adopted the cat from Egypt.

Egyptian maus were regarded as gods in ancient Egypt ,and are now murdered and mutilated by locals and government .

I adopted my first maus from Egypt,in 2009 .

That's when most of the activity ,just stopped.

I was watching that horrible movie Sleepwalkers tonight ,and it suddenly dawned on me .

Something about my maus from Egypt,keep the nasties away .

Who knew ?