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No can Explain What had happened to me years

As long as I can remember, I have some very strange and interesting experiences.  Some people have told me that they would afraid to go to sleep at night.  I had mentioned in one of my blogs that over 20 years ago I had a very strange experience that I can't explain.  People who know me have believed me but can't understand how these things happen to me.  People that don't know me have often reacted very negatively to me telling me I had mental health issues, a hidden drug or medical problem (which I don't have) or have attacked me personally (verbally that is).  

Very basically I might have had a experience with a UFO, Talking on a pay phone but not remembering what I said or who I called, Out of Body experience while driving, possible encounter with space aliens or something not of this world, being guided to a restaurant that I wanted to go to but couldn't remember where it was and then getting to a meeting on time even though I was over an hour away.  The strangest thing about this was the reaction that my mother had when I came home (at the time I lived with her).

She was upset with me and basically said to me, "You tapped into something you shouldn't have. What were you thinking or doing?"  Do you want a visit from someone who isn't happy with you? When I asked her if someone had come to the house, she wouldn't answer me.  It seemed like she was upset and afraid at the same time.  She wouldn't talk about it.  At the time I didn't have a cell phone and had had no contact with her to my knowledge after I left the house that morning.  What did my mother encounter?  From the brief conversation I had with her it seemed like she knew about the phone call at the pay phone. 

One person suggested that I tapped into something that was in a different plane or field or I was disconnected from reality.  I wonder then if I was disconnected from reality how I was able to drive a vehicle to where I needed to go and act and function normally during this times.  

Would there be a way to tell what this experience was because it seems to be a combination of many different things.  


Wisdom Teeth Removal at age 54

On September 22nd, 2016, I finally got my wisdom teeth removed.  I wish I had done this when I was younger, as when I was a teen, I didn't have high blood pressure or other issues.  In August my blood pressure at the oral surgeon's office was too high, so I had modify my diet, so it was in an acceptable range.  Early September it was acceptable, so I finally made an appointment.  I don't remember much that day. 

I remember taking a medication to sedate me.  When my friend arrived, I felt very tired.  I remember going into the Dr. Office, getting into the chair and having the IV put in my right hand.  I then remember being told I could go home and then I remember eating a chocolate Wendy's frosty.   I felt okay.  I slept very well.  I called my brother twice and didn't remember.  

I didn't have a lot of numbness in my face or lips and it went away very quickly.  I did have pain, some of it off and on that was bad.  

It will be 3 weeks tomorrow.  For several days I had soups and liquids and probably did so longer than I had to but I'm older.  I haven't yet started eating chewy, crunchy food or hard candy. 

I also haven't sip out of straw and will wait another week before doing so, again, probably longer than I had to.  

I was concerned about dry socket which is a very painful  if you have the misfortune of getting it.  Thankfully, I didn't get it.  




Car Repair - Shop Around

In mid-December I was on vacation and was driving around St. Augustine when my air conditioner stopped working. It was an unusually hot day for Florida. An analysis was done on my car and it was determined that I had no Freon in my air conditioner due to a hole in the condenser, The estimate of the car repair was about $600. I went to two other car repair shops who quoted $400-$600.00. The car dealership quoted $1,100.

I waited about three months to get the repairs because I wanted to make sure I had $400-$600 and because the weather wasn't that bad, I could tolerate not having an air conditioner. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my car to a mechanic that I had used previously but due to purchasing a new car nearly 4 years ago was not able to use him due to warranty requirements.

I was in for a big surprise. He called me and told me that I had no leak in the condenser and that a bolt and nut which connects to the condenser had fallen out which caused the Freon to leak out. He put Freon in the air conditioner and replaced the bolt and nut. I also had him change my oil and put new windshield wipers on. The total cost was less than $100 and it works perfectly.

Back in mid November I had to take my car to the dealership for a recall and I also took it in for an oil change. This was within a couple of days of each other and was right before Thanksgiving. Normally when I would take my car into the dealership, someone from the service department would handle my request. One of these times, a mechanic who worked at the dealership handled my request. I didn't like this guy the minute I saw him and he was really cocky and had an attitude. I don't know if he worked on my car or not but he gave me a bad feeling.

From what my mechanic told me, what might have happened is that someone took the Freon out and didn't put it back in or put the Freon in and didn't connect the bolt and nut to the condenser properly which caused the leak. When my mechanic examined my car, he didn't see the bolt and nut until he examined the condenser (it was somewhat hidden).

My guess is that the leak was a slow one as it was about a month later when I was in St. Augustine when the air conditioner stopped working. I do remember on Thanksgiving day the air conditioner working but not working properly as I had to put it up to the highest level in order to be cool. The next day Black Friday it was fine. It was also fine the morning I drove up to St. Augustine.

I would hope that this was not done deliberately. Sometimes I wonder.


My Wisdom Teeth Nightmare

I'm a middle aged woman who has 3 wisdom teeth in her mouth that will need to come out. A couple of years ago I had to have an emergency extraction of a wisdom tooth (it was the day before Good Friday) and it was nightmare. My blood pressure went through the roof as did my heart rate. I was scared and had a terrified look on my face. It took 3 hours and had to be stopped in between for me and my body to calm down.

Most people have this done in their teens and early 20's for a reason. I guess if I had complained about the tooth pain that came and went all the time perhaps I might have gotten them out. I had braces on my teeth and most people I knew who had braces on their teeth had them pulled before the braces came off or right before they came on.

The older you are, the worse it is. Now I will have to have sedation due to my blood pressure. If I had this done younger, this wouldn't have been an issue. My dentist and anyone that knows me would never do a wisdom tooth extraction on me without sedation. They probably shouldn't have the first time, but it was an emergency.

When I left my dentist's office I went to the store to get some black tea. I still had gauze in my mouth and I was so out of it that I didn't notice people looking at me and avoiding me. I walked up and down the aisle talking to anyone who would listen to me and just talking. One person came up to me and asked me if I was okay. I went into the bathroom and saw that I had some dried blood on my lips and cheek.

Instead of throwing the gauze out in the bathroom, I threw it in the trash can which was near a sitting area. People looked at me like I was crazy but it didn't register. I noticed right after that someone with gloves on quickly removed the trash. I told everyone that I had my wisdom tooth pulled and said this several times and also said I had no pain.

I took my blood pressure and then announced it to everyone around me. Thankfully I didn't go into this particular store every week.

I wasn't sedated but my mouth had to be numbed at least 3 times and this is how I reacted to it. Very talkative and upbeat. Had very little or no pain which was good.

Someone will have to take me home the next time. Will be interesting to see my reaction and who is daring enough to do so. .

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