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Mr Flibble's angry with you!

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Hey everyone

Hey there everyone,

I know I haven't posted on here in a looooooong time, but I just thought I'd say hey again - I do occasionally pop into the chat rooms every now and then to peek around to see whats happening.

I'm about to start on Monday my 3rd year of Uni, scary times, feels like just yesterday that I was posting on here about how I was about to leave in a few weeks! Argh!

I'm still as interested as ever in Mysteries, in fact recently I went to the Tower of London and what should I buy but a book about Mysteries!

I'm actually a published writer now, but not in the mysteries field, strangely enough in the world of personal finance! So whilst that's not quite as exciting as mysteries, for me personally it was very exciting as it even ended up on Sky News! Woop!

Anyway - I hope everyone's having a great life and still the same as always, and if not the same - better!

Much love and hugs

Amy *** ^_^


rain rain go away

I am supposed to be going to the safari park today, but it is raining, I am gutted, it's the only day I can go. It was perfect weather on Monday, but it got cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

The only thing I can hope for is that it won't be as rainy when we actually get there, other than that there's not much I can do.

God damn rain. You can tell it's bank holiday coming up :(

Ames xx


hey all

hey everyone

know i haven't posted for a while, just thought i'd say hi.

all is going relatively well with me



Hello from Cardiff!

Hello everyone!!!!

Yes I have been here in Allensbank House, Cardiff for just over a week now and I have to say it's fab!

The only thing I would like to complain about is the something like £200-£300 I've got to spend on books!!! Argh!!!!

Oh well,

Wish me luck affording those!

Ames x


Going on Thursday! :(

This is it officially!

I'm leaving on Thursday to move to Cardiff and live in Allensbank house!

And boy am I scared but also excited at the same time, a fresh new start in a great new town!

So this is it,

GOODBYE EVERYONE AT UM!!!!! crying.gifcrying.gif


I'm Leaving.

In just under a month I will be leaving my home town and moving to sunny Cardiff.

I don't know whether I'll have internet in my new place, or whether I'll be able to afford it if it does have the capability, so I probably won't be coming on here again!

But seeing as nobody seems to notice me anymore these days, I guess it doesn't matter.

So I'll get my goodbye in now in case I forget to do it in just under one month's time.




After much nervousness I opened the envelope today and I was greeted with 2 'A's and a 'B'... well I'll be gosh darned, I can't believe it, I only need ABB, so I'm well in at Cardiff, now I have to move - scary!!!!!

Anyway - woop!

Oh and by the way, congrats to anyone else getting their A-Level results today and good luck to the kids getting their GCSE results next week!

Ames x


STILL learning French!

I've surprised myself just how much I love it!

I love learning new phrases everyday, it's just so exciting to think that I can now understand the conversations on the tape with ease, I know it's an artificial setting, but considering I have only been learning a couple of weeks, I think it's pretty good.

Whenever I feel like giving up I look at the pictures of Paris I have plastered everywhere and think about what it would be like to go there again but be able to speak the lingo, and hopefully one day live there, or at least rent/own a place there!

Oh well, best get back to it!

Au revoir!


I'm Learning French!

Am I mad?

I visited Paris, and I love it so much that I would really love to learn French, so I do about 2 hours a night now, and I have to say I'm liking it, even though it is complex!

Well thats it for this blog!

Au revoir!


SAD, so sad I am


I must try not to get too emotional but I'm leaving college tomorrow.

It's the end of an era - I dunno what I'm gonna do without that place - I'm gonna miss it so much!

There's no point waffling on about the various things I'm gonna miss cos none of you will get it so I'll just end it there!

Tomorrow I'm gonna be in tears!

So sad!

Soon I will be leaving altogether - it's so scary!


See you around x


My New Hair.

I went shopping today, and I went past this place that did hair and it said no appointment necessary. So I thought. Why not?

So I did. And now it's a layered bob. How nice.

They cut it really nice, much nicer than the people I usually go to.

Im liking the shortness!

I also bought a new hairdryer as mine's had it.

It has Ionic technology (sounds complicated don't it) so I hope that'll be a good thing!


Ciao chums xxx



I don't know if anybody will be able to help with this unusual problem, but anyway:

It's rather odd by the way.

When I blow dry my hair, the left side of it goes very smooth and sleek, whilst the right side looks like I've been standing next to an electrical socket, and I have no idea what the flip is happening. No matter what I try such as heat defence spray, it just makes my left side nicer, whilst my right side stays the same.

Anyone have any hints or tips to deal with this weird issue?

Cheers dears.

Ames x


I want to sue travel west midlands!

They are the most ****ed up travel company anywhere.

Today I have had to miss yet another lesson because of it. Last week it came too early, this week no bus whatsoever.

I'm getting really p***ed off, it is nearing the end of my college year and I am gonna **** it up if travel west midlands don't stop ****ing around with the bus timetables. I just do not know what to do. I don't have a car, nor can I afford one or drive, so I have no choice.

What a load of sh**.


that's my angry rant over for the day.

Ciao chums.



Is there anybody out there sad.gif

Did I do something to offend everybody sad.gif

Is it cos I don't post much sad.gif

Boo hoo sad.gif



Red Dwarf, the Quarantine Episode!

OMG I am watching the classic episode right now!

What a classic!!!!!!!!


"frankenstein was the creator, NOT the monster, it's a common misconception, held by ALL truly STUPID people!"

"if u still want to be alive when there is only 78 days left to go, i suggest you DO NOT blow your nose!

do you mind if i ask why?

well, let's forego the noise, and the revolting burbling sound, and go straight to the really gross part, when you always, and i mean ALWAYS, having blown your nose, have to open up the hankerchief, and take a look at the contents! I mean, WHY? What do you expect to see in there? A Turner sea-scape perhaps? The face of the Madonna? An undiscovered Shakespearean sonnet?! "

"So let me get this straight, you want to fly on a magic carpet to see the king of the potato people, and plead with him for your freedom - and you are telling me you're completely sane! I think that warranties for 2 hours of WOO!!!

What's WOO?

You had to ask...

WITH - OUT - OXYGEN! That'll teach you to be crazies!"

In fact it is filled with classic quotes, I love IT!!!!!!


Random outburst

My gosh, seems like ages since I've read peoples blogs and just generally had a good mooch around UM!

I wish it was the summer of 2004 again, that rawked, spent all the time making me website and looking on here, now I'm lucky if I can come on once a week or month lol!

Oh well.... never mind!

Gotta get up early for work (yes that's right I have a job shock horror!!!)

Which together with college and socialising means less time for UM sad.gif

Anyway off to do sommat else tee hee.

See yas.

Ames xxxx


Blah blah

Here's an update. Not that anyone reads this. Lol.

Got my new camera ... woop. grin2.gif It's all pretty and shiny lol, and one major advantage - it's not broken like my old one!

I had a fun week - half term - yay.... back to the grind of college next week... booooo! Actually I'm not that bothered, be nice to see everyone again!

Anyway... back to some coursework!

Byeeee xxx


I'm back from Amsterdam

I stayed in the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Lolllll!!!!! It was ACE!

Went everywhere from the red light district to new sloten (although new sloten was by accident). The sex museum was a laugh too!

Unfortunately I can't post any pics cos my camera fell off the bunk onto the hard floor and is now busted! sad.gif

I also fell off the bed (top bunk!!!!!!!) but I myself am not busted so that's a relief.



3 days to go.

Til I go to Amsterdam woo hoo.

But for now I'm stuck here doing a bloomin Escalus question, but good news/bad news depending on ur stance, I'm thinking that I might start on the website tonight as I'm home early cos it's a Thursday. I've decided that if I get Escalus question done by 4 I will do some website stuff!!!

Ames xxx



A new and easy to way to view all the pictures I put up:


I'll still post when it gets updated though...!

Ames xxx

P.S. Over the half term... starts on the 12th of Feb or something, I was thinking of setting up my old mysteries website and doing some more stuff on there, if anyone remembers it and would like to see it back, please please please leave message on here so I know whether to bother or not!

Much thankness!!!!!


The EALC Ghost.

Today in Media I discovered a ghost in the EALC! Every so often the comp would suddenly make weird hissing noises that sounded vaguely like speaking! Argh!


But on the plus side in a short while I managed to knock up this poster... a draft for our coursework!

The Man Next Door

Might be going to see the Aviator tonight, but def. going to see Closer tomorrow... woot!

Ames x