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My blog, need you know more?

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Odd (Ghost) Photo my Mum took

Hello everyone. Last weekend my mum and her BF went camping in West Virgina, while they were out riding along the trails (They were quad-biking) they passed an old tunnel, my mum took a pic with her iPhone and showed me this image:


Which seems to show an odd v-shaped object. While it may have simply been a camera burp, or the strap of the phone case, this image taken moments later shows no sigh of the anomaly:


I'm not saying this is a ghostly photo, i just wanna hear your thoughts on what this could have been.


Austin's First Poll

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a quick poll to try this feature out, give it a try if you want. it wont bite.








New House?!

Well, we have a new house now. Or at least the start of a new house. You see we have a modular home (a HUGE one, seriously this building is freakin' huge) that's practically ours if we can move it. And I mean that literally, we have to hook the thing up on some tractors and haul it about four miles or so. The building itself needs some work, but it's mostly superficial stuff, new paint, some retiled floors, that sort of stuff. The toilets (of which there are three) all need replaced and we are going to rip the carpet out and put down wood floors. The house has three bedrooms (mines the biggest, hehe ^_^) two and a half bathrooms (ones really more of a closet than anything) a enclosed mud room/sunroom, two porches and a fireplace. Of course we aren't going to actually move in for a bit, but over the weekend we did get some stuff on it done. 


Aspie stereotypes

These are the Aspie stereotypes I dislike the most, and why they don’t apply to me.

-Aspies are nothing but fleshy computers (I can think creatively, a computer cannot)
-Aspies stink at social communication and etiquette (I have decent social communication skills, but etiquette? Ya not so much…)
-Aspies are apathic and do not care for the emotions of others (I am VERY empathic)
-Aspies are “anal retentive” and only care about useless factoids (I care about more things than factoids)
-Aspies speak in a monotone devoid of even the slightest emotion (My voice is quite emotional)
-Aspies don’t swear (I admit this is true for me)
-Aspies talk with an air of superiority (I never speak to anyone like this)
-Aspies are doomed to stay single unless a girl takes pity on them (I cant really say much about this one, I’ve never had a GF)
-Aspies are only male (I have known female Aspies)
-Aspies are little more than children and need constant care and supervision (I spend a good part of my life alone, and I can take care of myself)
-Aspies are only into “Autistic things” (What, pray tell, is an “Autistic thing”?)
-Aspies have embarrassing “episodes” (I have meltdowns from time to time, but I wouldn’t call them episodes)
-Aspies are just faking it for attention (I despise it when people say I’m “just faking it”)
-Aspies are your typical nerds/geeks (Aspies can be anything, we are not nerds or geeks in the traditional sense)
-Aspies aren’t emotional (I am quite emotive.)


Story excerpt

Jane rung the bell on the counter and waited for the teller to arrive. She waited several seconds and rang it again. "I'm comin' I'm a comin'!" She heard a voice from the room on the other side of the counter. Suddenly a python rose up from behind the counter. "Gah! Your... A snake." Jane said in surprise. "Dang right I am! Now what can I do for ya ma'am?" Jane shook off the initial shock of this talking snake. "Yess, I would like to make a sssmall withdrawl." The snake just looked at her with what could only be called a condescending stare. "Now listen here little missy, are we gonna do business or are we just gonna stereotype each other?" The snake told her. Jane was taken aback. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just want to take twenty five out of my account." Trying her best to sound apologetic. "Of course ma'am, do you want that in cash or bananas?" The snake told her. Jane gave an annoyed huff. "That wasn't very funny." She said.


Story Prompts.

I am just making this blog entry to toy around with some ideas I want to write about. Do not fear though, Zylotta has not been forgotten, but sometimes it helps me to write when I can do something different every once in a while, or I will get "stale" while writing. Feel free to comment and concern about any of these ideas, and don't be afraid to call out any stupidity you may find, I would rather get called out here on UM than somewhere else.

Prompt 1-Fossil Frank (or Fred, I'm not sure yet) A deinonychus who has been cloned and given human intellegence, he must learn to integrate into human society, but is the world ready for a talking dinosaur?

Prompt 2- Macy's life was perfect, that is until she finds herself caught in a web of crime and corruption, luckily it turns out that her pet pig, Mr. Bacon, is actually Hambone! A member of M.A.M.M.A.L. a secret cross-species organization who's job it is to protect humanity, no matter the cost.


My oddest dream yet.

Well, I (or actually, a younger version of me) was at a pool, nothing out of the ordinary there. Accept I was nude! Luckily I was in the water, so no one could see my nakedness. It was only a few feet from the edge of the pool to the restrooms, I thought that if I could make a dash for those I would be safe. I moved closer to the edge of the pool, I looked around to make sure no one was looking this way, then I pulled myself up out of the pool and made a run for the doors. I reached the door to the restrooms and tryed to pull it open, but I was not strong enough, and I felt every eye at the pool look at me. "That boys not wearing any clothes!" I heard someone shout. (Weird because people don't usually talk in my dreams) I could feel myself blush as I tried harder and harder to get the door open. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of embarrassment and a sea of laughs, I opened the door. And here's where things started to get strange.

The door opened into what I can only call a meadow, with knee high grass and trees off in the distance. I looked around, and noticed that the door I had just come through was gone! I was still nude, but at least I could relax, after all, there was no one around to see me. :) The grass was covered in dew and the ground was warm against my feet. There was a slight breeze, I didn't recognize this place. Then I heard someone call my name, it was faint, as if the speaker was very far off in the distance. I headed off in the direction of the voice, or at least where I though I heard the voice coming from. I know this might seem strange, but even though I was in some who-knows-where place, and nude as well, I never felt scared. I'd almost say I was happy. For the first time in who knows how long, I wasn't feeling stressed out, or worried, or annoyed or any such emotion. I hadn't felt this way since I was, well, a child. Appropriate considering that that's what I was in my dream. Now, where was I? Ah yes. I was running to the voice, it sounded so soft and caring, I had to meet that person, but as I approached the trees at the end of the meadow, I saw that there was no light between the trees, only pure darkness. I halted and backed slightly away. I heard the voice calling me again, this time I knew it was just beyond the trees, but I could not bring myself to enter those terrifying woods. I felt conflicted, I wanted so bad to meet the voice, but I couldn't go into that darkness. I fell down onto the grass and curled up, and started to cry. "I'm sorry!" I said.



Why is it that we feel compelled to record our thoughts and ideas onto the digital medium? It is not expected of us, we are not told to do it, and yet everyday hundreds of blogs are posted. Why is this? Are humans compelled by deep biological urges to share their words with others? I cannot pretend to know, so I will not. Be it biological urge or simple choice, I will continue to share my ideas and opinions with others on the web.

Ok, sorry about that everyone, I just felt like being profound for a second, I don't know why. :P Anyways, onto the topic at hand, as you all know, we are now in the year of 2016, for those of you who don't know, I graduated two years ago. My days of school were hard ones. :( Filled with worry and uncertainty, of discriminations and sorrow. I was shunned, there is no other way to say it, I was shunned. I usually found myself alone, during my elementary days, this tore away at me, but by the time of high school, I embraced my loneliness. It became a shield from the harsh reality of the real world. I spent all my free time at school reading, and only spoke when it was necessary. Do I regret this decision? I honestly do not know...


First Blog post

So, here I am. Starting my Blog, ya. Well I guess I should get this out of the way, I'm new to the Blogging circles, but I've been on UM for a while (it's a nice place, BTW). And I'd though I should learn to Blog, maybe get my thoughts and or opinions out there for others to see, maybe I will find others who share those opinions. :) As for my life, eh it's going good, been a good year. Lots of nice stuff happening lately, I'm able to watch cartoons from my childhood again, and that's really nice. My childhood cartoons were from the 90's to the early 2000's. And I've been binge watching the old Nicktoons, with Rugrats up next, as it was recently added to Hulu. Lots of episodes, that one. I've been going on eBay and buying the Transformers CHUG figures I missed out on when they were new, I'm almost done completing the original Autobot cast. I just added the first chapter of a story I'm working on over in the writers hangout, so if you want you can go and check it out. :) I'm also playing a lot of Halo again (I became detached from it after Bungie left) my personal favorites are Halo CE and Halo 2, Halo 3s ok, if a little short. Mowing down a group of grunts while in a 'hog never gets old. ;)

Well, I think that's enough for now, got to save stuff for the next Blog. So I will see you all around soon!