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About this blog

This will be based on who I am as therian and otherkin. Entries will be based about life, experiences, and just anything else that ever had to be mentioned.

Entries in this blog

Lunar Wolf

Been gone since May

I have been gone since may 11 of either this year or last, I do not remember. I still have no ways of making normal posts and on top of that most of my old activity posts have disappeared. I feel like they don't want me talking even after accepting that I agreed to not make long like update or activity posts. But even after that I am unable to make posts and interact with everyone. I still do not understand what was so wrong about me making long activity posts so I did not have to mess with blog stuff, but it will never make since why it has become a petty party of making me unable to post plus not being allowed to share the link to another account seems a little idiotic as well. Everyone does not just sit here on this site 24/7 we have to be able to share where else we are for people to network and connect. But it is fine, I am not a moderator, I did not decide these stupid rules. Just here wanting to reconnect, but not allowed too.


Lunar Wolf

Part 12 Some time passes

So it seems with almost 2 months passing that I still am unable to post status updates and that from my side some of my posts, though still in my stuff, does not want to properly appear. It is so nice to see that I can barely do anything anymore. I truly loved this site, but now it just seems to hinder things. This was such a great place to come and express things and updates things about my life, the very thing I had wanted this page to be, but apparently because I didn't want to make blog posts, made posts to long, and promoted a separate page of mine to be able to see the longer posts that kept being taken down, I am unable to do anything but type here. So really I may just do update posts every couple months as I have no other need for this site if I am not able to make status posts anymore or have this page be what I had intended for it to be so ya guess that is life. People don't like when you do stuff they don't want happening and have to be d**** about it all.

~Blessed Be, Damon~

Lunar Wolf

Part 11 Update

Now you may be wondering why I have not been making status posts, and this is because it seems to be a big problem that I make large status updates, they are updates, quick, but also long as, because shocker, people have more than just one thing on their minds. Besides that, yes I did repost them a lot, but I never got to get the feedback because over and over they got deleted. And then when I tried to give you guys a link to a place where I can make long status updates without being nagged at, that too for some reason or another is a big problem.

So for the time being, until I can make status updates again, though I agreed to the terms that were given in order for me to make them again, I will not be on here a huge deal. So for a bit, I will just stay off here. I will be spending my time updating stories on fanfiction under the author name of Evil's Wolf, on Quotev again stories and polls at Evil's Wolf, and then on Roosterteeth at Wolfzer99 making posts and other related actions. I may come back in a little time or make small updates here if anything of great importance happens. Otherwise, I am going to be focusing more time on my stories and the different ways of improvement and how I can make new stories and extend the concept of some of my other stories.

Lunar Wolf

Part 10 A Late Update

This is a hit on the late side, but that doesn't harm anyone now does it. So seems this past year of school has been passing by at a much quicker rate than I had ever noticed before. It is my senior year and here I am looking at college, jobs, and so much else. Slowly have iI seen my pack grow as well. From new members to new lives. I am engaged to my mate, I have been doing better at being open about me being trans and that my name is Damon. I have figured out that I am actually more demi-asexual, someone who is only partially asexual, and that life has seemed to smooth out from what it used to be like. So as I am here I am going to announce that I am starting another blog section and it will be called Story Time With Damon. This is where I shall be posting past stories and stories that I will later be experiencing in life.

in regards to all this, spring break is in 9 days counting weekends. Not sure if I will be here or in Kentucky yet, but as it seems I will be here. In that sense I do hope to see Standing Fox as soon as possible since I need to pick up my pelts from him.

Expect to see me outside on Tuesday April 4th. This is a day for therians and otherkin to both go outside at 5:00 pm your time and make the sounds of your theriotype and kintype. To show that you are not alone where you live. So expect to hear my howls of my wolves and maybe even the roars and growling of my dragon, who will be talked about in my next entry.

another blog entry on here will be arriving soon this week or this month. For now this is Lunar Wolf signing off.



Lunar Wolf

Part 9 Stories from a therian

Ok so, for this entry I decided I would tell a few tales that I have from being a therian at the school that I go to. Most of these I no longer care about nor do I wish to care as they truly don't matter, but to understand more into why I get angry towards my school about stupid punishment things well here are the few major stories I still remember.

One weekend me and my current mate (we weren't at the time) were talking. Some guy was threatening him trying to get him to come to the mall and fight, which he never would do. Well the guy threatened to beat him up, race his current girlfriend, and come kill the rest of us. Well this being a serious matter we toke it to the office. That Monday I was sick so it was everyone except for me who went there. After they went, he messaged me, saying that they let him off with a simple warning of not to bother us. What he said and what he was threatening and they didn't give it to much thought. This relates to the fact that as soon as a rumor started on how we had a hit list or that we were going to shoot up our school or dump acid on someone we were called down and questioned.

Another goes to my friend having her tail stolen which is how a lot of the things began. This guy, the one who started many of things, had stole  my friends tail and had it in his locker. There was basically a bounty on all of us and that if they got our tails and toke it to a certain person then they would get money for it. Nearly two months later and the school had finally done something about it. We waited for so long, tail or not, it was stolen property and we waited so long to get it back that all of us had began to get so angry and asking for a friend of mine to get into his locker to get it because he knew the locker combination. 

These are two of the bigger stories many are little or don't matter or have a lot of importance behind them like these two. So much had happened and the school did very little to help us when this is our belief and also my Native American side. They stated we had to have papers showing that we were our tails for that stuff otherwise they wouldn't count it because it wasn't a major belief or anything. Eventually they banned our things as props to get around our belief and so now we still fight, not as bad, those who bother us and try to attack us all because the school won't do anything. Some teachers or friends who know me well enough or are very nice will stop people, but otherwise they go unnoticed and get to do as they please.

Well for now this is what I have to say. Much of this is in the past, some still lurks in my memories, but at least we are more safe now then we were before, but that's because we fight for ourselves and no one else. We don't even bother going to the office for anything at all because those who still go here and we're or weren't a part of the war, they know we can't rely on the school for ****. 

So for now this is Lunar Wolf signing out. Be safe my mates and never let the world stop you. They see only a sliver of your life and judge you on it. Don't let the hate get to you when they don't know your full story and haven't seen all parts of you. Be safe, be strong, and I'll see you all next time. This is Lunar Wolf.


Lunar Wolf

Part 8 Summer time over

So summer is over and now me and some of the pack members are back in school. I'll say it was an eventful summer, but not all of it in a good way. Though it was peaceful. A calm peace before the storm of being a senior. Everything was ok besides the extreme heat. Pokèmon Go came out and it has been us just playing the game and even some of us playing the older games that we own. Current preparing for my 18 birthday. Talked to friends, and some pack mates about coming to what I have planned. Because I've always been a nerd and enjoy the weird things. I am going to be trying to host a huge nerf war and just all of us have fun. 

On another note in a post on my profile page that I did. I came out as trans and asexual to those on Instagram, Twitter, and here as they are the only places I cane come out on. This has been a struggle that I've been fighting around with for a while now. But as my the rain side, this too, will be kept from my family till years later when I am out of my house and working on my own. 


Beside des this the pack is doing well and growing. After kicking one member and bringing in two new ones it's good to see everyone talking and being happy together as a family. Without our little family it would be kinda lonesome. Everything we do to help each other and be there for each other, it seems more like we are a family who should have all been born in the same blood family, but isn't. 

Well guys I don't have to much more to say at this time. Just thought I give you guys an update. To keep up with me outside of this place just follow me on Twitter or Instagram as I post a bit more on there and more often as well. Take care you guys and be safe.

This is Lunar Wolf signing out. Take care guys.


~Lunar Wolf~


Lunar Wolf

Part 7 A Growing Family

I do apologize for this overdue update. I'm here to talk more about my little family. The pack as you know, The Scattered Ruins, has grown a bit more. Up to 11 members now and still a few more to come. Many plans for us all have been set for this summer. Our main event being the meet up at my place. We are going to be cooking out, sleeping out in the yard under all the stars, hanging at the park, and going to a wolf park about an hour form my place. The pack had had some major news, a lot I am not going to be going into, of new members and stuff outside of it all. Welcoming new members is always a hard time as some may not get along with others. As the alpha I'm constantly making sure everyone is ok and safe.

Besides the pack I have my own events planned. I have two graduations and three open houses to go to. After my sister finishes summer school we are heading to Kentucky until a few days before a Slipknot concert. We are returning for a few days over the summer to camp out and get in to see Slipknot. We are buying pit tickets for the event, with about four or five of us going to the event. Besides these major events nothing to special is happening. 

Well iv given you an update on what's going on. I'll try to do more updates and statues over the summer since I won't be as busy as I normally am. Major events and updates will always been spoken about within this blog here.

So for now this is Lunar Wolf signing out. Have fun my mates and make it a great summer.


                                                                                                                                               ~Lunar Wolf~



Lunar Wolf

Part 6 Therian Gear

blog-0253799001460656059.jpgOk today I'm explains gear. Not all therians wear gear. Gear is a way for some therians to connect further with their spirits. This can be a tail for a fox, wolf, coyote, longer thinner ones for cats and big cats. Collars are another gear that a lot of therians wear. In the community though it has become a huge battle as some wear it as just fashion were as other therians will use it to feel closer with say a house cat therian, a dog therians, or a wild animal that was a pet in its past life. Fangs are another gear item that is mainly seen with canine therians. Some do have ears, hats, paw gloves, or any other item they use to identify with their spirit and bring them closer.

I myself do wear gear. I wear my tails. The two white ones and the light, thin brown ones are mine in the photo. The one next to my small one is my sisters, one of the packs pups. The longer, dark brown one is my brothers, and the omega for the pack. Finally the black one is our hunters.

The two white ones belong to my second awakened spirit Lunar. Shadow and Razor do not currently have a tail to match their looks, but soon will. I myself wear a collar, but not as fashion or for one of my spirits. My collar is worn in memory of my dog that I had to put to sleep last summer due to cancer. The same goes for my chain. They had both belonged to my pup. I also will have two wolf pelts before long. Both are being gifted to me by Black Wolf, a shaman and friend of Standing Fox and I. One is solid black for Shadow and the other is white and grey for Lunar. Sadly when I asked for them Razor hadn't been awakened so his will be gotten another day.

I'm glad to see you take the time to read through this all. It's hard to understand for those who haven't felt or experienced that of what therians and otherkins do. I will put some definitions below this paragraph so you can get some ides. Recently some have been calling me a furry and say I'm into beastiality. So here are you definitions for all of these.

Therians- a connection felt between an animal that was once living or is living on this Earth. Most therians have a connection with a displaced soul or a past life that was put into the wrong body. Not all therians awaken young and not all awaken old. Awakenings happen when ever, but we do not get to choice the animal we are attached to and we do not get to pick their name. All of that comes to us through shifting, mental or phantom or through dreams or astral means.

Otherkins- similar to therians, but portray those who connect with animals that have never lived on this planet, dragons, flying wolves, or elvins as a few. Otherkins tend to haves powers, or colors that most animals don't have, this includes eye colors. They also tend to be the vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other stuff that you tend to hear about.

Furries- furries are people who make a persona different from that of their true self, either different personality or other stuff. Furries tend to make what is called fursuits these are suits made for them to wear and look like that of their persona or the better term fursona. They have no spiritual connection to that persona such as therians and otherkins do with their own spirits. This doesn't mean that there aren't otherkins and therians who are furries. And no the concept that all furries have sex all day, all the time, in their suits, is not a thing.

Beastiality- this is the sexual attraction towards animals. Those who feel this enjoy watching or taking part in sexual activities with animals. No otherkins, therians, and furries are not people who just because we are these things makes us automatically into beastiality. Beastiality is a thing that is not a thing that people are into.

This has been Lunar Wolf signing out for now.

Lunar Wolf

Part 5 Scattered Ruins

blog-0355817001458222241.jpgI did mention this in my last update. The Scattered Ruins is my pack that I lead. It's a world wide pack open to all theriotypes and kintypes. It's a family based with the heiracy in place not by force just out of respect. We are not real big with only 9 members. Me and my mate our the alpha, we have two betas who are mates, our delta, hunter, our two pups, and our omega. We do have requirements to get in mainly just me and the male beta observing talking to you and then adding you into our KiK chat group. Due to a past issue this had been set into place with along with basic respect things.

Not all of us our wolves. Our female beta is a cat, our hunter is a panther, one of our pups is a fox and cat, and my mate himself isn't even a therian or otherkin. Our omega and delta are both wolf and fox. Beta male, our other pup, and myself our all wolves. The Scatter Ruins got its name due to our distance. Me, my mate, the omega, my sister who is a pup, and our hunter live in Indiana. Our betas live in Pennsylvania, our delta lives in Georgia. Finally our other pup lives in Tennessee. So Scattered came from our distances and Ruins came from how we have all fought through things though something's may be ruined we still live on strong and helping each other out. It's a family ties that formed through something that we all related to even though we all are different in every way.

Within out pack some of us do wear tails, collars or choker chain. We don't wear them because we force each other. We do this just to connect closer to our theriotypes. Most people get angry because of this. The thing is we wear them for us. We don't wave them in your face and say you must believe and that you must wear one. Understand our spiritual beliefs and items of ours and we can wear them as we wish.

That's all I have to say for our pack.This is Shadow, Lunar, and Razor signing out. Take care my mates.

Lunar Wolf

Part 4 Explaining

blog-0870068001452092102.jpgTo explain how I work it is very hard as I myself have not fully discovered how I think. I know my views and how I feel on certain subjects. I believe that anyone can be what they wish so long as it does not hurt others. Such as someone being transgender or gay it doesn't bother me I enjoy seeing people happy. Because you don't see it that way doesn't mean I am wrong and you are right. It bother means we are right. We both have our own views but you don't go to others saying this is wrong how they work is wrong and everything else is wrong and such in that nature.

As you all know I am gender fluid, I am straight and engaged to my mate, I am a therian, and I have a very open view. Another thing about me is I am a writer I enjoy writing stories of my own others known as fanfictions or fanfics. To explain they are fan made stories about something that fan likes. I have some screen shot and they are based on my favorite band Hollywood Undead. Someone are bad some are good and some are child friendly others are not. The ones I have currently been reading can be half and half. Such as their is trigger warnings to those who need them, mention of rape and some other things but in the sense that it happens but that it is part of a characters past is.

Another thing about me is I can seem older or younger than what I am depending on what is going on. If it's in a case let's say a best friend of mine has gone missing then it would be serious and over the top thinking planning and figuring steps that could have happened. Where as let's say it's a day with my pack The Scattered Ruins then it would be us running around playing hanging out and ******* around with each other. Things that go on can change how I act.

If you wish to ask me anything as always just comment someone or message me and I will answer those, remember my views and how I see the world is different then that of which see. Do not push your views on me because I won't do it to you.

This has been Shadow, Lunar, and Razor. Thank you for reading I much appreciate it.

Lunar Wolf

Part 3 Therian life going well but...

blog-0336907001450942509.jpgSo I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I have only four people in my family who know I am a Therian. Two cousins and my two sisters. I mean I have people who are family but not by blood or marriage that know I am and a lot of my friends know. I have never told my grandparents or my mother. Or anyone else really. A lot of them are so judgmental and very religious and it makes me hard to be around. I am an atheist but I do believe in reincarnation. I am a Therian with three theriotypes. I'm not a furry those are people who make fur suits like animals but don't have a deeper more spiritual and natural connection. Yes Therian and otherkins can't be furries, but many think that's what we are right off the back and we aren't. Ask before you assume.

Also I wear my dogs choker chain and his old collar. I began wearing the chain because of my anxiety. I get really anxious when in silence because I begin to think I'm alone and think things I shouldn't. So I fiddle with my chain or I'll just tighten and losen it over and over. My family doesn't like it saying I'm just following my friends and I told them it's because of my anxiety and then they got all **** about it saying go to a doctor or take meds. I refuse to take medication because I will not rely of bull**** like that. And I hate doctors and stuff I just can't go and talk to people. My collar I wear now is for the same reason but also because my dog got cancer and over the summer I had to put him down. I began to wear it so I could still hear the jingle as if he was still around. One day my grandfather said to take it off before someone from school calls and then said he doesn't have the money to take me to s doctor, saying basically that I have some mental illness.

On another note they have began to leave me alone about my stuff because they know they won't be making me change. They try to control my life what I should do with it, how I dress, how I cut my hair, who o date, and who I'm friends with. This is my life and I shall live it how I wish. I have an amazing mate that I am engaged to and will marry once I finish my schooling. I will grow up and will work and have a place. At the same time I will stay a Therian I will wear my tails, my chain, my collar. I'm going to be who I want to be not what society expects a girl to look like. I'm not going to dress in thin see through short short clothing.

My sex may be a girl but I'm genderfluid and learn more towards a guy, I ask those who don't know me to call me he/him and to use male pronouns. I've never seen myself as a true girl I never looked like one. Yes I may have the female parts, but that doesn't mean I have to be that gender. In my Japanese I bow like a man not like a women. I speak with the way a man would say I not how everyone or a girl could say it. I wear men shirts and I prefer boxers over a thong or girl underwear. You may see a girl,but I see the round hard edges of a boy.

All of this I have talked about I have never told my family. It's funny how parents will do anything but let their kids be themselves. Then they wonder why I'm so close to my mothers ex bf. It's because he is like a father after pipa or my papa passed away three almost four years ago. He has been there helping me giving me advice and reminding me to be me and never to let someone chain me down and change me.

That's all for now. This has been Shadow, Lunar, and Razor.

Lunar Wolf

Part 2 Awakening

blog-0246482001449759893.jpgYou don't just wake up one day and say you are atheist after your entire life of being faithful. It's the same with therianthropoyand you don't just wake up and suddenly you are one. It takes time to bring forth that of which is in you. Meditation, dreams, just basic ideas of clearing mind to find your theriotype or types, your names or name and so on. Awakening is a hard thing to go through at times for some you must look harder or for longer periods of time. I awoke at the age of 7 as a tiger, but I changed to an other kin being a dragon later a Phoenix, not long after that I discovered Shadow my main theriotype. Sometimes you can figure the exact species of you r theriotype and sometimes you can't.

As time goes on you may experience mental shifts where you feel like you have pads on your hands, or feel ears or a tail or wings depending on what you are. Your senses can sometimes increase to that of your theriotype. Not many shift and sometimes none experience it at all that's just how it works. Follow this link and you can read more about therians and such to better be explained since I am not as good at doing so. http://www.therian-guide.com/index.php/1-home.html

Another topic is therian gear. There are many that do wear it and some who say you don't need it, but it is up to how you feel. Some may wear tails to be better connected to that of being a wolf or a fox. I do own three two fox and one coyote. Some may wear collars for safety or for their own use. Those who are cat therians sometimes wear collars. I do wear one as the collar was from that of my dog that we had to put to sleep over the summer. Some may wear ears or have fangs that they can wear (plan to get some but can't wear the fangs and ears much due to family). Others may build wings to fit Hawks or for other kind Griffins and other such animals. That's all I have for now. This has been Shadow, Lunar, and Razor.

For any questions just comment below or on my profile feed. I'll answer as soon as possible.

Lunar Wolf

Part 1 of many

blog-0522502001449602599.jpgHello everyone. I am Lunar. You may call me Shadow, Lunar, Razor, Lunar Wolf, or just Wolf. I am a wolf therian and my strongest presence is Shadow though the others are their along side him. All my types are male. I am genderfluid and I tend to lean more towards guy based things. I have a mate and as of January 18th it will be two years. I am having two deer antlers turned into knives and will be getting two wolf pelts soon, but I can't promises a certain date. I do wear a choker chain, my dogs old collar after he was put down this summer, and a heart spike choker I just got today as a gift. I own three tails, two platinum fox tails and one coyote tail. I don't own any wolf ones because having wolf fur, bones, or claws and fangs is illegal unless you are licensed or of Indian culture.

A therian is someone who feels a strong connection with an animal that lives or has lived on this world. You can have more than one meaning you are a poly therian. I only have one type, but three theriotypes. We are not flurries though some can be because they like that fandom. Flurries are those who make elaborate costumes to appear at cons or run anything else, but they don't feel connection to the animals they dress as. Otherkins are those who have animals that don't actually exist, such as dragons, pheonixs, and ect. It's also those who animals are not normal by the standards of that animal such as a wolf being 6 or 7 feet or having powers in some way. Also just because you are obsessed with that animal or love them a lot does not mean you are a therian either. It is a connection you feel. Usually you can figure these things our through meditation, dreams, or other methods of searching within yourself.

Not all therian said do so, but some wear tails or fake fangs. Some think they shouldn't have those Inge and others do. It is known as therian gear, but just because you are a therian does not mean you have to wear that kind of stuff. Most true therian said do not believe in physical shifting. They know that their body is that of a human, but their heart, soul, mind belongs to the wolves. You can have mental or phantom shifts where you feel those parts, such as ears, tails, or paws and pads.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask in my feed section or down below and I'll answer them the best I can.

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