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About this blog

Random News from the world of the paranormal, and personal experiences from blindsigma00. 


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Real Found Footage

Hey guys, guess who's back?


It's been a while, hasn't it. Well, today, I have something to share with you that has proof. At least 20 pieces of footage, shot on a classic Nintendo 3DS. Let me just go ahead and explain the backstory. 


Two months ago, me and my family took a trip to Disney. It was a Tueday, and the rain ended up flodding the parking lot, so we stayed inside of our hotel room. I had brought my ChromeBook with me. I forget exactley what I was doing, something in my Google Drive, when I stumbled upon a backup of my old 3DS' SD Card. On it, I found footage of an event I had long forgotten.

Summer 2014,

.Me and my friends, Dylan, Jaden, and Thomas were getting ready to get our 3DS's and play some Pokemon. It turns out that Jaden had brought some of his Pokemon Cards. However, we took one look at them and noticed that something was wrong. At least 90% of the cards were fake. Some were easy to tell, as they had attacks that did ridiculous amounts of damage, or had a staggering amount of HP. Others weren't so easy, leading a small group of kids like us to call some of the real cards fake, and vice versa. 

Eventually, all of us left Jaden, who had spent good money for some of those cards, over at a little area with beanbags (this was filmed at a summer camp.), while we sat at a table and discussed everything. Over the course, of that discussion, Jaden began acting very paranoid, and often left his area to interrupt our conversation. A peice of footage even shows him frantically yelling at us at one point. 


(Continued Tomorrow, in Revision 2.)



The Bookshelf

It was a few years ago. Enough that I can't exactly remember how it looked. It was a very old house, made out of wood. It was dangerous to have any sort of event, as the danger of the building caving in was extreme, but my family, being from the deep south, didn't take that precaution. 

It was somebody's birthday party, which very conveniently fell near Halloween. So, we rented out an old, abandoned house, and used it like a walk-through horror attraction. We picked a few family members to put on masks and hide behind certain furniture.  It was fun while it lasted, but what would happen the next day, was not a laughing matter. 

Three people went to clean up after the party the next day. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I know that one of them was walking in front of a bookshelf when it tipped over, crushing their leg and pinning them to the ground. They were okay, but our family has never been in or near that house again. 


Hidden In Plain Sight

So, recently, my cousin and I went to my grandmother's house once again. After finding a box full of old bills, we decided to go to the junk room where my grandmother keeps old family relics. I was specifically looking for an old notebook that had belonged to my great-uncle. Turns out, it had been lost a few years ago. So, we decided to keep looking around to see what surfaced. After about 20 minutes, we found a box full of old photos hidden under some printer paper. None of the photos were recent, so it was obvious that the box had been there for a while. We spent around 30 minutes digging through the photos. There had to be at least 200 of them inside of the box. Hidden at the bottom, was a yellow envelope, which contained my mother's old school photos. However, my cousin quickly noticed two of the photos did not belong. Two photos were stuffed in the middle of all of the others. They were wedding photos, of my step-grandfather, and his ex-wife. His ex-wife is like a taboo in our family. No one talks about her anymore. After we found them, we placed everything back and buried the box again. 

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