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About this blog

We do a lot of camping in the mountains of Arizona.

We see bears all the time.


Entries in this blog


Winter birds have arrived

Every year at this time we are invaded by wild birds that fly south for the winter. We really enjoy watching them at our feeder.

Mrs ZZ took these:

The American Goldenfinch arrive all the way from Michigan.


Tufted Titmouse with sunflower seed.


Birds of a feather living in harmony.


Female Cardinals, along with their mates are very popular visitors.



White Mountains Elk Study

We had a chance to participate in an elk study of the vast herd of Aspen Ridge, high (9500 feet) in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Every day, without fail, we would be rewarded with a great view from our perch on a ridge overlooking a large meadow.

This video [2:51] shows a herd of about 65 beautiful animals. We especially enjoyed to young ones playing and running.



Wild horse

We have a favorite spot to go camping in the Arizona mountains near Heber. Twice while we were there we caught a glimpse of a feral horse. At first we thought he wandered away from one of the many horse campers that are in the area. When we first saw him I went down to one of the horse camps and asked if they were missing a horse. They told me he was wild and lives year round there. Many have tried to round him up but he escapes.

It snows a lot in the winter and the summers can be dry for weeks at a time until the monsoons arrive. It makes us wonder how he survives, but he does, year after year, as we have seen him on 2 annual trips.

He has a very long mane and tail of course. He would just walk by our camp and not get too close, it was rare to get these pics.





Speaking of Salamanders

You wouldn't think that you would see salamanders in the mountains of Arizona far from any large body of water, so we were surprised to see a family of 3 catching some shade in our camping tarp. It had been raining for a week and they liked it. I was able to capture them safely and carry them over the hill to a pond about 1/2 mile away. I had no idea how they got in our campsite.

A pic and video of the big one, his mate and young one showed up later.