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ParaGirls HauntedDiary

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About this blog

I have always been interested in the paranormal and have experienced many things, I started investigating the paranormal back in 2009 and ended up stopping in the beginning of 2015.

After a years break I finally made the decision to come back, narrating my stories, experiences, sharing the EVP’s I have captured and beyond.
I want to know what’s beyond death, will we ever reveal the complete truth?

Entries in this blog


The Signalling Dove:


Around 8 years ago (2009) my father witnessed a dove circling our house, it would fly above our house around 3 times before flying off, my father thought nothing off it since birds are very common where we live so it must have been a coincidence, A few weeks later my grandmother fell and was taken into hospital.


A month went by and she sadly began to deteriorate and passed away in hospital.


6 years on (July 2014) the same breed of dove came back to our old house, it continued to circle the house for a while before flying off... Again thought nothing of it, 4 weeks later my great-grandmother fell... She was taken to hospital but luckily came back home. It was then 2 months later she passed away peacefully in her home


This time (October 2014) the dove never went away, we would see it circling our house still and one day my father said "Look it's back, I hope nothing happens again!".. We waited and nothing happened, or so we thought....


Come December we visited my grandfather, all well and watching TV we talked for a while before heading back home, 20 minutes after arriving home my mother had a phone call saying that my grandfather collapsed. The paramedics brought him back for a brief moment but sadly passed away in the Ambulance going to the hospital.


Was this a complete coincidence that this dove was flying around our house and only ours? Was it bringing a message?


2012 - Paranormal Story Time - "She's Dead"

This story situated around my great-grandmother when she was alive, still gives me the creeps still to this day! People say some weird things but this takes the biscuit. 

- 2012 - Paranormal Story Time - "She's Dead she is!"



Why Respecting Spirits/Ghosts Is Important

“People seem to forget how much respect is needed during investigations, People often say I’m disrespectful, crazy and even mentally ill for going to the cemetery, and talking to the “dead” and saying I should let them rest in peace or go to a mental hospital.. But I always say this..


“Imagine you’re in a room, a dark room and you can’t get out.. You hear people from the outside and you shout and scream for them to hear you, no one does.. Why? Because they don’t believe you are there. Then imagine 60 years down the line and someone just decides to try and speak to you, ask you how you are, what your life was like before this box, wouldn’t you be so happy to speak back? If anything you wouldn’t stop. You’d want them to come back and have a nice conversation. This is why I stop and “talk” to the headstones, as crazy as it sounds, but I’d rather take that chance and be called crazy, then if there is no afterlife I have NOTHING to worry about, but what IF?, And when I die, At least I can say I tried.””


About Me.

I have always been interested in the paranormal and have experienced many things, I started investigating the paranormal back in 2009 and ended up stopping in the beginning of 2015.


After a years break I finally made the decision to come back, narrating my stories, experiences, sharing the EVP’s I have captured and beyond.


I want to know what’s beyond death, will we ever reveal the complete truth?




How it all began:


I was always interested in the paranormal ever since I was a child, I would often talk to my parents about how I wanted to become an angel and fly away. I guess I know why they were so upset now! As I grew older I started to watch TV programs such as “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters” I never use to believe in ghosts as much as what I do now. By watching the people on TV I have always wondered if it was true, of course… Some of it isn’t and most of the time it’s just a publicity stunt just to get more money. I also use to watch a movie called “White Noise” a lot, this film was about a man who’s wife sadly passed away and he set out to try and discover the truth about the voices he was capturing on tape.


So in actual fact I set out to become a paranormal investigator to debunk all of this. When I turned 19 I started to research how I could communicate with these so-called spirits, and my first step was to capture their voices onto tape. 


Back in 2010 I set out to my local cemetery, whipped out my recorder and started to ask questions, but to my surprise nothing could be heard. This carried on for a good 6 months, and I started to believe that everything was just a lie. 


Then one day, as I was sat down on a bench just recording silence I listened back… I couldn’t believe what I heard. It was a child, and this child laughed, but I didn’t hear anything with my own ears so how was this possible?


 Then it came to me… Was this the voice of a young spirit child? Ever since then I have been intrigued by these voices, and as time went by I started to get more voices, they also started to get more clearer.


 So I had a thought…. Do you have to gain the spirits trust in order for them to speak clearly to you? Just as though you’re making a new friend? I mean you wouldn’t just go up to a random stranger and DEMAND they talk to you would you? They would simply walk away, perhaps the spirits feel the same.


This is why I always treat them with respect, and they have learned to understand my ways of communicating, and I have understood their ways of communicating back. No one is an expert in this field. No one can say they have complete proof. I certainly don’t. I only show you what I capture. And I can only hope that one day, we as investigators can pull together to create the ultimate communication device that DOES work. Until then… I guess the only proof we have of an afterlife is when we ourselves…. die.


Join me on my journey to discover as much as I can about the paranormal, No one will ever get 100% proof of the afterlife but I am determined to at least try and get as much “evidence” as possible, I go around haunted locations on my own and have documented some very strange things. My ULTIMATE goal for now is to capture the apparition I saw with my very own eyes back in September 2013.


I also have been experiencing paranormal activity in my own home since my Great-Grandmother passed away back in 2012.


We are all in this together, as investigators and interstees.



Something's A Little Weird Here...

So a very quick update for you all!
I've been pondering this for the last 2 months, and it's about a series of weird events going on in my boyfriend's home.
The first weird thing that happened was.. I was laying on the bed all on my own when his xbox one came on without prompting. Since I've seen many YouTube videos of this happening it really didn't bother me so I pawned it off as an issue with the xbox.
Then on a separate night watching sky TV (On my own again, my boyfriend was downstairs making coffee at this point) When the sky channel randomly switched programmes to a weird Bollywood Indian style channel. At first I thought someone was messing around, So I went downstairs and asked if anyone has a sky remote and switching the channels as a joke, everyone replied with "No" And when I mean by everyone, (His mother and father)
Then just last week, my boyfriend decided to run me a bath. The tap was on full blast (Hot Water) and we got talking about some random stuff (As we do!) Then all of a sudden the water stopped..
We thought we'd just lost water pressure so he checked the boiler. Everything was fine.
Then he checked the tap...
The tap was shut.. As if someone twisted it the other way to stop the water flow..
I started to think... Could I be the problem? Could I be some sort of magnet for spiritual activity.. that's if it is spiritual activity right?

A forgotten experience! - (1997)

I literally just remembered this experience because I was browsing reddit when this question came up - 
"Reddit, have you ever had an experience in which you believe a ghost or the paranormal saved your life?"
It instantly made me remember about this one time I truly believed I was saved and here's the story.
Me, my mother and father were walking on the path towards a town to do for a meal. Me being big headed and overconfident I decided to run the whole way, even though my parents were shouting for me to stop, I didn't.
I had to cross the road and I did look both ways whilst running but not good enough.
As I ran and went onto the road I saw a motorcycle heading my way, Luckily I got pulled back by my t-shirt to the point I almost fell down on my ass,
I got frustrated because I felt embarrassed and I span around ready to frown and poke my tongue out (Because I was a spoilt brat!) at who ever pulled me back,
and when I span around expecting my parents to be there..
No one was around.
So who pulled me back?!
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