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Would you believe it if.................

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About this blog

I'm going to explain certain situations and see if you would believe them if someone comes to you and tells you that they happened. Just remember that when you watch those same situations in a movie you'd be all like" Oh I wish this would happen to me. That would be so cool". Maybe now you'll think about how you would react for real.

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Planet with 3 suns

Case 1

You go into your classroom at college. You see a girl crying quietly. You approach her and ask what's wrong. She looks at you and you notice that she looks exhausted, dark circles around her red eyes and it looks like she'd aged a little too. She says with a very painful tone" I'm tired of traveling in space and time. I can't do it anymore. I just don't want to. I want to be like everyone else".

Would you believe her? Would you think that's she's crazy? What would you do?

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