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The Blog That I'll Never Use

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Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

I Give My Classmates A Very Unique Response

"I go about Greece and ask my fellow Greeks difficult questions."

- Socrates

(NOTE: Please don't take my verbose writing as my attempt to sound smart. I just like to play around with words and try to make it sound complex :P)

Be This Friday, in my Film Class...

I make my way through the labyrinth of desks to my seat, squeezing my way through students who are packed together like sardines. Settling myself down into my chair, I take a gander around the room, observing my peers. Part of my heart sinks as I observe the new classmates. These aren't the same students from last year, you see. These are newcomers who had advanced from the beginner film class they took the year before. The fact that they're newbies isn't the problem, you see. It's that the film students of yesteryear, whom I came to appreciate the presence of, had all graduated. Not only that, my previous film partners, all one grade lower than me, refused to take film class this year. To be quite frank, I don't blame them. My school's Movie Production program is favored by who I consider some of the shallowest pupils my school has to offer. By their attitude and demeanor, I can only assume that they're partaking in the program in hopes of gaining stardom among their peers, and so they can eventually admire their own self-centered faces on the big screen of our school's auditorium. I, on the other hand, enjoy film making for the sake of viewing things in different perspectives and playing with ideas. So basically, although this may sound (and most likely is) narrow minded, I feel like I'm the only innovator in a class full of narcissists.

Anyways, one of the class officers, we'll just call her Stacey, barks at us to form two separate groups. The group I'm in is ordered to go out to the school quad, for a group activity. As we settle ourselves in a circle inside this grassy space, I try to make chit chat with my fellow students. They of course, take to ignoring me. Perhaps because I'm somewhat idiosyncratic with the material and social norms of society, they see this as some sort of evil and therefore shun me for my own individualistic ways. I must assure you, that although the alluring vastness of my mind has rendered me socially maladjusted, I am not in the least unaware of my tone. Therefore, and damn me if my judgments show folly, my classmates are at this moment shrouded in stifling clouds of their own egos. I must say that I was beginning to feel flustered the more and more I thought about my classmates' bigotry.

Stacey takes out a ball of white yarn, and explains to us the rules of a very simple game. While standing in a circle, one of us takes the ball and states one of their interests. Whoever raises their hand in shared agreement gets the ball of yarn tossed to them, whilst the thrower holds on to the string as it unravels in the air. Overtime, as the yarn is passed around to one another, this forms a complex web of unbearably simple interests. As the yarn was being passed from student to student, I couldn't help but think to myself how shallow and simple-minded these people were (although I'm probably no better), after they ignored me in an attitude of arrogance that seems to have encrusted their hearts. I couldn't bear their responses: "My name's Bob and I like playing video games!" "My name's Johanna and I like to ride horses!" I decided that I'd challenge their train of thought. Once the yarn had reluctantly passed to me (by the only student in the class who seems to have any respect for me) I opened fire: "My name's (blank) and I like to pace around my room and think!"

Just so you know, I don't actually spend my time pacing around my room and thinking. Although I do frequently use music as an outlet to daydream, which causes me to go from here to there around my bedroom, since motion stimulates my thought. I said this though, to see how they'd respond. Sadly, they didn't exceed me expectations. The whole class was silent, except for a brave girl who said "Me too!", perhaps being the only one smart enough to realize it as a joke. I kid you not, my peers had absolutely no idea of what to make of my statement. It was as if their faces were saying "This isn't a part of the script!". A student to my right leaned over and told me "Just say that you like air!", like he was trying to save me from my socially awkwardness and his classmates from an abstract perspective.

Needless to say, I felt very pleased with what I said. I had introduced to my classmates' minds a different thought for once. Hopefully they'll see me as even more mysterious, and be even more careful to ignore me next time, for I don't wan't anything to do with them anyways.

Well, that's enough writing for now. Thank you for reading, my friends!

    - Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

You Ain't a Loner if You Ain't Lonely!

Okay, so I've finally sat myself down to write something. Let's see...

I've gotten used to being alone and I don't mind it one bit. Let me explain...

Okay, so back when I was really close with my friend group I'd always be hanging out w/ one of my friends, at least two or three times a week. Since they've been so busy though, I really have had no one to hang out with except for myself. After my falling out with my BFF, I felt lonely and betrayed for around a week. As time went on though, that pain slowly went away and my inner introversion has come out to play. Needless to say, I haven't really hung out with anyone unless requested to, and in the meantime I've been exploring my own interests. Aside from watching YouTube and researching more about mbti types, I've been reading (with my literary diet mostly consisting of MAD magazine :P). It's like I'm experiencing some sort of inner renaissance, in the sense that I'm enlightening myself with what I like, instead of exploring my friends' interests.

I remember a few weeks ago, out of sadness, I told my dad "hey wouldn't it be great if we could lobotomize the part of our brains that makes us feel loneliness?"

And he replied, "Of course not! We would cease to be human if we did that".

Obviously, what I had told my dad was the idealization of a solution to how I was feeling at the time. Such an attempt at executing it would be flat out stupid, if not fatal. It'd probably turn me into a sociopath as well :S.

I did find a solution though, and it's achieved by focusing on your own needs and interests. Instead of pondering and longing for the past, I have to gaze my thoughts and feelings towards the future. What do I want to be? What are my passions? Those are the questions I need to find the answers to. And afterwards, set myself goals so I can move myself forward within those passions and interests.

I'm getting a bit of a headache, so I'll stop here. But ya, I'm doing just fine and I can't wait to see what interests I discover next.


- Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man

The First Entry

When you want to write, it's like everything falls into place until you actually sit down to do so. Then like a snow globe, all the ideas you had in mind kick up into a blizzard and you can't grasp a single one.

Well with ADD it's like that. Especially when your medicine's wearing off.

    So, to get things settled again, what shall I write about? Oh, I see... Why don't I write about what compelled me to write this blog in the first place? That's pretty interesting and unlike my ADD, it'll get us somewhere.

    To get things started, let's take a look at where I've written in the past and why I've chosen to write here. Unexplained Mysteries isn't the first outlet I've used for writing. The earliest website where I picked up a knack for writing was Reddit, I believe. My writing here wasn't used for anything insightful or personal, and was mainly for immature stories which I could lose a future girlfriend over. Last summer I did try to start a LiveJournal, particularly about my experiences at my summer job. That idea quickly withered though, because I soon realized how boring my job was and how at the end of the day, I didn't feel like talking about it. This year, except my activities at UM, my writing hobby has consisted of nothing but a few horrendously bad poems that lay dormant on my desktop. Maybe one day I'll finish and edit them, but for now I'll just think about doing it instead.

    Okay, now fast forward to the present. Well, after a few weeks of dispute, I finally decided to cut ties with a best friend of mine. I won't go into details because it's all nitty-gritty and I'm hoping that we can smooth out our friendship in the near future. For the time being, to compensate for a lack of social life, I am revisiting my own hobbies and interests. I tried my hand at poetry and those that I showed it to enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm also gonna start volunteering soon since I've got nothing better to do. I hope that I keep this writing hobby going since it's the only thing I feel good at.

    Other from that, I just got back from taking a six hour brake. Well anyways, I hope to use this blog in the future to discuss ideas and poems rather than use it as an outlet for negativity. I'm excited to see how it turns out in the future and I hope you all come along for the ride.


    - Hi-NRG Eurobeat Man


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