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Wizard Archaeus

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About this blog

The literary home of the Wizard Archaeus founder of the tradition of Shadow Lore Witches Of Lore "WOL" and lifelong researcher and investigative explorer and founder for the group known as P.R.A.I.R "Paranormal Research And Investigative Reconnaissance" formerly known as Rochester Paranormal from which this elder had long ago chosen in weaving and merging his two life passions into a creative and manageable expression.

Entries in this blog

Wizard Archaeus

Day Time Sightings

The fact that hauntings can never be disputed as proven by the amount of evidence available by those having captured it has been hotly debated for many years between believers and skeptics alike. And even when all conditions had been exhausted regarding all the hows something might have existed is it found that often there will always be those who will just never chose to believe! Which is why you never go out of your way to prove something of which you may know to be real but that those who had not been there to experience it may align with that fact to both ridicule and bury you and your efforts. In essence, you state your case, provide your evidence, remain firm in your conviction, and move on to your next moment of acquisition. 

This particular photo was captured during a rather hot day and coinciding with what had been a Class X solar event!

Not sure if that made any difference as to how this rather startling apparition had appeared for my camera but then it would always be wise to perhaps consider it so.



Wizard Archaeus

Rods And Man Interaction

Depending on the time of year will determine the type of research I will engage. In winter when the environment is frigid and more hostile minus many bugs, as well as other forms of air contaminants, do I then explore the diversity of what I refer to as the cousins of Roswell Rods: Snow Rods. A phenomenon which virtually eliminates the argument of there being bugs or much of anything else normally attributed to warmer weather which may be mistaken for rods. The unusual characteristics of this phenomena are captured occurring within near perfect conditions in which the alleged rod being white in color is captured first flying into view in front of my head which was donned in a black hat and dark tan hood - Then appearing to bunch or collect itself from having been elongated in flight - In then once more extending itself in flight by first slightly dipping downwards before continuing upwards and out of sight! The actual occurrence took only mere seconds in typical rod reference of time where I have considerably slowed frame rate in order to capture its precise movement.


Wizard Archaeus


Besides having an insatiable interest in research exploration of the paranormal have I also found an additional level of intrigue through the establish artistic expression known as paratography or the artistic acquisition of anomalous phenomena, of which the potential serene and haunting nature within that type of influenced environment may sometimes be captured where no additional description is necessary.


Wizard Archaeus

Psychic Vs. Field Meter

Now while many people swear by electronic field meters as being indispensable during a ghost investigation or hunt am I of the professional opinion that the worlds most sensitive and cost-effective way to detect any anomalous phenomena is that by way of a trained psychic medium. The ghostly blue face had not budged the high pricey meter of which I had pointed at the anomaly while having first detected its presence psychically!


Wizard Archaeus

Shadow Beings

Shadow beings or shadow people is one of the more current popular discussed phenomena through the internet. Which is a reflection of the overall sheer number of people which have personally experienced such in their daily existence? Often times reported as most frightening while at other times exhibiting an almost curious nature and even reported occurrences of having maintained a defensive posture. No special time for viewing exist as they have been encountered both day and night, regardless the weather or even the seasons, while also not expressing an age preference affecting both young and old while such phenomena as poltergeist which is considered closely related to individuals which are mostly introverted and harboring deep-rooted resentment of a kind where the most affected age group has involved pubescent and older children. 

This photo capture is that of a shadow being which was taken during the day in early fall which had chosen to tag along with me during an outing of which I was called into involving a family's haunting experience which had badly frightened them. My own experience with shadow being has been long and varied in almost feeling as if they were an extended family of sorts including having protected me on two occasions. Therefore I hold the existence of such anomalies in high regard while also venturing forth the opinion of their being more of a unique species as opposed to being written off as merely another representative of the deceased.


Wizard Archaeus


Any longtime investigator/researcher of the paranormal will inform you that the rules of engagement are the same as it is for any other tracking or hunting type of occupation where eventually you are going to experience your own close call with a particular element which may, in turn, begin to hunt and track you in return. I had long ago made the choice of combining my interest in cryptozoology, paranormal and ghost phenomena, and those considered ufological by nature. And many have my experiences including the occasional brush or close encounter with the unknown including some which began to be witnessed by both family and friends, which in itself is often the reason that many investigators and explorers did inevitably hang their hat in walking away from any further endeavors of that kind. At one point after having a few to close to home occurrences had I likewise attempted the same but only to have another occurrence which had only enticed me once more back into the field. 

I have been frequently informed by others in the field on how uncommon it was for anyone to actively pursue reports from across the board covering all the various types of phenomena of which to me had seemed only a natural inclination to do so. in essence I have harbored no regrets while having aligned myself with the fact of having sacrificed a normal life for once having exposed oneself to the unknown can you never again truly drop off beyond the radar of such knowing.

This particular photo of which for some may be a stretch of one's credulity is that of what I believe to be that of a true Insectoid which had attempted to conceal itself within a tree or trees in order to escape further detection while having gotten quite uncomfortably close to what had been my standing position. Either that or it was one rather unusually large bug along with its large bug-like bulging eyes which may be distinctly noticed on either side of the creatures head. One thing you learn early on is never to panic when confronted by something which is observing you where a slow and controlled retreat while being constantly mindful is usually the best method of backing out an otherwise uncomfortable moment. Unless you are talking about a much larger apex predator such as a bear or a mountain lion where your best options may be a combination of fight or flight response. Ultimately your mileage may differ.



Wizard Archaeus

Godzilla Planet Of Monsters

New Godzilla Planet Of Monsters now released through Netflix

I have been waiting for this release after since having been rumored months ago.

And I must say the wait was well worth it, and especially since on average it takes production for each new CGI Godzilla close to three to four years of production.

It also annoyed me to think that as a kid we had hardly any Godzilla features here while in Japan they were cranking them out every few years where we didn't get to see them unless on some late night creature feature long before the advent of cable television. And remember the end of Saturday morning cartoons during the writers strike at that time? What a sad time to be a kid in this country to discover most cartoons had been replaced by news shows. But once cable television became the norm so did plenty of content for animation lovers. :)

Thank you TOHO for this latest!


Wizard Archaeus

The Crypto Hunt

Through the years did I rack up my fair share of encounters with a variety of strange and unknown creatures which actually may have represented either authentic environmental aberrations or perhaps more your colorful variety of visual mistaken identities or false positives of which the human mind is want to do in place of identifying some more reasonably known to one's collective experience. The thing to consider is whether whatever was experienced had been real or otherwise thereby relying upon the sensible judgment or gullibility of those the moment they became second-hand recipients of such experiences as related by the actual witness in question. And all of which may be expressed in a respectful and refraining condescending fashion, of which if entertained might actually bring about and hasten the long overdue maturity of this particular field.


Wizard Archaeus

Enemy Mine?

As a Pagan have I had my own personal experiences involving hatred and bias from an elitist group of individuals often hiding behind a handle or shielding themselves from behind other individuals which often want nothing to do with any particular grandstanding victimizing a select target unless good for a few laughs provided nobody challenges them. And the warriors of hatred have often hailed from groups of beliefs which were supposed to be open-minded and opposed to any form of controlling manipulation  Now aside from them will you also discover how other alleged "religions of love" have often been found in being the ones to cast the first stone! In my own life have I always had to deal with people's ignorance and hatred which would seek a quick method towards enflaming an encounter in seeking an immediate fanning of the flames in forcing my removal from one group after another and all by the very same people of which few would ever dare to defy. I for one have always fought for the right to be and believe and exist as I thought fit regarding my own happiness and freedom of expression. And whenever I have been attacked have I always first considered the source while first backing away in giving such a source the opportunity to either reveal themselves and be done with it or to further force their control of their given environment. Now since having been part of this group a short time have I already been "informed" by a select individual his disapproval and intended shaming of me over a video I produced several years ago, something of which anyone has the right to do within limits. It did not trouble me nor was I bothered even though I had come to this site in hopes of at least finding some partial acceptance. If meant to be, then so be it. And if not, then so be it. Either way, as long as the moderators find me acceptable am I going nowhere at this time. Because I believe that we all exist within a free world. A world worth fighting for now and forever more. Blessed Be.


Wizard Archaeus


The creature in the accompanying photo is quite real of which had involved a game of cat and mouse before I was able to corner it briefly for a well-timed photo of it. Now while most sources primarily place such focus on ghosts and such has it been found where there are reported ghosts may be often found a variety of elements more related to that of some alleged cryptozoological phenomena. And should anyone proceed forth on my sayso be prepared for whatever may happen as it has been my experience that some such creatures may exhibit some rather abrupt behavior!


Wizard Archaeus


Witches we shall always be

Never broken upon the yoke

Never shall we bow to weakness

Never known as Wiccan seed

For so great our legacy

Burning pyres filled our past

Soul strewn ashes upon the land

Many others have torn and tortured

Just so greed could fill their coffers

Still, our many bloodlines remained

For they who claimed us as a curse

Who stole our ways and holidays

Who built their churches upon our wells

Who desecrated our holy places

It is they, not us who is of hell

Our lineage is still strong

Though our path has been so long

Drenched in our ancestral blood

Whose screams still echo within our knowing

Such noble lineage remains to flow

For all true Witches are of the earth

Blessed are they of our ancient sacred ways

All brother and sisters of the kiln

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