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susan l

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I was at my dads for two day and nights.  Most of the immediate family is dead.  My younger sisters creamains are next to his TV and my old sisters creamains are buried on the property.  My moms dead also but she's in quantity.  So it's just me and dad. It's also an old sharecroppers house. I helped clean and cook.  My dad is 75 so my older sisters grave was neglected horribly. So I made a pathway to it and cleaned the brush, tree limbs and leaves around and on it up to two yards around it once I found the headstone. My dads friend help put up some older things around it along with some different colored metal flowers in a metal pot I had bought.  I was so proud when it was done.  I got home and noticed a long red string of bruises on my arm but didn't think anything of it cause I always bump into things. That was until last night when I took a pic of it. It's a long red handspring longer and a lot more slender then my own. It looks like it came from beneath the top of the underside of my arm in an upwards direction. It's gonna bruise.  I know it was not me from the size and shape and it really freaks me out. It even has a wrist to it.  I know that since it is gonna bruise,  it was done with force but I never felt a thing.  Help.  I don't know what to do or what it means. 

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