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Methodical point of view on UFO subject .

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The Starman

Christians and ufology. Overview

"We are not authorized to deny that there are creatures in other stars that are completely different from ours."
Cardinal Nicolaus Cusanus (1401 - 1464)

"The Baptism of Christ" Aert De Gelder, 1710, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK.
In today's world, where every tenth becomes a prophet with all the followers of the crowd, and every third claims to have seen the UFOs who gave him the mission of saving the world, there is a need for Christians to talk about the UFO phenomenon. Who are those aliens ? What extremes are taking on the church in this matter? Let's try to look at what's happening in the world at the same time and how different Christian communities react, what they are talking about and what their current classmates are doing. Who are those aliens, also known as extrateriastrials? What extremes are taking on the church in this matter? Let's try to look at what's happening in the world at the same time and how different Christian communities react, what they are talking about and what their current "brothers and sisters" are doing.
A small brief on the UFO phenomenon
The UFOs - unrecognized flying objects, in 1947 the businessman and flyer Kenneth Arnold were "baptized" with flying saucers, as a phenomenon known to the public for a long time. Specific reports of light in the sky appeared in the media from the second half of the 19th century. but their opinion that references to flying saucers can be found in ancient art, starting with the signs of the Naska Valley and the Egyptian pyramid drawings and finishing with Renaissance paintings. There are also those who believe that the UFO is spoken in various cultures and scriptures, from the Bible to the Vedas and Talmud, not forgetting the legends of mystical Dogon tribes about the arrivals of Syria. It is not necessary to tell the story of the phenomenon itself or to go into the discussions as much as contacts with the extraterrestrials and the light in the sky are real.
The main strangeness is not that people say they've seen something or have been communicating with someone, but the news that the aliens come from outer space itself. It's usually messianic messages that are received, as witnesses say, directly or through astral contact. A frequent contact person feels an unceasing desire to announce to the whole world that the time of adversity is approaching or that the aliens have put their probe in their heads. As a rule, contact takes place like this: meeting, kidnapping, warning to mankind, the message of salvation or destruction, the contact person receives the mesmerizing task of reporting this "good news" to all humanity. So the contactees publishing "good news of the aliens" no worse than did Christians of the first centuries.
20th century In the first half, it was believed that space enthusiasts arrived from Mars or Venus, at least from there, was the radio station of the Herbert George Wells novel "The World Wars", which caused a universal panic in New York in 1938, when people fled from the city after the release of the show and hid for days on the outskirts of Mars Invasion. The testimony of contacts of that time is evidenced by the same. Later, after expanding to the astronomical knowledge of the universe, and especially after J. Gagarin, the alien homeland started to move away. Until recently, they separated from nearby or famous stars, mostly from sirius constellation, or from planets that were supposedly to those stars. At this time, aliens have moved to live in other galaxies or in star systems that our scientists simply do not know. Normally, such information can not be verified, and the one that is available is usually simply misinformation: the stranger's pawn is from the planet Parasirijus, which is located near the Earth and is about four light years away. What can the coordinates of the alien homeland say? Only so much that it is not known what the place is closer than the nearest star, the Kentauro Proxima. Such and even more misinformation occurs very often.
Another oddity, necessarily accompanying the UFO phenomenon, is conspiracy theories. The reader could certainly see some of them in the "X files" series. The most popular "theories" (Area 51, the Roswell catastrophe, men in black and others) usually reveal the basic idea that the government hides from the public the fact that aliens really exist and that contacts have long been established and various projects are being implemented using alien technologies. Sometimes these conspiracy theories are also mixed in by the fact that the Vatican goes with the government, because he really knows that there is no God, and that the aliens are prototypes of all gods, only to deceive us.

Paleocontact - Aliens become gods

The main idea of one of the most prominent supporters of paleocontact, Erich von Däniken, is already quite widespread among pseudo-archeology and pseudo-history, saying that the aliens had visited the Earth on an ancient day, people supported them, began to worship them, and thus religions, including Christianity, arose. Eduard von Däniken in one book, "Raumfarth im Altertum", describes quite well how the alienss contacted the archaic man, as the first representative of the homo-sapiens was probably not from the planet Earth. It is also mentioned that the description of the alien spacecraft is found in Ezechiel's vision. Unfortunately, various religious or pseudoreligic groups are also getting such ideas. Ufonoates, who have became messiahs of humanity, have taught and even created it, are often reflected in the 20th century. The founder of the first organization, called Rael, interacted with the alien who "scientifically" explained to him the Bible. The founder of the second organization, Vladimir Ivanovich Skubaev, shed "The Gospel according to the White Lotus", which describes an alternative world history, in which the incoming person from the same sirius constellation became a teacher of mankind. Let's not forget the followers of such titles as the Urantia Book and the Scientologists founded by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard who were also quite capable of teaching their Jesus-flying hand-held spacecraft, and yet the abundance of others. Christians find this funny or blasphemous.
Erich von Däniken's fellow friend Giorgio Tsoukalos, they both call themselves ufologists. They are well known in "ancient aliens" series.

In the world, religious sects appear daily. Perhaps the reader remembers organization the "Heavenly Gate" in the last decade of the last century. His chief Marshall Hertt Applewhitte said that the aliens had been sent to bring mankind to heaven because, in his view, Earth had to be eradicated in the year 2000. The organization of the visa expired in 1997 when Heilly-Bop Comets approached the Earth. The whole group of believers "flew away" in a spacecraft which was "hiding" on the comet's tail. Jesus himself piloted, in that occasion they took a lethal dose of barbiturate and putted plastic bags on their heads.

It is a pity, but there are always people who tend to rely on various strange, "scientific" or innovative Biblical teachings. The admirers of Däniken Paleocontact's mind-blowing ideas forget that their multiplication often distorts the facts and raises ideas that do not have a real confirmation, but only his personal guesses. One of the flagship statements could be the fact that the spacecraft, the captain of which was named Yahweh, appeared to the Jews. It is perfectly normal for such people that Moses, seeing the descending spaceship, thought for his misunderstanding that it was a burning bush, that Ezechiel saw the spacecraft at the Kebara River, forgetting that there was a crowd of people who did not see this spacecraft, and that Jesus ( spacecraft physician ) accidentally left on Earth. From then he is a , distributing dry food. The proponents of Däniken's ideas, Raelians, followers of Heaven's Gate and others often distort the Bible's text, distorts the text from context and ignore any historical critical approach, seeing aliens in any place. What to do? It you can't live without faith.

Usually such ideas are more dangerous for people who do not have a clear religious identity, even though such cases occur even when human pastors suddenly begin to tell how they interacted with the aliens and how they taught them the true faith. I am referring to the events of 1994 in Lithuania, when priest Petras Zabiela (renamed, but known to those concerned with the phenomenon of UFOs) has claimed to have been abducted by aliens who showed him his temple in 1992, explained that they live without sin . The priest spoke on television and in the newspapers. The message of the religious aliens has not spread to the world. Surprisingly, such contactees usually tend to to identify aliens within gods and without any paleocontact theory. For them, aliens become angels or equated with gods. Here is the danger to christian or other religions.

When the aliens become almighty gods, salvation becomes unnecessary, and religion is meaningless, because could some random spacecraft physician (Jesus), who did not know anything on the Earth, save the humanity, if his words were falsely conveyed?

E. Norman goes even further than Däniken. According to him, the UFOs are sent to earth in our time, in order to transmit God through them to tell truth about ourselves. The tendencies of both authors' affirmations are felt in many ufo-religious movements.

Such pictures are often interpreted according to personal ideology

Such Bible interpretations have nothing to do with traditional education or traditional religion. Disregarding the historical and theological context, the facts are distorted, and the Bible is perceived as the author needs. Paradoxal, but not traditional Christians, writers of this kind begin, diligently study the scriptures.

Religion or science?

One of the mistakes made by Christians regarding the UFOs is to see this phenomenon only as a religious phenomenon or as a danger to religion as such, rejecting any other possibility. Usually Christians associate faith with aliens unequivocally with magic, occultism, and sects. This is evident in the reading of the popular Christian literature on this subject. Also feature films such as M. Night Shyamalan's Signs (2002) or Alex Proyas Knowing (2009) or Steve Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), which have a great influence on the alien beliefs and the recognition of religion, Spiritual issues are dealt with in one way or another. The Signs clergyman, played by Mel Gibson, fights with aliens, guided by the prophecy given to a dying wife, has a very bright eschatological and messianic mood. Spielberg's masterpiece has become almost a canonical icon of ufology experience.

Of course, we don't have to reject the fact that the UFO sects and even the manifestations of magic are quite common in ufology. Such sects appear quite often. Thanks to "God", not everyone ends as sadly as the Heavenly Gate Group. However, due to the fault of such movements, people who try to evaluate the phenomenon of UFOs more or less scientifically, are Christians in the same way as devilish sectants. Independent researchers such as Randles, B. Hopkins. His books tend to shake their research in any religious context. Again, the level of scholarship in their work is another issue, but we will not discuss it, emphasizing only that not everything related to the aliens and the UFO's is the object of religion.

Scientific research projects such as SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are often forgotten, which, although some scholars are skeptical about being condemned to failure or meaningless, are based on purely scientific methods and are engaged in life forms, especially those who think on other planets , searches. The SETI program is fully committed to isolating itself from the UFO phenomenon, and does not fully grasp what might be happening in the Earth, and they are interested in the distant cosmos. Programs such as SETI have already made a number of discoveries. In 2007 Gliese 581 C was discovered for Earth-like planet, and more planets would be discovered in future (just a guessing). There are already hundreds of planets circling around other stars that have already been found. Perhaps Giordan Bruno was right in the 16th century. saying that on other planets there are also intelligence creatures?

Demonization of extraterrestrials

The real or false alien invasion of the planet of the Earth has affected most of humanity. This phenomenon was studied by special services, investigated by scholars, described by fantasy writers, and was also debated by theologians of various Christian denominations such as Presbyterian Barry Downing or Evangelist Billy Graham. The first aliens considered the divine act of baptism, the second thought that the UFO's were nothing else but the angels' way of appearing to man of this age. By the way, the same other authors also talk about demons. Such theological sophism raised the idea that the UFO's appearances are one of the signs of eschatological times. Angels - the aliens became prophets of the end of time, so the end ir near... Of course, then there were also opposing opinions. Christian fundamentalists, claiming that the Bible no longer mentions the civilizations of other planets, began to assert that the nature of aliens can only be demonic. So the UFO's and the aliens are reunited with eschatology, only this time they prophesy not the quick coming of Christ, but of the Antichrist.

Some aliens species often claim to be evil, for example "little greys".

The demonization of the aliens has been accompanied by this phenomenon since the "cause" has been named, that uncertain light in the sky is the manifestation of aliens from space. Current ufologists also see UFOs' manifestations in the old fashion and the old texts, but the people of that time considered various light in heaven as demonic and divine signs, the current Christian tends to see only demonic manifestations in it. This comes not only from the perception of the phenomenon itself, but also from the denominations , demonology and various teachings of spiritual theology. One Church takes over from one another, and the original idea seems to be worshiping with a growing force of Christianity. The main demons of the alien phenomenon are a large part of Protestant denominations, such as the well-known Word of the Faith. By the way, the Orthodox Church holds the same opinion. The Roman Catholic Church is also at the same time undergoing some of the ideas of alien demonism, although it is often only the insights of individual priests. There are published books in which the UFO phenomenon is uniquely associated with magic and occultism. An example of such literature could be the Enzo Bianco brochure Magic. Although it is not true, but I believe, "which essentially discusses the phenomenon of magic, but one section is dedicated to the UFO cult. Such books are usually relatively poor, both Catholic and Protestant. As a rule, such publications tend to recall the propaganda literature of Soviet times with a great deal of inaccuracies, attacks and personalities. As far as it is to be noted, the hierarchs of the Catholic Church on this issue are not inclined to make such bold conclusions by attaching demons to the aliens. However, various types of ufologists quotes these texts with various enchantments. It is, of course, strange that churches that disagree on the Bible and the questions of Christ's teaching become so united and identical in the mind of an enemy, unknown or real.

Since the Revelation of Aliens does not speak, so the Bible, translated through personal insights, becomes the main criterion for evaluating the question of UFO sightings and abductions. In principle, Christians, in an attempt to support the demonicity of aliens in the Bible, behave in the same way as those who are trying to prove the UFO's reality. The main arguments are often quite abstract, but for some theologians this is enough to see the similarities between the aliens and the demons of both types of subjects: night, confusion, distancing from belief, depression, fear, revelations manifestly contradictory to the Bible, violence from aliens / demons, sexual intercourse relationship with succubus/aliens. To a large extent, all these contacts can really be found in the biblical texts, but in this way we can stray into sofism and complete miss-interpretation of texts, and then we would act in the same way as the pseudo-scientist Erich von Däniken. But the path of lies is not a good Christian choice.
Anyway... on the aliens question are interested some Christian denominations. In 1980, the United States established the Church of the Movement for Resistance to Aliens near the famous Roswell Town. It is a Protestant fundamentalist community that provides psychological and spiritual assistance to victims of aliens. Interestingly, members of the community teach their clients how it is possible to interrupt abductions by means of prayer - this can be done by ordering Jesus' name.

Of course, opposition to resistance is not only among the Christians. Among the interested ufologists, a well-known person is V2 who, for free, distributes anti-Tactical stickers depicting an alien's head, crossed red. V2 invites all humanity to connect on Earth againt the aliens. The Savior identity is not known.

So, any fight against aliens is essentially a recognition that they exist. Christians, who have come to such a battle, often do not even suspect themselves of it, announce an alien good news.

Vatican and the aliens

After the Second Vatican meeting in the Catholic Church, when a charismatic renewal movement emerged, quite a large part of the faithful laymen and clergy began to interpret many aspects of the functioning of the Holy Spirit based on Protestant theology. Such a lack of practical theology in the Catholic Church has influenced a relatively large part of the Catholic view of the UFO phenomenon.  Aliens to believers, like Protestant communities, have become unequivocally demons from other planets. However, a significant proportion of Catholic theologians and hierarchs do not lead to the demonization of UFO's. By evaluating this phenomenon in the light of revelation, they also do not forget scientific access to the question. Quite often, one or another representative of the Church speaks of extraterrestrial forms, but this is usually only their personal opinion; the media bubble is blowing it up, as happened in 2008 by the Director of the Vatican Observatory Jose Gabriel Funes S.J., expressing his opinion on extraterrestrial forms of life, and the media conveying it as the official position of the Vatican.

To this date, one of the most prominent personalities among the Catholic hierarchs is the Pontifical theologian and exorcist monsignor Corrado Balducci, who, unfortunately, died a couple of years ago. He was a Vatican's affiliate on UFO issues. This is most often quoted by theologian in ufologist's works. Father Balducci often spoke on ufology issues on television or in the press. Many times, a statement was made from his lips that the Church closely monitors the UFO phenomenon in the world and is trying to find out what that is. Balducci categorically opposed the demons of aliens, based on the fact that not all phenomena are inexplicable. Some of them are mere meteorological or psychological phenomena, but another part that can not be reasonably explained in any way is not necessarily spiritual. So, in order for the Church to speak  in authoritative in the issue of the UFO's, it needs to know what it takes to deal with, because attacking the demonization of an unaccountable phenomenon is unlikely to happen, but the second witch hunt wave may begin.

There are quite a few serious theologians in the Catholic Church who are trying to reflect on the UFO phenomenon on the basis of today's academic achievements and theology. One of them is the Polish theologian Jacek Salij OP. Such theologians are often guided by the New Testament quotation saying: "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation, for it creates all that is in heaven and earth, whether visible or invisible, or thrones, affinity, or principality, or authority - all created through him and for him. "(Col. 1.15-16). These words of Paul show them that there is a possibility that God, being a great Creator whose wisdom and power are infinite, could have created the inhabitants of other planets, including those who intelligent.

Thus, although there is no official teaching on the in the Catholic Church, it is a matter for concern. Of course, any theological reflection on the morality of the aliens and the possibility of being baptized is still only at the level of fantasy novels, but if it ever happens that extraterrestrial life forms has actually visited/visiting all this time on Earth, then some kind of foundation will be laid for future theologians.
The Starman

UFO traces in Europe

Many people think that reports of unrecognized flying objects are received from the United States only. Some such messages are considered to be fairy-tales, others legist stories about aliens from a outer-space visiting us. UFO's in Europe have been reported since the middle of the last century.

1942 - Europe - FooFighters

August 1948. The whole Europe has laughed at a number of statements about aliens allegedly visiting the United States. However, on August 16, one Austrian newspaper published the article "The First Flying Disc Performances in Central Europe". The inhabitants of the small Miolvirtel town near Czech border noticed flying saucers flying at an extremely high speed and returning to their place of origin. Shortly afterwards rumors about flying objects appeared elsewhere. It was the start of a boom for European flying saucers.

Few people knew, that the UFO's have been noticed already before in Europe, but did not receive such attention. 
Testimonies of UFO's were described in local newspapers, mostly in Germany, France and Italy.

In November 1947, one Istanbul newspaper published witnesses testimonies about flying saucers flying over the Soviet Union and the Turkish border. The newspaper also published an opinion that perhaps Soviet scientists are experimenting with rockets driven by cosmic rays.

In March 1948, seven UFOs were observed in northern Italy. The Rome newspaper published witnesses stories about objects flying at high altitudes at extremely high speeds and producing low sounds

In August 29, 1948, newspapers across Europe wrote about strange sightings near Munich (Germany): Five air force US pilots were watching a strange silver object, similar to the so-called flying saucer hovering over the Neubiberg Air Base in Bavaria.  The object was floating about 30 minutes above the air base after at a great speed, before the pilots eyes it disappeared. A similar object were seen by others American pilots a few days ago aswell.

This message knocked out astronomers and scientists. They said that this could be a secret Russian apparatus or other planet population spaceships. Some scholars have said that this is a US work.

In November 1948, Denmark newspapers wrote that unidentified flying objects had been spotted in Skagen. They were described as rockets that flew over Skagen at high altitude and disappeared in the north. One Danish Coast Guard officer saw a disk-shaped object flying at a height of several kilometers. With binoculars he saw another "shining like silver and flying in the opposite direction" object. The number of witnesses does not allow this event to calle fairy-tale.

The French magazine discovered a 500 year old manuscript telling about the UFO's: in the Christmas eve night the object "size like half a moon", was visible for almost a quarter of an hour. He made a few maneuvers, and then disappeared from the glare. "

In October 1949 , Copenhagen's inhabitants also had the opportunity to see "flying fire balls" in and around the city. Fireballs were also seen on the Bornholm Island of the Baltic Sea. Similar UFO's were seen in Sweden, just a week earlier.

Until the 1950's, reports of flying saucers were interesting to humans just a little bit more than usual news. Most UFO's were recorded in 1950-51 years. Hundreds of reports have appeared in Belgium, Germany, Sicily, Austria, Libya and Portugal. Surprisingly, the American news service was silent about those events. For example, postman Jozef Brem of Kiocling in Germany, reported having seen a strange object in sky. Brem described it as a yellow silver disc, similar to an inverted plate and surrounded by a light ring. The object was visible for more than a minute, and then flew southwest.

A few dozen Brussels shopping center workers flooded the police station, telling they saw a flying saucer over their market.

The Coast Guard team on the Portuguese coast has noticed a dozen strange objects flying "faster than gunfire".

All the inhabitants of Sicilian island (Italy) saw a disc-shaped object flying over the village Caltagirone. Flying machine made several arcs around the area, then  disappeared in the southeast.

Two policemen from Vienna reported UFO moving towards the Czech border. The policemen saw the object about half a minute.

It was hard for the Europeans to believe their eyes. Every morning in the newspapers, they read about new and new flying objects from Spain to the Soviet Union. During this period, most of the UFO's were reported in Denmark and Italy. More and more scientists have come up with the idea that UFO's are US or Russian flying machines. Others agreed with the American "expert" theories that it was just ionized clouds, mirages, meteorites, or mass hysteria. Many European scholars supported the theory of extraterrestrial life. Everyone had own opinion and "theory" of flying saucers. Of course, some went too far saying that they were "keepers of the sky" or even found a biblical explanation "And then there will be signs in sky". In France, 20 UFO's reports per day were recorded for three consecutive days.

1950 article included an illustration of Rudolf Schriever's alleged disc design

In January 1952, an American meteorite expert, reported on green fire balls, which were probably not meteorites, but rocket missiles operated by the Soviet Union. The story was published in the "Look" magazine and argued that the UFO's are "human handmade, probably made by the Soviets". Then a professor of Prague University came with the statement that he himself had created a disk-shaped flying machine before the Word War II. Professor Rudolf Schriever said that his work drawings were stolen, and when he gave the duplicates to the University of Prague, they managed somehow to get into Soviet Union hands.

At the beginning of 1954, a Swedish pilot noticed a strange metal disk flying in supersonic speed in southern Sweden near Russian rocket bases. A few days later, the Moscow Radio announced that Russia was not associated with the UFO. Flying saucers were called "propaganda aimed at provoking neighboring states."

In March 26, 1954, a report on the UFO was received at the NATO Air Base in Germany. The F-86 supersonic aircraft tried to catch the object, but they did not succeed. Air forces did not give any conclusions.

In April 28, 1948, in a secret US Department of Defense document, written: "Sometimes, objects in a saucer (plate) form are noticeable at high speeds and changing direction. This suggests that they are controlled by thoughtful creatures or controlled by radio waves. The speed of these devices exceeds the known standards. The apparatus flies without any sound. By calculating their size using special instruments, we can say that the diameter of the disc reaches from 25 to 40 meters". If this document was based on facts, then an official statement issued after a month by the air force, that there are no flying objects and it can be considered as a trick.

Whichever side you support, you should admit that so many testimonies of witnesses can not be considered to be full falsity. Thousands of people around the world say they have seen the UFO with their eyes and do not accept the explanation that it is reflections in the sky or incorrect interpretation of the usual objects. More recently, the US Air Force has announced that 20 percent of American reports of UFO's can not be explained. But what about many thousands of Europeans who also saw unexplained phenomena in the sky? How many percent are unexplained and who will examine them? Maybe what's now considered by ufologists the greatest secret ever, one day gonna be investigated? Maybe not?..
The Starman
At the press, at least earlier, it was quite often spoken about human contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Some people interested in contacts with aliens are unconditionally confident in any information provided on this topic, another part is skeptical about this information. So, let's look at this ufologic phenomenon, from skepticism and critical thinking.
Billy Meier's relationship with his wife, Kalliope, ended up pretty sharp and violent. In 1997, therefore, Kalliope officially stated in an interview that the Meier's UFO photographs contained patterns that he created from metal bins, crochet hooks and other household items. He also said that the stories Majer had told about his adventures with the arrivals of other constellations was a complete rumor. She confirmed when the journalist asked that the really famous photo of the UFO of the wedding cake was made of a metal bin cover. She also explained that in one of the pictures woman was a friend not an alien , she was wearing glossy foil.
Investigators, anthropologists, sociologists and religious scholars, including Michail Gerstein, chair of the Ufology Commission at the Russian Geographic Society, are investigating this phenomenon. Unfortunately, research shows that most contact users appear to be shouts.
M. Gerstein described the results of his work in the book "Another side of the UFOs", which was skeptical about this ufologic phenomenon. Studies in Russia showed that out of a hundred and six people who said they had contacted the aliens and therefore turned to the Moscow medical center, only four were recognized as healthy. The rest were affected by mental disorders: forty-seven, schizophrenia, forty-psychopathy, seven suffering from intellectual failure, eight were diagnosed with brain pathology, and two were mild-type manic depressive psychosis.
Yekaterinburg's ufologists have invited two independent psychiatric experts who have investigated local contact persons and received similar results: of the thirty previous studies, only two were considered mentally healthy. Seventeen suffered from various forms of schizophrenia, and eleven had other forms of mental disorders.
First of all, you need to define who is the contactee. Contactee is the person who is in contact with an extraterrestrial form of life. Contact may be verbal, physical or "telepathically", resulting in some kind of information. Information can also be transmitted through words or thoughts, but often it is transmitted by writing texts that are dictated by extraneous forms of life in telepathic contact. Information may also be transmitted to drawings or images that are eternized by the contact person.
Of course, it's often difficult to check the authenticity of the information provided by the contactee. The ufologists look at the contact information inflexibly if it is present during any astral contact, e.g. transmitting information at a distance, during automatic writing, in visions or in similar ways. Research shows that such contacts are usually unstable mental people who convey their fantasy as the only truth.
Such people usually react very emotionally when trying to criticize their information. They complain about the authenticity of their information and do not doubt its authenticity. Any suggestion to check the health of a psychiatrist is a ferocious offense. Unfortunately, the authenticity of such information can not be verified. Of course, such contacts provide "evidence" that they have been in contact with aliens from planets, claiming that their bodies have implants inserted.
However, by suggesting to research, whether these are in fact implants, such contactees usually refuse to do so because they already know, that implants exist. Typically, such implants, if they can be checked, have a fat accumulation under the skin and nothing more. But then, people find logically based explanations. The consciousness of such contactees always finds logical explanations for all the criticisms that are expressed about them. But here, the philosopher Gilbert Keith Chesterton is suddenly shouting that "nothing is as logical as a madman".
Ufology tries to be skeptical about information that can not be verified. For example, if a person claims that the information has been transmitted by extraterrestrial from the "Kraka"t planet in the "Gurdum stars" system. We do not have such names in our astronomical catalogs, so information can be fictitious in the face of any mental illness or elemental desire to get acquainted. It has been noted that when the information relates to some specific, verifiable things, contacts often provide a lot of misinformation.
Betty Hill star map, is the perfect example how abductees "evidence" can be made to look coherent .
The ufologists are also skeptical about the demonstration of the messianic complex witnesses. Let's suppose a person has a "contact" with other planet representatives, the galactic council, or a spiritually more advanced civilization, and is affiliated with the aliens' minds , becomes  messiah. That person constantly publishes anything about their contacts. Such individuals claim that they were abducted by aliens, trained them in a variety of things related to their technology or spirituality, and person now must release messages about alien training to Earth. They are the most knowledgeable about the UFOs because they have spent a long time with them and know them as peeled. Of course, followers of such people always occur, and sometimes even suicidal communities are born. For example, the apocalyptic sect Heaven Gates, who believed that the aliens would take them from the Earth and, following the teachings of the founder, committed suicide by drinking the deadly dose of sleep pills.
The most prominent sect of this kind is the raelians, whose founder, the alien named Yahweh, explained the Bible. From that time raelians await the appearance of the aliens on Earth, because they are our creators who will come back. To this end, the raelian people are trying to establish an alien embassy on Earth in any one country, however, yet all the countries have rejected such requests. The Raelian community usually dropping ( left and right ) their booklets which explains Rael's teaching. Not so much difference from the Steven M. Greer and his co produced "Disclosure Project" ir we take UFO as a religious subject based oon pseudo-science to look more convincing/persuasive.
Inheritance of the spiritual alien heritage is also questioned. Because a more "well-read" person will immediately notice, that such spiritual training of aliens usually consists of a cocktail of various earthly religions. Typically, the vast majority is a mix of oriental or esoteric pseudo-Jewish teaching mixed with Christian teaching. The question is why almighty spiritual education is so earthly? These are the same people in the Bible who interpreted the Bible in their own way. What's most interesting is that, according to this teaching, aliens are using ground-breaking technologies such as lasers and nuclear weapons. Even more interesting is the fact that the historical critical method is completely neglected and biblical quotes that are excluded from the general context are given non-reality concepts. And it is astonishing that, at least in a couple of places, there is a great deal of ambition for the aliens to criticize the Vatican.
Also, ufologists do not trust the testimony of such people who are too interested in ufology. It is believed that such individuals can follow false memories in books.
Ufologists are concerned about the reliability of information. So if the information can not be verified, it becomes worthless.
It is interesting to observe what kind of information the aliens provide to the contactees. This is usually the information that the discussion is popular in that era. During the Cold War, the contactees spoke continually about the threat of nuclear war. Later on destroyed forests. At present, often the aliens often talk about the threat of global warming and the Third World War.
This time small story about peole in 2018, who still believe in same pleiadians story, which Billy Meier invented 1975. Now pleaiadians talking about conspiracy theories like "New World Order". Here is one small note about messiah contactee telepathic connection with aliens.
(NOTE; This was a good telepathic connection, as RaTesh and the Pleiadians wish to help us Earth Humans face difficult times, so that we may grow Spiritually, thereby raising our consciousness higher in the Light. These messages are sent to increase our awareness and to aid understanding, not create fear, like our New World Order Elite planners do.)
After analyzing the history of ufology, it is very easy to trace what was relevant to people of one or another age. This is where the question arises, why do strangers speak so well known things that are widely discussed in society? Why do aliens give information to contactees and send them on a the mission to publish what the press/science communities/different organizations are already talking about ? Why aliens do not publish in advance what will be discussed later? For example, why has not been talked about global warming 40 years ago, but just talked about now, although it's relevance was already clear? Are not the strangers so much "Homo-Sapiens" and do not notice the tendencies of development of the land ? but at the same time they are millions and millions years in front of us. Ufologists believe that such testimonies may also be false. Because the person speaks so much known things, but presents them as an unknown truth to anyone.
Another interesting aspect of contacts is that when investigating the history of contacts, depending on the historical stage, the deployment of the alien planet from which they arrived is changing. Every year, the alien's native planet is getting away from the Earth. Only after the abduction "boom" started, all the aliens came from Mars or Venus. Then scientists have shown that on these planets there are no mind-blowing forms of life, the alien native planet has been thrown to the edge of the solar system. Suddenly occurred unknown planet on Solar system, unknown to scientists, from which aliens are flying to Earth.
Scientists have explored the Solar system found out about planets in it, and the aliens have been taken to further stars. Recently, the alien's native planet has deviated so much that they already live in other galaxies, some cantactees say that in "Uranus" planet are living big alien society, but we can't see them, because they are in another dimension. Therefore names of unknown stars appear that can not be verified. Although the coordinates are sometimes known and existing.
I guess everyone remebers the time then ufology community went crazy about "NIBIRU"  planet. History channel showed "documentaries" called "Ancient aliens". All of them were based on believe. Maya calendar/mythology or Book of Enoch which is just another religion story interpreted by "ufologists" to justify their own UFO believe system. Many religious people do that aswell , they justify their believe system on mythology books e.g. Bible or Quran.
What do these contactees statements say to us? Anthropologists associate this with cinematography. More precisely, the situation of the fantastic cinema alien planets has changed. In the very first science fiction movie "Flight to the Moon", built in 1902 (the director Georges Melies), aliens lived just in the "backyard" . Later, in the post-war years, as the science fiction genre developed, aliens came from Mars or Venus. Gradually, in the science fiction cinema aliens home planet went further and further from Earth. Anthropologists are investigating the phenomenon of ufology, making connections between cinema history and contacees. Results surprises in such similarities.
The most important thing is these contact stories, is to critically evaluate any given info and do research before going head-down into the "rabbit hole". Do not condescend the joy of discovery, which resembles consciousness. Critical thinking is the best helper in this case, and each ufologist should first and foremost apply critical thinking and have a skepticism as a part of it, otherwise someone else's unhealthy fantasy will be accepted as reality.
The Starman
Is the UFO not only a pseudo-science about unrecognized flying objects, alien abductions, but also religion?
One of the many "alien kidnappers" of Billy Meir's UFO photography. "FOX tv" acquired rights to this photo, from then on it became a photo of the popular US-series X-files, Detective Mulder's wall (post-opera). With the famous inscription "I want to believe".
UFOs have elements of religious faith, people believe that UFOs (flying saucers, cigars) fly extraterrestrial beings. Usually, these advocates believe that extraterrestrial beings must be interested in the welfare of mankind. Humanity is already there, or it will eventually become a part of the existing extraterrestrial civilization. Other extraterrestrial beings tend to add more to a supernatural world where the UFO inhabitants are more like angels (or spirits / souls) than physical entities such as "gray" or "reptilian". On the other hand, from a religious perspective, this is not a striking difference across the UFO subculture.
First of all, UFO religions have expanded in countries such as: USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Japan. In order to realize what is an "extraterrestrial being" (alien) in this time, the society should have been technologically advanced enough. Otherwise, the concept of "extraterrestrial civilization" would have been discouraged and incomprehensible.
The term "flying saucers" and the popular UFO concept are thought to originate from 1947-1950. But the roots of this religious faith go back a few decades. Great influence on formation was made by fantastic screening like:
"Algol: The Tragedy of Power" 1920, a German film about an extraterrestrial creature (alien) from the planet of Algol, which has given a man a machine capable of controlling the whole world.
"Aelita: Queen of Mars" 1924, Soviet Union film about an unexpected space message from the Mars planet. Long story short - The plot unfolds in the love story between the man and the princess of Mars planet.
This screen shot inspired such films as "Woman in the Moon" in 1923, "Flash Gordon" 1936-49, which was later inspired by George Lucas to write Star Wars. Undoubtedly, people have long been fantasizing about an extraterrestrial planet, forms of life, and so on. 1947 The "mystique" of Roswell's history surrounded the whole country of the United States and, at that time, the enemy of the Cold War to the Soviet Union. Although until 1947 Dozens of films about aliens were made all over the world, however, the popularity of Roswell's history has led to an incredible renaissance of alien genres and new heights. Using the cinema studios, they built "space operas", in which aliens became increasingly "alter ego" (bad guys) of the main cinema characters. More and more, aliens killed or rob people in cinemas. As a result, the UFO has become one of the largest in the XX century. age pop subculture / religions.
Perhaps many heard of Heaven's Gate. Paradise Gate was the secret of the UFO for the new millennium. What her former religious practice is poorly known. Before joining the group, many members sold their property to get rid of dependence on earthly things. Scientific fiction and films made great influence on the faith. Successful executives engaged in programming business and other computer technologies (managed by Higher Source). Until 1997, the sect was rated as a harmless fanfare group of science fiction.
The religious section described above was based in the United States and there is no knowledge of followers in Lithuania . Perhaps we would have been quicker to reach the UFO wave from the west , if not the cold war and occupation before 1990 . Still , we do have the UFO movement here . The International Raelian Movement , founded in Lithuania in 2003 . The Raelians are an atheistic ufology religion, the founder and leader of which is the former journalist and owner of Claude Virilhon magazine on car sport (born 1946), since 1998. According to Rael, on December 13, 1973, a stranger (elohim) appeared to him (Hebrew elohim - "god", the inhabitants of the races are "descended from heaven") and Revealed a "slightly corrected" biblical truth . 1974 Rael published The Book That Tells The Truth and established the movement MADECH (Movement for l'acueli des Elohim createurs de l'humanite , Movement for the welcoming of the Elohim, creators of humanity), which was abandoned a year later. The Rael people's movement was officially founded in 1976, the name of religion began to be called in 1998. In the nineties, movement from France spread to the German-speaking countries : Germany , Austria , Switzerland , and now Rael himself lives in Canada, there A central international headquarters was established , and another international headquarters was established in Geneva (Switzerland) .
John Travolta, a famous Hollywood actor, is also a Scientologist. This film is based on a fantastic novel written by scientologist religion, founder (L.R. Hubbard). The film's plot has many similarities, with scientological doctrines and the very religious history.
If the movement of raelians continues to grow, it has every opportunity to become an official world religion. Scientology is the finest analogue. There are over 20 million followers believing in the religious history of: the alien dictator named Xenu , who had brought billions of people to Earth planet from space and killed them all - 75 million years ago. Founder of Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, a writer of fantasy works , a pseudo-scientist who formally has written mostly fantasy books ( in whole world ) . No one else written more then he did of any genre , to equal the number of books .
The advocates of UFO religion believe that the advent of alien civilizations will help people to overcome current ecological, technological, spiritual and social problems. Using exceptional alien technologies and spiritual abilities, one can solve such problems as: hatred, war, fanaticism, poverty, ecology, etc. . We can define such systems of faith as a religious doctrine (milenarism).
So ... the only question remains. What you want to believe and what do you believe in ?
The Starman

Abduction anatomy

In ufology, this term, "abduction," is called when human is/are taken inside the UFO's. Usually abduction takes place without the abductee consent, against his will, but without the use of physical force. Usually this happens as if during the trance, the person himself enters the UFO.


Although testimonies often come up with cases of people being asked if they wanted to be flown in a "flying saucer". However, the cases are rare and usually limited to the 1980-90's of the twentieth century. The most common abduction occurs before the will of the human being, or even without him knowing it.

Two types of abduction can be distinguished here: abduction without return (absolute abduction) and abduction with a return, also called "rotary abduction".

To define the first type of abduction, ufologists suggest a "hypothesis" that people are being abducted by aliens for purpose, e.g: for scientific alien research or for human accommodation on the other planets). Such abductees do not return to the ground. It is known that the statistics of missing people who are unidentifiable are often used. And such people disappear more than one thousand each year. In countries such as Belgium, France, England or Italy alone, between 5 and 20 thousand people disappear every year. Some ufologists are tend to account most of the cases to "absolute abduction".

If we believe one of the most famous ufologists, Budd Hopkins, he is saying that people are chosen from the very earliest childhood for "absolute abduction". The study of people from the very beginning of childhood can be read in the book "Witnessed" by B. Hopkins published. It's an extremely exciting and frightening story with detailed descriptions of abductions and the experiences of the victim. In the opinion of B. Hopkins, such cases of abduction usually begin at the age of 3 to 4, when the first biological samples are taken from the child, although it does't exclude the possibility that observations start in the mother's womb.

Later, during abduction, genetic experiments are carried out. Typically, recollections of abduction remain only in the subconscious and are reproduced only during regression hypnosis, although there are instances where a person is united or in some other circumstance, they suddenly remembers the former abductions. B. Hopkins believes that most health disorders, especially mental disorders, could be explained by the effects of abduction. Here, he sees the increased incidence of depression in society. B. Hopkins believes that the UFO sighters' boom has already passed, but the extraterrestrials operations of has not stopped, evenmore it became more active and is now being carried out in complete secrecy.

"Rotary abduction" is often one-time experience. In the case of such abduction, a person is abducted for various purposes. The most commonly reported cases are medical research. Rarely, visits to other planets are mentioned. However, some ufologists still believe that aliens control the a certain group of people.

The Roper group, specializing in abduction cases, conducted a survey in the United States. In its various states, from 8% to 18% of respondents said they had been abducted at least once. Of course, the testimony of respondents with various mental disorders should be ruled out, which would result in a significant reduction in numbers. We also can suggest that some people lied about expierencing abductions, just because they did not want to be questioned about intimate memories. In any case, ufologists believe that "rotary abduction" is quite common in the world.

Interesting, that cases of "rotary abduction" usually occur in bedrooms. People are taken directly from the bed. Some ufologists believe that most of these abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis. During a sleep paralysis, a person is awake, but his motor functions have not yet been turned on. During this period, feelings of a person's presence near you, body blocking, hallucinations may occur.
In most cases, abduction occurs in complete subjection to human consciousness and will. The most commonly mentioned aliens are referred to as "greys", by ufologists, they are tho most often referred to abduction cases. For other alien races (northerners, reptiles, goblins, etc.), cases of abduction are much less common or not at all.

What are the signs of abduction?

You do not how the scars occur. People often notice scars on their bodies, but do not know where they came from. Such scars usually occur overnight. They are very bright, sometimes painful. Sometimes there is a special shape, such as a triangle or cross. Sometimes such scars eventually disappear. Some ufologists, which practise regressive hypnosis often hear stories of how scars have emerged due to aliens "medical research".

Missing time. In the case of abduction, often the clock stops temporarily. A person just observes that his clock is late by one hour, but does not remember where that hour was spent. There are cases when the whole group, which was supposedly abducted, has the same missing time lapse. Of course, this does not mean that you have been kidnapped every time your watch is delayed or show incorrect time. However, such cases are quite often described in ufology literature.

Occasionally, abductors find so-called "implants" in their bodies. It's usually unclear how the pieces of metal come into the body, although sometimes they come from other materials. Typically, the materials from which the implants are made are rare but found on the Earth. This is a rather interesting phenomenon, because these implants appear in the body without any clear entrance. The victim simply finds hardening of the skin, and the doctor then extracts an implant from that place. Most often, implants are found in the upper extremities, behind the eyes or nasal cavity. According to conspiracy theories, the purpose of implants is to track people and report their location to extraterrestrials. Sometimes they say, implants help control the lives of the abductees.

Blood on the pillow. This is also one of the signs that you've experienced abduction. Of course, blood on the pillow can occur for very natural reasons, but ufologists distinguish this symptom as one of the possible.

The unexpected fear of clowns and aliens. If a person has been kidnapped, he may subconsciously start to fear the aliens. Any movie with grey aliens will scare them horribly. The subconscious draws a picture of the grey alien. Most likely due to unnaturally raised (bigger) with makeup clown eyes that resemble grey alien eyes.

Easy Surrender to Hypnosis. Since, as has been said, in the case of abduction, a person's will and consciousness are enslaved, he is likely to had some kind of hypnosis. After he should give it away quite easily when trying to hypnotize him.