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Stumbling through life with Hank

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Stumbling through life with Hank.

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What if?

What if:     There really is a multiverse. It must be a crowded place. Could this be an explanation for ghosts, watchers, and other assorted nasties? If each universe is an enclosed bubble surrounded by trillions of other universes, is it possible that occasionally two universes would "bump" weakening the barriers and thus allowing passing glimpses into alternate realities? Would these universes be aligned so that geographic locations would be adjacent in respect to each other? So many ques




Another "what if"

What if polititions weren't elected. What if they were conscripted. Kinda like when those famous words were uttered; "Ask not what your country country can do for you, rather what you can do for your country". What if every one had to serve a term in office. Names could be drawn from a computer that match people's skills to a particular posting. All done randomly with the only caveat being you have to be qualified to do the job. That way the cream would be skimmed from the top instead of the bot



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