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Roc Koch

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Dimensional Presence...Who we are...

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Roc Koch

12,900 YEARS AGO......Takion; Your world is about to be destroyed from the one you once knew. But the knowledge of who and what you are will become more important to your Soulular treks than ever before. What you do now is the Crux of Being and Becoming. We come here to Learn and learning is known at your Instant of vast importance. 

Jomon; What you are saying has deep meaning to a part of me, but I think of all those who could be potentially impacted by such a devastating event as my inner mentality has already imagined. I think of the little ones of innocence, the questioning of their Souls and the massive sorrow that will flourish throughout their realms if deprived of known surroundings. I must hasten to prepare and help them in their time of need. I must do all I can to make things as they always were and will be again. It is up to me to be their strength, so I must go. The weight of this presentation of events must be balanced and leveraged toward the comforting of those in need. 

Takion; Blessed Soul, I Love the coherency of your mindset and deep concern that is expressed via your painful thoughts. It is a wonder to me the Love you put forth at the awakening of your deepest considerations, here. In another state of mind perhaps you will amplify upon the higher perspectives of all that is about to happen. It is your seed that must pass forth the knowledge and wisdom gained by this the ultimate Learning Test to Godly Consciousness. You must realize because of your ultimate mentality, others will benefit if you prepare for a higher state of understanding. 

In the coming durations the Bolide or specifically a massive Comet Particle, that has loosened from the confines of my ancient world, now referred to as the Astroid Belt — once consolidated as my old home planet will aim at this your home world, composed of Ice and Stone and hugely programed by Fate Herself. Your world is more vile than you once knew. But the scary, criminal acts of most here on the planet have crushed the reason for a continuation of their evil acts of commonality. No one is safe unless they are as you and your brotherhood of Wisdom. I will tell you the REASON. It is the word, REASON. Tell your mind to dwell upon its complex aspect/s and prepare for Higher Consciousness. 

Aligned all along the Great Ocean’s edge are the cities of mankind. It is where they all are settled enjoying the fruits of your research and that of your Brotherhood. They receive the grander of your works and bask and play in “frivolity” throughout their lives. They will not heed your warnings and will view your reports of danger flippantly with no concerns. Only the protectors will have an ear to your warnings. Some will organize and attempt to prepare while others will say nothing and drink to the Fates. Those who do not believe you are accustomed to the comfort of their abodes and will go about their daily routines as usual. Their minds never expanded to the knowledge of the true REASON of their own existences. Again, this is the CRUX of their efforts to smile throughout their durations which is a trick of human leveraging, the grimace in the face of Hell. It is representative of those who are slothful and lazy—full of their mother’s tendencies to take care of them constantly or not at all. Many are cosseted in their daily pursuits and expect something for no effort in return. They will not be capable of preparing for disaster. Again, we are sent into existence to LEARN and attain REASON.  

The Bolide or Comet will begin to swell as it approaches into the influences of the Goge or the Sun as some call it. The rays of the giver or LIGHT, will cause chemical change in the configuration of the form. This will cause it to begin to fragment and become a gathering of elementals that will trail behind it in a contrail of disjointed pieces of the Bolide. It will leave a mark in the sky to all that will see. Some of the massive particles will go into orbit around the planet to gradually rain down on the world for a thousand orbits around the Sun. Survivors will be forced to seek substantial abodes in various terrains or underground caves to shield their families from the incoming particles. It will be such for thousands of years. Few will survive unless there are plans and outside helping services. Some of you and yours will become the Serving Agents to those survivors. Some of you will become the primary builders of new groupings of survivors into new cities of the future. You must make sure that those Service Oriented Entities will always be Teachers of Good. Good is the only end product of REASON. Therefore, Such Goodness must be LEVERAGED in total adherence to the primary REASON. 

It appears you and yours have a vast new occupation due to this great Test for Humanity. You will become the builders of a new world. Now, I must impart the knowledge and wisdom of REASON to you before you go to your home base. Come with me into this great facility of Endeavor. This place has existed for many thousands of orbits of this planet. Its position here is ideal for the sustenance and survival of this civilization of man. I have sustained myself here for over 100,000 orbits due to the natural configuration of the landscape, its perfect height, mass and the natural flow of a potential hydra inundation or wind velocity which could impact this realm. I have done much research to ascertain its proper form and shape to survive the coming catastrophe. But here also is the outer shell of materials that conform to the body of a Human, engineered mathematically are each and every shape and form of the hardest stone to survive a certain degree of shattering due to the quaking of the planet. Fractally and geometrically are all the stones of this site where a few hundred humans could live and prepare for a new tomorrow. Thus we settle upon the first steps of REASON toward our preparation for such an eventual happening. 

From the Moire Arena.

Roc Koch

Mindscapes from my Youth

Mention must be made of an archaic cultural site discovered in the Valley of Mexico in the 1920s, which has come to be called Niven’s Buried City. William Niven started his investigations in that same valley in the early nineteen hundreds (1910), and in the course of his research, he encountered enigmatic stone artifacts and tablets, which had no discernible connection with any other Mexican cultural sequence. This was curious! However, it was not until the period of 1921-23 when he hit archaeological "pay dirt" at Santiago Ahuizoctla, a hamlet contiguous to Amantla. At that time, he discovered the "infamous" tablets and the evidence of an archaic culture of a high order. For a short time, his discoveries set the archaeological world afire with rampant enthusiasm. Then, most sadly, his discoveries were summarily discredited by the mainstream academic culture and its media. He was made to look a fool, while his artifacts were carried off and scattered far and wide. William Niven died a broken man in Austin, Texas in the 1930s. It is sad to contemplate that he died without ever having his work properly evaluated by the scientific prowess of today’s world. We know not where to find his works though there is rumor that some are hidden away at a distinguished eastern university. Such is an example that could face us with this project.


Teotihuacan, the great city near to Niven’s excavations in the Valley of Mexico, has always caught my imagination, even as a boy. It looks like a great space port with pyramid-like structures lined up on a 4 kilometer rampway for travelers departing and arriving for destinations now long forgotten. At an early age, I can recall thinking upon great flying machines, perhaps saucers, sitting on top of all those little launch pads lining the road of the dead (dead-our idea, not theirs). Too many space movies; one would think that the MIR space station would have ended such dreams!


It has been estimated that Teotihuacan supported a population of 200,000 persons at one point in its florescence. Many of middle American’s old cities seem to have this otherworldly look of high sophistication that was either emulated by other cities at a later date, or were part of an older civilization that was to some degree very advanced. Teotihuacan represents more than that, it has the engineering built into its structure to suggest more than what is told to us by today’s archaeologists. Were the cities of Mexico old memories of a time far away in the minds of their well educated priests? Or, could they have been the whispers of a very ancient Enmayi tradition that bled through to show itself 4 million years later? To do this, the Enmayi had to have a seat of civilization somewhere on Earth that lasted as the stalwart to carry these traditions forward. Where is such a site?


Teotihuacan presents another feature that is also arcane to the extreme. Peter Tompkins, Graham Hancock and other historical writers have pointed out, time after time, that enormous, thick sheets of mica were found by Leopoldo Batres on the fifth level of the Sun Pyramid in 1906. Later, at 350 meters down from the Sun Pyramid, reported by the Viking Foundation, another mica slab was found of considerable size: some 27.4 meters square (90 feet square). To the astonishment of all archaeologists, it was identified as a type of mica that is found in Brazil, and nowhere else. This begs the question of why was this particular type of mica removed and transported some 3218.6 kilometers (2000 miles) to be incorporated into the building site at Teotihuacan? How could something this large be transported in a stone age period of history? It is also to be noted that similar finds of Brazilian mica were discovered in certain Olmec sites. This is the "silver bullet" of the archaeological world which proclaims that the technology of the ancients is far removed from what we consider it to have been. Mica is utilized as insulation to atomic expressions.


In my estimation, the importance of the discovery of mica, which had been transported thousands of kilometers from its place of origin to its final resting place, is equivalent in historical importance to Dr. Oppenheimer’s comment upon the detonation of the first atomic explosion in the deserts of New Mexico. At the time of the explosion, he was heard to remark that "it was the second [ time ] for humanity to experience such." He was, of course, referring to the old Sanskrit tradition that the first atomic device was detonated in the area of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations some 8,000 years ago. The very old ruins of Mohenjo-Daro certainly reflect that this is indeed what occurred, with thousands of its fallen resident’s bones recently found radioactively "hot" in the bottom of the old streets of the city.


In the old Mahabharata, we find that there were references to flying machines and a frightening white flash of an ultimate weapon that destroyed cities, and caused the survivors to rush to the rivers to cleanse themselves of the unseen killer. The evidence of classic radiation sickness, such as hair and nails falling form the body before death, are everywhere in the ancient writings. With all this strong corroboration of evidence from our planetary past, we should not decline the information offered by all this data that our celestial messenger has poured forth in the last few weeks.


From my vicarious youth, I have wondered about Mexico. Were those old tribes a part of this powerful technological base that peeks to us between the lines of mythological history? The gods seem to appear out of space and time, as did the Sons of Annu, the Sumerian god of gods. One wonders if Claronu’s nickname for Anjona — Annoo-a was the same leader of the Niberu, as translated by Zecharia Sitchin in his body of highly informative and passionately charged books about the Earth Chronicles. Annu was the Anunnaki god who brought genetic engineering to Earth. We have data that supports some of these researchers, so why do we not announce the truth to humanity?


Today, expeditions into the volcanic wastes of Mexico are showing that cultures were present earlier than the Olmecs as Niven believed. Were these first people the sons of the Enmayi who had risen in technology over and over again through the cyclic volatility of this unstable planet of garden-like beauty? Cast back into the barbaric states of human evolution time and time again, they continued to climb back out of the agglomeration of defeat to strive once more up the ladder of be-manship. While the poles of the planet wobbled around the globe, they fought to maintain their traditions, each time of destruction, they restarted the flame of the hand that sees – becoming the minds that move. Even the art attributed to the Olmecs seems more modern, with their head-mounted lenses on space helmets that often seem to have support systems attached to their bodies. It is all more relevant now, after having this immense data before us from out of Time.

Roc Koch

The Metaphorical Universe


Deep within the psyche of all humans lives a desire for recognition of one’s existence and prowess.  In order to fulfill this desire within mankind, one finds the first step to position for recognition of who and what we are here in Time/Space or physicality.  That step is the act of leveraging all physical aspects for power and control in every event sequence that we perceive and participate with in life. Thus we begin our learning here in this physicality.  The first step is one of moving thought that manifests into an act designed for power over the other.  The Me (you) view all outside or external entities or material objects as the Other.  Put simply — there is Me (you) and there is the Other.  To the Me, all outside persons, things, whatever — are the Other.  The Me competes with the Other for power and control within the realm of Lawful-existence or what some call the Essence (Laws of Physics or Nature).

The Essence is also considered the Universe.  It is where the Me and the Other reside in a quantum existence full of laws and forces that leverage us by its own making or being.  Some call this realm God.  No matter how you term this inexplicable being or state of existence, you are here taking part in a drama that no one person can explain.  You, the Me, really do not know if the Other really exists, but if it does not exist, do you exist?  Without the Other, would you have the data to communicate back to you in feedback, that you exist?

The Void is the Ultimate unknowable, yet it may be non-existence.  You may never know the meaning of the Void as the Me.  The self-oriented being or person can not know the Void, for it is deep, dark and undetectable to most minds.  Selfish persons who desire recognition are really looking for reinforcement that they exist.  Selfishness causes non-learning and pushes us closer to the edge of the Void.  Without attention from the Other, we have no worldly data to feedback on the reality of our existence.  The only way we can ever learn our way in the universe is to become unselfish and reach out to the Other to learn from all of them.  To join the Other is to become unselfish.  This is what some call Love or Human Coherency.

To Love the Other as we Love the Me is to gain knowledge on the Essence and the Void.  The more we share knowledge with the Other, the more we see of life.  An unselfish person soon learns that he is the combination of the Me and the Other.

Leveraging for Power in life means that the Me will use Violence, Wealth, Religion, Knowledge, Beauty, or Love to gain control over the Other, or seek recognition from the Other.  There is really only one selfless means of communicating with the Other.  It is Love or shared coherency.  All other means are elements that invoke the ancient law of consequence.  The law of consequence is also known as the law of cause and effect… what goes around, comes around.  Because the law of consequence is leveraged into existence by selfish acts by the Me for his/her own gain (in effect saying that the Other does not exist therefore negating the Me’s own existence).

Look into the eye of the Other and you will see the mirror of the self. No person exists beyond the data of his/her own senses.  Without the feedback of the other’s activities, there would be no data to see, hear, taste, smell, touch or examine with the brain or the sixth sense.  The seventh sense is intuition which few beings develop unless they are unselfish and understand the power of the law of consequences.  In your mind dances all the data of the Other.  Without the knowledge gained of the outside world, you would be nothing.  You are what you learn.  You are an accumulation of all your life experiences.  You are the Other replicated by leveraged experiences reinforced over and over again. Wisdom is gained when you learn to Love the Other and Life becomes a Passion for harmony and continued becoming through visualization in Mind.

To move deeper we must visualize this reality as a matrix or arena of participating experiences.  Our Universe is like a record, tape, disc, or some other storage device for information.  Only it is much more.  It is a continuum that is open-ended.  It is everywhere and everything and it is in a state of durational change.  It is enfolded in a super holographic moiré matrix of multiple dimensions that act as one or many depending upon the informational flux.  It is like an atmosphere of mental assemblages of feedback loops that appear to be its construction only in that its emphasis localizes in beings who become.  This universe is hierarchical in design with lower level entities not totally knowing of higher-level beings, yet the reverse is not true.  They know us, or things could not have been built.

Informational connections are like sense organs.  The more information and observation (feedback) the more complex the assemblage of localized forms. The more gestalt or whole the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being and more active is the work.  The Universe is metaphorical in that like-breeds-like in evolutional information constantly burgeoning. Carriers, or entities feed through themselves growing through various stages that appear as birth, life and death to the localized environment but to the higher stages it is only process of information toward ever-higher levels.

Opening up new feedback loops amounts to adding new information, thus expanding the localization into new realms of understanding.  As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher levels where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is understood.  This language (meaning) is metaphorical and multifaceted, requiring a mind or lens (localized brain) of the same interface design. Growth and decay, which is like withdrawing from a stage of development, depends on the quality of information that mingles with other information to create tools for leveraging information. Therefore, we find ourselves in a Spiritual Dimensional Presence expressing as ALWAYS.

Dimensional Presence is a condition where an entity mentally cognizes or thinks that he/she is present in existence or reality by discerning sensual stimuli (atmosphere, environs, information and things) that suggest he/she is alive due to the feedback of instantaneous information to the Carrier’s mentality or mind. All sensory data gives the feeling that they exist reinforced by the constant input of past history. Memory is key to the feeling of progressing into potential. One wonders if such a presence has built from a condition of previously suggested as Always. Such a condition of eternally existing as a mentality in many states of expression is who and what we are here in Time/Space. Dimensional Presence coalesces via some means of manifestation into a package of informational dynamics that moves into and through a materializing state supported by an organizational apparatus that directs echeloned dissipation of preplanned articulation. To be requires preparation system/s of established instigators and expressers that can methodically synthesize consistently through a framework of echeloned laws and actions off those means of

We are in awe of being “vehicularly” created in order to experience physicality! To build our minds through physically doing and learning is worthy of the process of existence! The expanse of creation is directly proportional to the ability to comprehend space beyond time and build infrastructures in the mental reference plane. Our minds fly to new challenges around every corner and beyond every cloud! We ride the duality of holospirited light whereby our power ignites purposeful energy for magically traversing here!

Mind pervades the known echelons of dimensional space/time hidden in the universal fabric of existence! Mind is in evidence everywhere as design shows its prowess through its very interface with reality! It’s logic and reason is evident even in its complex incongruity. Mind understands that chaos is unperceived unity when speed factors take actions beyond human understanding thereby joining the universal macro-sphere. Learning Chaos requires deep yet speedy concentration. Those of us who are highly advanced know chaos and use it to our advantage in the Universal Macro-sphere.

The Universal Macro-sphere is a realm not discerned by the mundane and flippant. It is the deciphering of the secret messages of the entire scope of the info-scape or the universe and the dimensional Akashic Realms — where its conditions allow one to see beyond the self. The stratospheric relational held in the very landscape of the Earth holds the secret of the driving force of the unseen, moving mind. The reading of the striations and the very scratches of an aftermath from reality, show the history of device impact and movement here in time space. One must know the engineering required in this traversing experience.

Examining the data held in the echelonic realms gives us the entire scope of mentality whereby the essence of being resides. So many forget via hastening their love of pleasure and adulation to cloud their intellect thereby not attaining their mission‘s duties. We should be totally amazed toward awe that we get to be here at all…

Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.



Roc Koch

We Are Information...Via One Mind

Oh, I know not all the true expanse of this grand plan for this realm of existence, only the Omegon view, and where I shall go from here. But, wetness clouds my discerning mental eye as I contemplate the happenings on such a bright hope, as was theirs at the front of the sequential events of created time. The Enmayi were of my local in our first ray sent on through this Goge System. All parts of the whole had high ambitions for this expressed reality, so far in the dark. Darkness sometimes becomes too much a friend.

We basked together as light and thought beings, waiting upon transmission to our assignments. How excited we were as we emerged from the portal, moving faster than the light that shepherded our way! All was so fresh on our mentality! Then, all anticipation of experiencing new learning via His structural domain was our fate. Pointalistic existence by high vibration movement nearly caused a supernova. It was so long ago, yet on the Timeless level of being, it was only a tiny blip in the eventless dominion of watching. 

The structural progression of "be-manship" in this material illusion is so important to the dreamscape of true existence in cosmic mentality — whose home is duration. It is easily forgotten when one is cloaked in the weight of flesh. Material as a means motivation in a physical state can get a soul into deep selfish mindset. It is a trouble because of the ease to dwell upon one’s self. This deepness houses the law that makes virtual being contingent upon consequences. The Enmayi all must have reverted back to the densest state of matter due to thinking only of themselves. Their knowledge and wisdom became secondary against the desires for constant adulation. One can become comfortable with unending attention. Such preoccupation spurs desire toward a passion. In such a frame of mind, self always wins over the All because feedback loops are minuscule, with little room for nothing else to occupy space.

As I illustrate upon this shard — which is my procedure while I muse, I regret the lack of coverage I am able to generate for such an important survey as this one is becoming. Perhaps what I do here may not be enough to truly portray the feel of this dreary place. I hope future generations will understand the true despair that I see on this morrow. Anon, I must return to the site of Koan’s mastership and survey further the records of this once opulent world.

Roc Koch

Mankind languishes against the chaos of issues that impact present human learning-curve dynamics. We want to make inculcation of wisdom more positive for our society, our children and their futures, but with the establishment of each new government program, group, coalition, or select committee we only skirt around the real issues that curse humanity's lack of interest. To look into ourselves for deeper truth, seems to strike fear in most of us. Because of socialistic and liberal government, our society has turned away from personal responsibility seeking a free ride instead.   The tacit infrastructure, what some call the "informational float" (the media portrayed standards or political correctness and social manipulation) has made the rhetorical discrepancies of this "secret subject"(Truth that lies within our own selves) taboo to public discussion. Why? 

Secret subjects include the void, life and death, existence, the continuum, male and female secret desires (fantasies), evil, and the many guilt-filled fears that no one person can articulate. We think our major desire is to be loved and perhaps that constant search for meaning remains in powerful control of all we survey and accomplish in life. Man desires recognition and therein lies the root to selfishness. Preoccupation with the self starts the first negative route to living the eternal illusion. Most peoples of Earth little realize the depth of our existence/s. There are massive truths that hide behind our very manifestation/death. These truths hide in Zep Tepi's mists.    

Perhaps we are too caught up in desire. Early on, we use all the tools to position for this ultimate feeling (desiring the validation of others), and for some of us more assertive beings, it requires brute force or just being "cute" in order to get results. Riding an on-board-talent leveraged by sheer selfishness, eventually gets us away from accomplishing the higher goals that we should be born to through our own spiritual effort. Most of us forget that spirit stuff and just look for cute babes or hunks. We begin to buy into the "flip" illusion that pop culture positions as the ultimate attainment. Flip culture hides in our very midsts reinforced by leveraging tools provided by media psychologists bent on propaganda.   

Some say the avoidance of the "unspeakables" start before birth, others say the condition starts early in babyhood; whenever, the fact that some human entities receive massive reinforcement for "cuteness" is evident within virtually every aspect of American and worldy culture. One needs only to observe the shopping malls to see cuteness in action. Being cute is a condition or curse that some of us are born with. It is having the looks and actions of expressiveness built within our needs to be loved or shown that we exist and are worthy in the Other's eye. Show biz, entertainment and advertising are the prime talents for most showoffs. Being cute is having beauty and attraction plus knowing how to use it to goad and garner attention.   

It (showing off) is neither masculine nor feminine, but is a preoccupation of both genders. Over the history of being cute, it has been predominate within the domain of one gender at different times.   As of the writing of this paper, the jury is currently out on which sex is more cute than the other.   Our obsession with this quality represents the basic sickness of this present society, no matter who is to blame. Being cute is illusory...because it is built upon creating behavior, images or events through ulterior motives or false play for the selfish gratification of the human entity at the expense of the Other.

Mirrored in our society are the entities who seek to be as cute as they were when they were babies. Many position themselves in life's arena through outward appearances, verbiage, body-language, expression, role playing and even behavior that is the very reflection of early childhood. Baby like characteristics are emulated everywhere by supposedly intelligent and consenting adults even into old age. "Oh, how cute they are."   

Ancient   myth states that humanity became manifest or stuck in a physical form because the "Archetype" (our ancestor(s) saw its reflection in the waters of the Earth and fell in love with its own image, then the matter rose to wrap itself around the spirit form thereby trapping the spirit in the manifest world. The tree of "the knowledge of good and evil" also caused a deep reflection upon the self, thus causing mankind's expulsion from paradise. Is "cuteness" the worship of the self? Have we made too much of this sickness? 

Roc Koch

Being and Becoming in Time/Space...

How powerful is the act of "seeing?" Few of us ever stop to think of this awesome operation of perceiving the manifest universe via on board sensory systems built into our very being. Seeing is equated with beliefs, but total sensory contact with reality goes beyond just the traditional five sensory experiences that has enlightened our philosophers and scientists to the point of seeking the ultimate answers to our precise existence.

Mankind’s oldest records say that ancient man was in awe at the sight of light (light is invisible, its effect is seen), and its energizing amplification of experiential processes. Man spent much time writing and meditating upon the complexities of the visual flame. To perceive the world beyond simple, yet empiric-measuring terms was his contribution to us. But did he know what we are only just now coming to understand through quantum physics? Add the new breakthrough technologies like holography, fractal geometry, virtual reality, bio-tech, nanotechnology, and others -- then, you are speaking of powerful concepts worthy of worship.

If perception is the "quantifier" of the world of reality, could this world also be an illusion created by the process of the essence -- the greatest of all virtual realities? Men of old thought that this world we live in was the projected playground of God. That he lived through each localization or being-of-atomic-makeup (all parts of the universe) in a many faceted dance of the elements -- matter. His Essence was the Universe of Megalight, which includes every pixel, or every particle composed of matter -- light -- DNA; and, light indicates prior knowledge, before events.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley people were the intellects of the mysteries handed down in myth. Some of their most ancient traditions, reflected within the living Hindu religion, seeped through to us from the past in the form of Vedas or songs-of-life, which were recorded in archaic Sanskrit. The secrets of a powerful past lie hidden in what these ancients quantified from their perceptions.

The old texts of the Hindu indicate that reality was a love-act of "seeing" the gods (Devas) or "bright ones," and to be mirrored by that power with an observation or feedback. The process of "seeing" the deity was the sacred part of life called "Dar-san." The believer was consecrated by just the act of Dar-san and thus became all knowing, or worthy of being. Seeing was a form of touching or quantifying (measuring for value). The eye that comprehended the All was the third eye, which went beyond five-sensory perception into the realm of intuition and hyperphysics. The world of the ancient Hindu was many faceted and many godded -- what some would term "Holospirited."

The act of worship for one god was termed "kathenotheism." In this process the devotee’s Dar-san activated and energized the god focused upon. The god became a reality in the life of the beholder, and was no longer a wave, but a particle or part of god, once observed. This many faceted holomovement of "be-ness or being-ness" came to be a part of the religion of Hinduism, the oldest surviving religion of modern man. The very purpose of living to a Hindu is to get out of the feedback loop, and to get off the wheel of existence -- to escape the cycle of manifestation. The goal is to merge into the ultimate and absolute ONCE once again -- to return to the dream or creative element that is timeless. When outside the mega-holographic field of the universe, the being returns to the realm we visit when we release consciousness from the quantifiable form.

Quantum Physics is today’s great measuring devise for all mathematics that make up this, the greatest of all virtual realities. We live in, on and through the greatest assemblage computer of all in a broadcast. It is in an overwhelming movement of quantum reality seeming to comprehend itself through constant feedback-looping to calculate and recalculate at blinding speed, its very becoming known prior. 

It is an electromagnetic broadcast that is both waves and particles, interacting with gravity and the weak/strong nuclear force (the three facets of Godhead). Each quality is fundamental and is the very dual personality of manifestation. Neither state of being is complete unto itself, but both states are necessary to give us a complete holo-field of reality. We can never know both states at once, thus never knowing the particulate or wave at one time. As an illusive wave, reality smears out over space where it seems to be everywhere at once, gathering quantum information about the probability of some potential state. Amplify this process to interconnect and influence everything else in space, as it is moving, and you have what we discern as reality within Sequential Time.

This reality is the opposite of the Big Bang...rather, the universe is the Big Broadcast of the Quantinuum, which gets its power from an unseen state of dreams or creative potential -- what some call God. This unseen state exists in timelessness and is thus not able to be quantified. Some see this great broadcast of quantum potential as the ultimate virtual reality, which communicates within and without inner, connected matter. This reality issues from a dream potential background or field into the illusive material state of being and becoming.

The edges of our distant memory about being within this realm are smooth, with few, if any perturbations in the conscious state. Beyond this world lies the potential and its continuum of mindscape or dreamscape. In this world, everything is known at once. Some say we are in touch with the frontiers of a mental hyper-fractal feedback loop that interconnects both beginning and end in an infinite process full of change. Many have equated the mind with the universe. Perhaps we all share this mind on some other level as it seeks to experience existence via ultra-sophistication built beyond the particulate level, on toward the gestalt collection of the One.

Roc Koch

Ancient Message, Long Ago...

The Ancient Archaeologist (of 4 millions of years ago).

NOTES RECOVERED FROM LONG AGO…Dawns the new morrow, and I, Claronu - The Omegon Archaeological Surveyor, seek additional messages from adjacent potdomes to the last observed sites. A superficial observation suggests that I am now approaching the domains of their learning locales. Images tell me that in this once enclosed dome of translucence (now twisted beams writhingly pointing to the Leche) indicate that education was once taken here. Symbols of their language appear in positioned importance upon every wall and device to trumpet the mystery of mind. Surely, I will know their secrets of intellect after this penetration of their skeletal souls so readily displayed before me.


Learning has always meant climbing the structured steps toward the All. Knowing has required a mind saturated in the light-of-seeking where the entity imbibes life’s esoteric meanings from the "cup of the hand that sees." I feel sure that as I climb these many steps before me, that the very essence of the Enmayi’s psyche will disrobe to my persistent probing of their spiritual passion. Indeed, these are the tombs and tomes (to my eye) of departed will.


Keyed in the rubble of this citadel to scholarship, I scan deep meaning from each symbol that the beings created for their initiates. Their education was a strength-based methodology, inculcated through gestalt meaning, ever exponentially rippling through the sensual lens of mind. As they progressed in this school of life, they grew by the proficiency of their known abilities, rather than being taught a memorized body of thought unrelated to other knowns. Memorization was effortlessly reinforced by a natural sequence in relevance to juxtaposed data. Each faceted individual learned through their own component parts brought into this virtual life. Some were many talented, others were not so fortunate. Each being entered this world on a journey of their own choosing and on a mission from Timelessness. The curriculum worked around the entities’ strengths, building globally out to sequentially fill the voids of unknown principles. No other system have I seen so strong, only in exception to the higher Omegon, do I bow.


It is joyous to stand here in a familiar place. I love mind. This grand facility once housed the teachers of the Enmayi civilization, which included at one time the secret of the Enigmni. I see it represented here, although in its later days, it was defamed and ignored. Ahau! Education without the end and beginning of a journey is none at all.


Upon the walls of this old great temple are the very icons of their past accomplishments. Deciphering these symbolic messages will corroborate my theory of their knowledge of the Enigmni’s secret.


Such former walls of repute, divulge more than just their prominence of cognitive affairs, they knew the secrets of the mental computer that is the inherited lens of every entity to the virtual state. These walls of aggrandizement tell the secret all Omegons know, that the lens is the means of interface with a world composed of pixels of atomic programming containing the laws governing this gambit which issues from the broadcast of the All. A teacher to Enmayi students here points out the methods of this tool. Their wisdom was indeed ready for the ascension to Omegon state. What went wrong with such a base of unmovable spiritual wealth?


Continued exploration of these hallways of their academy sends the chill of former feeling to my monadic spirit. Sadness is not usually a point of dwelling upon in my state, but I feel pain for those who exerted supremely for the good and ended up unfulfilled and in retrogression. There was once greatness here expressed in creative tangible form, yet now I foresee that one little element of existence has caused this end that I retrace here. Their end was a case of learning the evils of leveraging and collusion over what they had for millions of orbits prior — that being gestalt love and a unique body form.


I have often psycho-visualized a point of observation that lets me see all that makes virtual existence and "life" understandable to the Alphi/Omegi. Everything that has made entities what they are comes into a focused vision that details the total life-spectrum — here is the point-of-departure. Certainly this is an Omegon’s view, that allows me to determine where I need to apply emphasis and utility for others to see the relevance.


Leveraging is everything in physical "be-ness." We are here to move in and through matter. Why is it so hard for lesser beings to know how moving the parts of this machine can create chaos unless total concentration of mind is applied? We must know the larger view of who made the lesser or reverse. This requires study in this physical realm. Then we learn that there is no such thing as creating, where there is no mind to move. Finally, through light, we understand the source of Timelessness.


Everything is entwined within the light of the mind. Everything is Mind. This concentration within broadcast gets each and every minuscule elemental into leveraged motion that creates event-sequences locked in time and space. The goal is not to lose status, position, or self-control for "be-ness" in motion. To not create on the FLY is to suffer loss of leveragability. Those who do not move, die. Defeat is possible through acceptance of fear, loneliness, victimization, the void, or nonexistence. Defeat would also make us a casualty of our own lack of moral disposition. Here we open up the power to being defeated over and over.


It is said, "No entity is a true victim, for his being is set by the consequence of his own acts or non-acts." One must be guarded in moral consolidation. Some unknowing spirits in the projected universe use or leverage the tools of power to propel themselves from one or more events toward ever more complex events. This creates conscious movement through the media of time and space. It is the ultimate programmer’s technique that makes them feel this non-reality. Leveraging matter is accomplished through the utilization of the lens-of-sensual understanding, better known as the brain — a receiver of virtual-existence’s sensory data.


This tool of Timelessness provides the input / output ability served by our seven sensory connections to the physical universe. In the virtual universe, beings are what they know and what they communicate to and from the other aspects that complete the feedback loops made up of the "Me" and the "Other"(everything outside of themselves). This is done through the mental manipulation of illusions and truths, plus their relationships to power-positioning, or —leveraging! Alphians and the Alphi/Omegi usually accomplish this through strategy built upon self-gratification (false love of self), self-empowerment, self-survival or even our Omegon’s true, unconditional Love for the Other.


In the early stages of being development, power-vehicles (tools in this world) are used to leverage reality, or mater in this illusion of time and space. This should be known to me, I lived them. They were injustice, knowledge, love, friendship, beauty, wealth, social position, morality, and immortality (religion). I learned their application of truth or illusion and selfishness versus lovingness as power ingredients: how they can be built or included with any of the energy-concepts to be leveraged by the entity to produce manipulated results within the arena of event sequences — life. Sadly, the Enmayi learned this in their last 70 orbits of Goge.


In my Alphian conditions, education was taught through a permissive-liberal curriculum centered around reward and punishment methods, which reinforced the theories of behavioral adjustment, positive enforcement and deference to authority, rather than earned respect. The punishment means were emotionally charged versions of character assassination. I was made to feel guilt rather than shown the true reason for correct behavior. The Alphian educational methods produced satisfactory beings because of the initial creative start in existence. In time, however, creativity wore away and collusion (self-oriented demeanor) began to creep into my being. Others and I sought increasing favors from Alphi/Omegis and each other to satisfy our needs for increased sympathy and popularity. This seeking for prominence followed us into our social and vocational adult lives, where cliques formed a mutual adoration fellowship.


The recognition syndrome was nothing more than a power surge. As the participants began to expend as little effort as possible to get the most reward possible, leveraging through misinformation (lying) signaled the expansion of a selfish/ulterior motivation.


In the plebeian stage of Alphia, I found all things went to my ego’s desires as permissive behavior expanded into my own means of conducting life with others. Learning for all suffered at the whims of individualized gratification. Collusion became our means to cohabitate with other beings where common desires joined to our mutual detriment. We destroyed ourselves together. Increased pandering among certain segments of my Alphian world/s produced waves of support programs designed to reinforce a civilization of insecure personalities. Souls of Truth and Love were present then, but few and far between. Blind conspiracies created polarizations that elitists utilized to usurp power from the naive. In essence, we were their slaves.


Alphians fell prey to networked collusion, which began to approach a kind of sick pollution that diffused creativity and the true self-image of a moral being. Subconsciously we Alphis knew we were living a self-manufactured illusion called misinformation. Propaganda became the fashion in those early existences full of double speak and narcissism. When Truth is eroded, a complex society cannot recognize leveraged-illusion that totally supplants moral character. That society is positioned for a chaotic fall, as happened here. Where the Alphians came from in these last days is still my course to follow.


It is bizarre that I digress here with all these symbols staring back at my past. It is, unequivocally, the sign of my own initiation peering back at me. Whatever the course of these thoughts, it is part of my reason for being here. Perhaps it is the final catharsis of my monadic soul. Some slight element of sickness may still reside in me.


The malady of self-pity, where the Alphian, or Alphi/Omegi constantly "mirror" one another for psychological reinforcement by showy positioning, outrageous speech, and immoral activity, reeks of the smells reserved for beetles. Alphians are worse, for they seem only good for breeding purposes in the beginning. They constantly seek visual adulation to the point of obsession for posturing themselves nakedly in settings that provoke rebellion and war-making from opposite genders. This is fun to them. Adulation and fawning prevails as their mode of operation, while they exchange flattering remarks so as to inflate each other's shared lies.


At localization in dreams, while they have only their thoughts to review, lowly Alphians blossom in guilt and beg for mercy for their fallacious lives. As I know, guilt was hard to shed when only the darkness was our partner in sleep — sleep that is not illuminated by personally perceived charisma. Our very bane was ourselves.


While illusions grow in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi states, consciousness of the real world decreases into a fabrication of their own imaginations. (Is this because self-oriented illusive life produces more social and personal consequences via living lies?) Beings sense a feeling of, "Is this all to being?" Individuals caught in this web become easy prey for being leveraged or manipulated through emotional trickery that is really guilt-ridden serendipity. With a persona modified by regret, realization of being taken advantage of, seeps in on the morrow for the complacent entity. After Alphians are driven to lower self-realization, many seek revenge through violence, which only perpetuates their naive condition in an amplified forum. Then it is learned by the collective populace.


Beings who experience the "leveraged-illusion" have produced most of our social problems, including the lack of interest in our early learning systems. Their particular lives were built upon reinforced infrastructures of collusive behavior. Hate-gangs and other undesirables can proliferate in a world full of self-perpetuating lies. Hatred needs creative change and perspective to lesson its bonds on an entities early mind. Such a change requires the ability to rise in higher-ordered cognitive skills that reflect the Logos (Reason). The introduction of such a non-collusive paradigm ushers in a field of creative panorama where life is seen as Truth and Love.


Roc Koch

Point-of-Departure...The BURGEONING! 

In the fifth century, Saint Augustine indicated that God created the universe out of and outside of time.   Timelessness is an interesting subject to think on scientifically as well as spiritually. Ask a scientist the ultimate why, and he will say we came from no thing. Then ask him to explain what no thing is -- It will probably look about like the clothes that the emperor was wearing, the day the little boy decided to think for himself and find deeper meaning in the apparentness found inside the soul. Half of science is an assumption (educated guess) -- the other half manifests in a fabricated illusion built upon known parts with no relationship to the totality.   Science is done while we preoccupy ourselves with "their" reality.   Humanity must return to waiting for the one who whispers to our deepest consciousness...the truths of being. Einstein called this mental-abyss, the little "Old Man" inside of us. He may point to the Burgeoning of Humanity. 

It was once said that the face of God is a fraction past, and inclusive of the optical nerve and what drives it.   Godhood is not necessarily conceptual, it (the Absolute) is being and becoming and only the created (crystallized) can be thought upon as it issues forth from the generative order or the Void that we do not presently understand. The Absolute is ongoing, nonlinear, non-local (to our perception), self-similar, self-organizing, and creative. Whatever else it is cannot be known by one mind (a part or child of...), total perception can only be known by totality. The part can never know the whole while it is the part. It must join the whole for total knowing.   It is believed that Buddha did this and Christ was always this. The "Me" must embrace (love, know, join or be aware of) the Other, because the Other is the Me (the all-self). We are in this together. The joining becomes the Essence. 

Einstein offered many clues to the real secret to knowing our existence. It has been reported that he somehow believed deeply in mystical possibilities, knowing that a balance of science and spiritual concepts held the secrets of true knowing. These double icons of wisdom, working in unison, would in the end put mankind on a new threshold of understanding. Each point of departure would really reinforce and compliment the other when humanity finally adopted the right path of perceptive ascension. Einstein's quest was to attain the gestalt-view and his life showed that one without the other was lame. Yet our scientific and religious society continues to polarize the great avenues of wisdom to fragment humanity into fruitless pursuits through ambitious leveraging for power. Polarization may be the ultimate evil. We must become aware of our surroundings to a higher degree. Think deeper! 

Roc Koch

What Our Mission Once Was...

•  Discuss the knowledge of the Golden Epoch. Show how it covered the genetic engineering of future forms, and the mental journey that included religion, science, and philosophy that reflected the mirror of being or symbols of deity. It was associated with truth rather than the scientific process of today. Evil was overcome due to the understanding of the sence of worth and the ill effects of negative aspects to the soulular traveler. All gestalt aspects were followed in any endeavor. When aspects were explored, it was the related areas that were also addressed as well as the direct causes and effects. Because of this advanced state of what some called "Omegonship" humanity was able to dwell in a complex yet peaceful state of behavior -- what scientist now reference as a Phase 2 civilization, but one connected directly to the Primary Technology. Every field was known because every person was schooled in their talent mission to strive for worth at every event sequence of their lives. Each and every person was born herein with a talent for some aspect of existence. The talent was known early in their childhood and it was the point-of-departure for all future training and learning. The great multifaceted being was complete in its holospirited existence with all parts identified and working in unison in the coherency of life...we were all in a high state of Love. 

•  There was no need for government or controlling factions in that old world due to the saturation of understanding within the family of man. There was only one real way to be. The ultimate way. Dialogue was instilled within each and every one of us to strive to attain worth in every endeavor of our development. Research had not stopped because we had attained utopia, it was creativity that came naturally to all of us to present a different facet of understanding to every event sequence. There was never a more colorful world because we went beyond color and the elements and principles of design and chaos was but unperceived unity to us. Chaos dynamics were known to kick in and we developed mechanisms to experience chaos in a slow motions means so our minds could understand the symbolism of its presentation. We learned to live at the speed of Light. But our passion was to live with what brought humanity to its primary realm. The Arena, where all were tested for worth and worthiness. If there were those who did not strive for advancement beyond their talents and abilities and committed a crime against any man or woman the collective counsel would convene and if it were the decision of unit of humanity, they would be sent away to live in the wilderness with other animals. Few were sent away due to the many attempts to advance the mentality of the individual/s. 

•  They called our ancients the Atlantians or the Atlantis civilization. Though that word was indeed associated with our culture, it was not our word for ourselves. We were the Enmayi Omegons a civilization that was not large or overpowering in numbers but we were the proprietors of Earth and it was our home to learn in and through. We achieved the most advanced civilization due to our mentality. We were all educated on a constant basis. Trained to attain worthiness in every aspect of our focus. In other words, we tried very, very hard. Most of our knowledge was attained through our methods of personal memory. To put it differently, we used what we had and though we developed methods to store our memory for future generations in a computer-like fashion, we believed in personal relay of data. Collectively we were the grand depositories of knowledge. Our language was massive and highly developed. It was iconic in nature with words and pictures being incorporated into one means of expression. Later after the great catastrophe, this language broke into the many that we now see spread across the Earth. It once was one large and comprehensive body of knowledge expressed in precise words and symbols. The language was based on the genetic code that humanity is only now rediscovering. The genetic code was the primary objective when humanity first passed through the portal of Goge. It is all we came with when we came here. What some call DNA was our point of departure in creating the realms seen now on an ever-changing matrix that few minds now understand. This knowledge was onboard our minds the day we arrived here in our forefathers Ult-Shemas (spacecraft or a form of broadcast burst-packets). 

•  The entire Earth was covered to some degree or another with human population when I was borne here. Though some parts of the livable ground were highly inhospitable to the human form, we developed systems to work around the Ice that began to form some 40,000 years ago at the poles. Much of the Earth was covered in Ice and was very different places in comparison to the present state of the environment. Days were mostly calm and weather was less than since the catastrophe. Population of the whole Earth did not exceed 500 million souls. Yet, in the distant past, some 100,000 years ago, life was very compact on this planet -- not unlike the present time, 2008. The oceans were less and were almost 1,000 feet more shallow though the mountains were higher; there were always Ice caps on almost all of them as they stayed there year round. Most humans lived in the lowlands not far from the sea. Farming and Agriculture was highly advanced with canals and planting domes everywhere present to use the extremely active and fertile soil. Large animals were created to assist in the farming and arboreal secession via genetic development. Each animal was developed for a specific talent to assist human developers in the Primary Technology Research. Harmony of these systems was then, highly developed. 

•  Micro and Macro systems were highly developed during those days. We understood how powerful the micro systems were so we could build very large structures and machines to manage the land and develop the resources of the Earth. Extracting energy from the vacuum of either drove our power system/s. Mercury was as today's oil industry. It helped power our Ult-Shemas in all forms down to our Shemas. We did not utilize the wheel as much as is used in the civilization of today. We had few roadways or expressways due to our travel via animals or flying in our Shema-systems. Most access to Earth was accomplished by entry points which were found all about the lands. Their forms which were pyramid shaped had moving stairs so people could move up into the Shemas (Mercury/Plasma Catalytic Devices) You may currently know of this old system as MEG overunity systems or adjacent devices called Brown's Gas systems. There was no cost to travel anywhere on the Earth. There was no cost at all. We traded anything of high value for like value or gave of our collective and vast wealth. Energy was free and available to everyone for their movement utilization whether bodily or used for simple home states. Almost everyone had just about everything anyone else had and to envy another was not a positive trait to create worth in an individual. Achieving worth was our highest goal for each of us had a mission in life. 

Roc Koch

The Moire Arena

Herein lies the remaining Bequeathal to Start the Final Becoming 

One must know well what took place here in this sector of the projected illusion or the known Universe (as experienced by multifaceted mentality). It is possible to read, hear and see all of its symbolic data sensed by "our" collective mind. If reviewed repetitively one may hold its memory fast to carry it back to the source. This device of being here (existence) is of singular scope in its construction and its message to you is the secret of being here in Time/Space. Its development via the One or All was selected for expression in a modality for justice and worth - consequence. The Laws of Consequence hold sway in all leveraged happenstance. One cannot hide from its force -- It is the fabric of this endless experience. 

It was long ago for Time and always for Timelessness that this deeply hidden experience "became"... due to the massiveness of the parameters of the reissuing (feedback looping) event. It, the event was long seen but held in little esteem until the rapidity of the parts of its issuance were realized by the multifaceted humanity itself. Now, this collective generation shall know all of its parts toward the whole of existence by striving to know the elements and principals of its design...The Design of Is or The I am that I am. 

Holding all of this illusion to the law of consequence is also the parameters of gravity the all-encompassing sheath of this illusion's issuance - the broadcast of being. Gravity is the atmosphere of expression in this Godly programme where information or mind is held within all its apparentness. This information is the electromagnetic spectrum of hierarchal echelons of mental articulation. Its program is geometric and fractal in its relationship to all facets of interlink and feedback. Inherent within its expression exists the idiosyncrasies of creativity held in the elements and principals of design. Its degree of perfection by unity is perceived as beauty or ultimate choice no matter the degree of Chaos, the zenith of Unity. Beauty signals the ultimate test of the soulular traveler to overcome his self and see the Other. All elementals of this program are numerically derived from the holo-spirited movement or generative order creating sequential Time within Space and the Void. 

Created was the Moiré Arena, the realm wherein and whereby all movement and leveraging is accomplished for the amplification of the monadic reality whose seat lies within the depths of eternal Timelessness. Its charge is to issue into the arena of being. This realm of existence is the Matrix or Arena of Being in Time/Space where learning through the Laws of Consequence undulates within all its parts through the sequences of events held within the dictates of apparent time. The program of being is projected into the realm form or programmed broadcast from infinity, where all is held in the bosom of creative monadic mentality -- seat of Eternity or No Time. This realm of eternity is not unlike The Dreamscape where all who exist in this "being state" return home periodically or every night to recharge the collective intellect on all levels and dimensions. It has been said that one dies every night when they enter into the dream world. The Truth is not far from this. 

This entire arena is the projection lived within and broadcast by the One aspect of the multifaceted reality. We are the parts of its Whole and have always been and will always be. Now, the Part shall know the Whole from the above to the below and back. 

Roc Koch

We are Dimensional Presence.

The Metaphorical Universe — We are Spiritual Information.

Visualize this.  The Universe is like a record, tape, disc, or some other storage device for information.  Only it is more.  It is a continuum that is open-ended.  It is everywhere and everything and it is in a state of duration.  It is enfolded in a super holographic moiré matrix of multiple dimensions that act as one or many depending upon the information.  Feedback loops appear to be its construction only in that emphasis localizes.  This universe is hierarchical in design with lower level entities not totally knowing of higher-level beings, yet the reverse is not true.  They know us, or things could not have been built.  

Informational connections are like sense organs.  The more information and observation (feedback) the more complex the assemblage of localized forms.  The more gestalt the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being and more active is the work.  The Universe is metaphorical in that like-breeds-like in evolutional information.  Carriers, or entities feed through themselves growing through various stages that appear as birth, life and death to the localized environment but to the higher stages it is only process of information toward ever-higher levels.

Opening up new feedback loops amounts to adding new information, thus expanding the localization into new realms of understanding.  As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher levels where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is understood.  This language (meaning) is metaphorical and multifaceted, requiring a mind or lens (localized brain) of the same design.  Growth and decay, which is like withdrawing from a stage of development, depends on the quality of information that mingles with other information to create tools for leveraging information. We find ourselves in a Spiritual Dimensional Presence.

Dimensional Presence — A condition where an entity mentally cognizes or thinks that he/she is present in existence or reality by discerning stimuli (atmosphere, environs, information and things) that suggest he/she is alive due to the feedback of instantaneous information to the Carrier’s mentality or mind. All sensory data gives the feeling that they exist reinforced by the constant input of past history. Memory is key to the feeling of progressing into potential. One wonders if such a presence has built from a condition of Always. Such a condition of eternally existing as a mentality in many states of expression is who and what we are here in Time/Space. Dimensional Presence coalesces via some means of manifestation into a package of informational dynamics that moves into and through a materializing state supported by an organizational apparatus that directs echeloned dissipation of preplanned articulation. To be requires preparation system/s of established instigators and expressers that can methodically synthesize consistently through a framework of laws and actions off those means of assembly. We should be totally amazed toward awe that we get to be here at all…Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.