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Things aren't what they seem

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About this blog

There are two sides to everything but what causes the things we can't explain?

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Just Another Girl

family troubles

Why is it when people divorce they use the kids to get what they want? It is like a game to see who can get the most out of it. Why? I'll tell you why. People can't grow up and see what they are doing to the kids. It's like the kids can't do one thing without hurting one of the parents. They are pulled and thrown around as if they are nothing but something to be owned. 

Just Another Girl

Things I don't understand

I don't understand how people think they can control others. Why talk down to them and make them feel worthless? It sucks being that person who feels like no one cares what happens or anything as long as that person gets his or her way. It's sad how many people don't care about anyone else. 

Just Another Girl

Strange Things

I was driving my step mom home today from the doctor. I live in a small town and usually nothing happens here. This truck came from no where and started driving on my side of the road and i was shocked and started to slam on breaks but just like that it turned down a dirt road and when i got to the road it turned down it just vanished as if it wasn't there at all. I thought maybe it just went into a driveway but then when i got further down the road heading home it us behind me  but when i stopped the car and looked back it wasn't there.