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The Full Moon and Crime


Yesterday I borrowed a book called Moon Magic from Lori Reid which has really caught my attention and there's a particular chapter within the book that talks about how the Full Moon plays a particular role in crime so I'm going to share some interesting facts about the Full Moon:

  1. Attacks upon ppl and burglaries will show psychopathic behaviours during the Full Moon. 
  2. Motorists become irate and intolerant by going into dangerous overdrive during the Full Moon. 
  3. Records have shown that the Full Moon 
  4. Sports ppl and women incur more penalties during the Full Moon rather then any other time. They still occur the penalties at any other time but they just occur more often around the Full Moon. 
  5. Ppl who r heavy drinkers tend to walk home and be able to sleep it off during a First Cressnt, but going back to the Full Moon heavy drinkers will become too easily aggressive and dangerous during a Full Moon. 

Entry 1

After work today I just laid down in bed then I break down into tears. I honestly don't know what triggered the depression but I just cried for a good half an hour. While within my mind I had many thought and situations considering suicide you know? "What would life be like if I did this", "What would happen if this didn't happen?" and all those thoughts of the similar nature. 

Living with depression you do find the comfort within a cold world on knowing in the back of your mind that you have someone there who you can run to and talk to for hours. To bring an unexplainable relief and joy to ones soul from another who just takes the time to listen to someone's burdens and worries. 


Acts of God

After the many times I've went to Church today was the day I've decided to give my life to Jesus Christ. 

Once me and my sister finished chanting the holy spirit made its presense known to us. My sister was in tears while I was just in shock where I could feel heat radicating from my chest.

It honestly was a good feeling and something I would remember. Now Im going to be busy studying the bible. All im just hoping for is a positive change to remove the demon from within. 


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