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About this blog

Here i lie awake ,awake yet another sleepless night like many times before and time is ticking away as i watch the alarm clock turn 02:02.  I,ve had this problem for years sometimes i dont get any sleep at all and lay awake until dawn... some weeks i have several sleepless nights in a row this is naturally driving me insane.  you now might ask yourself why isn't he seeing a doctor ?. I have many times ,even saw a specialist to no avail. Insomnia can be caused by many things like the medication im on (even been told by my doctor) that it's something i might have to live with to some extent, The medications substance is lindexamphetamine from what i know the substance tricks the brain to believe it's real amphetamine the problem is that i need it to function properly  (which is now days catch 44 ) however my sleep disorder has gotten worse in the latest years. One of the side effects with long term usage of amphetamine is just sleep disorders. Why dont you ask your doctor to get you another prescription  to some other simular medication. I have tried other versions unfortunately the one im on works best. I am now contemplating on what i can do to get more sleep? ...Log off then, ha you cheeky bastar* it wont work beleive me. I now seriously dont know what to do anymore any tips would be most welcome. 

The Cure - Sleep when im dead







Entries in this blog


What is Krav Maga

Many of you might wonder what Krav Maga is that I practise?. the martial art system was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld (former boxer and wrestler) who made use of his martial art skills to defend the Jewis quarter against fascist groups in Bratisalva during the second world war.  following his migration to Israel in the late 1940s he started to provide lessons on combat training for the Israel military Defense Forces which was later developed into Krav Maga. The orginal concept was to take the most effective simpel and practical techniques of other fighting systems to make them rapidly teachable to military conscripts to make them in relativly short time battle ready. the system derived from a combination of techniques taken from Boxing, Wrestling, Akido, Judo and Karate etc and is know for its for its focus on real-world situations and extreme efficiency. It was secret until 1968 and became popular among most Special Forces and Armies and Police forces across the world which later became taught by some martial art gyms. Students learn simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers and to defend against all variety of attacks on the ground in tight spaces, in darkness, with several attackers and are taught (most importantly) to avoid physical confrontation If this is impossible or unsafe, it promotes finishing a fight as quickly and aggressively as possible and to get away from the situation, Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body and there is no rules in Krav Maga.   

What makes it fun to practice KM is all the boxing and the various techniques plus the friendship you get and that everyone strives to make each other better. got this question once how do you spar?. do you beat the crap out of each other? like you usually see in movies?.When you spar you dont hit your opponent with full force, you stop your punch just before it lands otherwise boxers wouldn´t learn anything and they would not be able to go matches.you spar for the following reasons you want to improve each others skills and to have fun, you want to do your best to ("win") yes but at the same time you have to adapt to your opponents level and still make it hard for him if you feel you constantly have the advantage, its all about giving and taking.  I also got this question once: when you spar dont you ever get angry when hit? No an angry fighter is a bad fighter, i do get frustrated and angry at myself sometimes when i do simple mistakes or get too tired to spar properly, stay focused stay on your game. Do you recommend km to eveyone ? I recommed it to everyone if you haven´t tried it you should give it a go! !Dont you have to be extremely fit?. It´s not bad to resonably fit if you´re not you will get in shape in no time plus have fun.

Do you have any good self defense tips?: Yes! firstly Join your local KM club or boxing, thai boxing club. Secondly: when your out in town avoid looking at your mobile phone, look up instead and walk like you owned the place. If you do get attacked do everything  you can to get away from the sutiation defend yourself scream and be as agressive as you can and never give up!!!. If someone starts to pick on you in lets say a bar, simply go to another bar with your mates dont stick around, if the person starts to get threatening and you feel the situation is getting out of hand scream as loud as you can .BACK OFF!!, STOP!! this is what the law enforcement do and it will attract peoples attention if he then attacks you, you have a given him a warning and a good reason to defend yourself which will not be in his favour in court. And remember the first rule of Krav Maga avoid physical confrontation at all cost, never put yourself in a dangerous situation, stay out of trouble!!!.




I have always wanted to visit the Carlsberg Brewery not long ago me and some mates took the train to Copenhagen and walked all the way out to the Brewery and had some beers before the tour started
of course I got somewhat shop drunk and thought the tour would start on the horse and carriage since they pointed in that direction when we asked where it start. we jumped up and sat down in the back 
when it then suddenly was packed with kids and we could not get off the carriage and had to finsh the whole tour we then of course missed the real tour around the brewery in English and had to take it in Danish.

I can read Danish and understand about  90% though i find it very hard to understand spoken Danish. When we joined the tour I felt sort of scorned by the tour guide who said  "you Swedes wont understand anything" and that was exactly what I was afraid of however in some strange way I could understand most of it and the tour guides mood changed to friendly and cozy which Danes are known for :-) He also said it was nice to meet some friendly Swedes i know we can be nasty but i though we had a better reputation, which we normally have. The tour was really good got to learn much about the old Brewery and that there is actually another Brewery on the same estate which was own by Jackobsen the son of the founder of Carlsberg. Carlsberg was founded near a cemetery  in the old days it was said that the water they brewed their beer on had some extra spice.... If you get a chance to go to Copenhagen I recommend you visiting Carlsberg.




Nick Drake

Nick Drake was an English Singer-Songwriter born in 1948 mostly known for his acoustic guitar-based songs he was reluctant to preform live or give interviews but It´s baffling to me that he failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime.  Drake suffered from Depression which is clearly reflected in his lyrics and died at the age of 26 at his parante home in  Tanworth in arden, Warwickshire, England from an overdose of approximately 30 amitriptyline pills (an antidepressant.) His cause of death was determined as sucide. Depression is no joke :-( . I highly recommend Nick Drakes masterpiece Pink Moon from 1972 it´s very dreamy and beautiful. Does anyone else like him here? what is your favorite drake song?

" Don't be shy you learn to fly
And see the sun when day is done
If only you see
Just what you are beneath a star
That came to stay one rainy day
In autumn for free
Yes, be what you'll be. "
(Things Behind The Sun)

nick drake 1971


Pink Moon




Front 242 in their heydays

 The Belgian classic electronic band and the inventors of the genre EBM  Electronic Body Music was formed in 1981 by  Daniel Bressanutti och Dirk Bergen.  in 1981 they recorded their first single Principles with a four track recorder which was released on the record company New Dance in October.  Jean-Luc de Meyer  joined the band a month later and later on Patrick Codenys. Bergen left the band in 1983 and was replaced by Richard Jonkheere also known as Richard 23, Richard JK and R23. In october 1984 they released  No Comment which was the first time they recorded anything in a 24 channel studio. Patrik Codenys describes their sound as  "relations between EBM and bio-mechanics, and in our music we try to assert a compatibility between instinct, sweat, flesh, muscles, fever, and electricity, machines, computers and programs".

I could have been around 13 years when I first heard them and have been hooked on them ever since I have had the privilege to have seen them a couple of times they are absolutly awsome live if they stick to their old hard EBM sound. The latest time I saw them was in 2010 at Body Fest in Stockholm, once when I saw them they arrived without one of their drums who got lost in their flight and at the venue they announced in the speakers and asked the audience if anyone had a " roland s-10 " they could borrow. Now you may ask yourself if anyone actually owned the very same drum set or drum machine, yep some hardcore fan actually did cause it didn´t take long before they started to play.  :-) I have heard they got their name from looking at a box they once saw who had the word Front on it and then they just added the numbers 242.

Took these photos when I last saw them in 2010.

Meinthecrowd.jpg.3f24381bb7eb664789fe62dd20b6911b.jpgspot the looney!! 242 € if you can find me :-P
 500front.jpg.c3ccd4a3073e7fd3485c193d844dfcfc.jpg One you lock the target......

Front 242 - Funkahdafi live



The Glove Blue Sunshine

Robert Smith and Steven Severin Blue Sunshine

220px-Bluesunshine_cov.jpg.04ce713cb6cda1f604d2b7422a11cb1a.jpg the-glove.jpg.f72670f0793a5a17191a78d2522c42db.jpg

Robert Smith and Steven Severin from Siouxsie and the banshees teamed up for a musical collaboration the result was the dreamy and wonderful album Blue sunshine in 1983. it was part of Severin's solo deal with Polydor. The latter came up with the band name, the album title and the blue/yellow sleeve concept, as Smith had to leave the project before completion due to Cure. Smith and Severin founded the Glove during a period when they were under heavy stress in their respective bands, the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.and The first song that they recorded was "Punish Me with Kisses".

The band's name referred to the enormous flying glove in the Beatles' 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine. Their album's title, Blue Sunshine, referred to the horror film Blue Sunshine, in which people who took the fictional "Blue Sunshine" variety of LSD became psychotic murderers. Since Smith was contractually prohibited from singing with another band (one of the reasons he cited for the 2001 split from the Cure's longtime label), former Zoo dancer Jeanette Landray (a former girlfriend of Severin's bandmate Budgie was recruited as the lead singer. Smith sang on two of the songs, "Perfect Murder" and "Mr. Alphabet Says". With the latter, Smith sang lyrics other than his own.

The Glove ‎– Blue Sunshine:
Like An Animal     
Mr. Alphabet Says     
A Blues In Drag     
Punish Me With Kisses
This Green City
Perfect Murder     



The Cure

I think I have to blame my brother for curing me it was him who introduced me to one of my  all time favourite bands The Cure I think i was about 11 - 12 years when i started to listen to them, isn´t it funny how you can love a band so much to the point it´s almost like you´ve lost your marbles ;-). One of my favourite cure albums is their album Pornography form 1982
it is perhaps one of their darkest albums, listening to it is like sinking and slipping into the darkes place you can imagine, yet its spellbinding in its craziness. I´ve read that Robert did perhaps become a little crazy during during the making of the album. Cure's Pornography album was borne out of frontman Robert Smith's depression combined with the band's heavy drug use.

He explained in Jeff Apter's Never Enough: The Story of the Cure: "I had two choices at the time, which were either completely giving in [committing suicide] or making a record of it and getting it out of me." The resulting dark album was dubbed by NME as "Phil Spector in Hell," and solidified the band's place in music history.

the drug-fueled sessions obliterated most of Smith's memories of crafting the album. He told Creem in 1986: "I don't remember writing a lot of it, particularly 'Pornography.' I don't remember writing much of it at all. I understand it, I know most of the references that are in the songs, but they're so disjointed, it took me a long time to figure out. A lot of it was written when I wasn't really, I wasn't sitting down and writing, I just remember going to the studio and having this big sheaf of words. I was so possessive around that time, of the record. I was very difficult to work with. Simon and Laurence didn't enjoy it at all." The album opens with the bleak lyric "It doesn't matter if we all die," but as it reaches its conclusion with the title track, it's clear Smith isn't giving up the struggle against his personal demons:

The Cure - Pornography - Live youtube
I'll watch you drown in the shower
Pushing my life through your open eyes
I must fight this sickness
Find a cure
I must fight this sickness

the album peaked at #8 on the UK albums chart.

It makes me wonder if he did take any damage from his drug abuse? I cant understand how some of the artist can still be alive, some legends are not like bowie, they once asked bowie if he remembered any thing from the 70´s and he replied  no it was all in a blur or something like that. Ozzy was asked one and replied "drugs what is drugs" thankfully Robert has been clean since the 1990s.


Digitizing VHS

It seems like im currently having  too much spare time on my hands.... I´m Digitizing my old Music VHS tapes as many of them cant be found on dvd  it´s also the best way to preserve the tapes since the VHS format is not exactly the best and can easily get damaged. You may ask your self how do I digitize my VHS tapes?. I use one of those recordable hardrives to record my VHS tapes and after I have copied the vhs  I copy the file onto my portable and use a program called  handbrake to convert the Movie to mp4.


I then edit the video in a video editor called video pad ,sometimes I need to remaster the sound I do that by using an audio editing software called audacity and finally I use  dvd styler which is an dvd authoring software to make menus etc and paint.net to make vhs menu backgrounds. It´s easy to digitzie your VHS tapes but it takes much time. 


here is the links to the programs I use.

Converts movies
Video Pad
Movie Editor
DVD Styler
DVD Authoring program
Audio software

Adopted by a Scottish couple

When I was two years old my parents traveled to the south east of.  England and had  hard time finding a Hotel room, after sometime they tierdly went into a pub called The Swan  in Deal which was owned by an scottish couple they first thought we were germans until my parents told them that we were from Sweden and  they then luckely had a room for rent. Our friendship grew and later on they sort of adopted us we got to know their family and friends . After they had retired as publicans they moved into a flat on Freemensway in Deal and that area later got kind of rough and my dad was at the same time looking for an investment and found a house in Deal on park avenue which he later bought for George and Una. That house was always weird every time i slept there i had the same recurring dream that someone was standing and leaning over me while i was sleeping it was in this house i had a paranormal experience with a cd player that went on by itself which i wrote about in a post. Deal is very close to Dover and one of the high lights was to visit dover castle and the secret tunnles the planning of  the  dunkirk evacuation was made there and it's been secret until 1985. That place is also supposed to be very haunted especually by a headless drummer boy and people have been pinched or slapped by something in the tunnels. If you go to Dover visit Dover castle. Anyways my friendship with george and una lasted for 35 years they have unfortunately both passed but we still keep intouch with their family. 



Growing up in a haunted home

While growing up my parents told me that they once had some kind of noisy small nasty repulsive smelling evil entity who used to pester them for years . It used to visit them at night  and it came and sleep next to them in their bed for about 5 - 6 years, they said it also grew larger for each year until one day it suddenly and abruptly dissapeared. Apparently this hideous creature haunted them for 18 years.  Strangely enough it dissapeared  on the very same day i moved out. I never saw or felt this vicious entitie when i grew up and when i ask my parents what it looked like they say it was so hidious they dont want to tell me.  ;-)



You can probably figure out who the entity was.. :-p

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